Only 45 People Went To State Prison For Weed Under Kamala Harris, So Why Don’t People Just STFU Already?

Time to debunk the same stupid claims we debunked back in 2019 again. Apparently, people have forgotten, since 2019, that Tulsi Gabbard lied about Kamala Harris locking people up for smoking Jazz Cigarettes, while she was DA in San Francisco. In fact, people have such bad memories that they have taken to citing Gabbard’s accusations…

Why are a Bunch of Old White Men Sabotaging Kamala? Because She’s Biden’s Choice for VP.

Recently, Chris Dodd, formerly a Senator from Connecticut, completely lost his skittles over the possibility that Kamala Harris was Joe Biden’s choice for VP. Apparently, he was so rattled, so triggered, and so snitchy, he decided to let a few mean girl tidbits about Harris from his burn book reach the privileged pages of Politico….