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Captain Bernie Doesn’t Have To Tell You How Much His Medicare For All Costs, Punk

Bernie is GOING ROGUE!!! Like a fucking PIRATE!

Oh, yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum, matey!

Pirate Captain Bernie Sanders, the man who has taken over the Democratic Party Ship, has finally reached the spot marked with an X, and is ready to dig up a win before anyone bothers to dig into his record. Sure, he hasn’t said fuck all about how he really plans to FULLY cover the costs of Medicare for All, but don’t you worry your silly little heads, kids. Bernie doesn’t fucking plan on telling us, so get over it.

I mean, y’all saw what it did to Liz’s poll numbers, right? Why would Bernie take that risk when Liz has already played “Whipping Boy” over her plan. It’s easier to let her take the heat, and also? Didn’t not saying shit and letting Liz suffer alone help him make it to the top spot in Iowa? You know it did.

Yes, Bernie Sanders, the old Marxist nightmare, and well-known hater of Democrats, has finally reached the top spot in the Iowa polls with only weeks to go until the Iowa caucus. For five years, many of us Democrats have been waiting patiently, and not so patiently, for somebody in the media to take the time to vet Bernie Sanders. They have no intention of doing so, apparently. Who knew that all you had to do to not get vetted was to accumulate an army of the nastiest online supporters who are willing to go to any lengths, even up to sending death threats, to make you the most powerful person on the planet?

Okay, sure. I don’t really know if that’s why the media refuses to look into the record of Bernie’s shenanigans , but I do know bias when I see it. So, come the fuck on media, you need to press Sanders on his M4A plan, just like you pressed Liz. And how you press Biden about a plethora of issues. Or how you press Pete about his Black Voter issue. Also, how you pressed Kamala about EVERYTHING.

When is Bernie’s time in the barrel?

From WashingtonPost:

Former vice president Joe Biden claims that the nearly year-long assault on his record has been entirely unsuccessful, showing that he can take a pummeling and keep fighting. Former South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigieg has absorbed shots on his fund-raising practices, his record on race and his experience. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) showed on Medicare-for-all that she had a glass jaw. Goaded into presenting her far-fetched funding scheme, she then retreated via a go-slow implementation plan. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) was put through the ringer over her management style.

Yet the “likability” of self-confessed yeller and infamous grumpy guy Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) never gets discussed. When will he go through the vetting that we expect of top-tier candidates?

Yes, when? Don’t tell us he won you all over with his sunny personality and winning smile, we know that’s bullshit. Bernie’s yelling ass cannot possibly be soooo popular with voters that we can afford to wait until the GE when the GOP starts dropping attack ads to vet this guy. We know he has his own movement with 41 bajilion donors, and more money rolling in than all the other candidates, but we need to get answers from him, just like we got from everyone else.

Sanders theorizes that somehow he will ignite such enthusiasm that he will beat Trump. But there is no evidence to support that notion. To the contrary, he risks losing moderate independents and Republicans who might choose to stay home rather than vote for a socialist over Trump.

Bernie “Hypeman” Sanders is good at one thing– HYPING HIMSELF UP– and that is not enough to convince voters in the middle, Independents, and those pissed off former Trumpers that they “Feel the Bern!” Quite frankly, many voters are skeptical of his elect-ability. Also, there is the fact that Bernie seems to have a way of not delivering on what he promised, like how he failed to deliver his medical records.

Somehow, Sanders never takes as much as he gives out. Imagine if Hillary Clinton had a heart attack, promised to release all of her medical records and then only put out letters from her doctor? She would have been under assault for weeks. That’s what Sanders did, but neither his opponents nor the media have pressed him on full disclosure of his health records.

Bernie has been in attack mode for quite a while against Biden, who rarely bothers to respond. One would think that Bernie, with all of the vetting that he has not been subjected to, he might be a bit worried that HIS record would get combed through. But, he doesn’t seem the slightest bit scared. Whenever an issue comes up, like with how to pay for M4A, Bernie is not the one who actually bears the load, or has to explain himself. With Medicare for All, LIZ ended up having to show how she would pay for the plan she borrowed from Bernie.

Warren, for her part, has had to put out a plan to pay for her Medicare for All idea, with real numbers and everything. So, why the fuck hasn’t the media been pressing Bernie to give a real answer and making a big deal out of it like they did with her? And don’t tell me I’m imagining a sexist double standard where none exists because I’m a hopeless Warren-stan. I don’t even like Warren, but I do like fairness. Sanders, for his part is completely dismissing the idea of giving any details at all.



This is what he said when he was asked to fess up on the costs, from WashingtonPost:

Sanders told my Post colleague Robert Costa he does not have to. “I don’t give a number,” Sanders said, “and I’ll tell you why: It’s such a huge number, and it’s so complicated that if I gave a number you and 50 other people would go through it and say, ‘Oh . . .’”

Oh? Oh, really? So, it costs so much, is super complicated, and you may get some push-back on your Bernie-math? You might even find yourself slipping in the polls when people see what you come up with and are super unsatisfied? You don’t say.

In sum, if Sanders is as viable as his supporters claim and as fund-raising totals suggest, he needs to get the same scrutiny that all top-tier contenders do. That means coming clean on his health records, spelling out his funding schemes, addressing whether he would run for a second term, explaining his tepid support for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and setting out a real foreign policy that is not merely a leftist version of Trump’s “America First.”

Bernie believes he can attain the Presidency via a strange leftist style Trumpian campaign, he plans on releasing no further information on his health, not explaining a goddamn thing, not telling us how much shit will cost, and worst of all? He plans on doing zero outreach to the more moderate wing of the party, let alone Never Trumpers, and Independents who don’t lean hard left. It’s clear that many of his supporters believe they don’t need to do anything other than have Bernie not be Donald trump, but funny enough, that’s what they accused Hillary of believing in 2016. I have no idea why, if they believe she was “hoisted by her own petard” (she wasn’t), they would want to get in line to get hoisted too.

Unlike 2016, I will not be up crying over Bernie’s loss, if he’s the nominee.

I will be right there to write my message to them in ALL CAPS. “KAMALA WOULDA WON!!”

Bitch, I ain’t forgot how y’all acted in 2016.





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