October 28, 2020 0 Comments Entertainment, Politics, Politics

50 Cents Ex-Girlfriend Chelsea Handler Says He’s Voting for Biden, Y’all

Seems like 50 Cent was just bullshitting when he came out in favor of Trump last week, or so says his ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler. Handler showed up on The View to seemingly do damage control, and let everyone know that, in spite of what 50 said on his social media account, he’s not really so crass as to actually vote for Trump, he was just joking. Haha. Hahaha. Ha. So funny, isn’t he? It’s almost as funny as that time I told my followers Gina Raimondo was Biden’s pick for VP.


Oh, look, y’all!! He was just SCREWING AROUND on his Twitter! How fun. What a fun thing it is to play games with everyone’s future and give the impression that you want the most destructive President in the history of America to keep his job! Ha. Ha ha ha ha. So funny! We thought he was being serious about wanting more Trump, so he wouldn’t have to pay so much in taxes, but he was just auditioning for a role as a Stand-Up Comedian! How droll!!

See? There was nothing to be alarmed about! Sure, 50 said he didn’t really care about the racism as much as he cared about his stupid taxes going up, and he also tried to play it off like he was Scarface, but, now that he’s been named and shamed, it looks like we won’t be hearing any more bullshit from his ass this cycle. Dude is extremely full of shit.

The moral of this story is clear. Stop taking rappers seriously when it comes to politics unless said rapper is actually involved with politics on a regular basis. And ALWAYS ignore Kanye West. We’ve had a number of rapping assholes come out in favor of the candidate who will continue being a racist d-bag, and all of them doing so are rooting for the candidate the average Black person cannot stand. We don’t owe anybody anything just for being Black and famous- we are the ones who elevated them, not the other way around. So, when Black people commence to dragging our own, please know that we have good reason and we will not stop until they STFU. And for all the rappers out there who think we need them more than they need us? Stop playing yourselves. You didn’t get to where you’re at without Black, you’d better recognize.


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