Biden Should Choose Kamala Harris Over Liz Warren if he Wants to Win Back Obama’s Lost Black Voters

Everyone these days seems to be promoting racial equality, and discussing our politics with the language of anti-racism. Black Lives Matter seems to be on the lips of Blacks, Whites, Youngs, Olds, and everyone in between, and the cries for Justice reverberate from here around the world. The death of George Floyd was not a singular act, but was just one of many acts in a series of injustices that reach back into the antebellum age. Casual murder of Black Men in America is as old as America itself, and the rage that followed such cavalier abuse of a black body, and the smug, arrogant snuffing out of human life, was merely a reflection of the White Rage that has caused such acts to become commonplace.

This serves as the back-drop for the selection of Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential running mate. When he began his search, all of the pundits in the Very White Media had much and more to say about the necessity of choosing someone from the Midwest, from a rural state, that could bring voters from those places, or even carry a state like Wisconsin. If you read between the lines, it was clear as day what they were saying: “Black Women can’t deliver White Votes, we NEED a White Woman.” No matter how many times I pulled out my handy dandy little chart showing that reaching out to Black voters, other POC, and White Women with college degrees was more beneficial than outreach to rural White working class voters, they continued spouting that nonsense.

Since April, we have received polls that indicate much higher enthusiasm for a Black VP candidate among Black voters than if Biden chose a White VP candidate. Black PAC conducted a poll with 800 Black voters in several states that showed 55% of Black Voters would be more enthusiastic for Harris or another Black Woman, and some non-voting Black people even said they’d be liklier to vote. In June another survey showed Black Voters had higher enthusiasm for a Black VP, and in July 72% of Democrats said it was important for Biden to choose a Woman of Color. These voters indicated that they will vote for Biden regardless, so there won’t be any shedding of support for Biden if he does choose a White Woman. There also won’t be any increased enthusiasm from Black Voters–in fact, there may be the opposite. Demoralization and feelings of marginalization would be normal coming from the group who saved Joe’s campaign being told to go to the back of the line and wait 4 to 8 more years for another chance. Regardless, he’ll have our support.

Support is great.

Support, although very important, is not enthusiasm, and without enthusiastic support from the Black Community, there will not be a resulting increase in Black Voter turnout that will bring our levels back up to where they were for Obama. While some may argue that there is no evidence that a Black Woman VP candidate will draw Black voters to the polls, there is also no evidence that a Black VP candidate won’t cause the necessary enthusiasm to bring out Black Voters at 2008 levels. Because, quite frankly, we have never once had a Black Person chosen by a White Person to be their running mate for the Presidential Ticket. Not once. The one time a Black man DID have the opportunity to choose, he chose Joe Biden. Maybe Biden should return the favor.

While many Black Women are pushing for one of our own, there are some Black Women who have gotten swept up in the Leftist arms of Liz Warren, and seek to push back on the idea that Black women actually support the advancement of other Black women. In an op-ed recently, one such Progressive Black Blue Check tried out the stale idea that Warren would be better for Black Women than any and all Black Women, perhaps even including their own Mamas, I’m not sure.

From The Grio:

What’s more, the Massachusetts senator couldn’t name 5 Black people that politically inspired her, and spent years lying about her Native American ancestry. However, there are some Black people who’d have no problem with Biden picking the former alleged Cherokee over Senator Skee-wee.

These are facts that Warren supporters tend to gloss over, and if pressed, will likely simply put their fingers in their ears and holler, “RIGHT WING TALKING POINTS!!!” until their fragility causes them to block everyone, or resort to Old School Racism.

Activists Phillip Agnew and Angela Peoples went so far as to pen an op-ed in the Washington Post on Wednesday entitled: “Biden Needs a Running Mate Committed to Black Lives: That’s Elizabeth Warren.”

On the scale of hot takes, the 70 plus-year-old progressive white woman cares about Black lives more than the woman who is actually Black is right up there with Terry Crews decrying the dangers of encroaching Black supremacy and Kanye West being just as good for Black people as Biden.

This is that part where people just start lying their asses off to try to trick people into giving them the result they seek. When I ask people who say this shit about Liz having a lifelong record of being committed to Black Lives, the only evidence I ever get is told is she started the CFPB, she wrote a thing against Segregation in the 70s, and she gave a BLM speech in 2015. Also, the proof is in her plans, they say, yet they cannot point to anything specific.

One thing you’ll notice eventually is that Black Leftist activists are nearly always completely wrong about what Black Voters will do, its almost stunning how wrong their can be about their own people. Mainstream Black Dems, however, have their fingers on the pulse of the community.

 “Biden understands that he’s running against Beelzebub, and he’ll get 90% of the Black vote. But I will say in terms of the level of enthusiasm, in terms of volunteering? I ain’t making no donations, or phone calls or volunteering if he picks Elizabeth Warren. I’ll still vote though.”

This is actually a common refrain from women in my circles; they will vote to rid themselves of Trump yet they resent the idea of Liz being elevated on their backs and will choose to forego the usual fundraising and GOTV operations they usually partake in. Even I have held back, and while I will vote to save myself from Trump out of pure pragmatism if the VP happens to be Warren, I will not be able to participate beyond the act of voting.

Janet, activist and consultant: “I want it to be a Black woman but I wouldn’t be mad if it’s Elizabeth. My concern is that for a lot of people they don’t just want a Black woman they want it to be Kamala. If it’s another Black woman [Val Demmings, Stacey Abrams] will all of these K-Hive people stay home? I supported Elizabeth and support her now because she represents my hopes and values.”

Janet seems to be a bit upset at the idea that a group that was started for Kamala Harris seems to support her over all other candidates. Strange. I have only encountered a few KHive who will boycott the election, and those will only do so if Liz Warren is chosen over ALL the Black Women candidates, so, Janet can fuck off with her bullshit, quite frankly. While Janet is fucking off somewhere, she can also prepare for the scenario of Joe choosing the Woman she supports, Liz Warren, by getting her ass in gear for getting out the Black Vote for Liz and Joe, phone-banking in swing states, and raising all the money we ignorant KHive peons will not be raising for her MeeMaw’s elevation to the secondary throne. The denigration and dismissive attitudes towards a group started by a Black Woman for a Black Woman, from the women who support a White Woman is not particularly welcoming and may not encourage us to dedicate all of our free time to a Biden-Warren campaign. Many of us will jump in and help no matter who Joe chooses, so it’s likely that the absence of 5 or 10 thousand women and men who normally volunteer will not effect voter turnout, and Biden will win regardless.

Sure, Biden can win no matter who he chooses, most likely, and he may not be depending on Black Voters to turn out at a higher rate than we did in 2016. But if he is depending on higher Black Turnout rates for the GE, Liz Warren as VP will absolutely not get him over the finish line, and honestly, it’s not clear what group she will draw to the polls for Joe. If they were to lose such a winnable election, the blame from the media would fall squarely on Black Voter Turnout. Since we will be blamed regardless, I don’t see why we shouldn’t be represented on the ticket so that at least there will be some reason we get the blame.

The Grio

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Dear Media, Can You PLEASE Stop Shoving Liz Warren Down Our Throats?

We get it. Liz Warren speaks to you, in her teachery whisper yell, in a way no candidate has ever spoken to you in your life. When you hear her nasal Okie-tones honk “Two Cents!” at some possible dumbass who questions the feasibility of wealth tax, a tax tried by other nations and soon discarded, to your ears, the sound is on par with the wonderment of Mozart. When your eyes light upon the agony of her un-choreographed frolicking, her stiff jerkings where she lashes her body out in suspiciously Elainesque motions, become as rhythmic and graceful to you as an activity my community may call “dancing”. And your heart warms when she tells her stories about the Mamas and the Daddies, the MeeMaws and the PawPaws, or even how her daddy got sick and her mama had somehow never worked, but had to get a job. I was one who thought he was dead in that story for several months last year, not you, though, because you were actually listening.

Mehdi Hasan from The Intercept:

If you win in November, you will be 78 years old at your inauguration — the oldest person ever to enter the White House.

Sorry to be blunt, but the actuarial tables suggest there is a one in five chance you may not make it to the end of your first term. (Keep doing those workouts!)

Yes. You love Elizabeth Warren,  and for some incomprehensible reason, you seem to think you can talk the rest of us into it too. 

Warren has charm, people skills, a common touch. Working-class white men may be your biggest fans; college-educated white women are hers. And the misogyny she’s had to endure so far may not be a problem in the general election. “Like most women,” your former White House colleague Jennifer Palmieri pointed out in the Boston Globe last week, “she could be even more effective when she’s campaigning for someone else, other than herself — then voters don’t get uneasy about all that ambition she has.”


But it is Warren who stands out from the rest. If you were to offer her the VP slot, the senator from Massachusetts has said, without hesitation, that she would accept it.

You should make that offer. And make it soon.

Oh, I hear ya. You’re just sending a message to Joe Biden, you all don’t mean to do it in major publications, or in leftist tabloids like The Intercept, so that you can bury any reports or discussion about any other candidates who might be better for that position. You’re not trying to speak for The People by having constant discussion of one of the least likely to be chosen, and worst possible choices Joe said he would consider for the role, drowning out all other possibilities, that’s just an unintended consequence. And sure, you never even noticed how over-represented in the media you supporters of Betsey Hustle tend to be, it’s not like you could look around yourself.

Consider the latest polls, however. According to Axios, a new survey in the key swing states of Michigan and Wisconsin, commissioned by Donors of Color Action, found Warren to be “the overall candidate to beat” among potential vice presidential nominees, with “the most consistent support among white and black voters in both states.” She even outpolled Harris among black voters.

Maybe you missed the fact that a Black Woman increases enthusiasm in 55% of black voters, and even causes many Black non-voters to be more likely to vote; we don’t want to just turnout Black people who always vote, we want record turnout. I have not seen any data suggesting Black voters will show up in record numbers for Warren like they may for Harris. Also? It’s sad. Always the dings at Harris whenever someone wants to promote Warren, yet if someone like myself were to just post videos of Liz Warren being racially ignorant, well, the entire party is destroyed. Maybe using Harris as the whipping boy whenever you want to promote Warren will begin to backfire with some Black people. By this, I mean myself, because it’s starting to make me remember how terrible it will be for people of color when the GOP begins going through Warren’s past and bringing up all the racially ignorant situations she involved herself in, along with her many unanswered for mistakes. I do not plan to defend her, Mehdi Hasan can do that.

The point I’m trying to make is this: Knock it the fuck off, you’ve said it a thousand times, that’s enough.

Just in the last week or so alone, there have been a number of opinion editorials that seek to completely erase the accomplishments and value of the other women under consideration, and guess what? THAT DOESN’T INSPIRE WARM FEELINGS FOR LIZ AMONG THE MASSES. Meanwhile, your publications seem to treat Joe Biden like an Un-Progressive, uninspiring, no policy having candidate who will let Liz be the real President, because Biden is not only stupid in your view, he is also on his DEATHBED from being way too old, even though he is only 9 years older than Betsey, or maybe 8, I have to check.

Perhaps with a nod to your own age and health, you have said — rightly! —  on more than one occasion, that the person you pick to be your vice president has to be “ready on day one to be president of the United States.”

What does that have to do with Liz Warren? No. Real shit, I mean it.

If that is your key requirement — and I think it should be — then it has to be Elizabeth Warren. It just has to be. She is readier than the rest. She is even readier than you, Joe.

B*tch, what? You see this shit?


Mehdi Hasan

Sincerely, Mehdi? That was some fucked up shit.

I have no idea whether the point of all of these op-eds is to make people hate Liz Warren and want her to go the entire fuck away right fucking now, but that’s the effect it’s having on me. I didn’t want Liz once I gave her background the deep dive, and after reading about 20 op-eds in favor of her, that spend half the time trashing her competition and Joe Biden, I’m not sure I ever want to hear another word about Liz Warren. If Joe wants a fractured base, angry Black women, and a VP who will undermine him at every turn, in order to sideline him from his own job, with a dedicated leftist media constantly attacking him to uplift her? Then he should pick Liz Warren, because that’s exactly what he’s going to get.


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Meghan McCain Wishes “Bernie Bros” Would F*ck Off Somewhere Along With Bernie Sanders

Meghan Bo Peep, aka Meghan McCain, is right about something again. This is a rare occurrence in the land of Conservatopia, where ladies buy ugly frocks made by Ivanka, and think Don Jr is just a “Dreamboat” like Moondoggie from Gidget or some shit. I wouldn’t normally discuss Megs, but the situation she is dealing with and pissed off about is actually something that I am also fucking sick of: Berners. Bernie Sanders has been running for President for approximately 105 years, so in that time he has managed to obtain quite a cult following. Some people are impressed with his ability to accumulate all the biggest assholes on the Left into a “Movement” that makes lots of noise. I am not stupid as they are, so I see it as more than a little problematic.

So does Megs.

 Meghan vs Berners

Yesterday, John McCain’s daughter was not one bit happy with the old Marxist Chupacabra, and she was not afraid to said so.


“He has a problem with women. He has for a long time, and I think if Elizabeth Warren has this in her back pocket, all is fair in politics, all is fair in love and war, and look, I don’t want another misogynist as president. Women in this country are sick of it, and I have always thought he has had a problem with women.”

This, of course, led to many many little meltdowns from Bros and Broettes around the nation, especially on Twitter where they have an outsized influence. Brie Brie Joy, who is one of the trolls Bernie hired to be a face of his campaign, could not stop herself from chiming in like an ass, and somehow had to bring feminism into it.

Sanders national press secretary Briahna Joy Gray called the segment “shameful” and said, “I’m a longtime watcher of @TheView, and respect its reach and influence a great deal. That’s why I want it to be accountable to the women whose interests it’s attacking… Whatever this segment is, it isn’t feminism.”

Okay, Ms. Gray, I don’t really understand what that has to do with anything, but I also don’t ever know what the fuck you’re talking about, so…you’re just being a goddamn clown again, obviously. I watched the segment, and you can see for yourself that the discussion was absolutely normal. Meghan discussed how vicious the Bernie supporters are to women in the media on both sides of the aisle, how Bernie’s behavior contributed to Trump winning the Whitehouse, how Hillary discussed the way Berners harassed her supporters, and Meghan’s belief that Bernie is just a fucking misogynist, and how her Twitter would probably be lit TF up just because she spoke out.

Nothing she said was a lie.

Then the debate happened. Oh my.

Bernie and Liz did not reach a mutual agreement over whether Bernie told her “a Woman cannot win” and let’s just say it was bad. I’m actually writing another separate piece on that later, so you’ll have to check it out. But, today on The View, Meghan was still coming for Bernie, and I guess she’s not scared of Brie Brie’s scoldings and the hordes of Berners in her mentions, cause she called that shit out too.

“She’s not shaking hands with him because she’s over it. Because all the Bernie bros got on Twitter and are sending her snake emojis and saying #WarrenIsASnake and it started trending. And that’s the misogynistic Bernie bros who came after me yesterday. I’m still saying it again. Stop doing this to women. And whether Bernie likes it or not, fact that she didn’t shake his hand, I’m sorry, that tells you everything you need to know about how she feels about that.”

Yeah. The snake emojis just remind me of some Biblical Adam and Eve bullshit, and yes, it’s sexist as fuck. Period. These fuckduds were sending those fucking emojis alllll day yesterday and really got wild and crazy during the debate. Last night after the debate, Queen Liz did not shake hands with King Bernie, and the whole world of Progressive politics was shook the fuck up. Personally, it was the first time in months I found something to like about Liz Warren. This whole “I’m with Bernie!” bullshit she had been carrying on while his sexist ass bros torched the other women candidates, just made her look shady as fuck. Now, Liz is the one at the center of the bro storm, and her supporters are looking for people to defend her, but a lot of Dems are not going for this shit. I’m just going to continue attacking Bernie’s shitty as record, stupid lies, and bad personality. Oh, and his plans to pass his legislation will be getting a share of my fire.

Meghan McCain seems to believe that the Berners are just as toxic as they were last time, and I can’t say she’s wrong. I highly doubt they’ll get behind the winner, if it’s not Bernie, no matter what. Even before this whole drama played out between Liz and Bernie, I pretty much knew the bros were going to do the Bernie or Bust thing again. This is why I am a Founding Member of Never Bernie. There ain’t no way in hell I’m going to empower the type of fuckdicks and assgasms that occupy the Progressive Left. These are the StrugglePunks who all caps “NEOLIB” at random working class Democrats of all races and persuasions. Bernie, for his part, is simply an asshole and doesn’t see anything wrong with how he operates. As long as his bros attacks benefit him in some way, he ain’t gonna say shit about it. And that is how you know Bernie doesn’t really give a shit about the people he is trying to change the system for, because anyone with empathy would feel terrible to have people running around abusing others in their name, and for them. But, not Bernie Sanders. Years of abuse and not once has he ever seriously tried to get his movement under control.

Bernie loves to hold the label of “Feminist” and wear it like a badge, and he gets pissy if someone tries to snatch his badge away. But would any Feminist allow women to be targeted and harassed and abused in their name? Wouldn’t they, knowing how much women already have to deal with, wouldn’t they tell their supporters to “STOP” at some point? Wouldn’t they show some type of concern that so many women in America despise their movement because of their supporters? I guess, Ill ask one more question:


If Bernie Sanders is such a great leader, why the fuck can’t he lead his own damn movement to not be so goddamn misogynist and toxic?



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Liz Warren Might Wanna Ask Pete How To Get Some Wine Cave Cash

This is the mutha fuckin wine cave

Funds are getting funny around the Warren camp and Queen Liz is sounding the alarms, ringing the bells, and proclaiming her poverty to all and sundry. We are all used to Liz and her tales of terrible times and pernicious poverty that really just amount to what we black folks like to call “everyday life.” Already faced with the case of “Was Liz’s Dad a Janitor or a Maintenance Man” starring an old friend of her brother’s who likes to serve up the tea, Liz is now facing a Tragic Fate. Gone is the endless supply of small dollar donors, and steady dropping in the polls, Liz is having some problems raising the moolah to keep her campaign ahead of the Dreaded Mayor Pete. Liz says donations are down by 30%, and she is whisper yelling at all of her subjects to deliver more money to the Crown posthaste, or deal with her tiny powerfist of fury!! Lol, just kidding.

“So far this quarter, we’ve raised a little over $17 million,” the email says. “That’s a good chunk behind where we were at this time last quarter.”

Could this be due to people actually needing to spend their money on holiday items for their own families and not really being super interested in sacrificing their shit for her bullshit? Or maybe her most loyal donors are maxing out due to her endless fundraising requests? Is it too hard on the average American to have to pay to run these super expensive and long as fuck political campaigns that suck your money up like a Las Vegas casino? Probably.

This is true; Warren’s campaign raised $24.6 million in the third quarter, second to only Sen. Bernie Sanders‘ (I-Vt.) campaign, which brought in over $25 million.

It was very stupid of Liz to hitch her wagon to the Bernie Style Fundraising Train; she has been performing terribly at the debates, her plans are not universally loved, and she is struggling with black voters again, and maybe always was. With Kamala Harris out of the race, Liz was probably hoping it would boost her own campaign. Pobrecita. Ha! I asked the K-hive what we should do once Kamala left, and most said, “Not Liz.” So, yeah, that boost didn’t happen, and my role has been to try to steer people to Biden and hope for VP for Kamala. If Liz had been hoping to profit from Kamala’s loss? HAHAHAHAHA! Nope. Fuck off.

The Massachusetts senator took a swing at Buttigieg, saying, in reference to a private donor event Buttigieg hosted in Napa Valley, “Billionaires in wine caves should not pick the next president of the United States.”

Liz Warren has totally been feeling herself since the last debate where she thought she took it to Mayor Pete over his method of raising funds for his Presidential campaign. For some strange reason, the Liz inspired media and roving hordes of white feminists on Social Media seemed to believe Liz won that exchange, even though she lost.

I am NOT a Pete lover. But let’s keep it all the fucking way real, he won that shit hands down. She sounded like she was his Mommy giving him a lecture to “Do as I say, not as I do.” Her constant lectures on morality are grating as hell, and it is tiresome as hell to watch her pretend to be the only one in the party that cannot be influenced by mere money. Everyone is corrupt besides Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, even though neither passes their own purity tests.

Her attack strategy has somewhat backfired on her, as it was revealed after the fact that Warren herself had hosted a wealthy donor event in Boston that featured a souvenir wine bottle the summer before she announced her candidacy for president.

That’s how we know she lost. Everything she accused Pete of was something she was guilty of doing herself in recent memory, but the second she had herself an epiphany, everyone was supposed to adhere to her new rules. Who the fuck does Auntie MeeMaw think she is? Regardless, her supporters in the media and out of the media immediately freaked the fuck out and began trashing him from all sides while defending La Warren like they were the Goddamn Queensguard.

“Pete’s mean!!” 

“Pete only talked like that to the WOMEN!!” (The women were trying to kick his ass. Was he supposed to lick their taints and say, “Yes, Milady.”? FOH.)

“Pete’s PARENTS were PROFESSORS!!” (Um, ok?)

“Pete hates women!!” (Sigh.)

“Why are you defending PETE? You’re the first one who was MEAN to him!! (Cause y’all trippin’.)

Yet and Still, they proclaimed Liz the winner…

Do the supporters of the winner take to social media to proclaim how MEAN the loser is and try to find sexism in every goddamn thing that was said on stage? Do they block like mad and write long and emotional diatribes about how Privileged the white, male, in debt, gay, Mayor of a small town is in comparison to the wealthy, white, millionaire woman who got away with pretending to be a minority on Affirmative Action Surveys until 2004? I should say not!! Especially when their candidate’s campaign started $10, 000, 000 ahead thanks to those very same type of fundraisers.

Now, I will say that Pete has had many privileges bestowed upon him by society compared to one such as Kamala Harris, and even a few male ones compared to Liz. But Liz also has advantages over him. Even Pete will agree that Black women have it rough as fuck, especially in politics. So, how can we be expected to take the Warrenites seriously when not a goddamn one of these women opened their fucking mouths to say shit the fuck all about the systemic disadvantages faced by Kamala Harris? We can’t. We won’t. She better ask Pete how to get some of that Wine Cave Cash, cause she ain’t got shit coming from us, we ain’t paying for her Struggle Feminism Campaign. 

Until next time….

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The Hill

Liz Warren Lied To A Black Woman’s Face After Giving Speech About Black Women

(This post has been edited to reflect that Ms. Field is NOT the daughter of Ms. Carpenter.)

Look at how stuck Liz looks….

Okay. So, do you remember the other day when Liz Warren was giving a speech on Black Women and was protested by a group of black and brown parents? If you spend a GODAWFUL amount of time on political social media, you would have noticed quite a few Blue Checks losing their shit over some “Walton family funded (hold on, let me look) narratives” and “smear tactics” done to Queen Elizabeth Warren that day.

Why all this drama? Because Liz lied to the protester who organized the protest about “both” of her children going to public school, and her supporters couldn’t take it. Liz has 2 children; her daughter went to public school, and her son spent some years in private school. The woman heading up the protest knew that. Liz knew that. But in the moment when asked about that, Liz said both of her kids went to public school. Her campaign later came out and admitted her son went to private school.

I’m about to tell you the entire weird ass convoluted stupid ass story, but just know that the main point is Liz got protested, and lied to the woman’s face. I will try not to make it a 3,000 word jeremiad on Lizeralism, or go on too many tangents. Continue reading