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50 Cent Unendorses Trump and Says Trump Maybe Had His Friend Killed

What’s been up in the world of aging rappers with too much time on their hands? Ice Cube is doubling down on his bullshit plan of trying to help trump win the election, Kanye West is STILL running for President himself, and we even have some new youthful adherents to the message of the Marmalade Messiah, like Lil Pump, who is seriously hating on Uncle Joe. But, 50 Cent, aka “That Brotha Who Endorsed Trump to Keep His Taxes Low” has suddenly pulled the plug on his burgeoning relationship with the Orange Spasm, better known as President Trump. Amazingly enough, 50 has not only decided that he never really endorsed Trump, he has realized that he never liked Trump anyway. Not only that, he thinks maybe Trump is the one who got his friend Angel Fernandez killed. Yes, you read that right, 50 is Scarface, and he pulled an “I don’t know him” with a side of “You know he maybe got my boy killed, but maybe not, who knows?”

Rapper and actor 50 Cent has apparently retracted his endorsement of President Trump, saying, “I never liked him.”

That makes sense, actually. You can’t really find many people who actually LIKE Donald Trump, you can only find people who have to say they like him, and people so evil you don’t really care if they really like him or not. 

Last week, Jackson posted an apparent endorsement of Trump on Instagram, citing Biden’s proposed tax plan, which would raise rates for those who make more than $400,000 a year. In the caption of the post, he wrote, “I don’t care Trump doesn’t like black people 62% are you out of ya f—ing mind.”

Wait… Maybe I have whiplash from the quick turnaround, but did I miss the part where 50 changed his mind on caring about Trump’s racism, or nah? I expected him to flip flop, but I was not actually ready for the rapper’s response to a video clip of his Ex-Girlfriend Chelsea Handler on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. It was ODD, to say the least, so let’s read their exchange, shall we, and see if his response makes any sense whatsoever.

“He doesn’t want to pay 62 percent of taxes because he doesn’t want to go from 50 Cent to 20 Cent,” said Handler. “I had to remind him that he was a Black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump, and that he shouldn’t be influencing an entire swath of people who may listen to him because he’s worried about his own personal pocketbook.”

So, she pretty much says what all the rest of us have been saying about him since he came out, unasked as hell, and gave his endorsement of Mr. Donald Trump for President. For her to have to remind him that, as a Black man with status, he should not be using his influence to assist Trump, against the best interests of Black people, and to stop being selfish. Normally, I would be mad that a White woman stepped in to say that, but in this case, I’m just glad SOMEONE had the ability to change his mind. Not sure I’m buying the whole “I never liked him,” canard. As a matter of fact, I’m not buying it AT ALL. But, whatever.

Um? For all you know? This rather feels like an attempt to muddy the waters and pretend you never liked the man who gave you all those delicious tax breaks, my dude. I mean, I don’t like Trump either, for all I know he’s the one who has been stealing half a pair of socks out of my dryer periodically when I’m not looking, but then again, maybe it’s my weird ass neighbor who has drunken sex parties that takes them. Whether it’s my neighbor or it’s Trump, I DO NOT want those socks back, Lord knows what they’ve done with them. 

I don’t know whether Trump had anything to do with getting any of 50’s friends killed, I’m guessing, maybe not, but really, I wouldn’t put anything past the Trump Crime Family, so all y’all best watch ya backs in case the Trumps get buck. I’ll be out here on Black Rapper Watch, waiting to see which one of these political gadflies of the Rap industry decides to embarrass Black America next, and act like our leaders and the representatives of Blackness itself. 


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