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Ay Yo, Donald Trump, Imma Let You Finish, but, Yamiche Alcindor is Not Your Negro…

Well, it’s another day that ends in Y, and Trump is still “President*”, so as per his usual custom, Donald Trump had to find a spare moment to engage “You People” in some good, old fashioned, Trumptastic racisms. Trump has no idea how to behave in public, especially when it comes to controlling his debilitating fear of Black Women, so his near death experience due to some questions from Yamiche Alcindor comes as no surprise. Whenever a situation crops up, where yet another Black Woman has to endure insulting babble from that giant Oompa Loompa people are calling The President, it nearly always seems to end with Trump sulking and crying about how vicious their questions are.

It’s not just questions that make him fear for his life when it comes from Black Women, oh no. What happens when a black woman says people should be protesting in the streets?

Trump loses his mind.

In fact, Maxine Waters, the Apparent Queen of Black Women, has metaphorically murdered Trump’s feelings no less than 48 times. She, in her lofty wisdom, no longer bothers asking him questions that she already has an answer for; she simply openly accuses Trump of being what he is: A Crook. She has no compunction about discussing his major flaws , his erratic, ridiculously clownish behavior and attitude, or his propensity to act in ways that appear to be, shall we say, not quite legal? Also Unconstitutional.

Trump likes to cry and play victim once he needles a black woman into responding, and most times it blows up in his face, and that’s completely his own damn fault. He begs black women to dog-walk him all the time, really. He does.

Like that time he sent one of his “Mean Girls” tweets to Kamala Harris.

Harris returned fire with a “Mean Girls” tweet that made his look stupid and weak; we have not witnessed him repeat his ridiculous mistake of trying it with the wrong muthafucking one.

Pretty sure he is still butt-hurt about the stats on her tweet destroying the stats on his, I mean, 1 million versus 1 hundred thousand is quite a big gap, especially when you consider he has 75 million followers, and she has 3 million. I’m looking, but I can’t find anywhere else where he called her out, but I sure see her calling him all kinds of corrupt, and dragging him around with her from place to place. He must be terrified she’s going to ask him a very threatening question.

An aside… Let’s put this out on Front Street RIGHT NOW; K-Hive is a fully trained unit of combat style mean question askers. We all knew Kamala could destroy a man with her questions; we saw what she did to scare the crap out of Bill Barr, so, we fully understand Trump avoiding even saying her name, lest she appear and fire off a set of assault questions. But I digress…

Just earlier this month, Trump was put in the awkward and dangerous position of having to deal with not just one, but TWO Black Women, and they were Saying Mean Questions That Threatened His Life.

Trump was just being Trump when he decided to push back on the crazy notion that he has any responsibility for his own administration’s faulty response to the Corona Virus, so why did these Black Word Using Lady Assassins have to static up his flow with all of their Black Lady Style Menacing Questions About His FAILURES?

From Essence:

Black women journalists Yamiche Alcindor (PBS) and Kristen Welker (NBC) had to check him on both points. 

“You said you don’t take responsibility for the slow response to coronavirus but your administration disbanded the White House office on pandemics?” Alcindor noted. 

That’s exactly what he said, and with the straightest face his Botox will allow.


It almost seems like he took the time to deny any responsibility for the response to Corona so that he could get the opportunity to blame Obama. Welker decided to do a follow up on the responsibility issue, but don’t worry, all Trump did was babble some lies about some stuff, and swear everyone he works with are awesome experts.

That was on March 13th; it is now March 30th. The clips of Trump denying responsibility have been played and passed around so many times, to so many people, it’s possible even Trump knows how bad he looked there. It was crystal clear as he stood at the podium while she asked another Attack Question, that he was FED UP with all of her pessimism, her negativity, her threateningness, her not niceness, and weirdly enough, her having worked at The Times before and working at PBS News-hour now. He brings that up a lot. Must bother him. So, of course, he had to “You People” her, but he did it nonchalantly, like it wasn’t a super racist micro-aggression.


Trump cut off the microphone of PBS Newshour correspondent Yamiche Alcindor and referred to her as “you people” while calling her threatening.

Alcindor asked Trump about his claim that New York doesn’t need as many ventilators as they are requesting.

Trump responded by saying, “Listen, why don’t you people act — listen, why don’t you act in a little more positive. Always trying to get you, get you. That’s why nobody trusts the media.”

Trump then told her to be nice.

What is WRONG with that guy? Like, really, he seems to actually be getting more nuts as the days go on. Why don’t they just leave him in bed?

As far as his admonishment to “be nice” is concerned, I find it really weird how paternalistic Trump gets when he finds himself face to face with a real life black woman. By “paternalistic” I mean “extra super racist.” Trump has long been guilty of attempting to use his power and position to silence Black Women who don’t conform to the behavior guidelines Trump sets for them. Since Yamiche is seriously not his negro, she didn’t even roll her eyes as she pressed him for facts and reminded him that he is the one who said the things she was quoting in her very violent questions. This whole situation boils down to this; Black women asking questions is the scariest thing for an old, racist white demagogue. It’s almost as if he is afraid one of them might ask the ultimate question: Why exactly do we need YOU if you can’t get anything done right the first time?

The White House cut off Alcindor’s microphone as has become the custom at these sham briefings. Another journalist passed her a microphone after her’s was cut off.

In the end, Yamiche was silenced–Trump had her mic shut off, because how dare she continue trying to ask him things after he had already let her know he was scared of her questions? This is not the first time, and will not be the last time, that Trump will find himself faced with having to make such a hard choice as he was forced to do yesterday. When it comes down to choosing between a Black woman’s questions and his own personal safety, what else could he do besides choose himself?

And let’s not forget how “hostile” he finds April Ryan when SHE tries to ask a question.

Apparently April Ryan’s questions are so vicious, she isn’t allowed to have a working mic when she shows up.

Joe Biden ought to take note of the way Trump cannot keep his shit under control when he feels like his authority is being undermined by a Black Woman. It would serve him well to choose a Black Woman who is well known for asking the toughest questions, who stands up to bullies, and who has already kicked some Trump Rump in a war of words. Donald Trump is not your average GOP candidate; he is a twisted old bastard who will use every trick in the book, so, it’s going to take a team to beat him. If you like thinking of things that will upset Trump, imagine Biden playing sick and sending Kamala Harris to debate Trump for him. I know. It’s so hostile. Delicious.


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