5 Winners,1 Loser, and a Murdered Mayor Bloomberg

I never knew Dem Debates could be interesting AT ALL.

Democrats vying for the Democratic Nomination made a stop in Sin City last evening to hold a pre-caucus debate. This debate was set to take place ahead of the official caucus date on Saturday. Like many people, I am getting a bit bored and annoyed with the constant rehashing of M4A at every single debate, really irritated by Sanders constant yelling, I have been bored by Liz, not awed by Amy, impatient with Pete, beleaguered by Biden, but worst of all? I’ve been bullshitted by Bloomberg. And that will not stand. Apparently, I was not the only one unhappy with the fake unity and the Boring Liz, because Democrats showed up with their killing boots on, and not even Lester Holt could stay their hands.

It was fantastic!

For some unknown reason, I had happily assumed that Bloomberg would be at least somewhat competent on the debate stage. Sure, I’d assumed he may be arrogance personified and may not land killing blows, but I was sure he would chip away at his opponents, leaving them injured, while he himself would end up walking away unscathed. Instead of delivering us a competent and cool montage of wealthy one liners we could use to sneer at the poors, we got a series of bad answers, bad moments, bald arrogance, and he got pretty much SLAYED. Qué lástima!

Last night’s debate was one of the most watched debates ever, the only other debate I know of that drew in so many people was the GOP Clown Car debate of 2015; everyone was trying to take each other out, yet they all left the “Front-runner” Donald Trump out of the major attack zones, didn’t vet him, and now we are stuck wondering just exactly WTF happened.

This debate was similar, yet far different than that long ago circus of spite that helped the GOP launch their very own Criminal President into the highest office in the land.

So, being the dedicated individual I am, and VERY PROFESSIONAL, I watched the Dem Debate thrice since Wednesday evening, I will tell you who won, who lost, who died, and who has just got too much audacity for me to be one bit kind to them.

Here are some debate highlights.


Winner #1: Liz Warren and the Tiny Power-fists of Doom

Liz Warren didn’t waste any time taking out her tiny power-fists, aiming, and punching Mike Bloomberg right in the dick. Which is totally not the worst plan. Bloomberg has spent upwards of 450 MILLION dollars this quarter, and Warren is just a bit pissed off that he’s, as she sees it, trying to buy the entire fucking election. The last few debates have seen Meemaw Struggle-fist on defense, explaining her Wealth Tax in an annoying professorial manner (which really did nothing to help dig herself up out of the hole she got into with her M4A debacle) and losing by not winning. This time she brought the HEAT. And it was GOOD.

Liz Warren is our biggest surprise of the debate, because unlike the last few rounds, Liz fucking WON. True, Liz is not my favorite, but quite frankly, I would still ride the Blue Wave for her, especially if the results broke whatever fever she had when she decided to make a Best Friends pact with Bernie  Sanders. This week she was all the way done with the retelling of her family stories about Meemaws and Pawpaws, mommas and the daddies, and the ragged edge of the “Middle Class.”

Liz didn’t come here to chit chat and make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Liz came to the debate to commit a MURDER.

The Week:

I’d like to talk about who we’re running against — a billionaire who calls women ‘fat broads’ and ‘horse-faced lesbians.’ And no, I’m not talking about Donald Trump, I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg. Democrats are not going to win if we have a nominee who has a history of hiding his tax returns, of harassing women, and of supporting racist policies like redlining and stop-and-frisk … Democrats take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire for another. [Elizabeth Warren]

Okay, someone has been doing their homework. A few months ago, Liz struggled just as bad as Bernie when articulating the ways in which racism manifests itself. Good on her for stepping out of her comfort zone and learning more about the lived experience of Black People, and others; some people *Bernie* still have no fucking idea wtf they’re even talking about when it comes to race and racism.

 “He has gotten some number of women — dozens, who knows? — to sign non-disclosure agreements both for sexual harassment and for gender discrimination in the workplace. So Mr. Mayor, are you willing to release all those women from those non-disclosure agreements, so we can hear their side of the story?”

“Some number of Women” and “Dozens, who knows?” These barbs were like finely crafted Ninja Stars; Liz whipped them at him so fast, I’m kinda surprised he didn’t drop dead right then.

And, lololololol at the stupidity;

Bloomberg again tried to deflect, arguing that the agreements were made to protect the privacy of the women involved. “They decided when they made an agreement that they wanted to keep it quiet.

Dude, give me a fucking break with this bullshit, nobody believes you. Liz was not done with his ass, throughout the evening and into the night, with pundits at her side, she kept slicing him with her metaphorical machete, never once giving him any quarter. I like this Liz better than the one who is with Bernie. She managed to quietly slice HIM a few times too, and her instinct for political homicide seems to be improving. Now all Liz has to do is come to terms with the fact that she needs to find a way to do the same to Bernie Sanders if she ever wants to be President.


Winner #2: Amy Klobuchar & The Assertive Eyebrow of Disdain

As usual, Amy and Pete really can’t stand each other that much, so of course she looked ready to “Ground and Pound” him until he got smart enough to play dead, or at the very least, shut up. Amy struggled a bit more last night than she did at the previous debate, but she didn’t come away empty handed, because she managed to, at the very least, become an accomplice to the Murder of Mayor Bloomberg. Amy was feeling a bit comedic on 2/19/2020, so when it was her turn to kill, she did it with one liners. Like Liz, she set her sights on Bloomberg, took out her metaphorical machete, and slice and diced his ass up.

“I actually welcomed Mayor Bloomberg to the stage. I thought that he shouldn’t be hiding behind his TV ads.”

Lol! Oh BOY were you right about HIDING! His slick and polished ads make him seem like the most competent man ever; his debate performance showed he may just be mediocre, overconfident, and super arrogant too. Then she went to Pete, who seems to know just which buttons to push that will set her off. His dismissiveness of the important work she does in DC lit her ass on fire, so she let him have the back side of her hand.

“You have not been in the arena doing that work. You’ve memorized a bunch of talking points and a bunch of things.”

Amy has to watch her tendency to belittle people in the future, as does Pete; she tends to come off like a lady that’s enjoying breaking the bad news to Pinocchio that “he’s not a REAL little boy, so go cry about it!” Or maybe, she needs to be MEANER? I haven’t decided.



“I wish everyone was as perfect as you, Pete.”

Lol, what? Damn, Amy! Let Boy Wonder speak his Peggy Hill Spanish without being all…mad about it. Her “Elena Moment” and flub with the President of Mexico’s name is really renting space in her head. Girl, stop letting that shit eat you up, it ain’t that serious.

Winner #3: Joe Biden Mocking Mike and Snarkily Sniping at Sanders

Joe came in ready to do or die; he must do well in Nevada and South Carolina or it might be the end of the road for Ol’ Joe. Even though the ladies got the most speaking time, Joe made sure to make it count whenever he got a few second to jump in and say his piece. While Warren was committing the murder of Mike Bloomberg, Joe jumped in to stab him a few times, just to make sure he couldn’t get away.

“All the mayor has to do,” Biden said, is tell those people, “‘You are released from the nondisclosure agreement.'”

Joe really enjoyed this part; Bloomberg grew sullenly un-presidential under the barrage of demands for transparency, and Joe showed up just in time to make sure the knives were good and twisted.

Twist that knife, Joe!!

 “You think the women, in fact, were ready to say, ‘I don’t want anybody to know about what you did to me.’ That’s not how it works. The way it works is they say, ‘Look, this is what you did to me,’ and the mayor comes along and his attorneys said, ‘I will give you this amount of money if you promise you will never say anything.’ That’s how it works.”

Joe Biden is now a known accomplice to the Murder of Mike Bloomberg, and for that, we name him a WINNER.

“Only companies we can’t go after are gun manufacturers, because of my buddy (Senator Sanders) here.” 

Most people missed the fact that Joe kept making these fact based comments about the terrible record Bernie Sanders has when it comes to guns and protecting gun manufacturers. Bernie is the only one who has not, and will not, be vetted by the media, so maybe Joe should show up to the next debate and do to Bernie what Liz did to Mike. He’s the only one who can, because he is the only one who doesn’t give a shit what Bernie has to say.

Looks like Bernie poked Joe to get some attention, so he could launch into a lecture, but instead got a lecture from Joe. I don’t know what this video means, but it looks like Sanders wasn’t too happy with Joe and his Matter-of-fact attacks. Keep it up, Joe, and then do it more and harder. It’s you or him at this point, so make your blows count and never let up, people LISTEN to you. Fuck Bernie.

Winner #4: Bernie Sanders Ducking Blows and Attaching Targets to Mike

Bernie turned in a rather lackluster performance where he sought to stay on message by repeating his stump speech as his answers to questions Since we live in a bizzaro world where this old codger can do no wrong, this debate performance will not cause a major drop in his numbers.

None of the attacks last night seemed likely to stop his rise. The question is whether anything from the debate will drive some consolidation around the other candidates. Certainly, that was the goal of five of the six candidates on that stage.

He is only a winner because he didn’t lose.

Winner #5: Pete Buttigieg Grilling the Olds and Getting Away From Amy’s Fists

Pete came to the debate planning an assault on Bloomberg and Sanders, but unbeknownst to him, Liz Warren had shown up wearing her murder cardigan.

So, there Pete stood in his Assault suit, under-dressed for the occasion, but he was ready to make the most of his time by punching left and right, hitting Mike and Bern on the fact that they are opportunistic, and not even Democrats.


“We’ve got to wake up as a party,” Buttigieg said. “We could wake up two weeks from today, the day after Super Tuesday, and the only candidates left standing will be Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg, the two most polarizing figures on this stage. And most Americans don’t see where they fit. They’ve got to choose between a socialist who thinks capitalism is the root of all evil, and a billionaire who thinks money should be the root of all power.

Daaaaaammmmnnn! While Bernie jumped on Pete over having Billionaires support his campaign, Pete reminded voters of what Bernie is, and the attacks from that Geriatric Marxist rolled right off him like water from a duck.

“Let’s put forward somebody who actually lives and works in a middle-class neighborhood in an industrial Midwestern city,” Buttigieg continued. “Let’s put forward somebody who’s actually a Democrat.”

Yes, please. Let’s elect a Democrat so I can actually vote for a President in November. Never Bernie.

Amy and Pete also showed us that among Democrats, even ones who cannot stand each other, we are all still allies who can take time out from our internecine war to laugh at the Murdered Mayor Bloomberg’s ridiculous answers about his taxes and where they are.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Pete and Amy couldn’t help but to turn to each other and laugh mockingly at Bloomberg’s arrogance. I enjoyed that.

Loser: The Revolution and the Coronation of Bernie Sanders

Who lost the debate? If you read the media, you might think the former Mayor of New York City was the biggest loser of the evening, but you would be wrong, because he died. Instead, the real loser was the Revolution’s dreams of a Bernie coronation occurring immediately, if he made it to the convention with the most votes. For some strange reason, Berners did not read the rules very well, and missed the fact that to be nominated by the Democratic Party, one must win over 50% of all delegates. Due to the new rules that Berniecrats like Nomiki Konst helped draft for the Unity Commission, its a little more difficult to hit that goal without Super-delegates being free to vote as they please. Instead, if no-one receives a majority of delegate votes, there will be a Second Ballot, and at that time deals can be made to shift the race to one Dem, giving them enough delegates to become the nominee.

The Atlantic:

Chuck Todd asked a question that I believe will become a frequent topic of conversation among Democrats in the weeks ahead: Do you believe the party should nominate the candidate who arrives at the July convention with the most delegates, even if no one has the 1,991 delegates required for a first-ballot victory? All the contenders effectively said no, except for Sanders—who insisted that “the will of the people should prevail.”

But, IS it the will of The People to nominate someone who only amasses a 30% plurality while the remaining 70% of delegates are split among more moderate candidates? That would mean that two-thirds of voters did NOT want Sanders AT ALL, so why in the world would it make sense to nominate Sanders? The “Will of the People” isn’t shown by winning a 30% plurality and being unable to attract the majority needed to win outright.

With those answers, the candidates chasing Sanders pointedly left themselves room to resist his nomination at the convention if he arrives with a plurality, but not a majority, of the delegates. But by and large, they did surprisingly little to reduce the odds that Sanders will, in fact, arrive in Milwaukee with more delegates than anyone else.

Looks like nobody at all was willing to agree to hand the Democratic Party over to Sanders due to his amassing a mere plurality. HAHAHAHAHA!

Let’s be frank, Sanders has an issue being able to attract those outside his ideological lane, and many people who otherwise like him just fine are opposed to him as a candidate based on those very ideological markers that attract his adoring crowds. He’s too far left, too rigid, too angry, and not really a Democrat.

And because delegates are not legally bound to vote for their candidate—even on a first ballot—a contender who does not win a majority during the primaries could still cobble together sufficient support for a first-ballot victory by attracting delegates from competitors who drop out of the race along the way.

Many people don’t realize that Delegates, even though considered “Bound” are not actually legally required to vote for their candidate. So, if Amy, Pete, Liz, or Biden drop out of the race, Delegates may simply re-align, as voters do in Caucuses, and coalesce around one of the Democrats running and give THEM a majority, even on the FIRST ballot. This is why you need that 51% before you can call yourself the winner.

So, all of the Sanders supporters who are having apoplexies on Social Media about what the DNC better do if Sanders wins a plurality need to learn the goddamn DNC bylaws right fucking now. There are many ways for a Dem to win this thing even if Bernie LOOKS LIKE he has it in the bag before the Convention by waving around his lil ole 30% plurality. A plurality is not a majority, and you NEED a majority to win a goddamn muthafuckin thing. And guess what?

Bernie agreed to these rules, so go fuck yourself if you don’t like them.

Murdered: R.I.P. Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg, R.I.P., better be thankful that money can resurrect even the deadest billionaire from their cold and lonely grave. Only pumping millions of ad dollars into networks and the hands of citizen influencers can save them if they become a victim of a political homicide. Beat to death on the stage by Liz, Joe, Liz, Bernie, Liz, Pete, Liz, and Amy and Liz, el Bloombito was barely animated as he dragged his own lifeless corpse off the stage on debate night. Liz Warren had been menacing him for nearly a year; threatening political homicide, showing off her tiny power-fists, and buying sets of struggle cardigans in preparation for the occasion. But, no matter how she signaled his demise if he brought his rich ass anywhere near HER primary, he didn’t take her seriously, and paid the ultimate price.


Warren smelled blood. “The question is, are the women bound by being muzzled by you? You could release them from that immediately.”

She licked his blood from her lips. The splash-back from wailing on him with her machete was everywhere, but she didn’t care, it was just blood, and wasn’t that what she came here for? She smiled to herself and let Joe take a shot while she sharpened her blade.

Even former Vice President Joe Biden, who has faced criticism for unwanted touching, weighed in: “All the mayor has to do is say ‘You are released from the non-disclosure agreement.”

Oh, Joe. You little devil! You never told us you like to participate in killings, you slick bastard. Never change.

Bloomberg did not bend, leading the crowd to openly boo him when he delivered his final line on the matter: “I said we’re not going to end these agreements because they were made consensually.”

Booooo! Boooooo! You suck, Bro!! Throughout the evening Liz continued to kick his lifeless corpse, just to make sure he stayed dead for a little while.

Wikipedia vandals changed Mr. Bloomberg’s page to list his death date as Feb. 19, 2020.

Liz Warren, mild mannered College Professor and Senator of Massachusetts, felt no guilt as she left the bloody stage. Instead, she felt invigorated as she spoke with pundits in soft Oklahoma inspired tones, gently murdering the Former Mayor of New York City throughout the long winter night.

You can watch the full debate here:

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The Week



The Atlantic



It’s Totally ON BRAND for Bernie Not to See a BernieBro 10 Feet Away Start a Brawl With a Black Guy Over His T-shirt

Look how proud he is of himself.

Bernie Sanders held a rally in Colorado yesterday, where he preached his usual prosperity gospel. This is the one where he promises Free Everything to his eager and devoted fans, once they get him elected. The kids cheered while Bernie preached. A “Black Guns Matter” T-Shirt was worn by a Black Man. Bernie preached some more. A self appointed member of the Woke White Men’s fashion police became hysterical. And still, Bernie preached on. Eventually, the White man called the Black man racist, and in that moment, woke ironically out-woke itself, right into a coma. A fist fight broke out, because of course it did, and friends pulled the men apart. They obviously raised Q U I T E a ruckus. Yet, Bernie kept preaching on, never once missing a beat, even as the toxicity churned.

He had no clue what was happening just feet away from him.

As you can CLEARLY SEE, they were super close to Bernie, but since they never laid a hand on his precious microphone, Bernie seems to have completely failed to notice them. Which is on brand as fuck. Bernie has never seen any type of bullying from his fans online (where it’s easy to search and find many shenanigans), so it makes sense that his eyes would be unable to see a brawl happening a few feet away, in the same room he’s standing in. For five years, Sanders has been like a permissive grandparent to his band of semi-socialist cyber brigands; he has been encouraging their anger, directing it at the establishment (anyone who disagrees with his positions), and reaping the benefits of their often successful efforts to silence dissenting voices.

And when, inevitably, there are questions about their behavior, Bernie, like so many permissive Grandpas, is prone to robotically doling out standard lines of dismay and disgust, like “Harassment of all forms is unacceptable to me, and we urge supporters of all campaigns not to engage in bullying or ugly personal attacks,” as if he has no idea what is even going on. Why can’t he call his own fans out without lumping the rest of the left in?

His boys are GOOD BOYS apparently. If they misbehave, somehow ALL supporters of the other campaigns are guilty too and need to be included in his admonishments.


I don’t see ALL or ANY other campaign supporters involved in this, Bernie, just yours and one guy who was considering you. This is about YOUR supporters, Bro. ALL of the rest of US managed to NOT  start brawls at our candidates’ rallies. So, here’s a thought! Why not SOLELY direct your admonishments at YOUR crew?

Stop trying to “All Lives Matter” this shit up, Bro.


No, Tyler. Stop telling Black People what’s racist against Black People, Trifling Tyler. He was not equating Black Guns to Black Lives. He was referring to the fact that Black People are often either denied our right to bear arms or are in danger of losing our lives, like Philando Castile, if we choose to utilize our gun rights, regardless if we are doing so legally and responsibly. Good luck getting the Black Voter turn-out you need by harassing Black People and accusing us of racism against ourselves if we have the audacity disagree with Chad McWhite and be pro-second amendment in a Berner safe space.

“Your T-Shirt is RACIST against Black People!!!” –Tyler says to a Black Man, just not in those words.

It was just a T-Shirt, Berner.

It wasn’t a Republican.

Being that we are Liberal Democrats, we believe in freedom of expression for all; unless you have some more bigoted shit to say, Tyler, because in that case you can shut the f*ck on up with your Steve Buscemi’s (who I love) nephew looking, lip ring wearing, patronizing smugness while giving yourself a cookie because you thought you were right about some shit you don’t even understand having, VAPORS catching because you saw a Black Man in a T-Shirt you didn’t personally approve of, monochromatic rally attending, white privilege reveling, Jello Surprise eating, cornball self.


Maybe, Tyler, you don’t know what the f*ck you’re even talking about when it comes to racism, so you should just shut your nosy mouth up and mind your goddamn business the next time you feel like checking a Black Man about his goddamn clothing, like you’re automatically every Black Person’s Dress Code Supervisor the second they get within brawlin’ range. Just be quiet, because you just proved the point we have been making about your asses for five goddamn years by AUTHORITATIVELY schooling a black man on racism against black people, when you’re white, and you don’t even experience it.

Poor Old Bernie.

Things did not turn out as smoothly as they began, and for a candidate that’s trying to soothe fears about his toxic revolution and fend off a surging Bloomberg campaign, this is NOT GOOD.

Daily Mail:

A fight broke out at a Bernie Sanders rally in Colorado on Monday after a white man reportedly attacked a black man for booing the Vermont senator and wearing a ‘Black Guns Matter t-shirt.

So, this is the horrifyingly racist T-Shirt, in yellow, being modeled by the creator of Black Guns Matter, Maj Toure. I don’t see what’s so racist about it; the only racist thing about this is the fact that he’s at an NRA rally, because, say his name: PHILANDO CASTILE.

More Daily Fail:

Friends of both men quickly intervened and broke up the fight before it got out of hand.  

According to CBS, one of the men involved contacted the station by phone and confirmed that he is a Sanders supporter who got into a fight with the other man at the rally.

Tyler told CBS that he tried to capture video of the man and his friends booing on his phone, when the man pushed him, prompting Tyler to retaliate. 

Of course his name REALLY is Tyler, I wasn’t joking. What exactly did you expect in Colorado? Chad? Brad? Yeah, me too, I bet his full name is probably Tyler Chad Braddington.

…The other man who was wearing the ‘Black Guns Matter’ shirt also called CBS but remained anonymous. 

He said he is African American and called Tyler the aggressor. 

Yeah. We noticed.

The man claimed: ‘He had a problem with the shirt I was wearing. I was recording the event, he walks up and calls me a racist. But I thought, “What’s he know about black lives, about discrimination, or, for that matter, the representation of the shirt.”‘

He added that while he agrees with Sen Sanders on numerous policies, gun ownership isn’t one of those. 

‘Black people and their ability to own firearms has historically been very restricted. The shirt I got from a conceal-carry class,’ the man said. 

He said something else, something I have often found to be true in my dealings with Berners online, and increasingly in person.


This is sad. Democrats have long prided ourselves on being the “Big Tent” Party, where all are welcome, especially those with left-of-center views and ideology. We know it would be like herding cats to get agreement in all things from fellow Democrats. We are strong enough to handle opinions contrary to our own without resorting to paranoia, paternalistic racism, or violence. Aren’t we? I think WE are.

Whose fault was this brawl? Well, it was Tyler’s fault P R I M A R I L Y, yet not E X C L U S I V E L Y.

We can also blame a culture within the world of Bernie’s campaign supporters that insists on behaving as if Bernie is “Woker and Blacker” than Black People because he was ‘chained to a black woman’ back in 1963. We can blame a movement that denounces John Lewis as a “Sell-out” yet lauds Bernie as a “Civil Rights Leader.” Another culprit is the Bernie friendly media orgs who decided that the R E A L racism and sexism is calling Bernie’s White Male Fans who abuse you online “BernieBros.” We are all racist-sexists who erase his Women and PoC supporters–who we intentionally left out– from the discussion, because they aren’t the ones bullying us.

Bernie Sanders, Head Clown of “Sanders Campaign Circus and Clownstravaganza, Inc.” is finally seeing some returns on the investment he made when, rather than police his movement, he chose to put his head in the sand, and pretended his revolution is nothing like the toxic catshitfire we see from Trump’s masses. His big payout, unfortunately for him, turned out to be a stupid-ass Bro instigated fistfight at his very own campaign rally. Yay! What a Winner.

At least this should be good for his fundraising numbers.

Mo’ Berner money, mo’ Berner problems, mo’ Berner bullshit.

My only question is, how the hell can Bernie lead a Nation if he can’t lead his own base, or see what’s going on, right in front of his face?


Daily Mail


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Oh, Yes I CAN Blame Bernie For The Toxicity Of His Movement and Withhold My Vote

Oh hai. Lately there have been a slew of think pieces about Bernie Sanders being the front-runner, discussing how his movement has threatened to withhold their votes from Democrats if Bernie isn’t the nominee. Hidden between the lines is the idea that Democrats, in general, owe their votes to Sanders if he is the nominee, regardless of the fact that his voters do NOT owe Dems their votes if he is not. So, rather than call them out for using the same tactics that lost the 2016 election, there is a faction in the media that is growing more and more permissive to the idea that Bernie and his Revolution are somehow the victims in all this, and that mainstream Dems have done them wrong time and time again when picking a candidate that appeals to the Dems masses.

Let me let you in on a little secret.

I don’t owe Bernie Sanders or his fucked off revolution of stanerific emo-marxist cyber-terrorists a goddamn bit of shit the fuck all. When these utter fucking geniuses in the media reflect on how energized and dedicated his enthusiastic fans are when engaging in their harassment of the average Dem, they seem to think the people who have been abused don’t fucking matter. These Dems are people who have never done anything whatsoever to deserve the constant bullying, cyber-stalking, targeting, threats, or in my case, being falsely reported to the FBI by fans of Bernie who seek to silence dissent. What these media personalities don’t understand is that the abuse by Bernie fans, in his name, actually causes the gap between MAGA and Berners to shrink to the point where it is non-existent. There is no real difference between the abuse from either side, and since Sanders isn’t the warm and fuzzy type that reaches out to the people who have been abused, often there appears to be no real difference between Sanders and Trump.


Still, the Bernie-or-Busters, small as they may be, have spun their position into an argument for why others should vote for Bernie Sanders too, regardless of the platform they prefer. As efforts in political persuasion go, this contingent puts forward an openly hostile argument. Sanders is the only electable candidate, they suggest, not just because of his policies, but because of the single-mindedness of his followers. The reason you should vote for Sanders is that we won’t vote for anyone else. You don’t want Trump to win again, do you?

No. But I also don’t want Bernie Sanders to win. In a case of one not liking either candidate, people look to see which movement they feel most comfortable with, Bernie’s or Trump’s. If it turns out that both movements engage in racist behavior, sexism, and homophobia, it really doesn’t matter what they profess to be in favor of as far as policy is concerned, what matters is how they treat their fellow citizens by and large. We all know that unless we take back the Senate with a large majority that can defeat Republican attempts to stop legislation from hitting Sanders’ desk, nothing will pass anyway. So, if you’re not in favor of Bernie’s policies in the first place, and do not like him or his movement, why would you be enthusiastic about showing up for the guy who leads the movement that engages in attacks on you?

Yes, it sounds like ugly hostage taking—not a brilliant persuasive strategy but a crude ego-boosting exercise for a group of leftists who can’t resist the impulse to lord some power over an electorate that doesn’t normally consider them relevant. But that’s exactly what makes it so normal, even understandable, in a depressing “we’re all human” sort of way. [NO.] Because the truth is this: Every threat these Sanders stans are explicitly making is one the venerated Centrist Swing Voter makes implicitly—and isn’t judged for. The centrist never even has to articulate his threat.

Excuse me, it IS ugly hostage taking, it is NOT normal, and no, it doesn’t make me see them as more human.

Another thing is this: not everyone opposed to Bernie Sanders is a Centrist, Moderate, or a Swing voter. Many of us are as far left or to the left of Sanders, I for one am definately to his left, and had supported him in 2015. That was until his racist abusive Bern Mafia targeted me for expressing concern about his lack of outreach to black voters. I noticed his lack of history in hiring black people (D.C. is Chocolate City, we could not find one black staffer in 2015; I am open to correction on this point; if he had black staffers prior to 2015, please send me receipts because I have been looking for them.), lamented and mocked his poor showing at Netroots, fumed over his constant MLK appropriation, jeered at his white ass crowds, and felt humiliated by his inability to discuss black people in ways that were not centered on Poverty or Prisons. It is HIS FAULT that his voters have no clue how to engage Black people without resorting to stereotypes and outright bigotry, because he does the same thing.


Sanders, seated across the table, a yellow legal pad at hand, responded with a question of his own, according to two people present: “Aren’t most of the people who sell the drugs African American?” The candidate, whose aides froze in the moment, was quickly rebuffed: The answer, the activists told him, was no. Even confronted with figures and data to the contrary, Sanders appeared to have still struggled to grasp that he had made an error, the two people present said.

No. He did not apologize for spreading this stereotype, and yes, it shows how he views black people in general.


One of many disorienting factors in this election cycle is the fact that the left is more popular and more viable than it has been in a long, long time. They have not one but two exciting candidates, and both are offering policies closer to what leftists actually want than most presidential contenders in U.S. history have. 

I wanted the party to move to the Left towards the direction of where I stood too. I can’t really name my ideology because it’s so far left I am almost hitting the wall. Additionally, I am more Libertarian than Sanders, who trends more authoritarian. Yet, I instinctively know that playing a game of “my way or the highway” won’t lead to a place where poverty programs are expanded up and out, ensuring all necessities of life are provided. It will lead to gridlock and we will make zero progress.

Because folks at the center tend to be wooed by multiple candidates, they’re used to having options, and they’re used to the experience of their vote determining who ends up with the nomination. This means that they usually like the candidate they vote for, in the primary and in the general. Not so for leftists, who get to merely tolerate the candidates they end up having to vote for in order to mitigate the damage from a worse result. 

Here’s the rub… I’m Black. None of this shit applies to me, because as a Black person, I rarely even LIKE or TRUST any of the candidates I have been voting for over the years. I also usually, especially in State and Locally, don’t have any say so in determining the nominee of any race. I am always stuck voting for whoever White People choose as the candidate, and as such, am merely tolerating whoever is chosen to prevent a worse outcome, which usually means preventing a racist shitmonger from winning a race.

Speaking of race… Progressives refuse to address race as a factor in anything; they like to ignore race in everything they do and allow Prison Policy to stand in for Racial Policy, so it’s impossible to get them to see my reality. They get this shit from Bernie.

From Buzzfeed:

“The real issue is not whether you’re black or white, whether you’re a woman or a man,” he said in a 1988 interview. “The real issue is whose side are you on? Are you on the side of workers and poor people or are you on the side of big money and the corporations?”

Not much has changed with Bernie, as you know, Bernie never changes, because he was born as a 72 year old yelly man, just like Benjamin Button, but louder and not as cute.

“It’s not good enough for someone to say, ‘I’m a woman! Vote for me!’” No, that’s not good enough. What we need is a woman who has the guts to stand up to Wall Street, to the insurance companies, to the drug companies, to the fossil fuel industry,” the Vermont independent senator and former Democratic presidential candidate said in a not-so-subtle rebuke to Hillary Clinton”

Bernie’s attacks on Identity Politics filtered down to his base, causing them to feel confident in their attacks on Blacks, LGBTQ, and Women who brought up issues of race, sexuality, and gender over the past few years. They love to say shit to black people online that they would never say to an actual Black person IN PERSON, because they are scared as fuck of Black people. Kinda like Bernie. The refrain of “that’s identity politics, not real policy’ rang out constantly on social media the past few years to the point where pointing out racism, homophobia, and sexism was met with swarms of white men attacking Black people, All Women Who Dared To Be THAT Bitch, LGBTQ, and really, anyone worried about social justice issues that focused on identity. The attacks were and ARE bigoted in the extreme.

This is racist as fuck and is one of the ways the Bernie Titty-Babies managed to marginalize Kamala Harris and drive a wedge between her and Black Voters. Somehow they thought keeping it going would make us like dusty ass Bernie more, but they’re stupid, because we don’t even like that geriatric Bernadook now.

This is homophobic.

Bernie’s supporters are engaging in a hate campaign against Mayor Pete and are trying to convince the world that they are not being homophobic, they are just saying Pete is suppressing his dangerous serial killer nature by being so straight laced. This is fucked up because they are attacking a gay man for being “straight appearing” in spite of the fact that his seeming straightness is how he interacts with a world that hates gay people, and has at times (and Still Does) MURDERED men and women who are gay for not assimilating or conforming to hetero-normative stereotypes. Bernie ignores this behavior from his fans like he ignores all of their nasty hate campaigns. I blame him.

This is misogynistic. No explanation needed.

Racist and fat shaming. Black hair is not your fucking business, bitch. Back the fuck up.

This is just blatantly false and caused people to harass Kamala Harris supporters until they stopped using the Yellow Circles she asked supporters to wear, it stems from the misogynoir his fans engaged in towards Kamala. Bernie has never said shit, so I blame him.

Bigotry. Also erasure of Biden’s Black support in a effort to make it seem as if Bernie is the candidate of diversity. Bernie is at fault, he also erases minorities.

Sexist. Also, damn near all of his fans seem to hate Obama on the same level and with as much heat as MAGA. Why the fuck would we want to join in unity with this man when his fans HATE the first black President. Oh, you think Bernie has nothing to do with setting the tone?

“The business model, if you like, of the Democratic Party for the last 15 years or so has been a failure,” Sanders started, responding to a question about the young voters who supported his campaign. “People sometimes don’t see that because there was a charismatic individual named Barack Obama, who won the presidency in 2008 and 2012.

“He was obviously an extraordinary candidate, brilliant guy. But behind that reality, over the last 10 years, Democrats have lost about 1,000 seats in state legislatures all across this country.”

Bernie doesn’t fucking like Obama either.

Sexism. Racism. Bernie does the worst with Black Women, and is often dismissive when asked a question by one of us. So, his fans see nothing to lose by targeting us in particular, and we in turn are likely the largest group of people willing to sit this one out if Bernie manages to come out on top. The media is no help whatsoever to marginalized people, because they ultimately weave a narrative where Bernie comes out the victim.

We can already see it happening amongst the Children of the Bern, where they have taken to labeling K-Hive, a movement started by a Black Woman (Me) for a Black Woman (Kamala Harris), “Liberal ISIS” for our resistance to Bernie and willingness to defend the other candidates from the attacks levied by the Berner Swarm.

Oh, cry me a fucking river! We don’t dox, cyberstalk, harass, abuse, try to get people fired, engage in bigotry, we learn from our mistakes, and we never make it our mission to ruin someone’s life.

We simply turn the tables on the bros and ask tough questions, like Kamala Harris. If that breaks you down, you were already broken before you found us. Oh, yeah. That’s another thing. We don’t go looking for Berners to abuse; we wait until they come to abuse US and refuse to play along.

Regardless of what poor Peter Daou says, there is no “Unadulterated Hatred” in asking if someone has checked on him.

So, yes, I can blame Bernie for the nastiness of his movement and choose not to ever join it no matter what. Progressives love to play forever victims, even while they engage in their vile abuse, but I do not have to empower their movement or help them elect Bernie. Maybe if enough people sound the alarm and let him know we will not be helping him in November while suffering constantly at the hands of his Branch Bernidians, then he will have no choice but to be a leader and fucking lead these assholes into being decent people. I don’t expect the abuse to magically end if Bernie becomes President or loses to Trump, and I also don’t expect him to do shit about it, so I guess I’m just Never Bernie. What I am now stuck with is the same as always; White States get to vote first and create the narrative that Dem voters are in favor of whoever these powerful white voters choose, and I am sick of it and sick of Sanders. I didn’t become a Democrat to not only be marginalized by the White Moderate, but to also suffer abuse from the punk ass White leftist bitchmade humdinger of a Revolution. I’m not here to empower shitfucks that search me out no matter where I am just to heap abuse on me, threaten me, or report me to the FBI as a possible MASS SHOOTER, all because I think Bernie is an old bigot who minimizes Black oppression to appease the white voters he thinks he’ll need to win the General.

I’m just Never Bernie, deal with it or die mad about it. I don’t care which.

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Bernie’s Aging In Dog Years While The Media Lets Him Hide His Medical Records



Imagine being a 78 year old socialist who just had a heart attack, is aging in dog years, holds tight to the podium in order to remain upright, appears to have lost a dangerous amount of weight, and you’re trying to foist yourself off on the Democratic Party as the leader of The Revolution that can take down Trump. What if you also say you are perfectly healthy, yet are too scared to show off the medical records you promised? Doesn’t that sound kinda sketchy and maybe not the best thing to do if you really want to defeat Trump? Like, don’t you think maybe the voters have the right to know if Death Will Become You before you can be inaugurated?

Bernie Sanders told us after his heart attack that he would release his medical record, yet, he has not done so. Many of us who know this game Bernie plays knew at the time that he had no intentions on releasing a damn thing ever, but we were told to “just shut the fuck up and vote blue no matter who” over and over and over until we were finally distracted by something else. Well, here we are, it has been months, and the media has finally realized that Bernie is a liar who isn’t going to hand over anything they don’t already have.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll be aware that Bernie has done this same exact move with his tax documents, his final FEC filing, and now his medical records. Why does he always manage to get away with the same type of thing Trump tends to get away with? Because the media is scared of his fans, just like they are scared of MAGA? Calm down, this is my opinion, but the Berners are smarter than MAGAs so I guess it makes sense that the media fears them more.

From Inquisitr:

Less than four months after he was felled by a heart attack during a campaign appearance, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders — who is currently polling second in the race for the Democratic 2020 presidential nomination, according to the Real Clear Politics average of all polls — has now reneged on his earlier promise to release his full medical records. Sanders took back his pledge during an interview with Chuck Todd of NBC News on Sunday morning.

Reneged. Bernie was of SOUND MIND when he made this promise, so it really is quite shocking how easily he took it back and how little resistance he faces from party leaders and outside advocacy groups, like Superpacs, who you’d think would be running ads about his failure to deliver on a campaign promise. Let’s face it, Bernie is no spring chicken, and neither is Donald Trump, so when it comes down to who is more physically equipped to handle the job, we all know Trump will use Bernie’s heart attack to his benefit, and unlike the attacks on Hillary for catching the Flu in 2016, attacks on Sanders’ health may be spot on. We don’t know how healthy Sanders is, he refuses to show us the receipts.

Now 78-years-old, Sanders would be 79 by the time of the 2020 presidential election, making him easily the oldest person ever elected president if he were to win the November 3 general election. Donald Trump holds the current record for the oldest candidate ever elected to a first term as president. He was 70-years-old on November 8, 2016, when he won that year’s election.

Bernie is an 80 year old heart patient, this is just fact. While he may get away with just brushing aside questions about his health to the liberal media, not all media is equal or as kind. While many will insist on defending Bernie from attacks on his health, will cry foul over questions about his age, and will try to counter attacks on Bernie by asking questions about trumps own health, the heart attack suffered by Sanders cannot be wished away. Bernie is a very sick old man.

According to the American Heart Association, one of every five heart attack victims suffers a second coronary incident within five years of the first one. Americans suffer 335,000 “recurrent” heart attacks every year — that is, heart attacks that are not the victim’s first. In other words, half of all heart attack victims age 75 and older survive longer than 3.1 years — but half die before reaching that mark.

Half of heart attack victims die within three years; half survive longer than three years, so this means Bernie has a 50/50 chance of making it through one term as President. This is not a good statistic for anyone attempting to take over a job that is considered to be one of the most stressful in the world and is known to age you faster than a Gigolo on meth.


I have comments:


This is IMPORTANT. Who the hell will this geriatric chupacabra choose as his VP? Tulsi Gabbard is not well liked within the party and Nina Turner is just a Clown. We can’t have them embarrassing us on the National or International stage.


You see this? Bernie has aged RAPIDLY since his unfortunate brush with death, and now looks haggard and weak.


Here is the interview with Chuck Todd where Bernie reneged on his promise to disclose his medical records.

Damn Chuck Todd dragged his ass…… Bernie is super combative when talking about releasing his medical records, I remain unconvinced that he’s healthy. Also….Looks like Bernie doesn’t really want to admit that older, wiser voters are not feeling him at all. After his terrible under-performance in New Hampshire, he may want to rethink his path to victory. And that’s without even considering how his poor health will make voters nervous and might keep them from the polls. But, it looks like Bernie is not dealing in reality. Take

Berners found a way to get Chuck Todd back for banging on old Bernie.

Take a little bit of time out of your day to listen to my latest podcast! I discuss Iowa, New Hampshire, and Tom Perez and why Perez needs to quit his job and go on somewhere with his weak ass bullshit.

The moral of the story here is that Bernie is definately hiding something in his medical records that would likely kill his campaign if it came to light. Back in September he had no problem with releasing his records, but now, post heart attack, Bernie has taken back his promise and gets quite pissy if you confront him about it. This does not bode well for 2020 if Bernie is the nominee; Trump has the bully pulpit on his side and an army online that may be as large or larger than Bernie’s, so it’s unlikely that they’ll just take his word for it on his health. A sickly socialist is the ultimate bad candidate to face Trump, so let’s hope the Millionaire Marxists is not the last one standing.



Dear Bernie Sanders, Racism is NOT Poverty and Poor Whites are NOT Like Blacks Living Under Apartheid

Ok, I’m not trying to be judgmental, but, does Bernie Sanders know anything about racism?

I only ask because it seems like daily we find another one of his old interviews where he says the most batshit things about Black People in relation to White People, and I am at the point where I have started wondering if he is stupid, racist, evil, crazy, or some combination thereof. When I am faced with making a judgement call about the character of a person, I usually find myself left with the most basic dilemma we face in those situations: Stupid or Evil? This is usually after I have ruled out “Crazy” as a factor, although, I reserve the right to bring crazy back into the mix at any point, because as you know, crazy can sneak up on you.

Which brings me to Bernie Sanders. I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that Bernie equated White Vermont Workers with Black Slaves, and how he praised George Wallace’s sensitivity. That was last week.

THIS week, we find out that Bernie Sanders “once likened poor whites to blacks living under Apartheid.

Yippie! Finally, we are hearing something International! Yay!

Let me explain the tiny bit I know about Apartheid.

Remember Apartheid? If you were a Black Child born in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s, you probably made a sign and attended a protest against South African Apartheid at some point in your childhood. Some of us who lived in predominately Black neighborhoods made signs at school and learned HOW to protest BECAUSE OF South African Apartheid. If you know a bit of history, you know that defacto segregation and racial discrimination were already a way of life for South African Blacks before Apartheid was enacted, and they already had many oppressive race laws on the books. They should have felt secure. But in 1948 WWII was over, Hitler was dead, racism was starting to be frowned upon in Europe, and DE-Colonization was beginning to gain steam. So, naturally South African Whites were paranoid. Whites were privileged minorities, completely controlled government, and they wanted things to remain in their favor; so they needed even MORE laws to maintain that privilege. Apartheid Acts were used to further abuse Black South Africans, oppress them, limit their travels, separate them, and hopefully drive Blacks into relinquishing their citizenship. Apartheid is often compared to Jim Crow, yet, Apartheid was it’s own hell, perhaps even worse than our Jim Crow, with a uniquely evil set of laws governing racial policy. Or maybe they were equally terrible as we were, and I am just naive.


At a 1986 public forum, Sanders said poor Vermonters “are the equivalent of blacks in South Africa. They don’t vote, they aren’t involved, they don’t care about the issues,” according to the Bennington Banner in Vermont. Sanders amended his statement after one observer on stage commented about his “pretty fiery oratory.”


“Obviously the analogy is not true,” Sanders then responded, “because in South Africa the blacks are not invisible — they are beginning to stand up.”

Is he trying to say poor whites are invisible and therefore have it worse than Blacks under Apartheid? OMG, yes. He tried it.

Let’s see if poor white Americans and black South Africans were dealing with similar levels of oppression and burdens, so we can figure out where the fuck Bernie was getting his ideas from way back in 1986. Here are links to some of the more “Important” Apartheid Laws. 

Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act, 1949

No, poor Whites were NOT prohibited from marrying Blacks in 1986.

Immorality Amendment Act, 1950

No, poor Whites were NOT prohibited from FUCKING Blacks in 1986.

Separate Representation of Voters Act, 1951

No, poor Whites were NOT removed from the Voter Rolls.

Pass Laws Act of 1952 or Natives Abolition of Passes & Coordination of Documents Act of 1952 

No, poor Whites were NOT required to carry a “dompas” or passbook to be allowed to leave their hometown and travel around the state or nation.

The Reservation of Separate Amenities Act, Act No 49 of 1953

No, poor Whites were NOT segregated out and forced to use “Separate but Equal” public accommodations.

Criminal Law Amendment Act No 8, 1953

No, poor Whites were NOT prohibited by law from resisting oppression.

Bantu Education Act /Bantu Authorities Act

No, poor Whites were NOT limited in what they were allowed to study.

Stock Limitation Act of 1950

No, poor Whites were not subject to having their domestic farm animals slaughtered if other Whites felt they had too many.

Suppression of Communism Act of 1950

No, poor Whites were not prohibited in any way from fighting for social justice, economic equality, political change, and were not imprisoned for attempting to do so.


How the fuck is living Black under Apartheid like being a poor white person, Senator Sanders?

I cannot find ONE similarity between how Blacks were oppressed in South Africa and how poor Whites were treated here at home. Not one law was put on the books to single out poor Whites for punishments, burdens, segregation or anything else, so why the fuck would you say this bullshit then or at any time?

Why does Bernie Sanders continually minimize the suffering of Black humans in relation to poor Whites?

Because, if he admits we, as Black People, have unique problems that were not caused by money, but were instead caused by White People, including POOR White People, he will have to admit his solutions will not help Black People equally to White People. And since his Revolution depends on White People joining, he cannot be seen giving Black People “extra help” or relief targeted specifically towards our community. Every single program has to be “for Everybody” or his White supporters will resent it, blame us, and drop-kick his movement into the dustbin of history.

In 1978, according to the Rutland Daily Herald, Sanders compared the plight of many across the planet to slavery, saying that “I believe that the vast majority of the people of the world and of this country are living in a slave-like condition not terribly different from what existed in this country before the Civil War.”

Well, you believe entirely stupid shit that you made up, because it’s pretty obvious we’d all notice the change if we became slaves tomorrow. The average slave before the Civil War lived a fucked up and wretched life.

US History.org:

Life on the fields meant working sunup to sundown six days a week and having food sometimes not suitable for an animal to eat. Plantation slaves lived in small shacks with a dirt floor and little or no furniture. Life on large plantations with a cruel overseer was oftentimes the worst. However, work for a small farm owner who was not doing well could mean not being fed….A slave was not permitted to keep a gun. If caught carrying a gun, the slave received 39 lashes and forfeited the gun. Blacks were held incompetent as witnesses in legal cases involving whites. The education of slaves was prohibited. Anyone operating a school or teaching reading and writing to any African-American in Missouri could be punished by a fine of not less than $500 and up to six months in jail. Slaves could not assemble without a white person present. 

Let’s see how that compares to the harsh plight of poor Northern whites.

“What about the 800 workers?” Sanders asked, according to the Brattleboro Reformer. “They were informed about the sale four days before it was publicly announced. They were sold to the Swiss. No one asked them how they felt about it. They weren’t treated very differently from the way black people in this country were treated when there was slavery.”

Um. How about you shut the fuck up and keep Black People’s name out cho mouth? They were treated very fucking differently, what the fuck kind of crack smoke was blowing around Brattleboro back in the day? Looks like Bernie got a contact high and numbed his brain, because this is the absolute hottest of hot takes I have ever seen. But don’t you worry! Brie Brie is here to smooth things over like she always does so that nobody thinks Bernie is just a racist old white man who needs to retire so he can knit and walk in the woods with his grand-babies all day forever and have a million seats.

“We expect to see these desperate last-minute attacks continue as long as this movement thrives, but Americans trust Bernie Sanders, and they can identify a cynical, politically motivated ploy when they see one,” Sanders’ national press secretary, Briahna Joy Gray, said in a written statement. Sanders, the statement added, has rising support from black voters, a diverse coalition of backers, policies that help minorities, and a “long record of commitment to racial equality.”

TRASH. Rather than admit that he said some problematic shit and explain how he corrected his thinking, Brie Brie decides to dismiss the whole shebang and use the never ending “Bernie is a VICTIM!” defense, just like we knew she would. I’m kind of left wondering if Bernie still believes this same ass stupid shit or has he finally realized how insane he was?

I’m not the only Black person who thinks Bernie has some serious issues when it comes to his racial views, but everyone else is much nicer than me in how they deliver the message. Lucky for Bernie, because I just see him as completely hopeless, kinda racist, and so attached to whiteness, he will never be able to fully see me as a black woman or care enough to understand how America interacts with blackness.

“I’m not sure if he’s recognized that he is severely limited in his analysis as a white male of privilege. I know he’s a Jewish man, but a white male of privilege,” said LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter. “He leads from believing that class is the greatest sin of America and not race, that is his weakness to me. It’s a false equivalency around race and class — he just has a blind spot.”

It’s not “just” a blind spot. It’s like his eyes were surgically removed and the last thing he saw was Deliverance.

Quentin James, executive director of The Collective, a political committee that aids African-American candidates, said that Sanders’ biggest liability with black voters is that he never attempted to build meaningful relationships with black lawmakers and community figures until he ran for president.

He’s a opportunistic little shit, you mean?

“He’s been in office for decades, but now that he needs black people he’s here,” said James, whose group is neutral in the race.

Go away, Bernie. This is one of my main problems with Bernie Sanders. He spent decades largely ignoring Black People after his “White Flight” to Vermont, then suddenly one day he turned up waving Black and White Civil Rights photos from 57 years ago, and takes full credit for fighting for Black people the entire 56 years he was gone. Yet, we have no evidence of any of his fights for Black Liberation after 1963.

“Every white candidate in the nomination process has a problem with race,” James said, “Biden answered for it and was held accountable. Now it’s Sanders’ turn.”

This. I’m sure Bernie is super dooper oppressed by the Super-delegates, Hillary’s opinions, Bloomberg getting to debate, and all that private jet travel, but guess what? He still needs to be held just as accountable on race as Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg or Amy Kloubuchar. It’s telling how Bernie always dismisses racial concerns and concerns about his shitty views on race while everyone else has to try to answer like they actually give a shit. And it’s not cute how the media continues to prop him up by going hard after his opponents while leaving him to coast along without any explanations whatsoever.

Bernie Sanders is the whole entire buffoon, and his non-stop attempts to equate the sufferings of poor white in poverty to the sufferings of poor blacks (or any blacks) under Jim Crow, Slavery, and now, Apartheid, need to be called the hell out right the hell now. And NOT just by me. The media needs to do their jobs. I get that Sanders seems to have decided at some point after 1963 that the unique experience of Blacks under White Supremacy needed to be reduced down to class issues for him to understand them. It’s mighty fucked up that he apparently needed to make the sufferings of whites seem just as bad as the sufferings of blacks. I guess this was necessary in order for his “one size fits all” “economic solutions for everything plan” to make sense, even to himself. This would be fine, if it were at all true, but since it’s not, it just amounts to a Whitewashed view of the culture we live in, and racist erasure of the lived experience of Black People for the entire time we have existed in America.


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