The Alt-Left’s First Food Fight of 2021

Exclusive footage of double secret Alt-Left Confab:

The Alt-Left’s First Food Fight of 2021

by Eddie Goldman @nhbnews

The battle lines in this trend’s self-immolation are largely between the alt-left’s one-time Wonder Woman, New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), and Assad apologist Jimmy Dore, who may still be settling in to his new $1.9 million pad

It seems that the alt-left of the alt-left is apoplectic over their beloved TV star AOC and her “squad” voting for Nancy Pelosi to remain as Speaker of the House of Representatives. The alt-left ultras preferred either that they had voted present or voted for someone else, all of which could have aided House Republican boss and Trumpist Kevin McCarthy in winning this position, despite the Republicans being in a minority in the House. 

Such aid and comfort to the Trump gang is nothing new for Dore. In 2016, he claimed on his YouTube show that these supposed progressives shouldn’t “freak out about a Donald Trump presidency” since a victory for the orange fascist would be “even better for progressives in the short term, meaning in the two-year term, and in four years for sure” than if Hillary Clinton, who took the popular vote in 2016, would have been elected.

If Dore can spring for a $1.9 million house in 2020, I guess Trump’s four years in office really weren’t so awful for his privileged ass.

The Dore faction of the alt-left has a hashtag calling the AOC faction the #FraudSquad. This bunch must be lots of laughs at their housewarming parties.


Meanwhile, AOC is believing her own hype by refusing to rule out a primary challenge in 2022 to incumbent Senator Charles Schumer, who is also the Democratic leader in the Senate. 

In fact, in her own very safe pro-Democratic congressional district, her percentage of victory fell from 78% in 2018 to 71.6% in 2020, in spite of the massive turnout of voters in New York to oust Trump. 

That she thinks that she wouldn’t get clobbered by Schumer, not only in New York City but also in suburban and upstate areas where more voters are moderate and conservative than in the Big Apple, makes no sense.

As we await the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, it remains to be seen what role AOC will play now that she has been abandoned by some of her base. Her alt-left opposition mainly comes from white “progressives” like Dore, who are furious at the “squad”, which now includes a Palestinian-American woman, a Black Somali-American woman, two African-American women, an African-American man, and AOC, who is Puerto Rican.

Will they draw the obvious lessons from so closely associating with the white alt-left? Or will their path only slightly differ in tone from them?

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of “As The Alt-Left Burns”, right here on the Brave News Blog.


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Bernie Bro Civil War 2020: The Mansplain-Off

Medieval knights fight with sword and axe

Hello, and welcome back for another edition of “Bernie Bro Civil War,” I am your host Bianca, let’s get started, shall we? If you do not know what a Bernie Bro civil war looks like, that’s okay. There is no need to KNOW anything during a Bernie Bro war, honestly it’s best to know nothing. Knowing things means “Learning Things” in our world, but in their world NOT knowing things counts just as much as knowing things. So, why bother with all that pesky learning when we can just wing it like they do? As for the Civil War, the combatants were none other than our TYT host known for doin’ the most, Cenk Uygur, and “Bore to the Core” Jimmy Dore.

Before we get started, I’ll give you a bit of explanation from none other than our own Sally Albright. Sally has spent years observing Bernie Bros in their own natural habitat, Twitter. Bros are taking sides, and it’s super unclear WTF is going on. When this happens, contact Sally.

In case some of you are wondering about the Great Bernie Bro Civil War of 2020, let me break it down for you.
#ForceTheVote is yet another temper tantrum over the pony Bernie promised them that they didn’t get.
Yes, the Civil War is over medicare for all, and this time it’s the TYT people trying to hold back Crazy Jimmy. Maybe they know they’ll be blamed for any bullshit. I will blame them.
Jimmy Dore, a Bernie activist with a podcast, is encouraging AOC and her Squad to threaten to withhold their votes for Nancy and make McCarthy Speaker if Nancy doesn’t promise to hold a vote on M4A.
This is extremely fucking stupid.
Other Bernie Bold Face Names with their own podcasts like Cenk Uygur say it won’t work and it’s a waste of political capital and that would make The Squad and the Bernie Left look weak and ineffective, and even if it works, the vote will fail. (All true.)
Well, duh. Of course. Not only that, but it will prove Abigail Spanberger and the GOP right about how much she helps the GOP.
Dore says it SO TOTALLY WILL work, and even if the vote fails, it “starts a conversation” and all the Members who vote No will lose in 2022 because reasons, and says Cenk and anyone refuses to blackmail Nancy and the Democrats is a neoliberal corporate whore.
There, now you’re caught up. Sit back, pop some popcorn, and enjoy the show.

Let’s open up the event with a bit of mindless drivel from the lovely Briahna Joy Gray, or BJG as she styles herself now.

How is it an indictment on House Democrats that their constituents aren’t pressuring them to vote for M4A? Doesn’t that just say all capsing “YOU WANT POOR PEOPLE TO DIE!!” at Dems isn’t the best sales tactic? I understand that y’all live in a bubble. But, please get out more, kay? I mean post pandemic.

On to the main event. Apparently Jimmy has been hounding Cenk about “Force the Vote”, and Cenk is getting annoyed. Because Jimmy is annoying. Cenk thinks it would be stupid to make Kevin McCarthy Speaker of the House just for Chapo’s Trap House clout.

Apparently Jimmy took some pot shots at a lady, Ana Kasparian, who wasn’t even in the conversation, because it’s Dore. It’s just his way. I like how he hashtagged child at him like I have to do Berniebros. Can irony catch on fire? I hope not.

Apparently Cenk has this exact plan Jimmy does, only he doesn’t want to use it on the Speaker’s vote, because FUCK KEVIN MCCARTHY. Hard to disagree. I hate that part. The agreeing with Cenk part. Not fun.


I mean, he’s basically trying to lead a fool out of oncoming traffic.

See what I mean by fool? Force the vote and then what? Nobody knows.

Cenk had to come out and spank his flank too, cause Jimmy made him self conscious with his prestige.


Oh, here is the attack on Kasparian!! And lo and behold the entirely stupid attack that it is!!

She took a photo with a public figure, oh how could she? This is SUCH A BORING WAR.

Oh, he’s mad at Cenk because “capitalism.” Look how similar the attacks are no matter who they aim them at? If Dore made one dollar more than Uygur, well, we’d see Cenk pull this same ass card, now wouldn’t we? We would.

LOL! This is funny. Cenk doesn’t like Jimmy getting personal, so he does the whole “i made you” shit that will likely infuriate Dore. So, I can predict with flawless accuracy, that Dore will be wildin’ again today. Expect plenty more Jimmy Dore, a bit more Cenk with his attitude all stank, and more of me enjoying the entire thing from the leftist wing. So, kids, the moral of this story is, Bernie Bros suck.


Until next time.


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If Joe Biden Wants the Energy of the KHive, He Has to Choose Kamala Harris

People keep saying that Joe Biden has an enthusiasm problem. I don’t know if that’s true, because I don’t really give a fuck about polls or what the pundits have to say, I mean, it could just be some shit Brie Brie Joy made up. In some cases it may be true. In many other cases, it’s not, and since I hang with the most dedicated Biden supporters, I don’t really see it that way. They tend to hang back and chill if they are ahead, and since they have been ahead the ENTIRE TIME, maybe they aren’t constantly having mood swings like the rest of us. Ok. Like me, I mean me. Just me.

One thing you never ever hear from anyone in politics is that Kamala Harris has any problems whatsoever with the enthusiasm (you may hear the opposite) of her base, regardless of its size. In fact, anecdotally, those of us who form the base of her movement have only seen her movement grow in the wake of Joe Biden’s nomination. Part of that can be explained by the deals we made to cease hostilities between supporters of Harris and Biden last Summer, in the wake of the debate that gets talked about endlessly by everyone who isn’t me. I have anxiety.

While many were super keyed up over Harris challenging Biden, I was anxiously looking at the impact it was having on supporters from both camps. It may come as a mild shock to you, but I found that supporters of Joe were none too pleased. Yeah, oop. Since I didn’t look forward to being trolled by yet ANOTHER group of fans, you didn’t see me making jokes and crowing about the polls, oh no, not I, instead I was busy making the Twitter equivalent of non-hostility agreements, and trying to sooth ruffled feathers. You see, I know something important about life that everyone else knows too, they just forget about it when shit is going well: white voters are notoriously fickle. And Harris had been shooting up due to the same white voters who had rushed to support Beto, then abandoned him for Pete, Warren, and even Harris. I wasn’t sure they’d stick around. They didn’t.

I had it worked out in my head that if Kamala Harris was not successful in pulling off the magic trick of the millennium-being Black, a woman, and the party nominee- we would need support from ALL the other groups of supporters to make our case for Kamala Harris to be Joe Biden’s VP choice. When approached with a truce agreement by a Biden supporter, who was ALSO tired of the bickering between the groups, I gladly accepted. I was exhausted. To be fair, I knew a lot of the people in the Biden Camp, most of them were big Obama supporters who had gone for Hillary last time, just like the Harris group, which consists of some of Hillary’s most stalwart defenders. Kamala supporters, just trended a bit younger and more activist. As for the deal, it was simple as hell: if I would try to steer our camp away from attacking Biden, and try to get them to support him if she dropped out, they would refrain from joining in on the weekly Berning Man Festivals, where Berners gleefully burned Kamala Harris at the stake. Then, they’d try to get their camp to accept Harris as the best choice for VP, if everything went to shit for us. So glad I made that deal.

We turned out to be pretty damn successful; over the past few months support for Harris has grown, and Harris supporters are firmly behind Biden as nominee. Since I knew that would not be enough, I had to take myself out of Stan-mode for a while and look at the other candidates neutrally and make a radical choice: What if I decided NOT to nitpick the other candidates, and instead I decided to praise them for their good qualities, and remember how much I liked them all before the campaign started? Genius, if I do say so myself (AND I DO), not only did that end the drama (Apparently, I was causing the bulk of it, oop.), but it also helped others remember how much THEY liked Harris before the campaign. What we DID NOT WANT was a repeat of the nasty bullshit that occurred in 2016. Now, I tried with the Sanders camp and the Warren camps too, but I was firmly rebuffed and met with a little problem–Progressive Racism.

Here is a kind and woke Lizzer discussing how having a Black VP would be giving Black People complete control, while completely forgetting that white people also chose Biden, and that white people have had complete control over both the VP candidate and the Presidential candidate since we started holding elections.


Isn’t that special? Appealing to Black People twice is like killing yourself. Wow. I bet he was all broken up during the pandering to the WWC that’s been going on for the past fifty years.

This guy seems to believe his white self knows who understands Black issues best, I mean, of course he does, don’t white men always focus their undivided attention on Black people, our concerns, our lives, and what we need to be successful, all without once talking to or listening to any actual Black people who aren’t already stanning for their own candidate? Yeah. It’s hard to deal with WarrenStans.

After being called Aunt Jemima by one of the Warrenites, and watching them treat my Native American friends like garbage to the point where I was the one in tears (They did not cry, apparently they are used to it. Oy vey!), I realized there was good reason both camps are so white. I won’t tell you the reason now, I have said it many times, but nobody but the choir I was preaching to ever listened. I made up with the Betos, the Petes, and kept shit cool with the other groups, and continued collecting my receipts on all of the candidates, good ones this time, and defending Harris. At this point, I can refute or explain any claim made about her in my sleep, I can show proof of anything I put out there about her, and I could probably do it for Pete, Beto, or Joe as well. I cannot do it for Warren, Abrams, Rice, Demings, or any of the people on Joe’s list besides Keisha Lance Bottoms. I took some time looking into her a while back and I liked what I saw, but still, I’m not anywhere near as knowledgeable on KLB as I am on KDH.

The Harris and Biden supporters have regained the closeness we shared back during the Hillary days, and most of us voted for Joe Biden in the primary to ensure that the country didn’t fall into unworthy (BERNIE’S) hands. As the supporters of other candidates mourned the end of their campaigns, we welcomed them into the fold, and helped defend them from attacks made by the Leftist set. All in all, I’d say we did a decent job, we were even making headway with the Warrenites until Elizabeth got herself in the running for VP, and the attacks began anew.

Apparently, asking that a Black Woman be allowed to take a turn as VP candidate is demanding white women get in the back of the line, which is wrong, because their place is in the FRONT of the line, ahead of us, and always will be. Sadly, the fighting has been reignited, and we have been hit with a slew of hit pieces on Kamala from Warren friendly media, attacks from supporters, nonstop “Pick Liz Warren!!!” articles and op-eds, some almost outright declaring Liz Warren is Blacker than Kamala. I won’t link to it.

A series of open letters signed by very important mostly NOT BLACK people explained how UNIMPORTANT it is to have a Black running mate for Joe. The more arguments flow that downplay the importance of a Black VP, the more the polls declare the opposite. The articles continue, and so do the heartfelt cries about Liz Warren’s beautiful brain.


Apparently I’m an asshole, because I don’t find Jason to be ONE BIT CLEVER when he writes shit like this, I think it feeds into the bullshit about Joe having cognitive issues. and I said so. I tend to say things rather harshly, and Kamala Harris tends to keep shining and working so hard I rarely know what state she’s in, or what she’s working on, so the attacks on Kamala Harris from the Bernie and Warren camps continue ceaselessly. It has gotten so sad, people are crying to Kamala about me, tagging her in like she spends all day on Twitter waiting to play the role of My Supervisor. They are beside themselves with despair these days, I mean, how dare she ignore them and not immediately collect me for being all, TOXIC by laughing at them. See, Kamala Harris is apparently responsible for every single wisecrack I make, and I am responsible for every wisecrack and Khiver makes, likely because we are Black. Yeah, I don’t see anyone blaming Liz or Bernie for their supporters, so, it’s the only conclusion I can legitimately draw. Shrug.

Even sick with Coronavirus, I managed to be swift with receipts, and my trash talk can match or surpass any zinger a Berner-Lizzer can dish out, so, of course there are tensions between us and them. And they play the victims flawlessly and hopelessly, because, honestly? Nobody cares. KHive is no longer a tiny group of BIPOC and our white allies, we have grown by forming ties with other groups since Harris dropped out, and allied groups often support us just like we had supported them. Teamwork, bitches!

Even the Berners have begun to lament the KHive’s very existence.

Oops! Watch out now! The misery they feel really has nothing to do with anything anyone has actually done; they were some cocky assholes for the past 5 years when they were certain Bernie would win in 2020, and now they have to watch us be all types of enthusiastic for a candidate who is still in the running for some type of leadership position, while Bernie had sung his last song as a candidate on the big stage. Hopefully.

Since Harris is the candidate they went after with such vehemence and glee that her supporters had to become Ninja level receipt producers, it really Berns their asses that they may have to vote for her. I have always found this amusing, since she pretty much agrees with Bernie on policy, and was one of the first co-sponsors of his Medicare for All bill. But, she has a vagina- a black one- and has her own opinions! That’s not PROGRESSIVE!

I should have never called them “Hezbrollah” now that I think about it. Maybe that upset some of the screeching dorks all capsing “KAMALA HAD SLAVESSSS!!” and they won’t show up for Joe just like they didn’t show up for Bernie. Wait. Um? Oh well.


Eyeroll. No we are not. We haven’t even sent out any death threats to union leaders in Nevada, bro. Calm your tits. I had forgotten how scary it is to be proven wrong all the time by women, I’m surprised its not a diagnose-able condition, “Fear of Women With Receipts” is an epidemic.

KHive IS very enthusiastic, and we go about our job of supporting and defending Kamala Harris, and often, Joe Biden, like it’s our actual job. We cannot help ourselves, we have all these damn receipts we gathered when trying to be more like Kamala Harris. Harris’ people never issued talking points like some campaigns do, the truth is at our finger tips, all we have to do is find primary sources, and non-biased ones to fill in the blanks. So, Harris never goes undefended, if someone makes a factual error, or uses quotes pulled from an opinion piece like its fact, we hold them accountable, and we never shut up. Ever.

Biden would do well to take a look at how we operate, I mean, we do it for him ALL THE TIME too. We don’t just defend Harris; we defend pretty much ALL Democrats, we have even taken it upon ourselves to defend Warren a time or two, because we cannot help it when we have receipts. I rather think Biden needs all of us enthusiastically behind him. I can’t see how KHive would be as enthusiastic for some other VP choice, I doubt we’d be eagerly supporting her, and not just resentfully go through the motions. But, we will vote; we are Democrats, after all.

So, why did I tell you all of that? Because, I wanted you to see how much effort it takes to get everyone on the same page, and build up genuine support for a candidate, especially during a time when we don’t have the ability to make personal contact. We’re not going to be packing ourselves into huge stadiums, pressed together, breathing coronavirus on each other. Much of the General election campaigning will have to be done online, using social media, and SM is a terrible place where misinformation blossoms. Since we’ve all been at this for a while, we have formed a pretty sizable coalition, even Berners, as you can see, are seriously annoyed about it. HAHAHAHA! We have responded to every single attack Trump’s teams can think up to smear Kamala with, and we know how to push back. And we will push back endlessly.

Lately, I have been asked if we intend to utilize our skills for WHOEVER Joe chooses as VP. My immediate answer was “No.” I felt kinda bad answering that way, but I personally am planning to use that time to take a break from politics completely. If Kamala ain’t on my ticket, I can finally get some well needed rest. I need sleep. But, I realized it wasn’t fair to not let anyone else get a chance to speak, so I posted a survey at an odd time and waited for responses. I will post them for you.

Now for the most important part of my meandering, what does the KHive think about Biden choosing someone other than Harris for VP? I personally hate the idea, since I am like an emo teenager, yet I will still vote. But, I shall do so very resentfully, and likely move away from talking politics very much for a while, just so I don’t rain on their parade. Luckily, many others in the KHive are grown ass adults, unlike me, and will not be wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

I did a survey of whichever Khivers felt like taking it, and in it I asked about their level of enthusiasm for another VP choice, and here are the results:

Up to a quarter of Khivers polled stated that they would, in fact, transfer support, and presumably enthusiasm, to another Black Woman VP candidate if Joe chooses someone not named Kamala Devi Harris. Over 4 in 10 have to see who it is before making a decision, and 3 in 10 are like “Hell no.” That’s actually not bad for whoever he chooses, they at least have the opportunity to get 3/4 of us behind them, maybe.

The answer changes COMPLETELY when it refers to a white woman taking the VP spot over Kamala Harris. 82% of the people polled basically said “Hell no!” they would not transfer enthusiasm and support to a white woman VP choice. I am not surprised.

EVERYONE is still voting for Joe Biden over Donald Trump, regardless that some clever person wants us to wait and see wtf they decide to do.



Fuck around and find out.

Here is where it starts getting sticky. KHive never took a break in between supporting Kamala and pushing for Joe, so, most of us are not going to be volunteering, fundraising, or participating in any campaign activities for Joe unless Kamala is the VP choice. Much of this stems from Harris being the most qualified for the job, so many will feel offended if she’s not offered the role, also, the length of the campaign season, and group identity. I mean, duh, we ARE the KHive, of course we’d do far more for Kamala.

Will the people supporting Kamala Harris spend as much of their energy putting their own boots on the ground for get out the vote operations as they would for Kamala? This year, unlike other years, we have had way too much time on our hands to think about it. Many people have dedicated over a year of their lives to the Harris campaign, and the KHive, so the answer is “No.” Many Khivers are already volunteering for Joe’s campaign, working for Joe’s campaign, or, like me, using their Social Media influence to the benefit of Joe’s campaign, along with fundraising, so we really don’t have too much interest in promoting someone else.

In talking to various people, I realized something interesting; people seemed to believe KHive is a reservoir filled with enthusiastic, and dedicated Dems who would immediately transfer their support to whichever woman Joe chose. Kinda like a generic movement just waiting for some random lady to slap her name over the door and call us her very own. All they’d need is a note from Kamala and a selfie of the two of them together smiling for the camera, and presto chango, we’d transmogrify into the Liz-Hive, the Gretchen-Hive, the Amy-Hive, or the Stacey-Hive. This will not happen. During the campaign, we saw Warren metaphorically measuring KHive’s imaginary quarters for new drapes, and sending out fundraisers with Kamala Harris featured prominently. Poor Liz. All she would have had to do was defend Kamala Harris from the misogynoir, like Karen Bass did yesterday, tell her media stans to stop attacking, and teach her own supporters not to exhibit so much White Fragility over her false claims of Native American heritage. She might have looked good, and additionally, she would have pulled many more of us than she did. See, Feminism is not just having women of color in solidarity behind you, its mainly about how willing you are to get in solidarity behind them.

Last, but not least, KHive is not here for Joe’s All White Ticket fantasies, if he has them. The best way to piss off thousands of the Democratic party’s most dedicated stalwarts of the Grassroots variety, is to have what we call, “A White Supremacy Ticket.” I think I made that term up, maybe not, but it sounds like me. I have Corona Brain Fog, I honestly have no idea what I’ve said a lot of the time over the past months. I am surprised I didn’t say anything crazy enough to get Twitter banned (knock on wood). About 90% of respondents are opposed to an All White Ticket, and we are unlikely to change our minds anytime soon, so, Joe should maybe not do that.

I could link to op-eds in favor of Kamala Harris for VP all day, but I won’t, I can leave that for some other day, if necessary. Hopefully Joe gets the message and is fully on board with the idea of a Biden-Harris ticket, but if not, come look for me on Meghan and Harry Twitter, I can always find something to do to fill my free time. It’s been popping off in the Meg-Hive, maybe I’ll see you there after you buy your “Biden-Not Kamala 2020” t-shirts. I won’t be buying one, k? Cool, cool. Awesome.

Everyone donate to my survival fund, and I’ll try to survive the VP selection and not curse Joe for making it like The Bachelor.

Bernie Sanders’ “Path To Victory” Is In The Same Place As The “Real Killers” O.J. Simpson Is “Searching” For

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Have you seen Bernie Sanders’ “Path to Victory” laying around anywhere? For weeks Dems have been searching high and low, in brooks and streams, on hillsides and mountaintops, down in the valleys and on the high plains, from sea to shining sea, yet we cannot find Bernie’s way. We’ve asked and asked, sent in our most fearless interrogators, we have even asked his team, all to no avail; Bernies mysterious path to victory eludes even the most dogged Dem detectives. From Bernie-world we hear cries of sorrow and squeaks of outrage; how dare we call on Bernie to drop out when not every state has voted? Do we not even care a little for Democracy? This is between THEIR cries for Biden to drop out, usually due to some health condition invented on the spot. We patiently explain math to the masses of angry Bernie people we find braying and howling in our mentions, we explain how unlikely it is that people will flip to Bernie from Biden. Again, all to no avail. Bernie Sanders claims to have a “narrow” path to victory. Who are Berners to believe? Me or his lying lies? Besides, Bernie would never play games, if he says he can win (I imagine Berners think this), then GODDAMMIT HE CAN WIN!!

Many say Bernie is a truth teller, not a self centered old codger who just missed his last chance to hold Presidential power. I disagree.

Bernie Sanders is absolutely full of shit. Ever since he lost the Michigan contest so epically to Joe Biden in March, Bernie has been touting his “narrow path to victory” to anyone willing to put him on the air, or give him the undeserved attention he so desperately craves. But, when asked what exactly that path looks like, Bernie gets mad, and Bernie’s staff gets quieter than a group of mimes at the library during “shut the fuck up” time. Indeed, you can’t get directions to this path from any known map, you can’t get it told to you by enlightened Berners, Bernie’s staff won’t point it out, and Bernie himself will not fucking tell you no matter how many times you ask.

Much like O.J. Simpson searching for the “real killers” of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, Bernie’s fruitless path will lead right back to himself, after winding its way aimlessly around the nation. Let’s hope Bernie doesn’t hit up Vegas and find out someone has some of his stolen memorabilia.

From Politico:

Bernie Sanders insists he has a “narrow path” to the nomination. But he and his aides refuse to say what it is.

I oscillate between laughter at the people still in thrall to Belated Bernie, and irritation AT Bernie for playing these stupid games; if there really is a path, it cannot possibly be so difficult to explain that you lose your ability to speak when its mentioned. Bernie’s comeback was supposed to begin in Michigan, a state he won in 2016, yet lost so decisively last month that he lost every single county. Michigan was supposed to be his salvation, he even went there to deliver a speech on race that he didn’t bother to deliver. For a man who has been CENTERED in the Civil Rights Movement, to the point where Black Leaders have been denounced by The Revolution as “sell outs”, or “selling us all out” for not choosing to support the only person in the race with photos of Bruce Rappaport doing civil rights work, Bernie is terrible at even discussing race. So, I guess he chose not to bother trying to get better in the five years he’s had to fix his issues with Black People, much easier to let PoC speak for you. Maybe soon we can be centered in our own movements again? Yeah. Wish in one hand…

A majority of the states and territories yet to vote rejected him in 2016. The national polls don’t offer much hope either — since Joe Biden defeated him in Arizona, Florida and Illinois on March 17, Sanders has trailed him by double-digits in every single national survey.

At this time Biden is polling ahead of Sanders in Alaska (My State) 57 to 43, in Wisconsin Biden is up by as much as 30% in some polls and 538 has his odds of winning at 88%. Biden is also forecast to win Puerto Rico, Ohio, Kansas, Guam, Nebraska, Oregon, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Indiana, Connecticut, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Delaware, District of Columbia, Montana, South Dakota, Virgin Islands, West Virginia, Louisiana, New York, and Kentucky. This is all the states we have left. Where the fuck is that path to victory?

Whoopi Goldberg grilled Sanders on “The View,” pushing him to explain how he could still capture the nomination. He never spelled it out, instead arguing that “people in a democracy have a right to vote and have a right to vote for the agenda that they think can work for America, especially in this very, very difficult moment.”

Wow, how clever. Does this mean people actually have the right to vote for whatever agenda they think will work best, or is this just some shit the losing side says to convince themselves that their cause is so noble, so integral, that it’s worth potentially handing Trump the White House for another 4 years? Let’s keep it all the entire way real; Bernie knows many people believe his staying in the race long after it was clearly fucking over made it extremely hard for Hillary to unite the party, and it pisses him off when anyone alludes to it. So, why the fuck does he look like he’s about to repeat the same dumb ass shit this year?

His path is so narrow that some of Sanders’ senior aides have even advised him to consider dropping out, though not everyone in his inner circle feels the same way, according to people familiar with the situation.

COME ON, BRO!!! Your own staffers are telling you it’s over, and they are your favorite type of staffers–men. Why aren’t you at least listening to Clown ass Weaver? You LOVE Clowns! You hired Nina, Brie Brie, and Corny to prove it.

Another possible reason for not explaining his long-shot course to victory: it depends on something his staff and allies have for the most part only whispered about — an epic Biden collapse. 

This is the real reason Bernie is staying in and I find it super fucked up. The only ones trying to manufacture a collapse of that magnitude are Bernie’s very own supporters, who behave more like a hit squad than like stalwart fans. Daily we have obnoxious bros in our mentions pushing some half cocked bullshit that mysteriously begins trending overnight, and dies down during the day. Oh, sure, it could really be thousands of Berners up late organically causing hashtags to trend, but it’s not fucking likely.

Here is what Bernie is after:

It is especially important to these Sanders supporters to maintain the rule changes they achieved in 2016, such as barring superdelegates from voting for presidential candidates on the first ballot. In order for his backers to have negotiating power, they said, Sanders needs to receive at least 1,200 delegates — he has more than 900 now — so they can introduce minority resolutions. They also hope that Sanders can push Biden to commit to progressive appointments.

No, no no no no no double fuck you all to hell NO. Fuck NO. Fuck YOU. Progressive appointments? FUCK OFF. Biden doesn’t need any of you back stabbing, ball biting bitches running game on him within his administration. Do you SEE the shit y’all are posting about him? The DUMBEST thing Biden could do is trust ANY of the Berniecrats as far as I could throw Donald Trump.

“The party reforms go down the drain if he doesn’t stay in,” said Cohen, adding that if he drops out before hitting 1,200 delegates, “it’s going to be Biden’s people writing the platform, that’s it.”

Good. I hope we hold Bernie Sanders below 1200 for one simple reason. Bernie Sanders is an asshole and the rule changes were made in hopes of settling some differences and moving forward in unity, without all of the claims of cheating and rigging, yet that is not how things went. Instead, we have Bernie’s loudest surrogates and supporters spreading nasty rumors and assassinating the character of the likely nominee, all in hopes it will stain Biden so bad he will have to withdraw and let Bernie be nominee. THIS IS EXTREMELY UNLIKELY.

If you’re upset with Sanders for not dropping out, there is no need to lose hope or feel like all is lost; staying in the race has the potential to be damaging to Sanders’ movement, possibly completely neutering the left of left, and it would be all their own dumb ass faults.


But what if, this time around, he sticks it out and there are no more primary wins, or even near-misses? What if it’s just one landslide defeat after another?

If the late stage of the ’16 primary season enhanced his clout, would finishing up now with a string of lopsided losses actually diminish Sanders and his movement? 

Unlike in 2016, Bernie is unlikely to win ANY more states, so that momentum argument they used to “prove” Bernie Woulda Won, would instead prove Bernie Shoulda Not Run. Many voters who chose Bernie Sanders in 2016 have chosen to go with Joe Biden in 2020; Bernie’s base has only gotten smaller as the years have passed, and cries of “Feel the Bern!” have been replaced with memes of “Ridin’ with Biden.” I don’t like to state the O B V I O U S, but most Dems looking for a cool grandpa to hitch a ride to better times with, have already held their thumb out at Uncle Joe’s “No Malarkey Express” this cycle. Look, nothing short of death or a miracle will prevent Joe Biden from being our nominee, it might be wise if Bernie signaled this to his base very soon. Like yesterday,




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Bernie Sanders Uses Black Women As Human Shields To Cover Up For His Racist, Sexist Bros

Bernie Sanders is not some innocent victim of circumstances beyond his control when it comes to the outrageous behavior of his Revolution. This is no doddering old man who has no idea how social media works; since 2016, Sanders has been consistently ahead of the pack when it comes to engagement, and quite frankly, hyper-aware of how to utilize the diversification of social media platforms to his advantage. Bernie KNOWS about his Bros. And he knows they are out of control. So, why isn’t he doing something about these menacing marauders who spend their time abusing the very voters that Bernie WILL need come November, if he is the nominee?

What I’m hearing is, Bernie Sanders approves of it, he fosters a culture that rewards it, and he has no intention of doing a damn thing about it.

…Democratic activist who speaks regularly with Sanders campaign staff says it’s unlikely that Sanders will make any effort to rein in his staff or change their behavior, or that of his supporters, because he approves of it. “Bernie knows exactly what’s happening,” the activist said. “And his campaign is in the loop about this coordinated viciousness.” 

Wild and out of control, Bernie supporters are not a new thing, by ANY means. Bernie has been questioned about their behavior many many many times. So, when Bernie Sanders feigned ignorance about his “BernieBro” problem, blamed bots, and declared that those people were “not a part of his movement”, I didn’t believe a word he said. It wasn’t just that he came off like a weaker, and far more mealy mouthed version of Chuck Todd (Sorry, Chuck, IJS.). It also wasn’t just that he appeared to be a less evil, but just as crazy, version of President Trump. It IS partially the fact that I actually screamed when he called for “all supporters of campaigns” (All?) to behave like fucking adults; muthafucka what? It is only his own supporters that are acting out. That makes me gnash my teeth. We don’t engage in violent rhetoric just because someone likes a candidate, and doesn’t like ours.

If they’re not your supporters, Bernie?

Then what the fuck is this?

But a number of Democratic activists, strategists, and campaign insiders who know how Sanders operates say his protestations ring more than a bit hollow.

Bernie doesn’t mean a word he says about bullying, and his fans know it. The worst part of this past week has been the way in which Bernie utilized the skin color of two of his senior staffers, Briahna Joy Grey and Nina Turner, as a deflection shield and weapon against the citizens who complained of mistreatment by his Revolutionaries. Maybe Bernie uses all of those private jets in order to fly all that UTTER GALL he owns from campaign stop to campaign stop?

Sanders’ claim to “disown” supporters whose behavior crosses the line was far stronger a denunciation than what he’d offered days before, when his campaign responded to reports of the threats against Culinary officials with a statement urging “supporters of all campaigns” to refrain from “bullying or ugly personal attacks”. He appeared to excuse such conduct by his supporters in his next breath when he added that some of the “African-American women on [his] campaign” — including former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, his national co-chair — had been subject to “disgusting” attacks as well. 

For days I have been silently fuming at the disrespect and erasure of the average Dem who found themselves targeted for abuse by simply expressing a lack of positive sentiment towards the Socialist Senator. Not only that, as a Black Woman, I interact with many other Black Women who are, like me, just regular citizens who come to social media to discuss politics.

“He denied everything in 2016, and then all of a sudden he wants to save 2020 when it’s actually his staff who are participating in these activities? Right,” she said, with more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice. 

“Everybody’s not doing it. They [the Sanders campaign] are doing it and they think it’s acceptable, and so they project it onto everybody else’s campaign.”

Oh, look! It’s Ben Mora, a Michigan based Field Directors for the Bernie Sanders campaign. How is he a troll or a bot? Well, sure, he’s a troll, but he goddamn sure isn’t Russian or “Not a part of our movement,” as Sanders said recently. It’s just your average BernieBro that the Sanders camp wants to force you to shut the fuck up about. I have been dealing with the Ben Moras of the world for five years straight. How sad. Fuck You, Bernie.

And in my time dealing with Berners and Trolls, I have found that Black Women are attacked the most, hit the hardest, threatened more often, and usually the abuser remains in our mentions until blocked. Then, once they lose access to us, they simply open up another account, and then continue doling out a litany of insults about our intelligence, appearance, values, and even our commitment to our OWN race; all because we do not see Bernie Sanders as our savior.

And sadly, Bernie doesn’t even want to be our savior, not even from his own bros; saving Black Women is not on the WWC agenda that Bernie has been working on since around the time Lot’s Wife was turned into a pillar of salt. The only place Black Women seem to fit in in Bernie-world, is in the same place Diamond and Silk fit in when shielding Steve King from getting a public dragging about his racism.

“He got up on stage and used two black women as shields for him. That is a smack in the face to me because I have been working on this since 2013, and with the ways in which black women are being targeted online, it really doesn’t matter whose campaign they’re on,” she said. “But these two black women are participating in these tactics.” 

Bernie is not solely to blame for this racist behavior.

The two women involved are fully complicit, but, when you get right down to it, Bernie is in charge, and he doesn’t have to sanction any of this humiliating bullshit. This is a strange flip for a man and movement so opposed to identity politics that he once made a point to let women of color know that our color and womanhood don’t matter if we are not fighting the Oligarchy. Apparently, the Black Women Bernie has hired pass the Oligarchy fighting test. It appears that Brie Brie runs interference and crafts the gas-lighting tactics Sanders uses to dismiss criticism and play the victim. The cynicism involved in what she does when she flips the script from racist bros attacking Black Women to “using the term Berniebro is racist erasure of Bernie’s PoC and women supporters” is absolutely mind-blowing, hateful, racist, abusive, and she should go back to practicing law. Maybe she can defend some piece of shit used car salesmen?

“The ‘Bernie Bro’ smear” — is “racist erasure.” 

Let me be CLEAR. This lady is a goddamn liar who enjoys crafting White Victim-hood narratives so much that I would TOTALLY NOT be shocked if she pulled a Sammy Sosa on us one day. Hi, Brie Brie? I hear you went to Harvard. Why the fuck do you sound so goddamn stupid? Women and PoC are not being erased by us discussing the abuse we receive from the White Men in your movement. I am rarely ever bothered by women and PoC for Bernie. Stop acting dumb. I just want you to know that I think it’s great that life is all fun and games for you now, and it’s fine that you don’t care if we are abused; but you are marginalizing Black People and trivializing the REAL issue of ERASURE that holds us back. And you do it all in service to a culture of denialism and aggression that is fostered in your camp, and that you spread among the masses of your movement. We won’t forget what you did here, you will be reminded for the rest of your public life that you have never stood up for the marginalized. You are a front. You simply stood in the way of a solution.

“‘Bernie Bros exist,” she added. “What we’re trying to debate is how much of his following is white males versus everybody else, and so when the ‘Bernie Bros’ argument gets used, it’s not just being used because it’s some random narrative. It’s the people who actually come after others, and a his majority of following is quote-unquote white working class white men,” she continued.

I can’t find one lie.

“For her to say, Well, everyone else who is supporting Bernie and all the support he’s getting from all the brown community is being erased by saying ‘Bernie Bros’ is absurd… it’s like arguing about the 30 per cent of the white supremacists that are supporting Trump. This is stupid.”

You have my full permission to tell that maladjusted misfit, Al Sharpton’s 92 Press n’ Curl wearing, Dime Novel Dialogue using ass, gas-lighting, self-hating asshole to shut the fuck up saying BernieBro is a racist term. I feel terrible that a fellow Black Woman is willing to throw all of the rest of the Black Women who are suffering daily onslaughts all the entire way under the bus, in service to a White Man.

“Use it, and you’re complicit. It’s that simple,” Gray added.

Such statements, Mitchell said, start “misinformation conversations.”

She’s insane.

Instead, these insiders describe a campaign that has dispensed with the largely positive tone which characterized Sanders’ 2016 presidential run in favor of a combative, grievance-driven one. They say it is led by a team of “true believers” who have little experience with presidential campaigns, are too enthralled by Sanders to question or challenge him, and who knowingly wield swarms of angry, harassment-happy pro-Sanders social media users like any other tool in the campaign toolbox for a candidate who, despite claims to the contrary, is perfectly fine with it.

Um, I don’t remember Sanders ever having a largely positive tone, not this year, last year, or any of the ten years before that. Bernie lists out a litany of problems and struggles faced by the working class; he can tell you how many are homeless, what the poverty rate is, how many are in debt, and how we’re the richest nation on earth, so nobody should be suffering. He then offers you a FREE solution, paid for by anybody wealthier than you, it’s always paid for by someone else. Like Trump’s Wall. But, in order to get these wonderful things, there is something you must do first and foremost; you must take down the Democratic Establishment. You must destroy them for being in the way.

But before you can take them down, you must take down the average Democrat, which is why we are at the toxic place we are.

“Clearly, they think it’s a winning strategy. Beforehand, people just looked at the campaign as being kind of a little bit mean and nasty, but it’s gone up a notch and I think they probably feel justified [by polling results].”

Until we submit and agree to move to the place Sanders is, by ridding ourselves of these meddlesome Democrats, the beatings will continue. Bernie said and has been saying he is here to pretty much take on the entire party, take it over, and mold it into what he believes it should be. Sure, it takes a massive ego to believe you can take over a party and force them to suit your needs, but don’t put it past him. He’s already halfway there.


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