Wisconsin Votes, Rand Paul Recovers, Tigers Can Catch Corona, and JOE BIDEN WON’T BECOME BERNIE SANDERS, WAH!

Since we never know what the hell is going on in the world, I decided maybe we need a news round up to tell us wtf happened overnight, but don’t get excited, nothing good ever happens.

Wisconsin heads to the polls today, and it’s all bad. Governor Evers ordered the primary moved to June due to Corona Virus, yet the Conservative Wisconsin Supreme court voted to strike down the order given by the Governor. Not to be outdone, Kavanaugh and the Conservative majority on the US Supreme Court struck down extended absentee voting in the state, so voters are out of luck and will have to brave the Covid-19 virus in order to participate in our Democracy. Even worse, it appears that only 4 polling places are open in Milwaukee and the lines are already long. So, wear masks and cover up if you are a Wisconsin voter, and wash those hands before you touch anything even if you wear gloves. Ya never know what might happen, so better safe than sorry.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham is leaving her job, and no, she has never once held a press briefing. Grisham was employed by Melania Trump’s office before being promoted to WH Press Secretary and will be returning to her job, so, at least she won’t be in the unemployment line with millions of others. Mark Meadows has taken over and hired Kayleigh McEnany, who used to be on CNN all the time.

CNN reported that Grisham is returning to the East Wing where she will serve as First Lady Melania Trump’s spokesperson and chief of staff.

According to the report, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is considering Trump campaign spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany to replace Grisham.

If you don’t know who McEnany is I have a clip that should remind you of how terribly weird and awkward she can be.


“You can scoot until you fall off that ledge!!!”

Oh my God, she is such a weirdo, no lie.

John Lewis has endorsed Joe Biden for President, and I’m hoping the Berniebro Nation is able to control themselves this time.

Last cycle Superdelegates were still in play, so each time a big endorsement came down it fueled Berner conspiracy theories about the DNC, The Establishment, and Hillary Clinton. Nowadays, without the Supers, big endorsements fuel conspiracy theories about the DNC, The Establishment, and Joe Biden. Since we’ve gone rounds over John Lewis all over the web before, it would be nice if we didn’t end up watching the toxic Catshitfire that people call a Revolution spew racist garbage at a Living Legend. I’ll keep you updated on this, I have my eyes open and I’m ready to call out the worst of the worst. Speaking of the worst of things, a Coughing Tiger at the Bronx Zoo has tested positive for the Corona Virus likely due to an asymptomatic attendant or zookeeper. This is not the first animal to contract the virus during this pandemic and it shows how dangerous it is, and how easily it is spread.

The tiger’s positive diagnosis follows scattered reports around the world of other animals contracting the virus, raising concerns among pet owners about whether their animals could be at risk. Officials in Hong Kong have discovered covid-19 in at least one cat and two dogs quarantined with their infected owners, while a cat in Belgium showed some signs consistent with the virus after its owner returned from Italy and later tested positive.

See that? Even cats and dogs can get it, so make sure you wash your hands before you care for your pets, don’t be a dumbass.

Black People are at higher risk for Corona Virus, says the Surgeon General. Black People figured that out about 3 weeks ago, but, hey, good lookin’ out, you at least tried. The death toll for Corona has exceeded the death toll from 9-11, a milestone nobody wanted to reach; it’s really a shame that we don’t have an adult human President, because the Federal response is absolute chaos. Cuomo and other Governors have found themselves having to work around Donald Trump in order to help their constituents, but at least he sent the Navy Ships, I guess. On that note, a crew member of the Navy ship Comfort has also tested positive for Corona, but luckily, they say it will not affect their ability to take in patients. The Comfort is parked where ailing New Yorkers can be taken in easily when forced to search for an alternative hospital facility, due to over-crowding at local hospitals; another ship named the Mercy is parked in LA Harbor ready to take in Los Angelinos if things get too bad there. Last thing on Corona; Demi Moore and her ex-husband Bruce Willis are self isolating together, says their daughter, no, I don’t remember which one, I just threw it in because it shows how weird this pandemic is making people act. Oh, I lied, one more thing…. Rand Paul has officially recovered from the Corona Virus, and is volunteering at the hospital; I guess kids can always use an extra clown to cheer them up, so I’m sure he will be kept busy making balloon animals and joking about lawn disputes.

Last thing; David Klion is extra hysterical this morning and boy is he pissing in his own Cheerios. Still bitter from the impending loss of Bernie Sanders to Joe Biden, he has a salty ass piece in Daily Beast where he cries like a little titty baby and works himself into a lather over The Future. Many of us are pretty sure we’re all going to die anyway, because Trump is literally trying to kill us with his dismal response to this health crisis, so, we find David to be a never ending source of amusement.

Here is the title…

By Picking Joe Biden, Democrats Are Kissing Their Future Goodbye

Oh, such a murderous title, I bet that really hit ya in the feels, huh?

Yes, there will be absolutely NO FUCKING FUTURE for the entire Democratic Party because merkin faced poo poo head David is seriously serious about how screwed we are unless Joe Biden becomes Bernie Sanders. AND HE MEANS IT!. For real! He means it! Grrrr! Are you scared, did he scare you? No? Me neither.

He wrote this in the Daily Beast today:

Now history is repeating itself, as Marx warned, as farce, with Bernie Sanders decisively winning the argument over the party’s future while meeting unshakeable resistance from a Democratic establishment composed largely of politicians who were shaped by 1968.

Oh give me a fucking break, dude, if you said this on TV you could get a Daytime Emmy AT LEAST, just for the melodramatic title. Bernie won what argument? Oh, here we go with this shit. If Bernie had won any argument, he would be in the LEAD and not LOSING. One thing I always enjoy is the idea these folks have that Bernie is somehow timeless and immortal, always winning the “real” battle, while also being the wokest of the woke. Just like Marx. Who was pretty fucking racist. What is it with the leftist set and their love for old ass men who never accomplished much? That’s rhetorical. Don’t bother getting your beautiful mind worked up, because he said some more stupid shit.

Here is the choice bit:

If Democrats are serious about exciting their entire base in November to defeat Trump, there are still steps they can take to win over the Sanders coalition.

Win over the people who promise we will never win them over? Yippee! Who doesn’t want to kiss their asses, eat a thousand shit sandwiches, and have them still not show up again?? Yeah, no. Contrary to popular Berner belief; they are not base voters. It is actually harder to get them into the polls for Dems this cycle than it is to get never Trump Republicans and Independents. Once you hold the party hostage to your demand a few times and we LOSE, you kinda lose your place among the base.

Sanders should (and, one expects, will) be given a prominent speaking role at the virtual convention; his allies like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib should be as well.

Why? Hasn’t he given that same ass speech a million times? I don’t actually want to hear from Tlaib or Bernie at the fuck all. It would be nice to have a moment where the winner was celebrated and maybe not have a bunch of Progressives there who love to lead the audience in boos when someone they don’t like is mentioned. Also, they cry too much. Also, they put tape over their mouths and look stupid and pathetic and I’m really annoyed with the whole set this week. Tlaib, no. Don’t wanna hear her speak. Nope.

Biden should make explicit in his own remarks that he understands and empathizes with younger voters’ legitimate anger.

“Hi. Thousands of people are dying, but we want you to make us feel special and give us the attention we crave; oh yeah, tell us our white male anger is okay and legitimize it, or else we won’t vote for Biden over Trump. We’re not really going to show up, but we want to see you break your necks to get us to the polls.” This is what I read.

But endorsements and speeches won’t be enough. Biden must also embrace the substantive aspects of Sanders’ platform—including Medicare For All, which exit polls across the country show clear support for, as well as the Green New Deal and tuition-free college—that have galvanized millennials. Everything about the virtual convention could be designed to showcase this agenda.

Oh, this makes perfect sense. Biden should put on his Bernie Sanders costume and run on Bernie’s policies that Bernie lost twice with; once again, or else they won’t show up. Also, we MUST showcase BERNIE’S agenda by pretty much building the entire convention around HIS policies that Biden MUST run on, and then we can pretend Sander’s fans won’t just say Biden is disingenuous, and “doesn’t really mean it” like they did to Hillary. How droll. Biden already has his own fucking policies, and I can see David hasn’t bothered to even google Biden’s website. I get that David and the gang really believe everyone was super in love with Bernie’s platform, yet that is actually not the case at all. If voters really wanted Bernie’s wishlist and thought it was feasible, wouldn’t we be voting for Bernie? Biden has already reached out and included a policy from Liz Warren and a policy from Bernie Sanders; there is very little chance Biden will suddenly switch out ALL of his policies for Bernie’s any time soon. David is going to have to deal with the fact that Bernie lost, and no amount of dressing him up in Bernie’s wrinkled, ill fitting, Socialist suits will transmogrify Joe into Bernie. THANK YOU BLACK JESUS. But, at least he has realized that Biden will be the nominee. Let’s just hope he tells his friends on Twitter, so they stop making shit up about Joe in hopes Bernie will become the default nominee if they can force something to stick.


Daily Beast



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Top Ten Things Bernie Can Do During The Corona Pandemic, Other Than Running For President, Because He Lost

Where is Biden to tell Bernie to put his hand down when you need him?

Bernie Sanders is not the winner of our Presidential Primary, this much should be obvious to all and sundry. Every normal human person can CLEARLY FUCKING SEE (by normal I mean people who can count by any means whatsoever or understand that 2 Popsicles are more than one Popsicle) that Bernie has just about zero chance of winning. Nevertheless, Bernie NMN Sanders is STILL running for GODDAMNED President. Why? Why must he subject us to this endless and ongoing Berndetta against the Democratic Establishment? That’s a question that has only bad answers, so instead I have decided to be “Proactive.” I won’t sit here whining about his refusal to move the fuck on with his life. I’m not like his own followers, who are currently whining about how unfair it is that the establishment (Black People) rejected Bernie so forcefully that Joe Biden is now effectively the Dem nominee. I was raised right.

Yes, whining solves nothing, Bernie, and we in the Democratic Party are problem solvers, not titty babies. So, we have come up with a slew of options for Bernie to sort through in all of this leisure time he has on his hands, now that he cannot obsessively campaign. We cannot force Bernie to accept any of these perfectly reasonable suggestions and carry forth with a renewed determination to successfully manage the task at hand, yet we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE him to hurry the fuck up and just pick one and go.


The Top Ten Things Bernie Can Do Instead of Running For President After He Has Lost



Lo and Behold! Yeah, that’s right. Bernie actually already has a job in Government, in a place we like to call the United States “Senate.” This is a very prestigious position that not only affords him many luxuries, like 3 homes, it also provided a bit of cachet for his wife Jane when she was working as a College Administrator/President. It gives him access to a host of opportunities to sashay around the town at the swankiest high dollar fundraisers Martha’s Vineyard has to offer, and I’m pretty sure the Lobster Sliders are on the house for Milady Jane. Bernie is no stranger to the Donors, he’s been on the circuit many times over the years, so he is safe as can be with his old-monied amigos. While many see the Senate as the springboard to the “big enchilada”, aka, The Presidency, our Millionaire Marxist is just a small fish in a great big lake house, so he got gobbled up by the former Vice President, Mr. Joe Biden. Bernie may have failed to launch, but he always has work to do in the Senate where he missed the last two EXTREMELY IMPORTANT votes. Vermonters seem to be cooling on the Senator, he barely got over 50% in his own state for the 2020 Primary, but if he hurries back to work, he may be able to cling to a victory and keep his seat in 2024.


#2- Retire to His Dacha, oh, I mean His Lake House

One SUPER popular idea is for Bernie to remove himself from the game entirely by retiring to spend more time with his grand-babies, I like this one most. Grandpas love their grand-kids, and those too cute tots love their Grandpas right back! What better way to satisfy the familial stirrings in a young child’s heart than to give them all the Werther’s Originals and fishing trips with Gramps they can stand? Nobody can do your Granddadding for you, and we have already seen many photos of La Jane Grandmomming it up a storm, so maybe it’s the right time to pack it on in and take those Chillins to the “Summer Camp” you paid all that hard earned cash for? Summer homes don’t live in themselves, and at your age, let’s face it, you want to start getting your use out of the place if you don’t want to leave this mortal coil feeling like you didn’t get your money’s worth. You can call your friends, the ones still alive, and let them know, “Mi Dacha es Su Dacha!” and have some Sassy Senior Shenanigans that Vermont will never forget!!


#3- Learn to Knit Chairs and Have Yourself a Goddamn Seat

This one is special! Even the most sedate Senior is feeling a bit anxious in these times of quarantine, you can spend the time you have set aside for recreation learning a new and enjoyable skill. Rather than risk the Corona virus ridden crowds, you can head on over to your favorite online retailer and order up some yarn, books on how to knit, some jazzy patterns, and teach yourself how to knit. You may not be able to quite knit a seat, but you sure can shut the hell up while you’re in learning mode! Maybe you can knit a nice blanket to cover your favorite chair, and then have yourself a goddamn seat, Senator, and do it in silence! YAY!

By the way….

Did you know that there are Boomers, GenXers, Millennials, and whoever the hell it is that comes next, my bad, who are entirely tired of you stepping all up in the mix and now demand that you have yourself a million fucking seats? Well, now you know, maybe you need to check your spam filters and Twitter mentions? Cool.


#4- Convert a Home Into a Testing Center/Philanthropy

Heyo! What’s a “Man of the People” worth (besides millions) if he’s not willing to sacrifice a little of his own riches for the “little people”, eh Senator? That’s right, there is an altruistic solution to your whole “I lost the 2020 Primary and I Won’t Stop Running for President” problem: You can give back to the people who helped you make it this far. Consider converting one of your many homes into a Pop-up testing center for people who may be infected with the Corona Virus! After all, what type of true Marxist would even own three homes when so many lack even one home to call their own? Don’t wait for the Proletariat, or even worse, the LUMPEN-PROLETARIAT to relieve you of your property during the Working Class Revolution, give it away to charity now, what do you have to lose? Just a home. But think of all the new friends you’ll make while handing out testing swabs, okay? Totally Worth It.

#5- Learn All About Model Trains!!!

What the fuck are model trains? We don’t have a clue, but we are sure you do. See, millennials like myself, and younger folks, grew up with things like “Electricity” and “Cell phones” also “Video Games” in our Toys R Us catalog, so we aren’t your average purveyors of model trains and sets of marbles. In addition, we never knew how the fuck you were supposed to play with “balls and jacks”, so it’s your turn to teach us some Luddite shit. Sure, we could go learn how to use a phonograph, or whatever the hell he said, from Biden, but he’s still learning how to Vlog this week, and it would be a shame to knock him off track. Your move, Senator.

#6- Yell at Clouds or Kids You Don’t Know

Don’t be outdone by Grandpa Simpson, that won’t do!! YOU’RE the yelly-est Grandpa in New England. Show these fake mad Gramp-cucks how it’s really done. Right now, nothing matters more than maintaining a polite social distance from everyone you don’t live with, and even some you do. What will keep people at a safe distance better than having a geriatric curmudgeon like yourself huff up and belt out an insult laced warning? Nothing. It’s a total mood kill.

Say you see some teens when you’re walking in the woods behind your house-cum-testing site while knitting yourself a blanket for your model train platform, and you happen to witness said teens engaging in some social closeness? Well, this is your time to shine, Senator Sanders! You take the deepest breath you can and you ROAR!! Let them know not to “Stand over there!!” like you told Jane, before launching into a diatribe about how you’ve said “no Corona sex back here FIFTY TIMES!!! This is the fifty first.” and you’ll have those former Burlington College Students out of your patch of land quicker than shit. You can literally keep this up FOREVER.

#7- Become a Full Time Vlogger!!

Not everyone can be an Instant Success at Vlogging, but you can, Senator. Fire up the old Mac and set up shop in your studio, and you can Vlog every single day! You already have millions of dedicated followers who will ensure you get “paid baby paid!” through monetized accounts that we are sure Lady Jane can help you set up. Why give all that access to your incredible talents away for free? It’s not everyone who has a speech from 1976 memorized and ready to go at a moment’s notice, most YouTube stars weren’t even born then, so you are already way ahead of the game. Those guys from Pod Save America won’t even see it coming when you overtake them in the “Dismissing Black Women Candidates Because of Your Obvious Misogynoir” department, and you’ll crush them to dust in the “Tokenizing Black Women For Political Gain” department too. Your White Male success is virtually guaranteed, so give this option all due consideration.

#8- Sew Some Goddamned Masks!

Uh oh!! We are running out of fucking masks! With the time saved from no longer having to look up old photos of Bruce Rappaport marching with MLK to slap your name on, you and your followers can spend some of those $27s on sewing machines and materials to make masks for the medical community. Our Nurses, Doctors, and other front-line medical professionals are all we have standing between us, and certain death for many of us, especially those with compromised immune systems, so we need you to be proactive. Rather than secretly imploring your adoring fans to report me on Social Media (it’s a joke, fuck off), maybe you can openly beg them to spend the next week or so patriotically performing a needed task, and help save lives. I’m dead ass serious, do this no matter which option you choose. Get your Revolution to make masks. Now. Please.

#9- Become a Driving Instructor

Oh ho ho! We saw you. We didn’t know you were such patient and careful driver. Guess what? That’s just what our kids need!! Stock your black leather fanny-pack with Red Vines and Peppermints, and head on down to your local driving school. You’ll arrive with carefully edited footage of you performing all necessary driver’s safety tasks that the next batch of youth will sorely need to see. After all, we remember that you made your share of films in your day, Senator, one about Eugene Debs comes to mind, so we know you know your way around a script and a camera.


Have Jane and the Gang help you set up cones in an empty lot near the home or business of a local oligarch, just to ensure you won’t feel a smidge of guilt when you hit something, and get your butt in gear. Show off your three point turn, your parallel parking, and even show them how to back that thang up, baby!


An entire generation is ready to hit the road, who better to teach them how to yell at the “asshole who can’t fucking drive” than you? You were MADE for this.

#10- Babysitter for Struggling Families

Kids. They always need someone to watch them, but their parents can’t always afford to pay anybody. Que lastima! But, don’t you worry! Their day can still be saved by “Magic Grandpa and Lady Jane!” You can offer your services taking care of the kinder who test negative for Corona while their parents test positive. I’m not saying this is happening, not yet. But why let such a situation sneak up on you? It’s beneficial when you can get to know your future voters before they’ve had time to become stained by Capitalism. Nothing wrong with using a bit of Marxist Propaganda to start your own literacy program at your Dacha, just like the Castro program you so admired. While you’re communing with the caucus-goers of the future, you can steep them in all the Commie bullshit Fidel shoved down the throats of the kiddies of Cuba. Sure, their parents won’t be happy and indoctrination is fucked up, but you chose this hill to die on already with your continued defense of Castro’s literacy program, and refusal to listen to people who were actually fucking there. No shit, Senator, every shitty regime has SOME good things they’ve done, but you were running for President, and it totally killed your chances in Florida. And basically ended your campaign.

We have done the hard part, Senator Sanders, now it’s time to do your part. Suspend your campaign of continued complaint and set my people free. You had a great run, it lasted longer than so many of the other candidates, but you’re way the fuck behind and polling like shit in the remaining states. It’s time for us to hand you your hat and coat, it’s time for you to move on and let it go, so we can fucking beat Trump.


Alaska sucks and we are cut off from Civilization!! Everyone donate to my survival fund and I’ll try to survive the wilderness!

Bernie Sanders Uses Black Women As Human Shields To Cover Up For His Racist, Sexist Bros

Bernie Sanders is not some innocent victim of circumstances beyond his control when it comes to the outrageous behavior of his Revolution. This is no doddering old man who has no idea how social media works; since 2016, Sanders has been consistently ahead of the pack when it comes to engagement, and quite frankly, hyper-aware of how to utilize the diversification of social media platforms to his advantage. Bernie KNOWS about his Bros. And he knows they are out of control. So, why isn’t he doing something about these menacing marauders who spend their time abusing the very voters that Bernie WILL need come November, if he is the nominee?

What I’m hearing is, Bernie Sanders approves of it, he fosters a culture that rewards it, and he has no intention of doing a damn thing about it.

…Democratic activist who speaks regularly with Sanders campaign staff says it’s unlikely that Sanders will make any effort to rein in his staff or change their behavior, or that of his supporters, because he approves of it. “Bernie knows exactly what’s happening,” the activist said. “And his campaign is in the loop about this coordinated viciousness.” 

Wild and out of control, Bernie supporters are not a new thing, by ANY means. Bernie has been questioned about their behavior many many many times. So, when Bernie Sanders feigned ignorance about his “BernieBro” problem, blamed bots, and declared that those people were “not a part of his movement”, I didn’t believe a word he said. It wasn’t just that he came off like a weaker, and far more mealy mouthed version of Chuck Todd (Sorry, Chuck, IJS.). It also wasn’t just that he appeared to be a less evil, but just as crazy, version of President Trump. It IS partially the fact that I actually screamed when he called for “all supporters of campaigns” (All?) to behave like fucking adults; muthafucka what? It is only his own supporters that are acting out. That makes me gnash my teeth. We don’t engage in violent rhetoric just because someone likes a candidate, and doesn’t like ours.

If they’re not your supporters, Bernie?

Then what the fuck is this?

But a number of Democratic activists, strategists, and campaign insiders who know how Sanders operates say his protestations ring more than a bit hollow.

Bernie doesn’t mean a word he says about bullying, and his fans know it. The worst part of this past week has been the way in which Bernie utilized the skin color of two of his senior staffers, Briahna Joy Grey and Nina Turner, as a deflection shield and weapon against the citizens who complained of mistreatment by his Revolutionaries. Maybe Bernie uses all of those private jets in order to fly all that UTTER GALL he owns from campaign stop to campaign stop?

Sanders’ claim to “disown” supporters whose behavior crosses the line was far stronger a denunciation than what he’d offered days before, when his campaign responded to reports of the threats against Culinary officials with a statement urging “supporters of all campaigns” to refrain from “bullying or ugly personal attacks”. He appeared to excuse such conduct by his supporters in his next breath when he added that some of the “African-American women on [his] campaign” — including former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, his national co-chair — had been subject to “disgusting” attacks as well. 

For days I have been silently fuming at the disrespect and erasure of the average Dem who found themselves targeted for abuse by simply expressing a lack of positive sentiment towards the Socialist Senator. Not only that, as a Black Woman, I interact with many other Black Women who are, like me, just regular citizens who come to social media to discuss politics.

“He denied everything in 2016, and then all of a sudden he wants to save 2020 when it’s actually his staff who are participating in these activities? Right,” she said, with more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice. 

“Everybody’s not doing it. They [the Sanders campaign] are doing it and they think it’s acceptable, and so they project it onto everybody else’s campaign.”


Oh, look! It’s Ben Mora, a Michigan based Field Directors for the Bernie Sanders campaign. How is he a troll or a bot? Well, sure, he’s a troll, but he goddamn sure isn’t Russian or “Not a part of our movement,” as Sanders said recently. It’s just your average BernieBro that the Sanders camp wants to force you to shut the fuck up about. I have been dealing with the Ben Moras of the world for five years straight. How sad. Fuck You, Bernie.

And in my time dealing with Berners and Trolls, I have found that Black Women are attacked the most, hit the hardest, threatened more often, and usually the abuser remains in our mentions until blocked. Then, once they lose access to us, they simply open up another account, and then continue doling out a litany of insults about our intelligence, appearance, values, and even our commitment to our OWN race; all because we do not see Bernie Sanders as our savior.

And sadly, Bernie doesn’t even want to be our savior, not even from his own bros; saving Black Women is not on the WWC agenda that Bernie has been working on since around the time Lot’s Wife was turned into a pillar of salt. The only place Black Women seem to fit in in Bernie-world, is in the same place Diamond and Silk fit in when shielding Steve King from getting a public dragging about his racism.

“He got up on stage and used two black women as shields for him. That is a smack in the face to me because I have been working on this since 2013, and with the ways in which black women are being targeted online, it really doesn’t matter whose campaign they’re on,” she said. “But these two black women are participating in these tactics.” 

Bernie is not solely to blame for this racist behavior.

The two women involved are fully complicit, but, when you get right down to it, Bernie is in charge, and he doesn’t have to sanction any of this humiliating bullshit. This is a strange flip for a man and movement so opposed to identity politics that he once made a point to let women of color know that our color and womanhood don’t matter if we are not fighting the Oligarchy. Apparently, the Black Women Bernie has hired pass the Oligarchy fighting test. It appears that Brie Brie runs interference and crafts the gas-lighting tactics Sanders uses to dismiss criticism and play the victim. The cynicism involved in what she does when she flips the script from racist bros attacking Black Women to “using the term Berniebro is racist erasure of Bernie’s PoC and women supporters” is absolutely mind-blowing, hateful, racist, abusive, and she should go back to practicing law. Maybe she can defend some piece of shit used car salesmen?

“The ‘Bernie Bro’ smear” — is “racist erasure.” 

Let me be CLEAR. This lady is a goddamn liar who enjoys crafting White Victim-hood narratives so much that I would TOTALLY NOT be shocked if she pulled a Sammy Sosa on us one day. Hi, Brie Brie? I hear you went to Harvard. Why the fuck do you sound so goddamn stupid? Women and PoC are not being erased by us discussing the abuse we receive from the White Men in your movement. I am rarely ever bothered by women and PoC for Bernie. Stop acting dumb. I just want you to know that I think it’s great that life is all fun and games for you now, and it’s fine that you don’t care if we are abused; but you are marginalizing Black People and trivializing the REAL issue of ERASURE that holds us back. And you do it all in service to a culture of denialism and aggression that is fostered in your camp, and that you spread among the masses of your movement. We won’t forget what you did here, you will be reminded for the rest of your public life that you have never stood up for the marginalized. You are a front. You simply stood in the way of a solution.

“‘Bernie Bros exist,” she added. “What we’re trying to debate is how much of his following is white males versus everybody else, and so when the ‘Bernie Bros’ argument gets used, it’s not just being used because it’s some random narrative. It’s the people who actually come after others, and a his majority of following is quote-unquote white working class white men,” she continued.

I can’t find one lie.

“For her to say, Well, everyone else who is supporting Bernie and all the support he’s getting from all the brown community is being erased by saying ‘Bernie Bros’ is absurd… it’s like arguing about the 30 per cent of the white supremacists that are supporting Trump. This is stupid.”

You have my full permission to tell that maladjusted misfit, Al Sharpton’s 92 Press n’ Curl wearing, Dime Novel Dialogue using ass, gas-lighting, self-hating asshole to shut the fuck up saying BernieBro is a racist term. I feel terrible that a fellow Black Woman is willing to throw all of the rest of the Black Women who are suffering daily onslaughts all the entire way under the bus, in service to a White Man.

“Use it, and you’re complicit. It’s that simple,” Gray added.

Such statements, Mitchell said, start “misinformation conversations.”

She’s insane.

Instead, these insiders describe a campaign that has dispensed with the largely positive tone which characterized Sanders’ 2016 presidential run in favor of a combative, grievance-driven one. They say it is led by a team of “true believers” who have little experience with presidential campaigns, are too enthralled by Sanders to question or challenge him, and who knowingly wield swarms of angry, harassment-happy pro-Sanders social media users like any other tool in the campaign toolbox for a candidate who, despite claims to the contrary, is perfectly fine with it.

Um, I don’t remember Sanders ever having a largely positive tone, not this year, last year, or any of the ten years before that. Bernie lists out a litany of problems and struggles faced by the working class; he can tell you how many are homeless, what the poverty rate is, how many are in debt, and how we’re the richest nation on earth, so nobody should be suffering. He then offers you a FREE solution, paid for by anybody wealthier than you, it’s always paid for by someone else. Like Trump’s Wall. But, in order to get these wonderful things, there is something you must do first and foremost; you must take down the Democratic Establishment. You must destroy them for being in the way.

But before you can take them down, you must take down the average Democrat, which is why we are at the toxic place we are.

“Clearly, they think it’s a winning strategy. Beforehand, people just looked at the campaign as being kind of a little bit mean and nasty, but it’s gone up a notch and I think they probably feel justified [by polling results].”

Until we submit and agree to move to the place Sanders is, by ridding ourselves of these meddlesome Democrats, the beatings will continue. Bernie said and has been saying he is here to pretty much take on the entire party, take it over, and mold it into what he believes it should be. Sure, it takes a massive ego to believe you can take over a party and force them to suit your needs, but don’t put it past him. He’s already halfway there.


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“But, His Heart Attack!” Pro-Israel PAC Burns Bernie Right Before Iowa

Darby is NOT SURE Bernie is healthy enough to be President

Berners all over the web, especially on social media where they terrorize the common man or woman, have been simultaneously trying to pretend they aren’t bothered and also, losing their shit, over a ad due to hit the airwaves in Iowa today, less than a week before the Iowa Caucuses, and I am loling all over the place. The Ad, made by a group called Dem Majority for Israel PAC is just a regular Ad, nothing especially over the top in it, but it sure had the Sanders team in an uproar. The Ad is just 30 seconds, but it hits him on his health, his electability, and his socialism, smirks and walks away.


A pro-Israel Democratic super PAC is launching a new television ad on Wednesday in Iowa that questions Sen. Bernie Sanders’ electability and raises the specter of his health following a heart attack last fall.

Oh, really? Are y’all saying that heart attacks don’t turn people into Superman? Cause I have been told that Bernie is pretty much like Ironman, and the stents solved the problem completely and last forever, so Bernie pretty much just had to “walk it off” because they caught it before there was any problem. I am not a fucking Doctor. But I did ask a few Doctors that I know if this was true, and the answer I got was, “No.”

“I do have some concerns about Bernie Sanders’ health considering the fact that he did have a heart attack,” one of the Iowans featured in the ad says. Another suggests that, while he likes Sanders, voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Iowa are “not going to vote for a socialist.”
I said for weeks that Sanders looked ill, but his fans just attacked me and said I was wishing him dead. This was about two weeks before his heart attack during one of the debates. Dude looked tomato red, and sounded congested, so, I felt bad for him. And let’s face it, Obama went from looking young for his age to looking like a Silver Fox in 8 years while Michelle miraculously didn’t change one bit, so, the job DOES AGE PEOPLE. How much aging can Bernie take at this point? He’s not Benjamin Button, by any means, so, can we stop pretending the Presidency would have no effect on his health or are we just going to live in the delusion until this old man admits his age and health concern him too? Because, we might be able to survive Bernie’s death in office, but do we even want to take that risk? Who will be his Veep? Nina? Tulsi? Please kill me.
Sanders was hospitalized for more than two days after he suffered a heart attack in October while on the campaign trail. He had two stents inserted after doctors found an arterial blockage.

Tis just a scratch.


Sanders campaign co-chair Rep. Ro Khanna, a California Democrat, tweeted out a blistering response to the ad late Tuesday, saying the focus on Sanders’ health crossed a line.
“For a Democratic Super PAC to attack @BernieSanders health is beyond the pale of decency,” Khanna said. “Imagine the outrage if a Dem group had run attack ads about FDR’s polio. Every Presidential candidate must denounce this & call for the ad to be taken down.”
Um? How about “No.” Ro? Bernie is a dirty fighter and he should have saw this shit coming a mile away. I hope they do another one where they show Nina Turner wildin’ like a Baptist Minister on that wet* and let everyone know she could be in charge of EVERYTHING if Sanders pops off. Or even an ad about Tulsi Gabbard handing the keys to the country off to Assad, since people also see her as a likely VP candidate.  At the very least, maybe it would get Sanders to scratch those two clowns off the list of potentials. As far as Sanders’ health is concerned? He shouldn’t even be running for office with such obvious health issues, and quite frankly, FDR probably shouldn’t have mounted his last run, didn’t he die in office? THIS IS MY OPINION. Also? I cannot think of anyone Sanders could choose as VP that I wouldn’t want to impeach immediately.
“I think for many months now, the consensus has been that he really didn’t have much of a chance at winning the nomination,” Mellman said. “We looked at the situation a couple of weeks ago and decided that assumption was no longer valid — that he really does have a chance to win the nomination. And we thought that would be bad for Democrats, in terms of our ability to defeat Donald Trump, and bad for the issues that we care about.”

This has nothing to do with the groups stated purpose, which involves promoting US/Israel relations, and the fact that they are completely off script has some folks just a little bit unhappy. I mean, the Ad said absolutely NOTHING about Israel, that’s absolutely true, lol, and some are wondering what the purpose behind the ad is, and why they decided to do it now. Well, now you know. All that talk about the “Surge!” and how Bernie can win it has spawned a slew of anti Bernie pieces and his team just doesn’t know how to handle it. Bernie himself also has a problem taking criticism, so it’s going to be hilarious watching the attacks multiply while Ro Khanna and others sit around whining and bitching about how mean people are being.



*Wet- Water or “sherm” is a street drug often said to be made from embalming fluid, but is really just PCP.


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Yo, Bernie? When You Talk About Obama, Put Some Respect On His Name

Don’t forget to say “Happy Birthday!” today to that silly, wizened, Marxist Chupacabra Bernie Sanders, aka “Bernie Luther King Sanders Jr!” (No relation to “The Tulsicabra”)

Bernie Sanders is crazy as catshit.

He came for Obama AGAIN. 

He came for Joe AGAIN.

But, not on MLK Day.

He called Auntie Struggle Liz a LIAR.

He also celebrated himself on MLK Day, but that’s just par for the course, eh?

Why is he acting like it’s HIS Birthday too? Lordt. If you saw Bernie Twitter earlier, you’d have thought MLK and Bernie were Birthday Twins. It looked sad,  so I decided we may as well just go on ahead and include Bernie in everything he is trying to push his way into. I guess he’s allowed to appropriate birthdays of Civil Rights Legends, just like he appropriates policy of dead Democrats. Really, I’m just trying to stay ahead of the game, and wanted you to be prepared like I am. You know it’s totally on brand for Bernie Sanders to take full credit for MLK Jr. even having a birthday to celebrate during his life. No, it’s not Bernie’s birthday too, but he did teach MLK everything he knew, or so I have been told, because Bernie is MORE WOKE. Yeah.

NOW you know, Bernie is MORE MLK than MLK ever was.

Never question this.

The MEMES say so, and memes are always 100% accurate.

I’m sure you’ve already laid eyes upon the stupid Bernie memes that went out last night?

It doesn’t match the photo on top AT ALL.

This is a cry for help. Continue reading