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Bernie’s Aging In Dog Years While The Media Lets Him Hide His Medical Records



Imagine being a 78 year old socialist who just had a heart attack, is aging in dog years, holds tight to the podium in order to remain upright, appears to have lost a dangerous amount of weight, and you’re trying to foist yourself off on the Democratic Party as the leader of The Revolution that can take down Trump. What if you also say you are perfectly healthy, yet are too scared to show off the medical records you promised? Doesn’t that sound kinda sketchy and maybe not the best thing to do if you really want to defeat Trump? Like, don’t you think maybe the voters have the right to know if Death Will Become You before you can be inaugurated?

Bernie Sanders told us after his heart attack that he would release his medical record, yet, he has not done so. Many of us who know this game Bernie plays knew at the time that he had no intentions on releasing a damn thing ever, but we were told to “just shut the fuck up and vote blue no matter who” over and over and over until we were finally distracted by something else. Well, here we are, it has been months, and the media has finally realized that Bernie is a liar who isn’t going to hand over anything they don’t already have.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll be aware that Bernie has done this same exact move with his tax documents, his final FEC filing, and now his medical records. Why does he always manage to get away with the same type of thing Trump tends to get away with? Because the media is scared of his fans, just like they are scared of MAGA? Calm down, this is my opinion, but the Berners are smarter than MAGAs so I guess it makes sense that the media fears them more.

From Inquisitr:

Less than four months after he was felled by a heart attack during a campaign appearance, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders — who is currently polling second in the race for the Democratic 2020 presidential nomination, according to the Real Clear Politics average of all polls — has now reneged on his earlier promise to release his full medical records. Sanders took back his pledge during an interview with Chuck Todd of NBC News on Sunday morning.

Reneged. Bernie was of SOUND MIND when he made this promise, so it really is quite shocking how easily he took it back and how little resistance he faces from party leaders and outside advocacy groups, like Superpacs, who you’d think would be running ads about his failure to deliver on a campaign promise. Let’s face it, Bernie is no spring chicken, and neither is Donald Trump, so when it comes down to who is more physically equipped to handle the job, we all know Trump will use Bernie’s heart attack to his benefit, and unlike the attacks on Hillary for catching the Flu in 2016, attacks on Sanders’ health may be spot on. We don’t know how healthy Sanders is, he refuses to show us the receipts.

Now 78-years-old, Sanders would be 79 by the time of the 2020 presidential election, making him easily the oldest person ever elected president if he were to win the November 3 general election. Donald Trump holds the current record for the oldest candidate ever elected to a first term as president. He was 70-years-old on November 8, 2016, when he won that year’s election.

Bernie is an 80 year old heart patient, this is just fact. While he may get away with just brushing aside questions about his health to the liberal media, not all media is equal or as kind. While many will insist on defending Bernie from attacks on his health, will cry foul over questions about his age, and will try to counter attacks on Bernie by asking questions about trumps own health, the heart attack suffered by Sanders cannot be wished away. Bernie is a very sick old man.

According to the American Heart Association, one of every five heart attack victims suffers a second coronary incident within five years of the first one. Americans suffer 335,000 “recurrent” heart attacks every year — that is, heart attacks that are not the victim’s first. In other words, half of all heart attack victims age 75 and older survive longer than 3.1 years — but half die before reaching that mark.

Half of heart attack victims die within three years; half survive longer than three years, so this means Bernie has a 50/50 chance of making it through one term as President. This is not a good statistic for anyone attempting to take over a job that is considered to be one of the most stressful in the world and is known to age you faster than a Gigolo on meth.


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This is IMPORTANT. Who the hell will this geriatric chupacabra choose as his VP? Tulsi Gabbard is not well liked within the party and Nina Turner is just a Clown. We can’t have them embarrassing us on the National or International stage.


You see this? Bernie has aged RAPIDLY since his unfortunate brush with death, and now looks haggard and weak.


Here is the interview with Chuck Todd where Bernie reneged on his promise to disclose his medical records.

Damn Chuck Todd dragged his ass…… Bernie is super combative when talking about releasing his medical records, I remain unconvinced that he’s healthy. Also….Looks like Bernie doesn’t really want to admit that older, wiser voters are not feeling him at all. After his terrible under-performance in New Hampshire, he may want to rethink his path to victory. And that’s without even considering how his poor health will make voters nervous and might keep them from the polls. But, it looks like Bernie is not dealing in reality. Take

Berners found a way to get Chuck Todd back for banging on old Bernie.

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The moral of the story here is that Bernie is definately hiding something in his medical records that would likely kill his campaign if it came to light. Back in September he had no problem with releasing his records, but now, post heart attack, Bernie has taken back his promise and gets quite pissy if you confront him about it. This does not bode well for 2020 if Bernie is the nominee; Trump has the bully pulpit on his side and an army online that may be as large or larger than Bernie’s, so it’s unlikely that they’ll just take his word for it on his health. A sickly socialist is the ultimate bad candidate to face Trump, so let’s hope the Millionaire Marxists is not the last one standing.