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Bernie Basically Throws Brie Brie Under All The Buses and Tells The Revolution To STFU

I bet y’all never thought you’d see the day when I would write any nice words about Bernie Sanders. Neither did I. But, the fact remains that I am writing some positive shit about Bernie, and I’m not even mad about it. As you know, my main problem the entire time has been with Bernie’s lack of leadership and his refusal to rein in the worst trolls in his movement: Brie Brie Joy and David Sirota. I noticed months ago that we hadn’t been hearing much from Sirota; little did I know that Bernie had benched him and ended his ability to travel on behalf of the campaign. GOOD. Brie Brie is just as bad as, if not worse than,  David Sirota, and for a month of Sundays she has been needing to sit her ass down somewhere and stop hyping up the worst of the worst. In fact, Bernie should never have hired the worst internet troll in politics to work for his campaign, because let’s keep it real, Bernie lost more voters this cycle than many campaigns had at any time during the primary. Obviously, Bernie noticed this too, and he has finally started distancing himself from his Press Secretary and Speech Writer by doing the most important thing he has done to date; Bernie Sanders has suspended their employment, and most importantly, he has let folks know Brie Brie does NOT speak for him.

He seemed to distance himself from his campaign’s former national press secretary, Briahna Joy Gray, when asked about her recent statement on social media refusing to endorse Biden. “She is my former press secretary — not on the payroll,” Sanders noted. A spokesman later clarified that all campaign staffers were no longer on the payroll as of Tuesday, though they will get a severance check in May.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!Oh. My. Isn’t that ultra satisfying? It seems like only days ago Brie Brie ran crying to the Right Wing media about those mean old Biden-Bros, and now we find out BERNIE is one of the HEAD Biden-Bros! LOLOLOLOL!! Oh no, what’s a vituperative Twitter Troll Queen to do? BWAHAAAHAAHAA!!! Apparently, “Weekend Grandpa” Bernie Sanders believes his old friend Joe will be willing to move in his direction if he works with him rather than against him. Looks like Bernie put a stack of Joe 2020 T-Shirts on his clothes chair and is ready to tell his own Revolution to get the fuck off his lawn if they can’t behave.



Some Democrats, mainly the K-Hive and our associates like the Petey Pies, Betomania, Team No Malarkey and all the rest of the supporters of 2020 campaigns, are having a Twitter gathering to discuss these recent developments and enjoy a bit of GOOD NATURED hilarity at the expense of “Karen and Greg”, aka Brie Brie Joy and Sirota.


Someone remembered Susan Sarandon Existed….

Oop! There’s one about Davey!!


Yes, those are all my own tweets. No, I’m not particularly vain, it’s just that I’m the asshole who got the party started and I’m using memes made by K-Hivers, so really I’m showcasing the comedy genius of the crew without them having to get trolled by Brie Brie or one of the other famous Alt-Left Twitter monsters of the hysterical Revolution.

Bernie had even more to say about recalcitrant fans who are trying to fuck this up and let Trump win by refusing to unite behind the nominee.

Sanders said his supporters have a simple choice now that Biden has emerged as the presumptive nominee: “Do we be as active as we can in electing Joe Biden and doing everything we can to move Joe and his campaign in a more progressive direction? Or do we choose to sit it out and allow the most dangerous president in modern American history to get reelected?”

Bernie said time and time again that he would back the winner and do everything in his power to ensure Donald Trump was a One Term President; none of believed that shit and neither did his revolution, but apparently Bernie-ass was serious. So, knock off your “Hope you enjoy more Trump!” bullshit and line up with Bernie.

He continued: “I believe that it’s irresponsible for anybody to say, ‘Well, I disagree with Joe Biden — I disagree with Joe Biden! — and therefore I’m not going to be involved.’”

Oh no! I’m AGREEING with Bernie Sanders!! AHHHHH!! But, it’s true, tho. Most of us did not choose Joe Biden as our candidate, but now? We are fully behind him.

To Bernie’s Supporters: Take a look around this nation if you think we can survive four more years of Trump without a whole lot more people dead, dying, or in serious distress. Is it worth letting Trump win so you can act saltier than Lot’s Wife at the Morton factory? Do YOU want to be one of the many folks who will end up fucked off and die, or lose family members and friends, when Trump mismanages the Pandemic next winter? None of us are safe as long as that preening and posturing demented fraud is in our White House. It’s time to evict his ass in the middle of winter, and then maybe once we get stabilized? You can pull out your list of demands and actually find some of us to give a shit.



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