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Why are a Bunch of Old White Men Sabotaging Kamala? Because She’s Biden’s Choice for VP.

Recently, Chris Dodd, formerly a Senator from Connecticut, completely lost his skittles over the possibility that Kamala Harris was Joe Biden’s choice for VP. Apparently,…

I am a Brave and Angry Black Woman, and I Will Never Vote For Bernie Sanders

Berniecrats are angry. Enraged. Furious. Positively wrathful. Well, so am I. All over the web, people are talking about the anger and rage of the…

Dear Bernie Sanders, Racism is NOT Poverty and Poor Whites are NOT Like Blacks Living Under Apartheid

It’s Black History Month!! Donate $5 or $10 today on Paypal (@bravenak) or Venmo, (@SuperBrave81) to help with the billz. And for Weed.

You Better Leave Me The F*ck Alone With That “Vote Blue No Matter Who” Sh*t!

How many goddamn times do I have to say, “No.”? No. That is my answer to all of your incessant hash-tagging across 3 Social Media…