February 13, 2021 0 Comments Featured

Cop to 9 Year Old Black Girl He Just Pepper Sprayed: “I Know, It’s Supposed to Burn. It’s Called Pepper Spray!”

Well, we have the rest of that video where the cops pepper sprayed a 9 year old girl in the eyes, and from what I see, it just makes the cops look even worse than they already did. I Mean, Really. The Cops ALREADY have plenty of issues when it comes to meting out violence to the masses, but even more so, Cops have issues with dealing fairly with Black People in particular. One of the things cops do is mis-age us; they age us up and treat 9 year old children, like grown men. We all saw that Rochester video, and we all were fucking disgusted with the callousness of the cops we saw interacting with the child. What we didn’t see or hear was what happened when the camera went off, childlike screams of pain and fear were cut off midstream.

In this video, we see how dastardly the male cop was, and how his tone mocked the pain of a little girl. We also see the woman cop tell the child “You did this to yourself” when the child cried about the pain she was in. If you listen hard enough, you will hear the Officer’s shock when she learned the child’s age.

Fucking fire them.