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Eddie Goldman @nhbnews: Eddie Goldman is the host and producer of the No Holds Barred international podcast and the publisher of the No Holds Barred blog.

WAAR Room with DJ Tribal and Eddie Goldman

On Sunday, January 31, Eddie Goldman spoke with DJ Tribal AKA Chris Baldwin on the WAAR Room about Covid-19 and the vaccine rollout, the anti-vaxxers,…

Bye Bye Trump

by Eddie Goldman Bye bye Trump. We won’t miss you at all. The white supremacists, the Confederate flag-carriers, the fascists, the rightist terrorists and militias,…

Call Them By Their Real Name: FASCISTS

by Eddie Goldman They were not simply thugs or a mob. These were not some drunken fools who, after a concert or a sporting event,…

The Alt-Left’s First Food Fight of 2021

Exclusive footage of double secret Alt-Left Confab: The Alt-Left’s First Food Fight of 2021 by Eddie Goldman @nhbnews The battle lines in this trend’s self-immolation…