October 26, 2020 0 Comments Politics, Racism, Republican Nonsense, White Nonsense

Candace Owens Thinks Meghan Markle Has Prince Harry Hostage Because He Believes in Racism

Candace Owens, aka That Lady Who Keeps Screaming About Blexit, has been saying stupid shit again, but this time she has chosen a non-political target for her constant abuse, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Harry spoke with the media recently, and discussed the bias he has witnessed due to his marriage to a black woman, and that really chapped Ms. Owens’ already ashy hide. Normally, if someone said such stupid shit as Ms Owens, I would snatch their edges until it waxed their kitty. Unfortunately for those of you who are really just here to watch her get dragged by her rusty ass, blue magic needing, over hot combed, pro-styled edges, I can’t even find enough baby hairs to drag this wretch around a room.

Can someone explain that muthafuckin photo of Candace Owens and her unnecessary, and seemingly terrified husband? I’m not one to talk shit, but quite frankly, he looks ready to jump out of a moving car to get away from her ass.

Does this look like the face of someone who is completely comfortable with the person he is with? I mean, damn Sis, maybe you should be taking care of the homefront before you start talking shit about another woman and her man, your man looks ready to hop on the next thing smoking to get far the fuck away from you and your shit. I’m not saying this to be mean. I’ve seen insecure women like Candace try to drag other women for not taking care of their man, only for them to be faced with the fact that their own man is super unhappy being tied to such a ridiculous troll. If anyone needs rescued, it’s probably the Prince Joffreyesque dude that keeps his pillow next to Candace’s on their bed.

Why the fuck is she so mad about other people’s relationships?

As far as what Candace had to say about Harry and Meghan, I don’t plan on responding to that, or really even breaking down how fucking stupid you have to be to pretend you’re better than a “D-list” (this is a lie) actress who married a fucking prince, just because you have a big mouth and an agenda of propping up White Supremacy. I think Ms.Owens should be more worried about her own relationship with that guy who looks like he’s stunned to be stuck with her in an airport, kinda like he just met an insane stranger who somehow thinks she’s his wife. Nothing about that photo screams normal, and really, if you look at it too long, he actually rather looks like a hostage himself. Candace Owens can take her raggedy edges and dirty legs somewhere, and find herself a million seats so she can sit her ass TF down and stay out of Black folks business.

Shut up, Candace.

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