Time for ALL the MAGA Rappers to STFU About Politics, and Stick to Making Music or Go Play Sportsball, Please.

What do you get when you allow men like Kanye West to run for President, and you fuck around and take him half seriously?

What happens when you also humor his wife, no matter how ridiculous her Telenovela storyline has become?

This happens.

Nobody in the universe needed this bullshit ass hologram, girl.

Now, what would have happened if we had smooth ignored both of their asses for the entire time Trump has been President?

No Candace Owens. (We barely noticed her until Kanye)

No Blexit.

No Kanye screaming random shit and crying.

No Kim and her stupid ass Hologram Dad thingy.

Let’s just consider something…before Kanye decided he really really liked Trump and the right-wing, and shady became a MAGA activist, we didn’t really see such an inappropriate number of Black rappers, actors, and music producers running around talking about how they’re FOR Donald Trump, or trying to speak for the entire Black Community. What we saw before were Rap Artists like Lil Jon, a man called “Uncle Tom” by Trump, who later pretended not to know him, saying “FUCK DONALD TRUMP,” because they have some goddamn sense. He obviously hates Trump’s racism, and didn’t give a fuck what tax cuts he was offering, because he immediately said HELL NO to voting for the Orange Menace.

This is GOOD and RIGHTEOUS. Learn from him.

We saw Cardi B, John Legend, Monica, Jeezy, Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris, Snoop Dog, Diddy, Common, and Offset, among others, throw their hats in the ring for Joe; we are glad to see them reflecting the sentiment of the Black Community, and using their voices to amplify ours, rather than trying to speak FOR us. This is what we expected. We thought everyone knew what time it was, we thought nobody would be stupid enough to face the wrath of Black Twitter, just to join Team Trump. We thought wrong.

Now we see a number of aging artists in the throes of a competitive irrelevant frenzy, eager to be the next GOP Spokesman for Black America. And guess what? These fools are fucking up, because they need to put out some albums if they want to be listened to after this shady ass shit they pulled. They attack Dems while praising Trump, they are being assholes, and they obviously want to somehow turn this election in Trump’s favor. You’d think somehow after 4 years of that racist orange disaster our “Rap Stars” would try to remember we are the ones who made their asses famous. Nope.

Go Fuck Yourself.

Republicans didn’t buy your fucking albums, muthafuckers, we did, we made you. Honestly, all we gotta do is stop showing TF up spending our money elevating your asses, and your chances of remaining on your pedestals will plummet immediately. When Lil Wayne’s ass went to jail, it wasn’t the GOP keeping his name hot, it was Black People. And we are LIBERALS. Now y’all doing Photo Ops with The Devil?

I hate to say it, but Wayne had the most pathetic looking photo op with Trump I ever did see. Let’s look at it again.

You see how stupid he looks? Wayne looks ready to tell us all about how the White Man’s ice is so cold, colder than any negroes ice has ever been, and boy ain’t his sugar the sweetest sugar you ever did taste? Fuck outta here, bruh. You embarrass yourself.

When Ice Cube, who doesn’t want to be “clumped in” with the rest of the rappers, decided to transition from Lench Mob to Boyz in the Hood, Donald Trump and his GOP weren’t the ones who paid cash money to go see the movie in the theater, then bought it on VHS, also bought the soundtrack, and learned every goddamn word–that was me- rather it was US, it was Black People who elevated his ass. Now he’s out there speaking FOR us when we sure ain’t never hired his ass to be our spokesman; not only that, he’s basically demanding shit for us from Democrats that HE got from Democrats. Baby Bonds, anyone? And where is the plan for Black Women, OShea? With your selfish ass.

Just shut the fuck up about Politics, y’all, and go make some rap songs, play sportsball, or make some more family friendly films.

When P. Diddy (Who will be voting for Biden, but fuck it, he needs some of this too.) was still Puff Daddy, I didn’t see any Republicans around buying all the albums he managed to insert himself into, so he could pretend he could rap/sing/whatever. Republicans are mostly WHITE, they love cops, mostly don’t like rap, and aren’t even that into y’all, so fucking stop it. If you aren’t interested in politics until October of an election year, then why the fuck would we need this static from you? Can you just TRY not to be the center of attention for like, I don’t know, like maybe 5 more days? Then you can set up a Verzuz with Ice Cube AND Lil Wayne’s silly looking, no lotion wearing ass.

Nobody needs your New Party, or your sudden “Save The Negroes Manifestos,” and we really don’t need your dumb ass popping up hollering, “I’m with Trump because my stingy ass doesn’t want to pay taxes to help other people who are struggling in this terrible economy.” You should have just sat there and ate your food if you wasn’t gonna help. Not you, Diddy, you kinda chilled out super quick, but the rest are assholes.

As for Lil Pump, Waka Flocka Flame, and Tekashi 6ix 9ine? Who the fuck even asked y’all? Nobody needed your silly, jiggin’ and jivin’ asses to Tapdance for Trump and make us look stupid, so go sit the fuck down, we’ll call you when we need more dumb opinions about politics, okay? Just shut your asses up.

The moral of THIS story is you cannot be good at everything, so just stay in your goddamn muthafucking lane, do what you do best, and maybe read a fucking political science book before you delve into politics, and make us all look dumb. This is not a “normal” election year, we are hurting, we are terrorized, we are scared, and we are tired of privileged assholes destroying America. Fuck your taxes, you ignorant, out of touch, ridiculous, and blind assholes. Pay the goddamn tax man, you know Goddamn well that money came from us, and you live good. Time for you to give back, fools, and also, time to give us some silence, unless you’re rapping, singing, or playing some goddamn sportsball.

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Trump Almost Kills Elderly Supporters by Leaving Them to Freeze to Death in Nebraska

Trump is still an asshole, even if you happen to be on of his staunchest supporters, apparently. Last night, Trump had another one of his infamously Covid-19 ridden events, only this time, elderly supporters were left to either freeze to death, or brave the elements for the miles long walk back to their vehicles. I live in a later time zone than most of you, so I’m up late at night scouring the internet to see what Trump plans to do in order to kill me in my sleep. This left me on hand and alert when reports started coming in about the people being rushed to the hospital with symptoms of hypothermia. I’ll let The Lincoln Project tell you what happened to Trump’s biggest fans last night in the cold  while waiting for buses to take them back to their cars.

You hear that shit? He left HUNDREDS of supporters behind, with no transportation.


The president left on Air Force One just after 9 p.m following the event at the Eppley Airfield. But many of his supporters were stuck there until very late at night, miles away from their cars, waiting for the buses the Trump campaign had chartered to shuttle attendees back to the parking lot…Thirty people were “contacted for medical reasons” and seven were transported to the hospital from the event, a spokesperson for the Omaha Police Department told BuzzFeed News.

He had these people outside waiting on busses that were obviously never ever ever going to come, who does that? Trump. Not only were there hundreds of people still left outside in the cold when the busses the campaign chartered left, never to return, temperatures were so cold, at least 30 had to be taken to the hospital for weather related medical issues.


According to Omaha Scanner, a Twitter account that monitors local emergency scanners in the area, a number of people had to be treated for hypothermia and other conditions as a result of the cold. One older adult was reported to be “frozen cold unable to move with an altered mental status.”

Oh look! Trump is trying to throw Grandma off a Ice Cliff!! Where is Paul Ryan when you need him? Oh, that’s right, he quit when he saw the orange disaster coming.

Vanity Fair

While the Trump campaign claimed it had hired “plenty of buses” but was simply “having trouble getting them to people still waiting because traffic flow on the small, two-lane airport access road” was limited to one direction, a police officer said that “at least 30 more buses” were needed to accommodate people, according to a CNN reporter.

Just like the Titanic, there weren’t enough lifeboats, or in this case, heated busses, to tote all of his fanatical supporters back to safety. Instead they had to either hoof it back to their cars, or rely on emergency services to come pick their half frozen bodies up and cart them to the local hospital.


In a statement, Samantha Zager, Trump’s deputy national press secretary, said they “always strive to provide the best guest experience at our events and we care about their safety. President Trump loves his supporters and was thrilled to visit Omaha last night,” Zager said. “Despite the cold, tens of thousands of people showed up for his rally. Because of the sheer size of the crowd, we deployed 40 shuttle buses instead of the normal 15, but local road closures and resulting congestion caused delays.”

Oh, please, Samantha! We know Trump doesn’t give a shit about his supporters, and we know y’all didn’t do anything when you heard they were out there freezing last night. This whole situation is a mere glimpse at what trump has in store for all of us if he manages to win another term. I tend to see people who attend a Trump rally as lost causes, so I doubt many who actually suffered harm will change their minds and not vote for him. It’s really sad how terribly Trump treats his own fans, and even though their minds are completely twisted, it’s hard for me to say they deserve to suffer like that, so I won’t. I will say “We told you so.” and hope a few of his hypothermic superfans wake the hell up before it’s too late for all of us.


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Vanity Fair


When You Break a Glass Ceiling, Sometimes it Cuts You, Sometimes You Bleed, and Sometimes it Hurts.

Apparently, there have been articles about the KHive in the short amount of time it’s been since Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris to be his running-mate. I have no idea what those articles say, because I don’t care, and nobody came to ask me anything about KHive, so I just found out the articles even existed. Funny how when a Black Woman spends a few years of her life building a community dedicated to the singular goal of advancing a fellow black woman, the media tends to speak to anyone but her about it. I’m not saying that with salt on my breath, honestly, I haven’t been able to sleep well for weeks, and at this point I am simply a sleep deprived asshole. I almost decided not to write anything at all, because really, I don’t actually want the media asking me shit, and just putting oneself out there opens up a pandora’s box of negative attention and absolute bullshit. But, I deal in truth and fact, so, it would be remiss of me not to set the record straight, regardless of how that might inconvenience me in the future.

In 2017, after the inauguration, I started a group called Marching Onward. We were a group of angry Hillary supporters who were looking for some direction, some like minded people, and a way to regroup while we waited for the next woman nominee, who I had mostly decided needed to be Kamala Harris. NO MEN. We discussed who it would be over a period of some months, and eventually, I knew I was right about who it SHOULD be. Like Joe Biden, I had a list of names to consider, which really was as much a waste of my precious time and energy, as his list was of his. I dismissed some names, ignored some more, and eventually I decided we’d end up with Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris as the next woman to take a Louisville Slugger to the “Glass Ceiling.” I liked Kamala Harris for the role more than Liz Warren, AS YOU KNOW, and  I became more sure once I got to see her in action destroying Jeff Sessions’ nerves during his confirmation hearing. For many other reasons, including her history of locking up child molesters, I believed she’d be a super star candidate, not that I had anything against Warren at the time. That came later.

One of the reasons I held a belief that Harris was superior is the fact that she actually practiced the law as her profession; Warren was a professor teaching the law, Kamala had been a Prosecutor, and Hillary had been a Defense Attorney, so both practicing the law. While Warren was good with theory, I didn’t believe that would be the case in practice, and while Hillary was good at defense, she rarely went on the attack. Kamala Harris, on the other hand, was so good on the offense that she rarely needed to defend when she was on her A game. After spending an entire campaign season on the defensive, I was loathe to ever let myself end up in that position again. Next time, I said, we will fight back, we will not hide in these stupid fucking Facebook groups, wallowing in denial, and being bizarrely, yet complacently, hopeful.

Buzz about Kamala Harris had already built up to a point where we knew she was going to run for President before she was officially done being elected to the Senate. Harris winning her seat was the only bright spot during a terrible night; we weren’t going to get Hillary, but Harris would run, I KNEW it, so, I pretty much became KHive the night she won her race. By the time 2018 rolled around, I was fielding names for the group I wanted to form in support and defense of Harris, and I had decided on the best name: “Kamalot.” Don’t LAUGH. I made plans, and spent a few months looking up everything I could about Harris. I read her book, I watched her speeches and interviews, and I got familiar with her record. I was sold. I’m not hard to please, with Donald Trump as President, I just needed someone honest who cares about the “least among us.” That’s who I got.

November came, and I rolled out my plans on my (now deleted) Twitter account. Nobody liked the name Kamalot. Months of planning almost went up in flames with my failed branding, and people thought they were funny as hell cracking up about how corny Kamalot is. YES, I CRIED. Yes, they were just good natured Jokes. I’m also sensitive. Several people were more diplomatic, but the giggles continued. I got mad, I always get mad. Fortunately, I had a back-up name that I knew they would go for, because Beyonce rules the world. I told them we we’re going to be KHive. They agreed. It was like one in the morning anyway, nobody cared at that point, and I was enjoying keeping everyone up, but sadly, they left. When I got up the next day, I proceeded to bully, cajole, bother, and convince about 20,000 of my ~40,000 followers that they needed to be KHive with me. They are all still KHive to this day. I think.

I told everyone it was going to be way harder to handle the sexism coming at Harris, because of the added racism component. Because of how we hid in 2016, (not me, I didn’t hide) we were not effective in defending Hillary Clinton on social media. This time we would be a cohesive and organized group, and our policy would be to always have receipts, or just stfu. Receipts have become a BIG part of KHive Culture, because, like Kamala, we never ask a question we don’t have the answer to. What started out with just my receipts, mediocre plans, and a handful of assorted BIPOC and white allies, became a cohesive group of over 20,000 within the first week.

Once we had a common purpose and a shared identity, there was no going back; we were the footsoldiers who spread the word around to draw in others of a like mind, and we were excited as fuck. We wasted MONTHS of our time arguing with Sanders supporters, which was actually more painful for us than it was for them, since they’re immune to facts. Since this was my first time organizing a group, I had no fucking clue what I was doing, and I made LOTS of mistakes. Many people found KHive on their own, though, so I guess it turned out okay, and new people joined in and carved out their own little KHive crews separate and apart from my OG group. So, while I may have started it, I don’t control it or even know half the people who identify with it, which kinda shows how badass Kamala Harris is. Once people heard there was a group for Kamala, they wanted to be a part of it, and now they are.

Because of how reticent I can be, and also introverted, I have a hard time pushing myself as a Leader, so I am not the Leader, nobody is. I figured doing the work was enough, and since so many people remember when I started KHive, nobody would really take credit for themselves or write me out of the picture. Had I ever even met the media? Lol! So NAIVE. By next week they’ll be giving Bernie Sanders full credit for the founding of the KHive, and installing Brie Brie as our thought leader. I don’t really mind not getting the attention, and by not mind, I mean, I appreciate my alone time and privacy, and don’t appreciate being bothered. I just kinda want to help Kamala Harris become Vice President and Joe Biden become President, I am not interested in being on TV everyday. Or any day, if I can help it. Sorry. Come find me on Twitter until the trolls get me banned.

An aside: If you recall, I was reported to the FBI by one of the trolls last July, and investigated by the Capitol Police. My Crime? Well, I said I was going to light Bernie up with all my receipts from the previous four years, which is apparently deadly, as far as his ego is concerned. Being the face of a group that drops receipts so deadly people contact the FBI is dangerous work, and gives the haters and harassers a victim to abuse for their own amusement. The more information I put out there, the more abuse I receive, so, it does me no favors to promote myself tirelessly, just to get credit for starting the KHive. Meh, y’all already know. But, if I don’t say something now, later on Lisa will tell me some stuff that sounds like “You need to assert yourself more.” That makes me feel some kinda way, so, best to just get it all written down so she won’t have to bother this time.

Some people believe KHive just sprouted up out of nowhere, or that Kamala Harris somehow started and controls her own “fan club” like some kind of asshole. To be fair, there really is no “leader” of KHive, as I said, and even if I wanted to be in control, and I don’t, how the fuck would that even be enforceable? Sounds exhausting. We are all adults, we don’t need to be led anywhere, we know exactly where we’re going, as a group, or separate. Over time we have had some very talented people rise up in the group; Reecie Colbert hangs out with Roland Martin now, so she’s all famous these days, and Kenny is getting funnier, prettier, and more charismatic by the day.

Every day on my Zoom chats I meet talented and insanely intelligent men and women from around the world; supporters from Sweden, Germany, England, Ghana, Australia, Canada, India, and as always, America. KHive is becoming a worldwide movement of sorts, so along with the many of us who support the campaign from the grassroots, we have international KHive, and even KHivers working for Joe’s campaign. Perhaps, if we had known in 2016 what we know now, we wouldn’t have sat on our asses believing the truth would win the day, and Hillary would prevail. We would have done then, for Hillary, what we now do for Kamala, and her record wouldn’t have been so completely distorted.

Maybe if enough people had seen us fighting back, they’d have fought back too. Maybe they’d have pushed back against the lies, lenses, framings, and narratives that got passed around about Hillary Clinton, and caused so many to misjudge her. Then, we would have won, maybe? Also? Maybe Hillary Clinton went through all of that in order to spare the next woman the indignity of losing by winning, of being over-prepared and overqualified, and of being an inch too short to drop kick that glass ceiling down when it cracks. Future women won’t suffer as much as Hillary did for being too ambitious to sit at home and bake cookies. The next woman won’t have to do it with few defenders in a hostile media, while her own supporters are silenced and sequestered. At least I can say I contributed to that, I have not failed Kamala Harris, not yet.

The path from the Hillary Clinton supporter to the Kamala Harris supporter is so short, if you walk it, you will not have moved at all. For as much as people like to exclaim about how Kamala is the “Female Obama” as a way to show they know the names of two Black politicians, perhaps, I see Kamala in terms of being more similar to a Black and extroverted Hillary, with awesome rhythm, but even that description doesn’t do justice to either woman. They are each their own brand of awesome, and I was not going to fail Kamala where I had failed Hillary. Don’t get me wrong, I tried to convince people we needed to fight back. But, since I got doxxed, harassed, and abused for my trouble, it likely wasn’t a particularly enticing prospect in their eyes.

In 2016 I did my due diligence and voted, but many others did not; they stayed home, were unable to vote due to voter suppression, or they fucked around and voted for Trump. Sure, we won the popular vote, but after a campaign season filled with troll storms, Berniebros, and Comey’s bullshit, we were fucked and a half by the time election day came around. Having never dealt with such a high magnitude of attacks, doxxing, trolling, misinformation, and personal attacks, we on Team Hillary were truly at a loss to know how to respond. Common wisdom at the time said we should hide out in Facebook groups we set to private, and to hope against hope that the Berniebros would actually show up in high enough numbers to win if we were nice enough. That did not happen. The system failed, our Democracy failed, the FBI Director failed, but most of all, WE failed. We failed to see the forecast for what it was, we were obviously complacent, and we had no guidance from the campaign on what to do about the trolls, bots, bros, misinfo, cyber abuse, and abuse of the reporting systems on every social media platform, big or small. We were attacked nonstop for supporting Hillary, we expected it, but we didn’t expect for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like, to be set up to work against the very people their rules and terms of service were meant to protect. Real American Voters.

The system has slightly improved since the 2016 election, but it is still terribly racist and sexist, yet this year the trolls lament their despair. Why? Because this is not 2016, we are not hiding in Facebook groups and Twitter chats, or on obscure message boards we set up ourselves. We are out in force defending Kamala AND Joe, we’ve been playing dual roles since Kamala Harris dropped out in December, and we do not intend to ever let a woman nominee go undefended again. And while we may not have been the biggest group of supporters during the primary, we have been the most passionate at defending our candidate. We are always diligent with facts, quick with receipts, and recognizable as Kamala Harris supporters, first and foremost. This is why I started the KHive.

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Biden Should Choose Kamala Harris Over Liz Warren if he Wants to Win Back Obama’s Lost Black Voters

Everyone these days seems to be promoting racial equality, and discussing our politics with the language of anti-racism. Black Lives Matter seems to be on the lips of Blacks, Whites, Youngs, Olds, and everyone in between, and the cries for Justice reverberate from here around the world. The death of George Floyd was not a singular act, but was just one of many acts in a series of injustices that reach back into the antebellum age. Casual murder of Black Men in America is as old as America itself, and the rage that followed such cavalier abuse of a black body, and the smug, arrogant snuffing out of human life, was merely a reflection of the White Rage that has caused such acts to become commonplace.

This serves as the back-drop for the selection of Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential running mate. When he began his search, all of the pundits in the Very White Media had much and more to say about the necessity of choosing someone from the Midwest, from a rural state, that could bring voters from those places, or even carry a state like Wisconsin. If you read between the lines, it was clear as day what they were saying: “Black Women can’t deliver White Votes, we NEED a White Woman.” No matter how many times I pulled out my handy dandy little chart showing that reaching out to Black voters, other POC, and White Women with college degrees was more beneficial than outreach to rural White working class voters, they continued spouting that nonsense.

Since April, we have received polls that indicate much higher enthusiasm for a Black VP candidate among Black voters than if Biden chose a White VP candidate. Black PAC conducted a poll with 800 Black voters in several states that showed 55% of Black Voters would be more enthusiastic for Harris or another Black Woman, and some non-voting Black people even said they’d be liklier to vote. In June another survey showed Black Voters had higher enthusiasm for a Black VP, and in July 72% of Democrats said it was important for Biden to choose a Woman of Color. These voters indicated that they will vote for Biden regardless, so there won’t be any shedding of support for Biden if he does choose a White Woman. There also won’t be any increased enthusiasm from Black Voters–in fact, there may be the opposite. Demoralization and feelings of marginalization would be normal coming from the group who saved Joe’s campaign being told to go to the back of the line and wait 4 to 8 more years for another chance. Regardless, he’ll have our support.

Support is great.

Support, although very important, is not enthusiasm, and without enthusiastic support from the Black Community, there will not be a resulting increase in Black Voter turnout that will bring our levels back up to where they were for Obama. While some may argue that there is no evidence that a Black Woman VP candidate will draw Black voters to the polls, there is also no evidence that a Black VP candidate won’t cause the necessary enthusiasm to bring out Black Voters at 2008 levels. Because, quite frankly, we have never once had a Black Person chosen by a White Person to be their running mate for the Presidential Ticket. Not once. The one time a Black man DID have the opportunity to choose, he chose Joe Biden. Maybe Biden should return the favor.

While many Black Women are pushing for one of our own, there are some Black Women who have gotten swept up in the Leftist arms of Liz Warren, and seek to push back on the idea that Black women actually support the advancement of other Black women. In an op-ed recently, one such Progressive Black Blue Check tried out the stale idea that Warren would be better for Black Women than any and all Black Women, perhaps even including their own Mamas, I’m not sure.

From The Grio:

What’s more, the Massachusetts senator couldn’t name 5 Black people that politically inspired her, and spent years lying about her Native American ancestry. However, there are some Black people who’d have no problem with Biden picking the former alleged Cherokee over Senator Skee-wee.

These are facts that Warren supporters tend to gloss over, and if pressed, will likely simply put their fingers in their ears and holler, “RIGHT WING TALKING POINTS!!!” until their fragility causes them to block everyone, or resort to Old School Racism.

Activists Phillip Agnew and Angela Peoples went so far as to pen an op-ed in the Washington Post on Wednesday entitled: “Biden Needs a Running Mate Committed to Black Lives: That’s Elizabeth Warren.”

On the scale of hot takes, the 70 plus-year-old progressive white woman cares about Black lives more than the woman who is actually Black is right up there with Terry Crews decrying the dangers of encroaching Black supremacy and Kanye West being just as good for Black people as Biden.

This is that part where people just start lying their asses off to try to trick people into giving them the result they seek. When I ask people who say this shit about Liz having a lifelong record of being committed to Black Lives, the only evidence I ever get is told is she started the CFPB, she wrote a thing against Segregation in the 70s, and she gave a BLM speech in 2015. Also, the proof is in her plans, they say, yet they cannot point to anything specific.

One thing you’ll notice eventually is that Black Leftist activists are nearly always completely wrong about what Black Voters will do, its almost stunning how wrong their can be about their own people. Mainstream Black Dems, however, have their fingers on the pulse of the community.

 “Biden understands that he’s running against Beelzebub, and he’ll get 90% of the Black vote. But I will say in terms of the level of enthusiasm, in terms of volunteering? I ain’t making no donations, or phone calls or volunteering if he picks Elizabeth Warren. I’ll still vote though.”

This is actually a common refrain from women in my circles; they will vote to rid themselves of Trump yet they resent the idea of Liz being elevated on their backs and will choose to forego the usual fundraising and GOTV operations they usually partake in. Even I have held back, and while I will vote to save myself from Trump out of pure pragmatism if the VP happens to be Warren, I will not be able to participate beyond the act of voting.

Janet, activist and consultant: “I want it to be a Black woman but I wouldn’t be mad if it’s Elizabeth. My concern is that for a lot of people they don’t just want a Black woman they want it to be Kamala. If it’s another Black woman [Val Demmings, Stacey Abrams] will all of these K-Hive people stay home? I supported Elizabeth and support her now because she represents my hopes and values.”

Janet seems to be a bit upset at the idea that a group that was started for Kamala Harris seems to support her over all other candidates. Strange. I have only encountered a few KHive who will boycott the election, and those will only do so if Liz Warren is chosen over ALL the Black Women candidates, so, Janet can fuck off with her bullshit, quite frankly. While Janet is fucking off somewhere, she can also prepare for the scenario of Joe choosing the Woman she supports, Liz Warren, by getting her ass in gear for getting out the Black Vote for Liz and Joe, phone-banking in swing states, and raising all the money we ignorant KHive peons will not be raising for her MeeMaw’s elevation to the secondary throne. The denigration and dismissive attitudes towards a group started by a Black Woman for a Black Woman, from the women who support a White Woman is not particularly welcoming and may not encourage us to dedicate all of our free time to a Biden-Warren campaign. Many of us will jump in and help no matter who Joe chooses, so it’s likely that the absence of 5 or 10 thousand women and men who normally volunteer will not effect voter turnout, and Biden will win regardless.

Sure, Biden can win no matter who he chooses, most likely, and he may not be depending on Black Voters to turn out at a higher rate than we did in 2016. But if he is depending on higher Black Turnout rates for the GE, Liz Warren as VP will absolutely not get him over the finish line, and honestly, it’s not clear what group she will draw to the polls for Joe. If they were to lose such a winnable election, the blame from the media would fall squarely on Black Voter Turnout. Since we will be blamed regardless, I don’t see why we shouldn’t be represented on the ticket so that at least there will be some reason we get the blame.

The Grio

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Please Stop Reporting On Kanye- He’s Not Running for President, He’s Running for Attention

It’s July, and people are writing articles about Kanye West running for President.

This is silly.

Kanye West is NOT running for President, no matter what he says, thinks, believes, or dreams. Kanye literally has no idea what Presidents even do. I will spend my precious time here today explaining why the media needs to stop paying attention to West. Additionally, let me stress this now: his family needs to intervene and do something to help Mr. West get the help he needs to live a rewarding and successful life, without delusions of running for President making his condition worse. West appears to be suffering an episode before out very eyes, and regardless of how much I hate what he is saying, I am empathetic to his plight. I wouldn’t bother to write this if it were not for the media feeding into his delusions and doling them out to the masses, some of whom still believe Pizza-gate was real and have now glommed onto this Wayfair Cabinet Child Sex Trafficking Ring conspiracy theory.

So, let’s talk Kanye, shall we?

What has Kanye West done to show he’s ready to be President of the most powerful nation on the Planet?

What led him to this ridiculous place of running under the banner of the Birthday Party?

How have the past few years prepared him for such a demanding job?

I’ll tell you what he’s been up to since Trump became President, since that’s just about as far back as I can remember.


Last year, like the two years prior, Kanye West and his wife spent a significant amount of time sucking our energy with their endless sycophantic fuckery. In July of 2019, we saw Kanye contacting the President himself, in an attempt to maneuver the release of A$AP Rocky, who was at the time being held in a Swedish Jail due to charges stemming from a street fight the rapper and his crew got into against some very aggressive locals in Stockholm. Donald Trump agreed to contact the Swedish Prime Minister and get on his nerves until the rap artist was released from the jail and sent home. He was like unto fucking MOSES himself, in the way he dedicated himself to the liberation of the rap star, indeed, by the time the rapper was released, Trump was on the verge of screaming “LET MY PEOPLE GO, Pharaoh!”  He REALLY needed a new Black Friend. Apparently Trump is super annoying, because even though the Swedish Authorities had decided to move ahead with charges against A$AP Rocky, they still ended up finding a way to send him the fuck up out of Sweden for a small fine, likely so that Trump would stop texting the PM and calling back to back. A$AP Rocky appeared to believe Trump’s “help” was a bit counter-productive. I only say that because, once released, A$AP Rocky showed gratitude to a list of people, and zero of those people happened to be Donald Trump. Also? He ghosted him.

In 2018, Kanye was learning how to be off his meds, which is the exact opposite of what I would prefer, because he appears to be suffering now likely due to his decision to cold turkey his medication for interfering with his creativity. He released an album that year, took trips to Montana, he left Twitter, found his motivation with Tony Robbins, and came back back to Twitter with a vengeance to promote his 2018 Album, and creatively stress all of us the fuck out. In 2017 Kanye announced that he and Kim were having some more babies via surrogate, so, we had been hoping for a Blessed 2018. After Kanye declared in 2017 that Slavery had been “a choice” we all really needed some time away from West and his bullshit. No such luck was in store for us. In 2016, Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint, an event that seems to have fueled Kanye’s erratic behavior, leading him to spend some time hospitalized for his bi-polar disorder. Yeah, Bro. Been there myself, it’s a stressful world. 2016 is also the year that Kanye reignited his long running feud with Taylor Swift, and saw the rise of another apparent narcissist, Donald J Trump. Apparently, the reality TV star became quite good friends with the enigmatic entertainer, leading to the past few years of MAGA hat wearing, Candace Owens befriending, crazy shit about slavery saying, Kanye Muthafucking MAGA West, y’all.

So, how the fuck did we get to a point where every news outlet is taking Kanye West one bit seriously on his claims to be running for President? Did you read anything in what I wrote that indicates that Kanye West has been laying the groundwork for a 2020 run for office at any level? Hell no. The only thing that has changed is the fact that Trump is in a really shitty place with not much hope of winning the November GE, and Kanye has decided to take the Red Hat off and “end” his support for his “friend” Donald. Or so he says. Trump says “Kanye is always going to be for us.” This might be one of those rare times Trump is telling the truth.

From Politicus:

Kanye West is breaking with Donald Trump and focusing on his own presidential bid. The rapper has said he’s disappointed in the President and is no longer a supporter. “I am taking the red hat off, with this interview,” West said.

Um… That was fast. I don’t believe you.

He explained that he’d lost confidence in the Trump administration, hinting at the Coronavirus pandemic and recent protests following the death of African American George Floyd.

“It looks like one big mess to me,” he said.

Ok, but it was always one big mess? You never minded before. Anyway, West sat down for an interview with Forbes Magazine that should have ended any speculation that Kanye West was seriously running for President.

Here are some of the things we learned from his interview with Forbes:

  • That he’s ok with siphoning off Black votes from the Democratic nominee, thus helping Trump. “I’m not denying it, I just told you. To say that the Black vote is Democratic is a form of racism and white supremacy.” (Kinda sounds like Trump is keeping it real. Wow.)

Kanye. Saying slaves chose slavery is White Supremacy and Racism, boo. We are not saying Black People HAVE to vote Democratic, we are just saying that Black Voters DO vote Democratic. Do we mean every single last Black Person votes Dem or is required to? No. Stop listening to the GOP.

  • That he’s never voted in his life.

What the fuck is your problem, muthafucka? Who does this? You don’t even vote? Shut up.

  • That he’s suspicious of a coronavirus vaccine, terming vaccines “the mark of the beast.”

Here we go with this shit. The Left Behind Series did a lot of damage to American Culture.

  • That he believes “Planned Parenthoods have been placed inside cities by white supremacists to do the Devil’s work.”

Shut UP! I just don’t have time for this.

  • That he envisions a White House organizational model based on the secret country of Wakanda in Black Panther.

That’s a fucking movie. It’s not real. Fuuuuck.

He says he definitely plans to run in 2020, versus his original plan in 2024. The campaign slogan: “YES!” His running mate? Michelle Tidball, an obscure preacher from Wyoming. And why the Birthday Party? “Because when we win, it’s everybody’s birthday.”

Oh, hell no.

Go fuck yourself, Kanye.

“I’m not saying Trump’s in my way, he may be a part of my way. And Joe Biden? Like come on man, please. You know? Obama’s special. Trump’s special. We say Kanye West is special. America needs special people that lead. Bill Clinton? Special. Joe Biden’s not special.”

Who is “WE”? We best not include ME. So, it’s pretty clear Kanye is just in need of a lot of attention right now, and if he plans on helping anyone get elected, it will likely be Trump. Do not vote for Kanye.

Trump is the closest president we’ve had in years to allowing God to still be part of the conversation.”

Okay, so why did Obama and Hillary’s praying always annoy me? Obama literally sounds like a Preacher, and Hillary raised Chelsea, who prayed for Rush Limbaugh after he insulted her as a child. Hillary prays ALL THE TIME. I saw her doing it in 2016, I kept my eye on her, and she was prolific. Also? Trump doesn’t believe in God. I’ve never seen him go to Church unless he felt obligated.

This is the worst shit of all:

“One time I talked to Jared Kushner who was saying, ‘We don’t have Black leaders, we just have hustlers.’ Why? Because they killed all the Black leaders.” (Requests for comment from the White House and the Kushner Companies last night were not immediately returned.)

Holy. Mutha. Fucking. Shit. Kanye? You were supposed to be mad when that son of a Felon said that shit about Black People, bruh. I don’t have time for Kanye.

“Let’s see if the appointing is at 2020 or if it’s 2024—because God appoints the president. If I win in 2020 then it was God’s appointment. If I win in 2024 then that was God’s appointment.”

Meh. You don’t even VOTE, so why would God make you President? She wouldn’t.

Here is the only thing he said that made any fucking sense whatsoever:

“Thou shalt not kill. I’m against the death penalty.”

If you silly muthafuckas take your dumb asses to the polls and vote for Kanye West, you deserve all the fuckery Trump can offer. I, personally, will simply hate you. Don’t ever confess that sin to me unless you have plenty of room to run away from my ass before I shake some sense into your soul. Kanye is NOT running for President. He is running to be cast in a movie about a patient in a psych ward who believes he is running for President. The ONLY person Kanye can help with his candidacy is Donald Fucking Trump. So, please don’t report on his Presidential run anymore. He is not running. He is Wilding, tho.

Time for Kim and the Gang to get her man some help.




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