Kamala Harris Is The Best Choice For VP, So Biden Needs To Announce Her As His Running Mate ASAP

During the “Mueller Report Affair” last year I noticed something interesting, and by interesting, I mean hilarious; Kamala Harris made Bill Barr forget what words mean. These were not complicated and compound German words where they go on forever and contain far too many consonants to be deciphered. They were also not even high level words one might find in a test prep book for college. Nope. These were commonly used, everyday words like “asked” and “suggest”, words so easy I just asked my ten year old to define them, and let’s just say she did a far better job than the Attorney General of the USA. By the time Kamala finished chewing up Barr and spitting him out, poor Billo was so confused he was stuck desperately whispering to his own lawyers, trying to get them to supply him with words to say. Can you imagine Kamala Harris doing this to Mike Pence on the debate stage? I can, and it makes me laugh.

When Kamala Harris suspended her campaign in the first days of December, I was fully distraught. It was only a few days later that I recognized the wisdom in what older Black voters had been saying to me since day one: Kamala should run WITH Joe Biden rather than against him, be his teammate not his rival, they could only choose one. Their words, I hope, reach God’s ears, because this was actually some of the best advice we had been resisting for months. It’s going to take a strong team to defeat the money bags and trickery that will come at us from the GOP, and in my view Biden and Harris are that team. Even in my most resistant phase, I saw the value of another admonishment I received, this time from Vanilla, telling me not to go nuclear on Biden, not to use my voice to tear him down, because he WAS likely to BE the nominee, and I would have to live with my choices if I weakened him to the point where he became a non-viable candidate. I decided to stop. Of course, I don’t believe I alone have that power, but as you all know; Shit spreads on social media like a wildfire; like the butterfly effect, it only takes a few words said just the right way, repeated by many, and before you know it, we’re all eating shit sandwiches on election day in November. I know better than anyone; I watched Beth Lynch push the “Kamala is a COP!” line to the max and I also watched that notion become “Common Knowledge.” In the activist circles of the Dem Primary, a narrative like that can be very toxic and lends itself to misrepresentation, erasure of one’s good work, mythologization, and straight up lies.

By the time Tulsi Gabbard went on stage and falsely accused Harris of GREAT WRONGS we could see the smear campaign working, and without a long term national profile it was very difficult to combat. People have to know you to trust that you are who you say you are, and from the beginning it was going to be hard for anyone new to break through. We needed to team up with Joe; we have masses of energy, a cohesive and dedicated grass roots, but everyone KNOWS Joe; he has some things money can’t buy and social media cannot destroy: Credibility, dues paid, connections, and the loyalty of Black America. When supporters of Joe Biden hit me up in the late days of August, and suggested a neutrality agreement, it only took me a few seconds to agree and accept the offer: we would support Joe for President and they’d support Kamala for VP if worst came to worst. The K-Hive would grow up and turn our fire on the crew that was burning the rest of the candidates at the stake weekly, and if Kamala did drop out, we would move to Joe rather than suffer Bernie. As much as I often agree with Bernie that the nation must move in a direction that puts the most emphasis on The People, and providing for those most in need, I have never agreed with his tactic of silently permitting his Revolution to destroy the reputations of his rivals while feigning ignorance.

Well, the worst did come, Kamala dropped out, and we have supported Joe ever since. I appreciate the members of the K-Hive being so understanding about my quick move to Joe after Kamala left; not one person cussed me out, which is kinda unusual. We offered our services to the newly formed union and we attempted to BE like Kamala in whatever way we could; one thing she always said was “Dude’s gotta go.”, so we knew better than to act out and pretend our goal was something other than getting Trump out of office. Being like Kamala meant when other candidates dropped out it was our job to be kind, understand that their supporters need space, and to welcome them into the fold so we could team up against a very dangerous President. The most important thing was not our petty internecine warfare, it was not getting payback for slight or barbs against our candidate, it was always teaming up against Trump. This means, when Joe reached out to the K-Hive for help, we went to the mattresses. What you know about that K-Hive life, son? Fuck around and find out. Ha!

Now, we are faced with another opportunity to help out, in the form of supporting the insanely smart idea of Kamala for VP. There are those who say silly shit about Kamala not winning the primary making her a bad VP choice, and it makes me laugh my ass off. What VP actually WON the Primary? Biden himself did rather poorly in the delegate race in 2008, yet he became one of the best VP’s in modern history. And now that he has won the Presidential Primary; he will BE our next President; he will be number 46 if we all do what is best for the nation, and if we get our asses to the polls. That is where Kamala Harris comes in, surprisingly enough. Black Voters want a Black Woman VP, and WE want record Black turnout. Representation on the ballot gives our Demographic a 5% boost in turnout at the polls, even our non voters are likelier to show up if black is on the ballot. Of all of the Black Women being considered only one had the courage to actually run for President: Kamala Harris.


Biden is already highly popular with black voters, according to the poll of 800 black voters conducted for BlackPAC, a progressive-leaning advocacy group. But 55 percent of African American voters said they would be more excited to turn out or vote for Biden if he were to pick a black woman to join his ticket, the poll showed. However, 27 percent said the pick made no difference because they would stick with Biden.

Black Voters are the most likely to vote for the Democratic Party, I cannot stress this enough, we NEED record black turnout to win. Period.

Let’s take a look at Black turnout over the years:

Had black voters been represented on the ballot, it is very likely Hillary Clinton would be President, but this is not a knock on Hillary, it is a knock on our common beliefs about electability that we get from the media. The media is white, and as such, everything is viewed through the lens of whiteness. All of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and much of 2019, we were fed a steady diet of the importance of the White working class vote. There are more white voters, we lost white voters during the realignment period before I was born, and the Progressive Movement of Bernie Sanders emphasized the importance of reclaiming white voters, while erasing the reasons they moved to the GOP. Racism, sexism, and the various culture wars have all gotten bagged and tagged as “Identity Politics”, a feat that would have made Lee Atwater proud in his heyday. The necessity of the Black vote was downplayed, the importance of white men was played up, and Clinton, already dealing with a series of invented “scandals” did what society viewed as the “safe” thing. She chose a white man as her running mate, but unfortunately he was unable to activate enthusiasm in Black voters, especially those disillusioned with the Democratic Party or who did not vote regularly.


Black voters have consistently supported Democratic candidates over Republicans by stunning margins: about 90 percent to 10 percent. No other major demographic comes close to this level of support — for either party. For every 10 new black voters, 9 will likely vote for a Democrat and one for a Republican, yielding eight net Democratic votes. In contrast, 10 new Latino voters (who voted 70 percent Democratic and 30 percent Republican in 2018) would produce four net Democratic votes. For white, college-educated women, the figure is two.

We need Black on the Ballot so black voters know we have a seat at the table and that our concerns will be heard, and hopefully addressed.

Like Shirley Chisholm before her, Kamala Harris wants a seat at the table, she wants to help guide this nation out of madness, and she wants to do it while being a Black-Indian American Woman. How will our needs get met if we are not represented in the rooms where the powers that be are deciding who gets what? As we know from the many failures of first, second, and now third and fourth wave Feminism, white women often fail at intersectionality, and as such do a poor job at representing women of color. We need a Black Woman.

I have another piece planned out where I wanted to write up a K-Hive Official Endorsement of Team Biden-Harris, and in it I planned on laying out the case in as logical of a fashion as I am able to do. Maybe I still will finish that piece. But this is a personal endorsement for me and I am an intuitive person rather than a logician, so this piece is fully written through the lens of my experience. Beau Biden would be the Biden running in this election (now I’m crying) had he not been struck down so many decades before his time, this is what I believe. I always really liked Beau, and I used to look forward to seeing him in the media from time to time, but now he is not there. It is sad. Like Joe, I have lost my own child, my first born; when Beau died it disturbed me, to this day I try not to think about it for fear that it will bring me back to the low place I was. Kamala Harris became friends with Beau during the time when she and he both held the office of AG, so Kamala is no stranger to the Biden family. I can imagine it would have been no hardship for Beau and Kamala to team up in this contest, if had he survived. I am not saying that this is THE reason they should team up, but it is A reason their teaming up would be successful. They are friends who lost someone together, they already have a connection, and when times get rough I know that they will be there for each other. That’s important.

Kamala Harris is a busy woman these days; she’s Social Distancing like the rest of us, yet somehow she manages to seem like she’s everywhere at once. In the Senate, fundraising for the Democratic Party and Joe Biden, crafting policy out of thin air with her “Black Girl Magic”, and she even gives interviews. But, look here, Jack, that’s not all she’s up to these days; she worked on the Covid-19 Stimulus, warned Black People about Covid-19 and spread awareness about the disparity in health outcomes for Corona, she addressed other health concerns like pregnancy, is singlehandedly attempting to save our entire Democracy, and has been explaining her plan to USE the Corona-virus as a mechanism to fight White Supremacy and Systemic Oppression. By doing Judo on it. All that, and she still has loads of time to rent free space in a million heads at once.

Speculation has grown since Sanders dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination two full months ahead of schedule, and now we are destined to sit and wait for the conclusion of an interminable vetting process Joe Biden has likely been working on in his secret podcasting lair. Or he has been letting the professionals handle it? Who even knows? I feel like a kid in the back seat waiting for Joe-Dad to hurry up and get us wherever the hell we’re going, I am smoldering impatiently at how pleasant he is while enjoying the scenery, and I’m considering screaming “HURRY UP!!!” in his ear like a spoiled brat.

We get it, we get it, you are super busy vetting a list of candidates, just like Obama vetted you on some list, and you want to make the right choice. I’m not trying to pressure Biden; I am not a pushy person, but here’s the thing– he is taking too goddamn long, and needs to hurry up and choose Kamala Harris. We ain’t got all the time in the world to sit and wait… oh, yes we do, never-mind. What I mean is this; you need to tell us who you picked very very soon, so that people stop contemplating the absolute worst possible VP choices and debating them in my mentions, because it bothers me to death.

I expect an announcement soon, because I like to expect things no one has offered me, apparently.

I just hope the announcement will be Biden-Harris 2020. I want to win.



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Wisconsin Votes, Rand Paul Recovers, Tigers Can Catch Corona, and JOE BIDEN WON’T BECOME BERNIE SANDERS, WAH!

Since we never know what the hell is going on in the world, I decided maybe we need a news round up to tell us wtf happened overnight, but don’t get excited, nothing good ever happens.

Wisconsin heads to the polls today, and it’s all bad. Governor Evers ordered the primary moved to June due to Corona Virus, yet the Conservative Wisconsin Supreme court voted to strike down the order given by the Governor. Not to be outdone, Kavanaugh and the Conservative majority on the US Supreme Court struck down extended absentee voting in the state, so voters are out of luck and will have to brave the Covid-19 virus in order to participate in our Democracy. Even worse, it appears that only 4 polling places are open in Milwaukee and the lines are already long. So, wear masks and cover up if you are a Wisconsin voter, and wash those hands before you touch anything even if you wear gloves. Ya never know what might happen, so better safe than sorry.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham is leaving her job, and no, she has never once held a press briefing. Grisham was employed by Melania Trump’s office before being promoted to WH Press Secretary and will be returning to her job, so, at least she won’t be in the unemployment line with millions of others. Mark Meadows has taken over and hired Kayleigh McEnany, who used to be on CNN all the time.

CNN reported that Grisham is returning to the East Wing where she will serve as First Lady Melania Trump’s spokesperson and chief of staff.

According to the report, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is considering Trump campaign spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany to replace Grisham.

If you don’t know who McEnany is I have a clip that should remind you of how terribly weird and awkward she can be.


“You can scoot until you fall off that ledge!!!”

Oh my God, she is such a weirdo, no lie.

John Lewis has endorsed Joe Biden for President, and I’m hoping the Berniebro Nation is able to control themselves this time.

Last cycle Superdelegates were still in play, so each time a big endorsement came down it fueled Berner conspiracy theories about the DNC, The Establishment, and Hillary Clinton. Nowadays, without the Supers, big endorsements fuel conspiracy theories about the DNC, The Establishment, and Joe Biden. Since we’ve gone rounds over John Lewis all over the web before, it would be nice if we didn’t end up watching the toxic Catshitfire that people call a Revolution spew racist garbage at a Living Legend. I’ll keep you updated on this, I have my eyes open and I’m ready to call out the worst of the worst. Speaking of the worst of things, a Coughing Tiger at the Bronx Zoo has tested positive for the Corona Virus likely due to an asymptomatic attendant or zookeeper. This is not the first animal to contract the virus during this pandemic and it shows how dangerous it is, and how easily it is spread.

The tiger’s positive diagnosis follows scattered reports around the world of other animals contracting the virus, raising concerns among pet owners about whether their animals could be at risk. Officials in Hong Kong have discovered covid-19 in at least one cat and two dogs quarantined with their infected owners, while a cat in Belgium showed some signs consistent with the virus after its owner returned from Italy and later tested positive.

See that? Even cats and dogs can get it, so make sure you wash your hands before you care for your pets, don’t be a dumbass.

Black People are at higher risk for Corona Virus, says the Surgeon General. Black People figured that out about 3 weeks ago, but, hey, good lookin’ out, you at least tried. The death toll for Corona has exceeded the death toll from 9-11, a milestone nobody wanted to reach; it’s really a shame that we don’t have an adult human President, because the Federal response is absolute chaos. Cuomo and other Governors have found themselves having to work around Donald Trump in order to help their constituents, but at least he sent the Navy Ships, I guess. On that note, a crew member of the Navy ship Comfort has also tested positive for Corona, but luckily, they say it will not affect their ability to take in patients. The Comfort is parked where ailing New Yorkers can be taken in easily when forced to search for an alternative hospital facility, due to over-crowding at local hospitals; another ship named the Mercy is parked in LA Harbor ready to take in Los Angelinos if things get too bad there. Last thing on Corona; Demi Moore and her ex-husband Bruce Willis are self isolating together, says their daughter, no, I don’t remember which one, I just threw it in because it shows how weird this pandemic is making people act. Oh, I lied, one more thing…. Rand Paul has officially recovered from the Corona Virus, and is volunteering at the hospital; I guess kids can always use an extra clown to cheer them up, so I’m sure he will be kept busy making balloon animals and joking about lawn disputes.

Last thing; David Klion is extra hysterical this morning and boy is he pissing in his own Cheerios. Still bitter from the impending loss of Bernie Sanders to Joe Biden, he has a salty ass piece in Daily Beast where he cries like a little titty baby and works himself into a lather over The Future. Many of us are pretty sure we’re all going to die anyway, because Trump is literally trying to kill us with his dismal response to this health crisis, so, we find David to be a never ending source of amusement.

Here is the title…

By Picking Joe Biden, Democrats Are Kissing Their Future Goodbye

Oh, such a murderous title, I bet that really hit ya in the feels, huh?

Yes, there will be absolutely NO FUCKING FUTURE for the entire Democratic Party because merkin faced poo poo head David is seriously serious about how screwed we are unless Joe Biden becomes Bernie Sanders. AND HE MEANS IT!. For real! He means it! Grrrr! Are you scared, did he scare you? No? Me neither.

He wrote this in the Daily Beast today:

Now history is repeating itself, as Marx warned, as farce, with Bernie Sanders decisively winning the argument over the party’s future while meeting unshakeable resistance from a Democratic establishment composed largely of politicians who were shaped by 1968.

Oh give me a fucking break, dude, if you said this on TV you could get a Daytime Emmy AT LEAST, just for the melodramatic title. Bernie won what argument? Oh, here we go with this shit. If Bernie had won any argument, he would be in the LEAD and not LOSING. One thing I always enjoy is the idea these folks have that Bernie is somehow timeless and immortal, always winning the “real” battle, while also being the wokest of the woke. Just like Marx. Who was pretty fucking racist. What is it with the leftist set and their love for old ass men who never accomplished much? That’s rhetorical. Don’t bother getting your beautiful mind worked up, because he said some more stupid shit.

Here is the choice bit:

If Democrats are serious about exciting their entire base in November to defeat Trump, there are still steps they can take to win over the Sanders coalition.

Win over the people who promise we will never win them over? Yippee! Who doesn’t want to kiss their asses, eat a thousand shit sandwiches, and have them still not show up again?? Yeah, no. Contrary to popular Berner belief; they are not base voters. It is actually harder to get them into the polls for Dems this cycle than it is to get never Trump Republicans and Independents. Once you hold the party hostage to your demand a few times and we LOSE, you kinda lose your place among the base.

Sanders should (and, one expects, will) be given a prominent speaking role at the virtual convention; his allies like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib should be as well.

Why? Hasn’t he given that same ass speech a million times? I don’t actually want to hear from Tlaib or Bernie at the fuck all. It would be nice to have a moment where the winner was celebrated and maybe not have a bunch of Progressives there who love to lead the audience in boos when someone they don’t like is mentioned. Also, they cry too much. Also, they put tape over their mouths and look stupid and pathetic and I’m really annoyed with the whole set this week. Tlaib, no. Don’t wanna hear her speak. Nope.

Biden should make explicit in his own remarks that he understands and empathizes with younger voters’ legitimate anger.

“Hi. Thousands of people are dying, but we want you to make us feel special and give us the attention we crave; oh yeah, tell us our white male anger is okay and legitimize it, or else we won’t vote for Biden over Trump. We’re not really going to show up, but we want to see you break your necks to get us to the polls.” This is what I read.

But endorsements and speeches won’t be enough. Biden must also embrace the substantive aspects of Sanders’ platform—including Medicare For All, which exit polls across the country show clear support for, as well as the Green New Deal and tuition-free college—that have galvanized millennials. Everything about the virtual convention could be designed to showcase this agenda.

Oh, this makes perfect sense. Biden should put on his Bernie Sanders costume and run on Bernie’s policies that Bernie lost twice with; once again, or else they won’t show up. Also, we MUST showcase BERNIE’S agenda by pretty much building the entire convention around HIS policies that Biden MUST run on, and then we can pretend Sander’s fans won’t just say Biden is disingenuous, and “doesn’t really mean it” like they did to Hillary. How droll. Biden already has his own fucking policies, and I can see David hasn’t bothered to even google Biden’s website. I get that David and the gang really believe everyone was super in love with Bernie’s platform, yet that is actually not the case at all. If voters really wanted Bernie’s wishlist and thought it was feasible, wouldn’t we be voting for Bernie? Biden has already reached out and included a policy from Liz Warren and a policy from Bernie Sanders; there is very little chance Biden will suddenly switch out ALL of his policies for Bernie’s any time soon. David is going to have to deal with the fact that Bernie lost, and no amount of dressing him up in Bernie’s wrinkled, ill fitting, Socialist suits will transmogrify Joe into Bernie. THANK YOU BLACK JESUS. But, at least he has realized that Biden will be the nominee. Let’s just hope he tells his friends on Twitter, so they stop making shit up about Joe in hopes Bernie will become the default nominee if they can force something to stick.


Daily Beast



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Bernie Sanders’ “Path To Victory” Is In The Same Place As The “Real Killers” O.J. Simpson Is “Searching” For

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Have you seen Bernie Sanders’ “Path to Victory” laying around anywhere? For weeks Dems have been searching high and low, in brooks and streams, on hillsides and mountaintops, down in the valleys and on the high plains, from sea to shining sea, yet we cannot find Bernie’s way. We’ve asked and asked, sent in our most fearless interrogators, we have even asked his team, all to no avail; Bernies mysterious path to victory eludes even the most dogged Dem detectives. From Bernie-world we hear cries of sorrow and squeaks of outrage; how dare we call on Bernie to drop out when not every state has voted? Do we not even care a little for Democracy? This is between THEIR cries for Biden to drop out, usually due to some health condition invented on the spot. We patiently explain math to the masses of angry Bernie people we find braying and howling in our mentions, we explain how unlikely it is that people will flip to Bernie from Biden. Again, all to no avail. Bernie Sanders claims to have a “narrow” path to victory. Who are Berners to believe? Me or his lying lies? Besides, Bernie would never play games, if he says he can win (I imagine Berners think this), then GODDAMMIT HE CAN WIN!!

Many say Bernie is a truth teller, not a self centered old codger who just missed his last chance to hold Presidential power. I disagree.

Bernie Sanders is absolutely full of shit. Ever since he lost the Michigan contest so epically to Joe Biden in March, Bernie has been touting his “narrow path to victory” to anyone willing to put him on the air, or give him the undeserved attention he so desperately craves. But, when asked what exactly that path looks like, Bernie gets mad, and Bernie’s staff gets quieter than a group of mimes at the library during “shut the fuck up” time. Indeed, you can’t get directions to this path from any known map, you can’t get it told to you by enlightened Berners, Bernie’s staff won’t point it out, and Bernie himself will not fucking tell you no matter how many times you ask.

Much like O.J. Simpson searching for the “real killers” of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, Bernie’s fruitless path will lead right back to himself, after winding its way aimlessly around the nation. Let’s hope Bernie doesn’t hit up Vegas and find out someone has some of his stolen memorabilia.

From Politico:

Bernie Sanders insists he has a “narrow path” to the nomination. But he and his aides refuse to say what it is.

I oscillate between laughter at the people still in thrall to Belated Bernie, and irritation AT Bernie for playing these stupid games; if there really is a path, it cannot possibly be so difficult to explain that you lose your ability to speak when its mentioned. Bernie’s comeback was supposed to begin in Michigan, a state he won in 2016, yet lost so decisively last month that he lost every single county. Michigan was supposed to be his salvation, he even went there to deliver a speech on race that he didn’t bother to deliver. For a man who has been CENTERED in the Civil Rights Movement, to the point where Black Leaders have been denounced by The Revolution as “sell outs”, or “selling us all out” for not choosing to support the only person in the race with photos of Bruce Rappaport doing civil rights work, Bernie is terrible at even discussing race. So, I guess he chose not to bother trying to get better in the five years he’s had to fix his issues with Black People, much easier to let PoC speak for you. Maybe soon we can be centered in our own movements again? Yeah. Wish in one hand…

A majority of the states and territories yet to vote rejected him in 2016. The national polls don’t offer much hope either — since Joe Biden defeated him in Arizona, Florida and Illinois on March 17, Sanders has trailed him by double-digits in every single national survey.

At this time Biden is polling ahead of Sanders in Alaska (My State) 57 to 43, in Wisconsin Biden is up by as much as 30% in some polls and 538 has his odds of winning at 88%. Biden is also forecast to win Puerto Rico, Ohio, Kansas, Guam, Nebraska, Oregon, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Indiana, Connecticut, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Delaware, District of Columbia, Montana, South Dakota, Virgin Islands, West Virginia, Louisiana, New York, and Kentucky. This is all the states we have left. Where the fuck is that path to victory?

Whoopi Goldberg grilled Sanders on “The View,” pushing him to explain how he could still capture the nomination. He never spelled it out, instead arguing that “people in a democracy have a right to vote and have a right to vote for the agenda that they think can work for America, especially in this very, very difficult moment.”

Wow, how clever. Does this mean people actually have the right to vote for whatever agenda they think will work best, or is this just some shit the losing side says to convince themselves that their cause is so noble, so integral, that it’s worth potentially handing Trump the White House for another 4 years? Let’s keep it all the entire way real; Bernie knows many people believe his staying in the race long after it was clearly fucking over made it extremely hard for Hillary to unite the party, and it pisses him off when anyone alludes to it. So, why the fuck does he look like he’s about to repeat the same dumb ass shit this year?

His path is so narrow that some of Sanders’ senior aides have even advised him to consider dropping out, though not everyone in his inner circle feels the same way, according to people familiar with the situation.

COME ON, BRO!!! Your own staffers are telling you it’s over, and they are your favorite type of staffers–men. Why aren’t you at least listening to Clown ass Weaver? You LOVE Clowns! You hired Nina, Brie Brie, and Corny to prove it.

Another possible reason for not explaining his long-shot course to victory: it depends on something his staff and allies have for the most part only whispered about — an epic Biden collapse. 

This is the real reason Bernie is staying in and I find it super fucked up. The only ones trying to manufacture a collapse of that magnitude are Bernie’s very own supporters, who behave more like a hit squad than like stalwart fans. Daily we have obnoxious bros in our mentions pushing some half cocked bullshit that mysteriously begins trending overnight, and dies down during the day. Oh, sure, it could really be thousands of Berners up late organically causing hashtags to trend, but it’s not fucking likely.

Here is what Bernie is after:

It is especially important to these Sanders supporters to maintain the rule changes they achieved in 2016, such as barring superdelegates from voting for presidential candidates on the first ballot. In order for his backers to have negotiating power, they said, Sanders needs to receive at least 1,200 delegates — he has more than 900 now — so they can introduce minority resolutions. They also hope that Sanders can push Biden to commit to progressive appointments.

No, no no no no no double fuck you all to hell NO. Fuck NO. Fuck YOU. Progressive appointments? FUCK OFF. Biden doesn’t need any of you back stabbing, ball biting bitches running game on him within his administration. Do you SEE the shit y’all are posting about him? The DUMBEST thing Biden could do is trust ANY of the Berniecrats as far as I could throw Donald Trump.

“The party reforms go down the drain if he doesn’t stay in,” said Cohen, adding that if he drops out before hitting 1,200 delegates, “it’s going to be Biden’s people writing the platform, that’s it.”

Good. I hope we hold Bernie Sanders below 1200 for one simple reason. Bernie Sanders is an asshole and the rule changes were made in hopes of settling some differences and moving forward in unity, without all of the claims of cheating and rigging, yet that is not how things went. Instead, we have Bernie’s loudest surrogates and supporters spreading nasty rumors and assassinating the character of the likely nominee, all in hopes it will stain Biden so bad he will have to withdraw and let Bernie be nominee. THIS IS EXTREMELY UNLIKELY.

If you’re upset with Sanders for not dropping out, there is no need to lose hope or feel like all is lost; staying in the race has the potential to be damaging to Sanders’ movement, possibly completely neutering the left of left, and it would be all their own dumb ass faults.


But what if, this time around, he sticks it out and there are no more primary wins, or even near-misses? What if it’s just one landslide defeat after another?

If the late stage of the ’16 primary season enhanced his clout, would finishing up now with a string of lopsided losses actually diminish Sanders and his movement? 

Unlike in 2016, Bernie is unlikely to win ANY more states, so that momentum argument they used to “prove” Bernie Woulda Won, would instead prove Bernie Shoulda Not Run. Many voters who chose Bernie Sanders in 2016 have chosen to go with Joe Biden in 2020; Bernie’s base has only gotten smaller as the years have passed, and cries of “Feel the Bern!” have been replaced with memes of “Ridin’ with Biden.” I don’t like to state the O B V I O U S, but most Dems looking for a cool grandpa to hitch a ride to better times with, have already held their thumb out at Uncle Joe’s “No Malarkey Express” this cycle. Look, nothing short of death or a miracle will prevent Joe Biden from being our nominee, it might be wise if Bernie signaled this to his base very soon. Like yesterday,




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Bernie Can’t Tell Whoopi Where His “Path To Victory” Went

I feel like I’m stuck in a world of ENDLESS sinister Groundhog Day Style movie remakes. Bernie Sanders will not stop running for President even though he knows there is no way in hell he can win. Just like in 2016. Bernie, that sensitive soul, is super very touchy when anyone presses him on packing it in and letting Biden get down to business, so he has imagined a secret possible “path to victory” that cannot possibly exist. This is NOT the first time. Last time, Bernie fed his tribe of internet warriors honeyed lies about how he was “taking it to the Convention” and somehow convincing the Establishment that he was more electable than Hillary. Like I said, this isn’t the first time. But it better be the last.

Boston Globe:

Four years ago, Sanders’ refusal to accept the reality that he was not going to be the Democratic nominee for president dragged the 2016 primary race with Hillary Clinton all the way to the party convention in July — undoubtedly damaging her candidacy.

Bernie’s second run is a bit like if they built another Titanic, made all of the same shit moves with lifeboats, headed off on the same exact date the next year, clearly saw the icebergs, and rode right into them on purpose. And then were super surprised that their ship began sinking. At this time the ship has floundered, the lifeboats have all been taken, and the SS No Malarkey has shown up to take everyone aboard. Yet, the crew angrily refuses to jump ship, the remaining passengers are cursing Captain Joe of the No Malarkey, and Captain Bernie of Titanic 2.0 is yelling out, “I still have a path to port!” while daring anyone to disagree. The band plays on, Captain Bernie records his Vlogs faithfully, the No Malarkey crew looks on in horror, and the ship slowly inches it’s way down into the Sea. 

Four years later it’s like watching the same bad movie again. In 2020, Sanders has even less chance of overtaking Joe Biden. He’s performed worse than he did in 2016. Since the South Carolina primary, Biden has trounced him nearly everywhere they have faced off, and usually by double digits. Every theory Sanders had about the race — that he could mobilize white working-class voters to support him and that he would bring new voters to the polls — has been proven wrong.

Bernie Sanders is STILL hanging around, trying to find a way to look important in his blood-red room of death while he lures unsuspecting journalists, and others with TV shows, into his lair (remotely) so that he can try to work his stump speech into an interview or two. Not one new word or idea has passed his lips since the last set of primary contests, ones that he lost in an embarrassing defeat, and he seems bored without rallies to give him all that delicious attention. Bernie is desperate for some airtime. March was pretty much a blowout for Joe Biden, though Bernie was slated to win states like Michigan when the month began. By the time South Carolina had finished counting enough votes to give Joe Biden an epic win, with what appears to have been higher turnout than ’08, Bernie’s fate was already sealed. Bernie would not be the Dem nominee in 2020, just as he was not in 2016, the only question remaining was this: How long would it take Bernie to discover he had lost?

Whoopi Goldberg stepped up and took one for the team when Sanders showed up on The View this week, and boy was it HARD to get a straight answer out of Bernie on when exactly he was going to do the math and see he had no chance.

Let me make a few points:

  1. Nobody said anything about how hard he worked for Hillary. She said he TOOK TOO LONG in DROPPING OUT. Bernie loves nothing better than he loves a straw-man, especially one he has carefully crafted with his own energy, and pulled right out of his own asshole.
  2. “I don’t accept that characterization.” You know what? Your acceptance isn’t necessary, Bernie. It’s fucking true regardless.
  3. How fucking much longer are you going to take making your assessment? Cause, you need to go.
  4. You being in the primary has nothing to do with our right to vote, you are not that fucking important.
  5. She didn’t ask what you were doing in the Senate, she asked what your path to victory is.
  6. “Well, for the fourth time, we are assessing–” OH SHUT UP!
  7. I am so tired of Bernie’s stump speeches and lectures, so so so so tired.

Apparently Krystal Ball is my complete opposite; while I think Bernie was being a rude, evasive, party squatting dick, she seems to think Whoopi was as wrong as shoes on a snake, and Bernie is a Prince among men.

Outrageous? Unconscionable? Do you even know what the words mean, Twerp? Also, rude? Krystal, you must not watch your own show, but lol, I find it cute how y’all are over here explaining how Whoopi should have run her interview. I get the sense that Krystal is super rich, cause she is ready to talk to your manager, Whoopi!!!! You better hurry up and ignore her ridiculous ass. Brodude looked ready to CRY about how rude that Black Lady is, although I’m not sure he can say things like ‘Black Lady”; he is still pretending race is not important or acknowledgeable. I tend to believe Ball and her co host, along with the Twitter Berners, fully believe Biden will gaffe out of the race and we will turn to Bernie in desperation. They’ll make us BEND THE KNEE!! It’s all they’ve ever wanted.

Sanders wants Biden to persuade him to drop out by making “make significant policy and personal overtures,” a person close to Sanders told the Washington Post. Putting aside the question of why Biden should make any concessions to his vanquished rival, maybe it’s worth asking if the guy who has come up short in two straight primary elections should be the one making demands. Frankly, what policy issue could possibly be more important than uniting the Democratic Party behind the urgent task of defeating President Trump?

Um, excuse me?

“make significant policy and personal overtures,”

What the fuck does this mean, exactly? Fuck that, why the entire fuck do you want PERSONAL OVERTURES, and wtf does that even entail?


One of the people close to Sanders — who, like the others, spoke on the condition of anonymity to reflect internal deliberations — said Biden would have to make significant policy and personal overtures to Sanders to potentially persuade the senator to leave the race, and to win the trust of his followers.

Are you serious with this shit? Again? What makes your old Marxist, can’t get the Black Vote, lost every County in Michigan, two time primary losing self think that the winner of the primary should have to beg you to quit and then run on YOUR agenda? When has this EVER happened?

The longer that Sanders continues his ego-driven campaign the more ill will he will spread. Continuing this feckless endeavor will only further marginalize Sanders — and the issues he is advocating for — in the eyes of Democrats.

Many Democrats are agonizing over Bernie refusing to exit the race, he doesn’t seem to see the point in dropping out just because he cannot see a path to victory. For weeks Bernie has been reassessing his campaign; that is, between the vlogging, the cyber concerts, and roundtables, yet it looks like he still hasn’t assessed a goddamn thing. What is Bernie waiting for? A miracle? For one of the smears his bros are trying to make trend about Biden to get some traction?

This has become a tired and predictable game with Sanders: he claims to take the high road while his unbowed cheerleaders remain in attack mode. On social media the Vermont senator’s surrogates and more militant supporters continue to lacerate Biden for his verbal miscues and darkly suggest he is in cognitive decline. It was the same four years ago. 

Does he think we’ll all suddenly realize that we can’t live without him? Ha!

Joe Biden, for his part, is NOT waiting for Bernie to reassess his campaign to begin his vetting of VP candidates, so, apparently there is still one person on earth who is not waiting to see what Bernie plans on doing before making a move. Joe Biden has a limited time to get all of his ducks in a row, so if Bernie thought he would be holding Joe back and keeping him paralyzed from taking any unilateral action, he’s shit out of luck. Biden kindly called him beforehand and let him know he’s moving on, and nobody is more thrilled than I am for that prospect. Bernie’s time is growing short, unlike last time where people made a million excuses for Bernie staying in, this time he is a known factor, and we know letting him ride things out until the convention just leads to a loss for us at the polls in November. Bernie, let us know when you’re finished, maybe we’ll even give a shit if you do it very very soon. Probably not, tho. We tired.


Boston Globe

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The Media Chases White Progressives; Black Voters Save The Election

Being a Black Voter is a thankless burden akin to Atlas carrying the world upon his shoulders.

While white voters are free to run around testing out new candidates like a sugared up pack of fifth graders snagging samples at Costco, Black Voters these days are stuck pragmatically analyzing each candidate to see who can actually win the election. White voters can fall in and out of  political love with 3 or 4 candidates in a cycle that has over 20 hopefuls, and whoever they are in love with, for that instant, will be the one the media fawns over. You can bet on it. They’ll choose candidates with no history with the Black Community, candidates too young to be wise, candidates that are perfect on paper, though not in practice, and even candidates with big ideas that are devoid of a plan to pass them or even pay for them.

Black voters are not so privileged. Sure, we fall in love with candidates too; men like Jesse Jackson got our votes twice during the dark years of the ’80s when Dems were out of power. Barack Obama is still well loved by us, and women like Kamala Harris still have a dedicated following, ready to be led by her wherever she goes. Yet, we know our duty. We know when white people lose their ever-loving minds over a sure loser, it’s up to us to save the day, coalesce behind a candidate who can win, and use our collective power to right the ship while white voters get sober from being drunk on their own power.


Kingmaker in chief is House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn (D-S.C.), whose emotional, full-throated endorsement last week lifted Biden to a landslide in a state where black voters make up more than half of the Democratic electorate. After Clyburn weighed in, what had been a confusing picture — Would younger African Americans turn out in droves for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)? Was billionaire Tom Steyer’s barrage of television ads across the state winning him votes? — suddenly became crystal clear.

That is what happened this past week on Super Tuesday too. This primary year was just like the rest; heavily White states are front-loaded onto the primary calendar, and the narrative in the media for months is concentrated upon what those few White voters, in a relatively low population state, think about the candidates. Black voters are deliberately ignored or tokenized until the week before the first Southern state votes, this is just facts, yet the polls usually tell the story months before we head out to the Union Halls and Libraries to pull the lever for a candidate. Joe Biden was always going to win the Primary, but like White voters, we sampled various other candidates until it was crunch time.


This reality is what makes Biden’s commanding performance last week even more meaningful. Trump’s disapproval rating among black voters is exceedingly high – just one in 10 has a favorable view of him, and only a dismal 4% support his policies all or some of the time. But dissatisfaction with Trump is not enough to improve the most important metric when it comes to black voters in the general election: turnout. Biden’s Super Tuesday wins suggest he is best-positioned to accomplish it.

Turnout turnout turnout. I cannot stress this enough.

In 2016, the black voter participation rate fell by seven points from 67% in 2012 to 60%, its lowest level in two decades. That reduced the black share of the electorate from nearly 13% in 2012 to less than 12% in 2016. And for an election that was essentially decided by 77,000 votes over three battleground states, higher black turnout might have resulted in a different electoral outcome where Hillary Clinton became the first female president.

One of my main concerns was not to get stuck with a candidate who could not increase Black Voter turnout from the 2016 level of 60% back up to 2008 or 2012 levels of 65% to 67% respectively. Once Kamala was off the board it was my opinion immediately that the only other candidate who connected with Black Voters enough to drive us to the polls was Joe Biden. Some will say that Kamala didn’t have Black Voters on her side, but if you look at the polls taken before the non-stop smear campaign by the Bernie Brothers, Kamala Harris was gaining ground with Black women across the board. Had this been a normal election year without the rehash of 2016 playing out due to Bernie Sanders and his army of smear-mongers deciding to run again, regardless of how divisive 2016 was, I’m confident she would still be in the race. As it stands, she is not. But Joe Biden is, and if they were to team up I believe turnout would surpass what we saw with Barack Obama and Joe Biden; we have already seen record turn out in Virginia.

Biden won 69 percent of the black vote in Virginia, about 60 percent in Texas and North Carolina, and a staggering 72 percent in Alabama. Those margins helped him build a lead in pledged convention delegates that will be hard for Sanders to erase, especially with populous and delegate-rich Southern states such as Florida and Georgia yet to vote.

Why was Biden able to win so decisively in states he spent very little time and very little money in? As Biden said earlier this year of Mayor Bloomberg, when he was asked about Bloomberg’s seeming surge with Black Voters, “I don’t think you can buy an election.” Apparently, Biden was right.

Clyburn’s message last week seemed to clarify things for black South Carolina voters, who were trying to figure out how best to defeat President Trump. The landslide those voters gave to Biden seemed to clarify things for black voters in the Super Tuesday states. If Biden is nominated and wins in November, African Americans will have picked a president.

After being ignored, unless we were needed as props or tokens, Black voters decided we needed to save ourselves from the possibility of running a sure loser against Trump in the general election. And that brings us to the other candidates; Pete was too young and still learning about racial justice, Amy centered her campaign around Midwestern whites, Liz was good at reaching Black Activists, yet not so much the rank and file, Bloomberg was missing the charisma we expected from a Big City Mayor (de Blasio? Also missing it.), Steyer was trying too hard to be the Un-Billionaire and Captain Planet and a number of other things at once, and then we have Bernie. What can we say about Bernie that won’t be used as proof that everything was rigged? Why did Bernie’s message fail to take hold of the collective Black Soul?

In other words, our survey suggests that if Sanders—or whomever Democrats ultimately choose—wants to win over black voters, a message stressing economic justice is not the best option; he needs to appeal explicitly to race.

Oh. Is this exactly what I have been saying for five fucking years just for me to get dismissed as practicing “Identity Politics?”

Why is a message emphasizing racism so effective, relative to the alternatives? Simply put, race is the principal identity that resonates with the black community. History makes clear that racism affects every aspect of African Americans’ lives, so much so that most members of the black community perceive that they share a common fate. This is not to say that class isn’t sometimes important, but when it comes to political engagement, racial identity is a more reliable predictor of black political behavior.

The thing that Bernie spent years railing against Dems for using to reach Black Voters–Identity Politics–appears to be the most effective way of reaching us, regardless of what the Senator may believe about the unifying nature of a “class” based message. He has stubbornly refused to adjust his message and tailor his policies to the voters, he instead attempts to fit the voters he needs into the plans he already has.

To win the nomination, Sanders must cut deeply into Biden’s African American edge.

So, Sanders is pulling a fast one in a last-ditch ploy to woo former President Barack Obama’s fervent and loyal base.

Uh oh.

“Feel the Bern,” the 30-second commercial released Wednesday by the Sanders campaign, is peppered with images of Obama and Sanders walking into the White House and sharing camaraderie.

Shit like this is another reason he fails with Black Voters. We’re not stupid. We know Bernie’s history of contention towards Obama, and it rather feels cheap and plastic how he uses Obama in a blatant attempt to pander for votes.

Yeah. I may have added a bit of context to this video, and I don’t feel one bit bad about it.

Chicago Sun-Times:

Black voters won’t fall for the okey-doke.

They know that Sanders’ footprint on issues of concern to African Americans was virtually invisible before he launched his 2016 run.

They know that Sanders has been a frequent Obama critic, and even considered challenging the president in the 2012 presidential primary.

They know where Obama stands. They know that when the time comes, Obama will be standing with Biden.

And crucially, they know, better than any other Democratic constituency, that electability matters most in 2020.

All true.

I just have one question.

When Bernie loses, do middle class neck-beards REALLY need to come screeching invectives at Black Women about how oppressed their Teslas are, just because Bernie lost? I’m just wondering, because if the non-stop histrionics in my mentions is predictive of just how poorly The Revolution is going to handle this year’s loss, I’m so moving to Canada and deleting my Twitter until 2022.

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