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Come and Take It, MAGAt B!tches!


Museum mural depicting Texas's "Come and Take It" flag, flanked by two rifleman.

A museum mural in Gonzales, Texas depicts the Texas rebels who defended their cannon at the Battle of Gonzales with their infamous “Come and Take It” flag. Image courtesy the Houston Chronicle

So apparently some of Trump’s Brownshirts decided to commit an act of domestic terrorism this past Friday on IH-35 North.

“…when the Biden campaign bus drove to Austin [from San Antonio], it was greeted by a blockade of pro-Trump demonstrators, leading to what one Texas House representative described as an escalation “well beyond safe limits.”

Historian Dr. Eric Cervini was driving to help with the Biden campaign stop when he filmed a line of pickup trucks along the highway, many of them flying Trump flags. The drivers were “waiting to ambush the Biden/Harris campaign bus as it traveled from San Antonio to Austin,” Cervini tweeted.

“These Trump supporters, many of whom were armed, surrounded the bus on the interstate and attempted to drive it off the road,” he alleged. “They outnumbered police 50-1, and they ended up hitting a staffer’s car.””


And the worst part about all of this is that the police wouldn’t do anything about it.

And people wonder why we all say “Fuck the Police” and “All Cops are Bastards.” 🙄

Anyway…listen here, you ambulatory globs of rancid mayonnaise. We get that you hate change. We get that you’re bigoted AF. We get that you’re afraid all those Black and Brown people you hate are gonna treat you like you treat them if they ever become the ELECTORAL majority, despite every Republican voter suppression trick in the book. But guess what? If you don’t like it, leave. I mean, that’s what all you Hatriots have been saying for the past four years, so it’s time for the tables to turn.

And turn they will. Because as we Texans have been saying for a couple hundred years; Come and Take It (our Democracy)! We have the numbers and we’re on the right damn side of EVERYTHING.

May your relegation to the dustbin of history be painful AF.


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