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Bye Bye Trump

by Eddie Goldman

Bye bye Trump. We won’t miss you at all.
The white supremacists, the Confederate flag-carriers, the fascists, the rightist terrorists and militias, the Capitol insurrectionists, and the conspiracy theorists all will miss you, but we won’t miss you at all.
The racist and killer cops, the polluting profiteers, and the Putinistas all will miss you, but we won’t miss you at all.
The xenophobes, the transphobes, and the homophobes all will miss you, but we won’t miss you at all.
The anti-Jewish, the anti-Muslim, the anti-Arab, and the anti-Mexican all will miss you, but we won’t miss you at all.
The wage thieves, the union busters, and the crooked employers and landlords all will miss you, but we won’t miss you at all.
The money-launderers, the inside traders, and the foundation thieves all will miss you, but we won’t miss you at all.
The rapists, the sexual abusers, and misogynists everywhere all will miss you, but we won’t miss you at all.
The dictators and the tyrants and the authoritarians of the world all will miss you, but we won’t miss you at all.

And who are we? You mean you don’t know yet?

We are the immigrants, and descendants of immigrants, who came to America to escape people like you.
We are the people who sacrificed to bring our families to America, only to be told our homelands were “shithole countries”.
We are the people whose ancestors first made this our home, and who are indigenous to this land, and who had our land, lives, and futures stolen from us.
We are the people of every color and hue, of every belief system and national origin, of every gender, of every way to love, of every age, and of every ability, whose rights you tried to abrogate.
We are the proud descendants of Africa, who ended up here through diverse paths and by many means, including slavery, whom you snicker at as “the Blacks”, while praising racists as “very fine people”.
We are the women of the world, whose dignity you never recognized and only saw as throwaway toys for your immediate and sick pleasure.
We are the producers of every product and deliverers of every service you use, who grow and serve your food, who sew, tailor, and launder your clothes, who clean up after you, and who transport you anywhere you want, whom you all take for granted.
We are the people who build and maintain the communications networks which you have abused for years.
We are the truth-tellers and muckrakers and fact-checkers who expose your rivers of lies, whom you slander and libel as peddling “fake news”.
We are the people who exercise our First Amendment rights and who defend democracy, whom you have greeted with tear gas, police batons, and bullets.
We are the people who physically protect you and your grifter family, in America and around the world, often from people peacefully expressing their disgust with you and yours.
We are the people who heal and treat you when your health requires it, yet endanger our lives by opposing the public health practices called for by medical professionals.
We are the people who play, fight, and compete in the sports you watch, whom you never fail to disrespect.
We are the educators who try to teach the youth, while the scams of your endless con game are spread by well-funded unreliable sources.
We are the people of science, whom you see as a threat to your wicked ways.
We are the youth, whose public education system you tried to destroy.
We are the elders, whose hard-earned and paid-for benefits you hoped to steal.
We are the people who fell ill in the pandemic, and lost loved ones, friends, and colleagues, while you fingered your phone on Twitter and called it “a hoax”.
We are the people who do all the work, or once did all the work, but are forever invisible to your parasitic eyes.
We are even the people who figure out how to make you gray bald head appear to have real blond hair hanging over a seedless orange.

We are the people from every corner of the globe who once, a long time ago, admired American democracy and aspired for every country to adopt a form of its democratic norms.

And most of all, we are the young children, suffering in cages separated from our families, in what we were told was the land of the free, which welcomed and gave solace and shelter to the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

To you, we are all losers.

Well, we’ve got news for you, pal.

You’ve lost your power. You’re on your way to losing most of your wealth. And if we the people and our representatives have anything to do about it, you’re soon also going to lose your freedom.

We the people — you’ll never understand. And you won’t have to, because your time is up, while ours is just beginning.

January 20, 2021