Piers Morgan Has Been Getting Smacked Around By Black Women All Week and It’s F*cking Beautiful. They Made Him Quit His Job.

It all started years ago, before Meghan and Harry met, realized how much they have in common, and fell in love. Before Harry and Meghan were a thing, it seems that Meghan and Piers Morgan were a thing, but, only in Piers’ own silly mind. When Meghan cut off contact to make a go of it with Harry, most people were understanding, I mean, get it girl! Not Piers. Piers seemed to think Meghan owed him something, something very personal, something no young lady ever gives up willingly: her privacy. Day after day, week after week, month after month, and for several years, Piers Morgan has spent a significant portion of his work life dragging pretty Meghan from London to the Bay; Meghan had rejected him, and he was enjoying making her pay.

Until today. Or rather, until Monday. That’s when the proverbial shit hit the old desk fan, leaving a sweaty, hysterical Morgan whining like the utter bitch that he is, to no avail.

Piers Morgan has had his worst week of the year; he’s whined, he’s cried, he’s railed against Meghan Markle, he’s attacked Meghan, he’s complained about Meghan, he’s implied she’s lying about racism, bullying, and suicidal thoughts. Not only that, he’s lost his temper, behaved like a racist colonizer, gotten checked on set by various colleagues, looked extremely vengeful; it’s so bad, he’s even stormed off the set in a petty huff, and it’s only Wednesday Tuesday. Boy he sure fit a whole lot of bitching into one fucking day. * Update: It’s still Wednesday Tuesday, and that old bitch of a TV host, Piers Morgan, has fucking quit his fucking job, are you proud of your bullying of that lily white disgrace to the White race? Oh, you’re white and you enjoyed making his racist ass quit? Well, alright, then. Carry on.

“They’ve trashed everything the queen has worked so hard for, and we’re supposed to believe they’re compassionate?” Morgan said on “Good Morning Britain.”

Oh no!!! Pooor Queenie!! What’s a 90 year old recipient of wealth stolen from all four corner of the Earth do?? Poor Dear. I suppose she’ll have to comfort herself with her Crown Jewels and Billions of Dollars. There, there, Piers. Calm down. Be a big boy for the audience, okay?

Yes, Piers spent the first days of this week hiding behind the Queen’s skirts, like an overgrown doofus titty baby. His pathetic virtue signaling was saccharine and cloying. He accused people of saying disgusting things about the Queen, when they discussing the institution of the Monarchy itself. Piers was so fed up with mean talk about Queenie that he raged, he roared, and he showed his fangs. Also? It appeared like he damn near cried when Trisha Goddard smacked him down, and he fell off his high horse.

But his belittling of the couple drew a live on-air clapback from TV host Trisha Goddard, who is Black.

Wait for it….

“Why is everybody else such an expert about racism against Black people?” she asked. “I’m sorry, Piers, you don’t get to call out what is and isn’t racism against Black people. I’ll leave you to call out all the other stuff you want, but leave the racism stuff to us, eh?”

Hello SOMEBODY!! (Hey, Nina. This is how you do that Hello Somebody thing.) Yes, why the fuck have White People once again asserted themselves as the experts on anti Black racism? The only time I see swarms of White People White splaining racism is when they want to pretend that it didn’t happen. They never show up to point out any actual racism against Black people that they believe exists, almost like they don’t even give a fuck about it.

“The name of the show would be “Bullying,” Piers, and You are the Star.” Pier Morgan assumes most families that have a biracial child on the would discuss what color the baby might be when it comes out…because he’s a racist muthafucker. Look, I’m Brown, at one time I was quite a bit darker, like cinnamon, but now, I am a lighter, more boring shade like Hazelnut. My husband, who I consider to be a missing person because he went off to Dutch Harbor to work on some fishing vessel (It’s killing me.) like a crazy person, is very light brown, kinda like…Wentworth Miller.

Yes. He’s Black.

You know one thing we never talked about when I was pregnant? What color the babies were going to be. Neither did my mother, my sister, his mother, his sister, his white brother, my white uncle–not one person related to me or unrelated to me ever asked me what color the babies would be. I actually can’t think of a more horrible thing to be confronted with at that time or any time since. My kids came out whatever color they wanted to, I suppose; one was light, one was dark, but now they are about the same color, which happens to be slightly darker than I am.  Genetics are weird, we can’t call it until we see it, and for Black people, we really don’t feel the need to worry about that part, we’re just trying to survive the birth. Which, for me, almost didn’t happen the last time.


Not only did Piers spend all day getting dragged by Black People, they also made him so testy, he behaved like a tot with a pamper filled with poo poo who needed a bath, bottle, and nap, in that exact order.

Again, he was confronted by another Black woman, this one decided she genuinely didn’t give a fuck about his or anyone’s stupid feelings about The Monarchy. He almost looked like he was in actual pain from the conversation, and I enjoyed it ever so much. Hey, it was my birthday yesterday! I needed some clowns for my party, and boy oh boy, Piers DID NOT disappoint.


That brings us to today. I really did not think the old Muppet had it in him, but he managed to be more sulky and petulant than Donald Trump losing a round of golf to an 11 year old Guatemalan child. him quitting his job like that is the delicious vanilla icing on his racist white cake. His dismissal of Meghan Markle’s claims of suicidal thoughts and depression have earned him an investigation, just like the investigation he kept demanding of her.

Fuck off Piers, Goodbye!!!



LA Times

No, Vice President Harris CAN’T Deliver a $15 Minimum Wage, You Lying Frauds

First of all, $15 minimum wage doesn’t have 50 votes in the Senate, which means even if Kamala does exactly what the far left wants, it still won’t get us a $15 minimum wage.

Ok, so…. Let’s talk about how the media is filled with lying, disingenuous, trifling gas lighters who need to stop bullshitting the American Public just so they can have an excuse to write angry editorials, and hit pieces on Democrats. So, there I was, minding my own business, when a strange looking headline crossed my screen, forcing me to back up and see what the hell was going on. I backed up and looked at the headline again, “Kamala Harris Could Deliver $15 Minimum Wage If Democrats Really Wanted It.”  Oh GOD, here we go with this shit again.

Anytime the “Leftists” aren’t getting their way, an entire network of supposedly main stream sources go out of their way to provide a platform for shitty hit piece authors to engage in badly sourced jeremiads against the President or Vice President. Today is no exception, as usual, the “leftists” are using bad historical research to virtue signal, and the mainstream media is either too vapid or lazy to point out their flaws in research and reasoning. I decided it was time to investigate a little, and what I found infuriated me, as usual.

Writing for Rolling Stone, Tessa Stuart decided to use an 11 year old TPM piece about a former Senate Parliamentarian declaring that the ultimate decision on whether to listen to the Parliamentarian rests with the Vice President.

For one thing, the president could just ask Kamala Harris, the president of the Senate, to overrule the parliamentarian. In fact, one former parliamentarian has said it’s entirely at the VP’s discretion to listen to MacDonough on a ruling like this one or not. And there is ample historical precedent for not listening the parliamentarian — as Slate reports, “Vice President Hubert Humphrey routinely ignored his parliamentarian’s advice.”

Very interesting. What’s also interesting is the fact that the parliamentarian said he hadn’t seen a VP go against the parliamentarian since Humphrey (1965–69). I found one more interesting thing that relates to this issue:

The reconciliation process was created by the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 and was first used in 1980.

Oh, does this mean Humphrey wasn’t overruling the Byrd Rule? Maybe he time traveled. After he resurrected himself.

During the early 1980s, Congress passed reconciliation bills containing provisions that did not directly relate to the budget; for example, one reconciliation bill decreased the number of individuals on the Federal Communications Commission. In response, Senator Robert Byrd led passage of an amendment to strike “extraneous” amendments from reconciliation bills, and Congress permanently adopted the Byrd Rule in 1990.[22]

Neither the Byrd Rule nor the reconciliation process existed when VP Humphrey was butting heads with his parliamentarian, and of course, the author doesn’t say this in her piece. She, like most of the writers out there, seems only interested in engaging in cris de coeur, while telling partial truths to an audience addicted to anger and misinformation. What does she suggest happen if we can’t use the reconciliation process to pass minimum wage?

The other option that’s available to Biden? He could ask Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to have the parliamentarian fired.

Are you fucking serious?

That’s what the GOP-controlled Senate did back in 2001, when the parliamentarian ruled the Bush Tax Cut could not be passed through a reconciliation process in circumstances nearly identical to this one.

So, we want to be just like the GOP, who passed some voodoo economics tax cuts 20 years ago? You do realize we don’t even have 50 votes, right? Right?

And that might be the redeeming quality working class voters see in the party — the GOP may be primarily concerned with cutting taxes for the wealthy, but at least, when they say they’re going to do something, they actually get the job done.

Oh, look. Praising the White Nationalist insurrection party for hurting America because, at least when they say they’re going to beat us, they make sure to tie us up first, so we can’t escape.

“That might be the redeeming quality working class voters see in the party,” is some absolute white centered, racist bullshit. Black Working Class voters don’t see a muthafucking thing redeeming about the muthafucking GOP, and neither do many White, Latino, Asian, Indigenous, Women, LGBTQIA, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, and other working class voters. I’m working class. Maybe when Tessa “Miss Thang” Stuart wants to speak up for the working class in the future, she should be super specific about which working class she’s talking about. Because, all the GOP ever “gets done” for the working class is racism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, sex shaming, racism, misogyny, insurrection, ableism, hate, and some more racism.

Apparently, it’s up to the very Democrats Progressives hate and spend their time attacking to pass the Progresive’s agenda by bending rules, breaking rules, firing people, and generally riding roughshod over everyone in the way. And even then? We STILL won’t have the 50 votes we would need to pass it through the reconciliation process. In all honesty, we’d probably lose votes for circumventing the usual process, and all that hardball playing would do is make our vice president look foolish. And why would she want to look foolish by following the guidance of the very people who have been burning her at the stake weekly for the past several years?

Maybe the Progressive Leftists should learn how to make friends instead of enemies, try to compromise, rather than grandstand, and learn to whip votes and convince colleagues, if they want their agenda prioritized. As it stands, the minimum wage hike will not be included in the Senate bill, and no, Vice President Harris will not be going against President Biden in order to get a few attaboys from the left.

Rolling Stone


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My Sh*tty Pillow CEO Banned From Twitter Permanently for Being Batsh*t Crazy

Photo by Max Letek on Unsplash

Hello, and welcome to the 1st annual Batshit Crazy Olympics. I’m your host, Bianca de la Rosa, and I am soooo enjoying the predictable, yet ever delicious series of meltdowns from MAGAnon. When QANON and MAGA merged into that incestuous bamboozle of Insurrectiony Sedition, I had no idea that the Treason Weasels would melt the fuck down so entirely gloriously. Well, I should have known, because my neighbor had 4 huge ass Trump banners on his chain link fence until he caught me laughing and pointing at his house and calling him a Klondike Klanner. Then he took the two facing my house down, and hasn’t been able to look me in the face since. But, don’t worry, he still has two up, because, check it: Trump can still win this thing. Or so my neighbor thinks.

Another old fuck who still probably has his Trump 2020 “FUCK YOUR FEELINGS!” banner up is the soon to be late (Probably, okay?), not great, Mr. Mike Lindell. Twitter has finally drop kicked the My Pillow CEO, Lindell, the hell off it’s platform, and they don’t plan on ever reinstating him after his antics this past week. This may have been a long time coming since the social media giant has already issued a statement about the shitty pillow Mogul, where they confirmed that his ban is most certainly a permanent thing.

A spokesperson for Twitter said, “This account was suspended for repeated violations of our civic integrity policy.” Twitter confirmed late Monday that the ban on the entrepreneur from Minnesota is a permanent one.

Lindell has been a vocal backer of Trump, and reports surfaced earlier this month that he suggested the president declare martial law in the wake of what he saw as widespread election fraud.

Lindell alleged that the voting machine companies Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems were part of a conspiracy to rig the election against Trump. Upon threat of lawsuit from Dominion, Lindell told the New York Times: “I would really welcome them to sue me because I have all the evidence against them.”

Oh, please, Mike. You have not managed to produce a fucking thing in the past two months, so you’d best be quiet before they make good on their lawsuit threat. I don’t know how you’ll manage to sell enough of those flat as fuck, yet surprisingly lumped up pillows, to pay the restitution and whatnot, so… No, really. Keep going, I like where this is headed.

Lindell is known to be considering a possible run for governor of Minnesota in 2022. The ban from Twitter would complicate his effort to reach voters.

Is everyone we don’t like running for Governor of somewhere? We have that liar, Sarah Huckabee Sanders running in Arkansas, and now this pillow fool wants to run in Minnesota. It would be just our luck if Trump decided to make his lackey DeSantis resign so he could run for Governor of Florida immediately.

Last year, Twitter held to its permanent ban of Laura Loomer despite her winning the Republican primary in a long-shot bid for Florida’s 21st Congressional District. “The account owner you referenced was permanently suspended for repeated violations of the Twitter Rules, and we do not plan to reverse that enforcement action,” the company said in a statement at the time.

Hahahahahaha! Remember when Laura Loomer handcuffed herself to the door at Twitter, but it could still open and close so they decided to just ignore her? That was some funny ass shit.


Lol! Maybe Trump, Loomer, My Pillow Guy, and Milo Yiannopoulos can all get together and do a class action lawsuit and force Twitter to let them back on? Yeah, no, I fucking doubt Twitter would even give them the time of day, and the courts are unlikely to side with them regardless of the Office of the Former President attempting to use his limited power to force the issue. It’s interesting how being banned from Twitter instantly turns republicans into straight up clowns. The purge is not over yet, so lets see who gets banned by the time we all wake up tomorrow. The quicker we silence and marginalize these QAnon Clowns, the quicker we can get back to regular GOP bullshit like Benghazi.

Candace Owens Had a Black Baby Boy, and I am Completely Uninterested


From Twitter

I’m generally excited when someone has a baby, this is a fact people who know me well will tell you, because of my obsession with trying to make babies say my name. I start when the baby is very small, sometimes in the womb, telling them my name over and over, like a mantra, until the baby is old enough to say their first words. “Bianca, beeeyonkah, bianca bianca bianca!” I repeat this to babies every time I see them, and eventually it pays off, for the most part. See, repeating a word to a baby is how you teach them, duh, someone told me it takes 50 to 75 times hearing a word before they learn it. Since I’m lazy, I took them at their word, and have been repeating my name to babies like 500 times when I see babies ever since. Of course I overdo it.  You can’t ever be too careful when trying to drive a parent batshit by hearing your name from their kid over and over.

Guess whose baby I won’t be interacting with or trying to teach my name? That’s right. I will not be calling Candace Owens up and telling her to put the baby on the phone so I can tell him something. For one, we are not friends. Secondly, even if we were and I had her number, I would legit never call her and would hope she’d do me the solid of never contacting me either. I don’t like Owens, and as much as I like babies, no baby is cute enough for me to abide his mother’s Black White Supremacy.

How cute. Still not interested.

What is Black White Supremacy? Well, I’ll tell you. Black White Supremacy is a form of apologetics that seeks to undermine anti-racism by using Blackness as a weapon against Black people, and uses Black People like Candace as mascots to prop up white supremacy, and uphold the white supremacist framing of our culture and history. Women like Candace find themselves at cross purposes with Black Liberation, and they continuously side against movements meant to empower or liberate Black Americans from the oppressive forces of White Supremacy.


Each time a young, unarmed black man is killed by the police, Candace always seeks ways to find the many reasons, and unending ways the young man’s death could be, or is, all his own fault. For at least half a decade she has been a mainstay minstrel show in GOP politics, playing the role of “Black Friend” who is permissive of racism and willing to jig and jive for whitey, or launch into a jeremiad about whichever Black person conservatives are metaphorically beating at the whipping post that day. Now she has a son, one who is presumably Black, and may end up on that whipping post himself. Que Lastima!

What happens if her son becomes a victim of police brutality, or is the victim of a racial incident with law enforcement? Will she blame the parents? The black community? Will she place the Blame label on American society as a whole? Would she sneer with vituperation and venom at the very idea that a police officer could ever have done wrong? Would she mock any BLM protesters who were fighting for Justice for him? I think not.

She would, like most women, be a grief stricken mess. I’d hope she would use a bit of the quiet time she has to reflect on how her words may have hurt some Black woman who was once in the same euphoric place she is in now, holding her baby and excited to share him with the world. I would never wish harm to any child just because his mother happens to be an asshole. But, her having a son won’t shield her from pushback when she mocks the pain of another mother who lost her son.

Luckily, Candace Owens’ son will never ever ever experience any racism whatsoever. If he ever thinks he’s experiencing any, I’m sure she will sit him down and read him some crime stats to prove to him that it’s perfectly acceptable for the police to pull him over every night in his own neighborhood. If the police ever assaulted him, maybe she will put on her Blue Lives Matter Tshirt, and hold a rally on her front lawn in support of the cops he interacted with. If he is ever arrested for Driving While Black, I’ll wager she will blame herself for being an uneducated, underachieving single black mother, or if she’s still married, she may blame him for smoking weed one time.

Regardless of what may happen in the future, the fact remains that Candace Owens had a baby and I am completely, and totally not interested at all.

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No Black Women Have Been Elected to House Leadership in 44 years, Since Before I Was Born

44 years ago Shirley Chisholm was elected to House Leadership, and that was the last time a Black Woman has run her race for a leadership position. Think about how that sounds in the Year of Our Lord, 2021. Sure, we have had Black women appointed to important positions in House leadership, like Maxine Waters, who runs the House Financial Service Committee, and Barbara Lee who co-chairs the Steering Committee, but both leaders were appointed. How is it that in 44 year not one Black Woman was able to get a majority of the Democratic Caucus to vote for them?

When Democratic Rep. Brenda Lawrence lost her leadership race by a single vote, she looked up the last time a Black woman was elected to sit at her party’s leadership table in the House.

She was stunned to learn it was Rep. Shirley Chisholm of New York — 44 years ago.

In the same year the U.S. elected its first Black woman to serve as vice president, the House Democratic Caucus once again elected a leadership team that didn’t include a single Black woman.

“When the vote is taken by our body, Black women don’t win,” Lawrence (D-Mich.) said in an interview. “I cannot comprehend how, for 40 years, a Black woman has never earned the collective majority vote of our caucus.”

This is completely unacceptable. Period. Democrats have some serious work to do when it comes to valuing the work and time of Black women. When it’s time to look for votes in order to salvage a House or Senate majority, White Dems come knocking at our doors, hats in hand, asking us to work long hours for no pay knocking doors, phone banking, fundraising, and delivering seats in states like Georgia. But, when it comes time to donate to Black Women candidates, or apparently, vote for them in caucus elections, they never come through for us. This is an abomination, and it must not remain like this any longer, we must demand better, we deserve better.

The precise reason that so few Black women have risen into leadership ranks is unclear, Lawrence and others said. But it’s likely multi-faceted: Black women in politics, for instance, have long had to work harder than their white or male counterparts to fundraise and get elected.

Black women in every industry face bias, lower pay, and discrimination, yet we expect better from the party that depends on our work in order to remain viable. If Black women were to abandon the Democratic Party, or Heavens forbid, if we decided to boycott working on campaigns until we were treated equitably, the party would likely collapse. Would the caucus then realize they had been mistaken when overlooking qualified Black Women for 40 years? I cannot even imagine the indignity I would feel if I had watched elections in the House for the past 44 years and saw not one Black woman obtain a leadership position by virtue of receiving the majority of votes.

This is not a crisis of Black Leadership; this is a failure of White Democrats. Being willing to ask for and accept help from Black women for years, yet not finding any Black Women qualified to lead is seriously problematic, and it’s also racist. So, stop patting yourselves on the backs and pointing at MAGA if you’re a house Dem who has not found it within themselves to vote for a Black woman seeking a leadership position. You’re not better than anyone just by virtue of you being a Democrat.

Several Black female lawmakers also said they face tougher scrutiny of their leadership capabilities, even compared to Black men, regardless of seniority. Lawrence’s race for caucus representative, for instance, was won by a Black Democrat in his second term, Rep. Colin Allred (D-Texas).

“It was just one of those things, I said, you know, I need to say what is happening here. This is bigger than me,” said Lawrence, who was elected in 2014. “I can’t sit here and say every Black woman who runs is the best qualified or should be elected. But dang, 40 years?”

40 years is waaaay too goddamn fucking long for us to be waiting for the next Black Woman to receive a majority of votes from the Dem caucus, so we can stop fawning over our own diversity until we’ve rooted out the misogynoir in our ranks. And more White Dems need to donate to Black Women, it’s deplorable that we have to work so hard to get support from White members of our own party.

Those comments were particularly powerful, several Democrats on the call later said, because of the way Black women helped drive the Democratic party’s success at the ballot in November. Then weeks later, it was again Black voters who turned out in Georgia to help deliver the Senate majority during two run-off races.

If Democrats want Black Women to continue being the stalwart fighters who save entire fucking elections, they had better make it worth our time. We weren’t put on this earth to do all the work for free and get nothing for our trouble. We work hard so we can have some say in the direction of the Party and help steer America toward a more just and fair future. Don’t just call us to get out the vote for you when you’re desperate to save your seat, you need to also show up and make sure we’re represented at every level of Government. That includes House Leadership.


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