Kamala Laughs at Socialism Question and Triggers the Haters into Sulking

The Jan Bradys of the internet are busy whining “Kamala Kamala Kamala!” today, and the sulking is ridiculous. Kamala Harris sat for an interview with 60 Minutes recently, and her burst of laughter, and humorous take on being questioned about whether she’s a socialist, have caused quite a few randos in the interwebs much consternation. Normally, this wouldn’t matter one bit, but since Newsweek was super bored, and in need of a way to shade the VP nominee, we have no choice but to engage in a bit of mockery. Lately, because nothing else has actually worked to take either Harris, or Biden down, and since Trump really needs a boost, people have been focusing their attention on Harris’s laugh, and her “Socialism.”

Kamala Harris could not control her laughter when asked by TV journalist Norah O’Donnell on 60 Minutes if she had a “socialist or progressive perspective.” The Vice Presidential nominee burst out laughing and her exaggerated response has provoked a number of memes on social media.

Apparently, laughing at questions you find silly, ridiculous, or humorous is NOT OKAY, and since her haters can’t make her into The Angry Black Woman stereotype, they have chosen to make her laugh out to be some sinister and witch-like thing. This is pretty normal in our world, women, especially Black women, have consistently been thrust into the role of “Nasty Woman” by men who fear and envy them. Kamala Harris laughed at a stupid question, and somehow that made her sinister and witch-like…

“You’re very different in the policies you’ve supported in the past,” said O’Donnell, “You’re considered the most liberal United States Senator,” said the presenter who goes on to list that Harris supported the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and legalizing marijuana. “Joe Biden doesn’t support those things, so are you going to bring the policies, those progressive policies that you supported as Senator, into a Biden administration?” asked O’Donnell.

Um, do any of y’all realize that the VP doesn’t really get to implement their own policies, because they are not the President? I’ve noticed how confused people are about this important detail, even Trump himself constantly worries out loud about Kamala becoming President. It’s almost like he thinks Joe plans on kicking his ass, and then handing America over to Harris. While many of my fellow Harris-Stans are out there wishing and hoping for that contrived outcome, the reality is, Biden will be handling his business in DC for 4 to 8 years. Let’s stick to reality, please.

“Is that a socialist or progressive perspective?” asked O’Donnell, to which Harris laughed out loud while saying “no…” Harris continued: “It is the perspective of a woman who grew up a black child in America, who was also a prosecutor, who also has a mother who arrived here at the age of 19 from India, who also likes hip hop,” Harris finished her answering by chuckling.

What a stupid question. Why would “I Plan on Helping Joe Implement HIS policies.” be from a Socialist or Progressive perspective?

See how all she did was laugh at a dumb question and instantly became the Wicked Witch of the West?

And isn’t it also funny how Newsweek managed to find comments with 0 likes or retweets, and post them with this silly story like there was a big wave of people out here just losing their minds over her laugh. There’s not. What there are, are a bunch of salty Berniebros who cannot let go of their huge feelings about losing so miserably. There has always been an element of the “Progressive Base” that dedicates itself to keeping women, especially the Black ones, in their place, and they will always attack women who see their place differently than they do. Women like Kamala Harris have a place- out in front, leading- and no matter how many low interaction tweets Newsweek, The Hill, or Politico decide to dig up in order to weaken her, she will continue leading, and fighting for the People.


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When You Break a Glass Ceiling, Sometimes it Cuts You, Sometimes You Bleed, and Sometimes it Hurts.

Apparently, there have been articles about the KHive in the short amount of time it’s been since Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris to be his running-mate. I have no idea what those articles say, because I don’t care, and nobody came to ask me anything about KHive, so I just found out the articles even existed. Funny how when a Black Woman spends a few years of her life building a community dedicated to the singular goal of advancing a fellow black woman, the media tends to speak to anyone but her about it. I’m not saying that with salt on my breath, honestly, I haven’t been able to sleep well for weeks, and at this point I am simply a sleep deprived asshole. I almost decided not to write anything at all, because really, I don’t actually want the media asking me shit, and just putting oneself out there opens up a pandora’s box of negative attention and absolute bullshit. But, I deal in truth and fact, so, it would be remiss of me not to set the record straight, regardless of how that might inconvenience me in the future.

In 2017, after the inauguration, I started a group called Marching Onward. We were a group of angry Hillary supporters who were looking for some direction, some like minded people, and a way to regroup while we waited for the next woman nominee, who I had mostly decided needed to be Kamala Harris. NO MEN. We discussed who it would be over a period of some months, and eventually, I knew I was right about who it SHOULD be. Like Joe Biden, I had a list of names to consider, which really was as much a waste of my precious time and energy, as his list was of his. I dismissed some names, ignored some more, and eventually I decided we’d end up with Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris as the next woman to take a Louisville Slugger to the “Glass Ceiling.” I liked Kamala Harris for the role more than Liz Warren, AS YOU KNOW, and  I became more sure once I got to see her in action destroying Jeff Sessions’ nerves during his confirmation hearing. For many other reasons, including her history of locking up child molesters, I believed she’d be a super star candidate, not that I had anything against Warren at the time. That came later.

One of the reasons I held a belief that Harris was superior is the fact that she actually practiced the law as her profession; Warren was a professor teaching the law, Kamala had been a Prosecutor, and Hillary had been a Defense Attorney, so both practicing the law. While Warren was good with theory, I didn’t believe that would be the case in practice, and while Hillary was good at defense, she rarely went on the attack. Kamala Harris, on the other hand, was so good on the offense that she rarely needed to defend when she was on her A game. After spending an entire campaign season on the defensive, I was loathe to ever let myself end up in that position again. Next time, I said, we will fight back, we will not hide in these stupid fucking Facebook groups, wallowing in denial, and being bizarrely, yet complacently, hopeful.

Buzz about Kamala Harris had already built up to a point where we knew she was going to run for President before she was officially done being elected to the Senate. Harris winning her seat was the only bright spot during a terrible night; we weren’t going to get Hillary, but Harris would run, I KNEW it, so, I pretty much became KHive the night she won her race. By the time 2018 rolled around, I was fielding names for the group I wanted to form in support and defense of Harris, and I had decided on the best name: “Kamalot.” Don’t LAUGH. I made plans, and spent a few months looking up everything I could about Harris. I read her book, I watched her speeches and interviews, and I got familiar with her record. I was sold. I’m not hard to please, with Donald Trump as President, I just needed someone honest who cares about the “least among us.” That’s who I got.

November came, and I rolled out my plans on my (now deleted) Twitter account. Nobody liked the name Kamalot. Months of planning almost went up in flames with my failed branding, and people thought they were funny as hell cracking up about how corny Kamalot is. YES, I CRIED. Yes, they were just good natured Jokes. I’m also sensitive. Several people were more diplomatic, but the giggles continued. I got mad, I always get mad. Fortunately, I had a back-up name that I knew they would go for, because Beyonce rules the world. I told them we we’re going to be KHive. They agreed. It was like one in the morning anyway, nobody cared at that point, and I was enjoying keeping everyone up, but sadly, they left. When I got up the next day, I proceeded to bully, cajole, bother, and convince about 20,000 of my ~40,000 followers that they needed to be KHive with me. They are all still KHive to this day. I think.

I told everyone it was going to be way harder to handle the sexism coming at Harris, because of the added racism component. Because of how we hid in 2016, (not me, I didn’t hide) we were not effective in defending Hillary Clinton on social media. This time we would be a cohesive and organized group, and our policy would be to always have receipts, or just stfu. Receipts have become a BIG part of KHive Culture, because, like Kamala, we never ask a question we don’t have the answer to. What started out with just my receipts, mediocre plans, and a handful of assorted BIPOC and white allies, became a cohesive group of over 20,000 within the first week.

Once we had a common purpose and a shared identity, there was no going back; we were the footsoldiers who spread the word around to draw in others of a like mind, and we were excited as fuck. We wasted MONTHS of our time arguing with Sanders supporters, which was actually more painful for us than it was for them, since they’re immune to facts. Since this was my first time organizing a group, I had no fucking clue what I was doing, and I made LOTS of mistakes. Many people found KHive on their own, though, so I guess it turned out okay, and new people joined in and carved out their own little KHive crews separate and apart from my OG group. So, while I may have started it, I don’t control it or even know half the people who identify with it, which kinda shows how badass Kamala Harris is. Once people heard there was a group for Kamala, they wanted to be a part of it, and now they are.

Because of how reticent I can be, and also introverted, I have a hard time pushing myself as a Leader, so I am not the Leader, nobody is. I figured doing the work was enough, and since so many people remember when I started KHive, nobody would really take credit for themselves or write me out of the picture. Had I ever even met the media? Lol! So NAIVE. By next week they’ll be giving Bernie Sanders full credit for the founding of the KHive, and installing Brie Brie as our thought leader. I don’t really mind not getting the attention, and by not mind, I mean, I appreciate my alone time and privacy, and don’t appreciate being bothered. I just kinda want to help Kamala Harris become Vice President and Joe Biden become President, I am not interested in being on TV everyday. Or any day, if I can help it. Sorry. Come find me on Twitter until the trolls get me banned.

An aside: If you recall, I was reported to the FBI by one of the trolls last July, and investigated by the Capitol Police. My Crime? Well, I said I was going to light Bernie up with all my receipts from the previous four years, which is apparently deadly, as far as his ego is concerned. Being the face of a group that drops receipts so deadly people contact the FBI is dangerous work, and gives the haters and harassers a victim to abuse for their own amusement. The more information I put out there, the more abuse I receive, so, it does me no favors to promote myself tirelessly, just to get credit for starting the KHive. Meh, y’all already know. But, if I don’t say something now, later on Lisa will tell me some stuff that sounds like “You need to assert yourself more.” That makes me feel some kinda way, so, best to just get it all written down so she won’t have to bother this time.

Some people believe KHive just sprouted up out of nowhere, or that Kamala Harris somehow started and controls her own “fan club” like some kind of asshole. To be fair, there really is no “leader” of KHive, as I said, and even if I wanted to be in control, and I don’t, how the fuck would that even be enforceable? Sounds exhausting. We are all adults, we don’t need to be led anywhere, we know exactly where we’re going, as a group, or separate. Over time we have had some very talented people rise up in the group; Reecie Colbert hangs out with Roland Martin now, so she’s all famous these days, and Kenny is getting funnier, prettier, and more charismatic by the day.

Every day on my Zoom chats I meet talented and insanely intelligent men and women from around the world; supporters from Sweden, Germany, England, Ghana, Australia, Canada, India, and as always, America. KHive is becoming a worldwide movement of sorts, so along with the many of us who support the campaign from the grassroots, we have international KHive, and even KHivers working for Joe’s campaign. Perhaps, if we had known in 2016 what we know now, we wouldn’t have sat on our asses believing the truth would win the day, and Hillary would prevail. We would have done then, for Hillary, what we now do for Kamala, and her record wouldn’t have been so completely distorted.

Maybe if enough people had seen us fighting back, they’d have fought back too. Maybe they’d have pushed back against the lies, lenses, framings, and narratives that got passed around about Hillary Clinton, and caused so many to misjudge her. Then, we would have won, maybe? Also? Maybe Hillary Clinton went through all of that in order to spare the next woman the indignity of losing by winning, of being over-prepared and overqualified, and of being an inch too short to drop kick that glass ceiling down when it cracks. Future women won’t suffer as much as Hillary did for being too ambitious to sit at home and bake cookies. The next woman won’t have to do it with few defenders in a hostile media, while her own supporters are silenced and sequestered. At least I can say I contributed to that, I have not failed Kamala Harris, not yet.

The path from the Hillary Clinton supporter to the Kamala Harris supporter is so short, if you walk it, you will not have moved at all. For as much as people like to exclaim about how Kamala is the “Female Obama” as a way to show they know the names of two Black politicians, perhaps, I see Kamala in terms of being more similar to a Black and extroverted Hillary, with awesome rhythm, but even that description doesn’t do justice to either woman. They are each their own brand of awesome, and I was not going to fail Kamala where I had failed Hillary. Don’t get me wrong, I tried to convince people we needed to fight back. But, since I got doxxed, harassed, and abused for my trouble, it likely wasn’t a particularly enticing prospect in their eyes.

In 2016 I did my due diligence and voted, but many others did not; they stayed home, were unable to vote due to voter suppression, or they fucked around and voted for Trump. Sure, we won the popular vote, but after a campaign season filled with troll storms, Berniebros, and Comey’s bullshit, we were fucked and a half by the time election day came around. Having never dealt with such a high magnitude of attacks, doxxing, trolling, misinformation, and personal attacks, we on Team Hillary were truly at a loss to know how to respond. Common wisdom at the time said we should hide out in Facebook groups we set to private, and to hope against hope that the Berniebros would actually show up in high enough numbers to win if we were nice enough. That did not happen. The system failed, our Democracy failed, the FBI Director failed, but most of all, WE failed. We failed to see the forecast for what it was, we were obviously complacent, and we had no guidance from the campaign on what to do about the trolls, bots, bros, misinfo, cyber abuse, and abuse of the reporting systems on every social media platform, big or small. We were attacked nonstop for supporting Hillary, we expected it, but we didn’t expect for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like, to be set up to work against the very people their rules and terms of service were meant to protect. Real American Voters.

The system has slightly improved since the 2016 election, but it is still terribly racist and sexist, yet this year the trolls lament their despair. Why? Because this is not 2016, we are not hiding in Facebook groups and Twitter chats, or on obscure message boards we set up ourselves. We are out in force defending Kamala AND Joe, we’ve been playing dual roles since Kamala Harris dropped out in December, and we do not intend to ever let a woman nominee go undefended again. And while we may not have been the biggest group of supporters during the primary, we have been the most passionate at defending our candidate. We are always diligent with facts, quick with receipts, and recognizable as Kamala Harris supporters, first and foremost. This is why I started the KHive.

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Why Not Just Call Kamala Harris “Uppity” and Save Some Time?

So, I’ve been sitting here lazily wondering what the fuck is wrong with being “ambitious” in Politics, and I have completely figured it out. When a woman is labelled “Too Ambitious” it generally means she is trying to rise above her predetermined station, and she is not being deferential enough to some man somewhere. Hillary was “Too Ambitious” just like Kamala, and I remember the day she became too ambitious like it was yesterday.

, “I suppose I could have stayed home, baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession.”.

Once upon a time, Hillary fucked around and said she wasn’t going to sit her ass at home baking cookies, and everyone’s metaphorical balls fell off, as if by Magic. If they even had balls to begin with. After navigating endless fields of falling gonads over the years, Hillary decided to run for President herself. So ambitious. Turns out she was over-qualified; she came over-prepared, she knew shit, she could read well, and she was ambitious. Did I mention she was ambitious? She was.

At the time, I was under the impression that ambitious meant “ambitious.” Boy, was I ever wrong! See, when Hillary finally ran in 2016, the assorted Dicks of America had not yet forgiven Her for sassing them back in 1992. I mean they nearly died when she sat up there talmbout, “Imma work on policy.” How dare she!? Didn’t they tell her ass to bake some goddamn cookies? Yeah. WHY DID SHE DO WHAT SHE WANTED??? That is unacceptable.

Thankfully, Hillary, who is a kind person, realized that she was making the boys cry by not making them any cookies, so she made them some. And apparently, they were delicious. How dare she?! Why would she work on policy when she could be baking delicious cookies every single day, so they could maybe stop by and snag a few on a regular daily basis? What cruelty! So AMBITIOUS!

What the fuck does Ambitious really mean?

Ambitious means Uppity.

I did not know that for sure, until I had a Eureka moment just a bit ago. I admit, I can be a bit slow on the uptake. The way they said “Ambitious” gave me the same ass feeling as the way they say “Uppity” but, I didn’t put two and two together until just now, likely because I hate math.

From The Daily Beast:

What is the sound of one hand clapping? What would happen if I hired two private detectives to follow each other? The first rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club. The first rule of becoming the president, if you’re a woman, is you absolutely cannot want to be the president.

You get it? In order to be a woman and be fit for the presidency, one must become President through no fault of one’s own. Women cannot work hard for decades, claw their way to the top unapologetically, challenge men, and still be fit for office. That’s presumptuous, and self-assertive as hell. See, it would be totally different if a woman were somehow blackmailed into becoming VP, and agreed to do it just to save her kid from Voldemort Jr. Sadly, aliens would arrive from outer-space, preach the Gospel of peace, and then promptly eat the President for dinner. (They ate him before they realized eating people was wrong, of course.) Then, said woman would fret about her unworthiness and attempt to refuse to be sworn in. Yet the shining face of her poor little previously kidnapped kid would drive her to accept the job. She would do this only in order to protect her offspring from being taken once again, this time by the Aliens, who want cute human pets. Her first State of the Union would, by necessity, be a two hour long apology to all the millions of men who certainly deserved the job more than she and her vagina ever will.

This is the only scenario where a woman would be qualified to be President.

More From Daily Beast:

CNBC reported that some “allies” of Joe Biden are “waging a shadow campaign” against veepstakes frontrunner Kamala Harris, on the grounds that she’s “too ambitious” to be the vice president because what she really wants is to be the president.

What Vice President doesn’t want to be President? Biden ran against Obama.

That report came days after former Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) dinged Harris because she wasn’t sufficiently remorseful after she’d bodied Biden in an early Democratic primary debate…

WHY SHOULD SHE BE REMORSEFUL??? If I hear about this one moment ever again, I swear I’ll defenestrate myself. I live on the first floor, calm down.

Politico referred to another black woman in Congress, Congressional Black Caucus Chair Karen Bass, as “the anti-Kamala” since she supposedly “cringes at having her picture taken and is content to let others grab headlines.” While Bass immediately rejected that contrast, the problem with Harris, according to these people, is that Harris actually wants the job. Then again, it’s not just Harris. Some people really don’t like it when women want things, especially if that thing is power.

See? You cannot WANT the job. Wanting the job and being ambitious enough to be prepared to do it effectively is NOT for women. We need to learn how to silently sit and wait for a man, any man, to hand us whatever opportunity he sees fit to offer us. Then, we need to apologize for being such a bother, and demurely slip from the room unnoticed as he silently sits in manly contemplation. These are the rules for women, apparently. Otherwise, you are uppity.


“Not complacent or deferential; strongly self-assertive.” Um? Bingo!

What are the actual complaints about Harris?

  1. She was too aggressive and “not loyal” because she “challenged” Biden in a debate. (Not Deferential, Self Assertive)
  2. She wants to move up the ranks, all the way to the top. ( Presumptuous, Arrogant, Haughty)

Looks like what they really meant was that Kamala Harris is too Uppity to be Joe’s VP.

Bloomberg Opinion:

What about vice presidents? They, too, should be ambitious. In fact, the president is best served if the vice president wants his or her job. Such motivation aligns incentives in a healthy way. If Harris is vice president and wants to move into the Oval Office, then it will be in her interest to make Biden look good — to help him be popular within the party, so that she has a good chance of winning the nomination, and to deliver peace and prosperity, so that Democrats will win the next general election.

Jonathan Bernstein is completely right. We don’t want a weak VP who doesn’t even want the job, we need one who is eager to get the job done. We will be left with a Government that is for all intents and purposes, in complete fucking shambles. Knowing Trump, he fully plans on making sure that the transition from his sloppy ass, criminally corrupt administration is as ugly and difficult as possible, so it would behoove us to have a partner for Biden that TrumpCo is fully afraid of- Kamala Harris. I fully believe Kamala Harris is the pick and Biden isn’t being swayed by these fits of pique from the old dudes he counts among his friends. Harris, and her ambition, are precisely what the Democratic Party needs to help us shed these old biases and step forward into the future. And there are millions of “Uppity Women” who will bust our entire asses to rid this nation of Trump and carry our team across the finish line, and we will do it without any muthafucking deference whatsoever.

Daily Beast

Bloomberg Opinion

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Why are a Bunch of Old White Men Sabotaging Kamala? Because She’s Biden’s Choice for VP.

Recently, Chris Dodd, formerly a Senator from Connecticut, completely lost his skittles over the possibility that Kamala Harris was Joe Biden’s choice for VP. Apparently, he was so rattled, so triggered, and so snitchy, he decided to let a few mean girl tidbits about Harris from his burn book reach the privileged pages of Politico. Dodd, a veteran of politics, knew when he spoke out of school about Harris, whoever he told would run right to the media and try to get some shit stirred, which is likely why he did it. We in the KHive have absolutely zero chill, so, Dodd, who nobody has really thought about for a decade, was able to get the full measure of attention he ordered. Today, John Morgan and a bunch of unnamed Biden allies, likely mostly old white men just like Biden, have decided to try their hands at shanking Harris in the ribs, and let’s just say they seem very pathetic and triggered. Yes, also petty. You see, each and every one of them apparently have the same exact problem, a problem they wouldn’t have if Harris were a white man like, say Eric Swalwell, who repeatedly demanded that Biden “pass the torch” during his time on the debate stage. These Biden allies are STILL all up in arms over the fact that Harris had the audacity to “challenge” Biden on an issue that had something to do with race. And she isn’t sorry. Oh no! It’s a woman’s JOB to be sorry when they did nothing wrong, why can’t Kamala just see it from their self centered, white, male viewpoint?

Some of Joe Biden’s allies are waging a campaign behind the scenes to stop Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif, from becoming his vice president.

This disgruntled group of at least a dozen Biden backers, including a few of his top donors, initiated the move against Harris close to a month ago, just weeks before a decision is expected, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter. Many who spoke to CNBC declined to be named as these efforts have been made in private.

They declined to be named? I see they don’t want anyone to know exactly who is engaged in this weak ass titty baby bullshit. We have all these old dudes ganging up on one Black Woman, and at the same time the media is satisfied with running hit piece after hit piece against her like she fucked around and broke up the Beatles. While I expected Misogynoir to rear it’s ugly head, I expected at least SOME of the media to defend her, even just a little. That’s not really happening, Harris hasn’t been around for years cultivating relationships with the media in DC, so they seem to have taken the approach of competing with each other to see who can break her and sabotage her candidacy first and worst. It feels so familiar, kinda like how they treated that one candidate whose name rhymes with Nillary Blinton.

Some remain bitter about her attacks on Biden during primary debates last year, saying they bring into question her loyalty to the former vice president. Others argue that she’s too ambitious and that she will be solely focused on becoming president herself. Many of these Biden associates have been pushing alternatives to Harris, such as Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla, Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif, former U.S. ambassador Susan Rice, and Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill.

Since when are the DEBATES about loyalty? Oh, look. They are worried she’s “too ambitious” to be VP. Because everyone knows you need a VP who is constantly struck with ennui, and doesn’t really feel like working hard or doing much of anything. The idea that she’s be preparing to run for President the second she was sworn in is absolutely laughable, and the fact that this is a talking point only goes to show why they hate her so much. She’s a Woman who may actually end up running for President and winning without their help. They want someone who won’t be so accomplished, vetted, driven, and able to challenge the status quo.

John Morgan, a Florida businessman and bundler, admitted to CNBC that he’s privately voiced his concern about Harris to those trying to guide Biden about his eventual selection.

“She would be running for president the day of the inauguration,” Morgan said on Wednesday. “For me loyalty and friendship should mean something. But as Bill Clinton once told me, the number one cause of Alzheimer’s is ambition,” he added, while noting he’s in favor of Demings.

Hey, John? You sound like a self righteous prick. Someone had to say it to Mister Money-man, he likely doesn’t hear it enough because people want his money. I, fortunately, am NOT ambitious, so I can say fuck you to anyone and not lose a minute of sleep. In fact, it helps me sleep better if I tell at least one rich fucker he aint shit per day. It’s like a warm bath; waves of well-being wash over me if I’m able to get a “Go fuck yourself” in before they cry and block me.

“I think a good number of people closest to Joe are pushing against Kamala, including me” a Chicago based businessman backing Biden told CNBC. “I don’t like her and I don’t like the way she campaigned. She seems not loyal at all and very opportunistic.”

Go fuck yourself, you anonymous coward.

But, despite the efforts, Harris still appears to be in the top tier of candidates for the job.

In Biden’s notes appearing to defend her, he described Harris as “talented,” “great help to the campaign” and that he has “great respect for her.”

Harris also has been a key voice when it comes to fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Y’all, the pick is Kamala Harris, these old white men just told us that without saying the words. These old dudes are simply trying to derail Harris, and likely cause a rift in the party that Biden does NOT need at this time, all because they’re sensitive over de-segregation busing, and ambitious women, who they likely call “Hussies” or something equally archaic. Sad.

I don’t know who the fuck told old white male America that they are the Gatekeepers on race matters, or that they qualify as experts on when Black Women are allowed to challenge white men in debates, and what we are allowed to challenge them on, but the fact that they are making desegregation busing the hill they wish to collectively die on is super telling. For some reason, there are quite a few grumpy old men running around wearing their hearts on their sleeves over Black women challenging their views on the very Jim Crow these white men never quite managed to get around to doing shit about. So, here we are, it’s 50 fucking years later, and we are not really any less segregated by race than we were when de-segregation busing ended; whatever ideas, tools, or plans they thought up to replace busing, the only tool they had, have never managed to be implemented in any tangible way. And, apparently it’s ALL KAMALA’S FAULT BECAUSE SHE’S MEEEEAAAN!! AND BLACK!! BUT, NOT THE QUIET KIND OF BLACK, SHE’S A MEAN LOUD PUSHY BLACK!! I’ll get more into that another time, because it’s an issue that deserves it’s own blog post. So, moral of this story is, even when it’s all said and done, the tantrums of old white men are the major force behind the barriers Black Women face. We are watching White Fragility play out in real time, and this is some ugly mutha fucking shit. Till next time.


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If Joe Biden Wants the Energy of the KHive, He Has to Choose Kamala Harris

People keep saying that Joe Biden has an enthusiasm problem. I don’t know if that’s true, because I don’t really give a fuck about polls or what the pundits have to say, I mean, it could just be some shit Brie Brie Joy made up. In some cases it may be true. In many other cases, it’s not, and since I hang with the most dedicated Biden supporters, I don’t really see it that way. They tend to hang back and chill if they are ahead, and since they have been ahead the ENTIRE TIME, maybe they aren’t constantly having mood swings like the rest of us. Ok. Like me, I mean me. Just me.

One thing you never ever hear from anyone in politics is that Kamala Harris has any problems whatsoever with the enthusiasm (you may hear the opposite) of her base, regardless of its size. In fact, anecdotally, those of us who form the base of her movement have only seen her movement grow in the wake of Joe Biden’s nomination. Part of that can be explained by the deals we made to cease hostilities between supporters of Harris and Biden last Summer, in the wake of the debate that gets talked about endlessly by everyone who isn’t me. I have anxiety.

While many were super keyed up over Harris challenging Biden, I was anxiously looking at the impact it was having on supporters from both camps. It may come as a mild shock to you, but I found that supporters of Joe were none too pleased. Yeah, oop. Since I didn’t look forward to being trolled by yet ANOTHER group of fans, you didn’t see me making jokes and crowing about the polls, oh no, not I, instead I was busy making the Twitter equivalent of non-hostility agreements, and trying to sooth ruffled feathers. You see, I know something important about life that everyone else knows too, they just forget about it when shit is going well: white voters are notoriously fickle. And Harris had been shooting up due to the same white voters who had rushed to support Beto, then abandoned him for Pete, Warren, and even Harris. I wasn’t sure they’d stick around. They didn’t.

I had it worked out in my head that if Kamala Harris was not successful in pulling off the magic trick of the millennium-being Black, a woman, and the party nominee- we would need support from ALL the other groups of supporters to make our case for Kamala Harris to be Joe Biden’s VP choice. When approached with a truce agreement by a Biden supporter, who was ALSO tired of the bickering between the groups, I gladly accepted. I was exhausted. To be fair, I knew a lot of the people in the Biden Camp, most of them were big Obama supporters who had gone for Hillary last time, just like the Harris group, which consists of some of Hillary’s most stalwart defenders. Kamala supporters, just trended a bit younger and more activist. As for the deal, it was simple as hell: if I would try to steer our camp away from attacking Biden, and try to get them to support him if she dropped out, they would refrain from joining in on the weekly Berning Man Festivals, where Berners gleefully burned Kamala Harris at the stake. Then, they’d try to get their camp to accept Harris as the best choice for VP, if everything went to shit for us. So glad I made that deal.

We turned out to be pretty damn successful; over the past few months support for Harris has grown, and Harris supporters are firmly behind Biden as nominee. Since I knew that would not be enough, I had to take myself out of Stan-mode for a while and look at the other candidates neutrally and make a radical choice: What if I decided NOT to nitpick the other candidates, and instead I decided to praise them for their good qualities, and remember how much I liked them all before the campaign started? Genius, if I do say so myself (AND I DO), not only did that end the drama (Apparently, I was causing the bulk of it, oop.), but it also helped others remember how much THEY liked Harris before the campaign. What we DID NOT WANT was a repeat of the nasty bullshit that occurred in 2016. Now, I tried with the Sanders camp and the Warren camps too, but I was firmly rebuffed and met with a little problem–Progressive Racism.

Here is a kind and woke Lizzer discussing how having a Black VP would be giving Black People complete control, while completely forgetting that white people also chose Biden, and that white people have had complete control over both the VP candidate and the Presidential candidate since we started holding elections.


Isn’t that special? Appealing to Black People twice is like killing yourself. Wow. I bet he was all broken up during the pandering to the WWC that’s been going on for the past fifty years.

This guy seems to believe his white self knows who understands Black issues best, I mean, of course he does, don’t white men always focus their undivided attention on Black people, our concerns, our lives, and what we need to be successful, all without once talking to or listening to any actual Black people who aren’t already stanning for their own candidate? Yeah. It’s hard to deal with WarrenStans.

After being called Aunt Jemima by one of the Warrenites, and watching them treat my Native American friends like garbage to the point where I was the one in tears (They did not cry, apparently they are used to it. Oy vey!), I realized there was good reason both camps are so white. I won’t tell you the reason now, I have said it many times, but nobody but the choir I was preaching to ever listened. I made up with the Betos, the Petes, and kept shit cool with the other groups, and continued collecting my receipts on all of the candidates, good ones this time, and defending Harris. At this point, I can refute or explain any claim made about her in my sleep, I can show proof of anything I put out there about her, and I could probably do it for Pete, Beto, or Joe as well. I cannot do it for Warren, Abrams, Rice, Demings, or any of the people on Joe’s list besides Keisha Lance Bottoms. I took some time looking into her a while back and I liked what I saw, but still, I’m not anywhere near as knowledgeable on KLB as I am on KDH.

The Harris and Biden supporters have regained the closeness we shared back during the Hillary days, and most of us voted for Joe Biden in the primary to ensure that the country didn’t fall into unworthy (BERNIE’S) hands. As the supporters of other candidates mourned the end of their campaigns, we welcomed them into the fold, and helped defend them from attacks made by the Leftist set. All in all, I’d say we did a decent job, we were even making headway with the Warrenites until Elizabeth got herself in the running for VP, and the attacks began anew.

Apparently, asking that a Black Woman be allowed to take a turn as VP candidate is demanding white women get in the back of the line, which is wrong, because their place is in the FRONT of the line, ahead of us, and always will be. Sadly, the fighting has been reignited, and we have been hit with a slew of hit pieces on Kamala from Warren friendly media, attacks from supporters, nonstop “Pick Liz Warren!!!” articles and op-eds, some almost outright declaring Liz Warren is Blacker than Kamala. I won’t link to it.

A series of open letters signed by very important mostly NOT BLACK people explained how UNIMPORTANT it is to have a Black running mate for Joe. The more arguments flow that downplay the importance of a Black VP, the more the polls declare the opposite. The articles continue, and so do the heartfelt cries about Liz Warren’s beautiful brain.


Apparently I’m an asshole, because I don’t find Jason to be ONE BIT CLEVER when he writes shit like this, I think it feeds into the bullshit about Joe having cognitive issues. and I said so. I tend to say things rather harshly, and Kamala Harris tends to keep shining and working so hard I rarely know what state she’s in, or what she’s working on, so the attacks on Kamala Harris from the Bernie and Warren camps continue ceaselessly. It has gotten so sad, people are crying to Kamala about me, tagging her in like she spends all day on Twitter waiting to play the role of My Supervisor. They are beside themselves with despair these days, I mean, how dare she ignore them and not immediately collect me for being all, TOXIC by laughing at them. See, Kamala Harris is apparently responsible for every single wisecrack I make, and I am responsible for every wisecrack and Khiver makes, likely because we are Black. Yeah, I don’t see anyone blaming Liz or Bernie for their supporters, so, it’s the only conclusion I can legitimately draw. Shrug.

Even sick with Coronavirus, I managed to be swift with receipts, and my trash talk can match or surpass any zinger a Berner-Lizzer can dish out, so, of course there are tensions between us and them. And they play the victims flawlessly and hopelessly, because, honestly? Nobody cares. KHive is no longer a tiny group of BIPOC and our white allies, we have grown by forming ties with other groups since Harris dropped out, and allied groups often support us just like we had supported them. Teamwork, bitches!

Even the Berners have begun to lament the KHive’s very existence.

Oops! Watch out now! The misery they feel really has nothing to do with anything anyone has actually done; they were some cocky assholes for the past 5 years when they were certain Bernie would win in 2020, and now they have to watch us be all types of enthusiastic for a candidate who is still in the running for some type of leadership position, while Bernie had sung his last song as a candidate on the big stage. Hopefully.

Since Harris is the candidate they went after with such vehemence and glee that her supporters had to become Ninja level receipt producers, it really Berns their asses that they may have to vote for her. I have always found this amusing, since she pretty much agrees with Bernie on policy, and was one of the first co-sponsors of his Medicare for All bill. But, she has a vagina- a black one- and has her own opinions! That’s not PROGRESSIVE!

I should have never called them “Hezbrollah” now that I think about it. Maybe that upset some of the screeching dorks all capsing “KAMALA HAD SLAVESSSS!!” and they won’t show up for Joe just like they didn’t show up for Bernie. Wait. Um? Oh well.


Eyeroll. No we are not. We haven’t even sent out any death threats to union leaders in Nevada, bro. Calm your tits. I had forgotten how scary it is to be proven wrong all the time by women, I’m surprised its not a diagnose-able condition, “Fear of Women With Receipts” is an epidemic.

KHive IS very enthusiastic, and we go about our job of supporting and defending Kamala Harris, and often, Joe Biden, like it’s our actual job. We cannot help ourselves, we have all these damn receipts we gathered when trying to be more like Kamala Harris. Harris’ people never issued talking points like some campaigns do, the truth is at our finger tips, all we have to do is find primary sources, and non-biased ones to fill in the blanks. So, Harris never goes undefended, if someone makes a factual error, or uses quotes pulled from an opinion piece like its fact, we hold them accountable, and we never shut up. Ever.

Biden would do well to take a look at how we operate, I mean, we do it for him ALL THE TIME too. We don’t just defend Harris; we defend pretty much ALL Democrats, we have even taken it upon ourselves to defend Warren a time or two, because we cannot help it when we have receipts. I rather think Biden needs all of us enthusiastically behind him. I can’t see how KHive would be as enthusiastic for some other VP choice, I doubt we’d be eagerly supporting her, and not just resentfully go through the motions. But, we will vote; we are Democrats, after all.

So, why did I tell you all of that? Because, I wanted you to see how much effort it takes to get everyone on the same page, and build up genuine support for a candidate, especially during a time when we don’t have the ability to make personal contact. We’re not going to be packing ourselves into huge stadiums, pressed together, breathing coronavirus on each other. Much of the General election campaigning will have to be done online, using social media, and SM is a terrible place where misinformation blossoms. Since we’ve all been at this for a while, we have formed a pretty sizable coalition, even Berners, as you can see, are seriously annoyed about it. HAHAHAHA! We have responded to every single attack Trump’s teams can think up to smear Kamala with, and we know how to push back. And we will push back endlessly.

Lately, I have been asked if we intend to utilize our skills for WHOEVER Joe chooses as VP. My immediate answer was “No.” I felt kinda bad answering that way, but I personally am planning to use that time to take a break from politics completely. If Kamala ain’t on my ticket, I can finally get some well needed rest. I need sleep. But, I realized it wasn’t fair to not let anyone else get a chance to speak, so I posted a survey at an odd time and waited for responses. I will post them for you.

Now for the most important part of my meandering, what does the KHive think about Biden choosing someone other than Harris for VP? I personally hate the idea, since I am like an emo teenager, yet I will still vote. But, I shall do so very resentfully, and likely move away from talking politics very much for a while, just so I don’t rain on their parade. Luckily, many others in the KHive are grown ass adults, unlike me, and will not be wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

I did a survey of whichever Khivers felt like taking it, and in it I asked about their level of enthusiasm for another VP choice, and here are the results:

Up to a quarter of Khivers polled stated that they would, in fact, transfer support, and presumably enthusiasm, to another Black Woman VP candidate if Joe chooses someone not named Kamala Devi Harris. Over 4 in 10 have to see who it is before making a decision, and 3 in 10 are like “Hell no.” That’s actually not bad for whoever he chooses, they at least have the opportunity to get 3/4 of us behind them, maybe.

The answer changes COMPLETELY when it refers to a white woman taking the VP spot over Kamala Harris. 82% of the people polled basically said “Hell no!” they would not transfer enthusiasm and support to a white woman VP choice. I am not surprised.

EVERYONE is still voting for Joe Biden over Donald Trump, regardless that some clever person wants us to wait and see wtf they decide to do.



Fuck around and find out.

Here is where it starts getting sticky. KHive never took a break in between supporting Kamala and pushing for Joe, so, most of us are not going to be volunteering, fundraising, or participating in any campaign activities for Joe unless Kamala is the VP choice. Much of this stems from Harris being the most qualified for the job, so many will feel offended if she’s not offered the role, also, the length of the campaign season, and group identity. I mean, duh, we ARE the KHive, of course we’d do far more for Kamala.

Will the people supporting Kamala Harris spend as much of their energy putting their own boots on the ground for get out the vote operations as they would for Kamala? This year, unlike other years, we have had way too much time on our hands to think about it. Many people have dedicated over a year of their lives to the Harris campaign, and the KHive, so the answer is “No.” Many Khivers are already volunteering for Joe’s campaign, working for Joe’s campaign, or, like me, using their Social Media influence to the benefit of Joe’s campaign, along with fundraising, so we really don’t have too much interest in promoting someone else.

In talking to various people, I realized something interesting; people seemed to believe KHive is a reservoir filled with enthusiastic, and dedicated Dems who would immediately transfer their support to whichever woman Joe chose. Kinda like a generic movement just waiting for some random lady to slap her name over the door and call us her very own. All they’d need is a note from Kamala and a selfie of the two of them together smiling for the camera, and presto chango, we’d transmogrify into the Liz-Hive, the Gretchen-Hive, the Amy-Hive, or the Stacey-Hive. This will not happen. During the campaign, we saw Warren metaphorically measuring KHive’s imaginary quarters for new drapes, and sending out fundraisers with Kamala Harris featured prominently. Poor Liz. All she would have had to do was defend Kamala Harris from the misogynoir, like Karen Bass did yesterday, tell her media stans to stop attacking, and teach her own supporters not to exhibit so much White Fragility over her false claims of Native American heritage. She might have looked good, and additionally, she would have pulled many more of us than she did. See, Feminism is not just having women of color in solidarity behind you, its mainly about how willing you are to get in solidarity behind them.

Last, but not least, KHive is not here for Joe’s All White Ticket fantasies, if he has them. The best way to piss off thousands of the Democratic party’s most dedicated stalwarts of the Grassroots variety, is to have what we call, “A White Supremacy Ticket.” I think I made that term up, maybe not, but it sounds like me. I have Corona Brain Fog, I honestly have no idea what I’ve said a lot of the time over the past months. I am surprised I didn’t say anything crazy enough to get Twitter banned (knock on wood). About 90% of respondents are opposed to an All White Ticket, and we are unlikely to change our minds anytime soon, so, Joe should maybe not do that.

I could link to op-eds in favor of Kamala Harris for VP all day, but I won’t, I can leave that for some other day, if necessary. Hopefully Joe gets the message and is fully on board with the idea of a Biden-Harris ticket, but if not, come look for me on Meghan and Harry Twitter, I can always find something to do to fill my free time. It’s been popping off in the Meg-Hive, maybe I’ll see you there after you buy your “Biden-Not Kamala 2020” t-shirts. I won’t be buying one, k? Cool, cool. Awesome.

Everyone donate to my survival fund, and I’ll try to survive the VP selection and not curse Joe for making it like The Bachelor.