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Dangerously Dumb Diamond and Silk Think Trump’s Suffering His Own Personal Jim Crow

Um, who was supposed to be cancelling Diamond and Silk while I was busy?

I realize I have not been paying much attention to Ms. Hardaway and Ms. Richardson, aka Diamond and Silk, or as I like to call them, the Black Mascots of White Nationalism, but I was kinda busy ignoring their asses. It’s not like I’m mad at them, I literally forgot they existed. Sure, they sent me a “Cease and Desist” for holding my own personal “Chit Chat Tour” about them, but it was for nothing more than making general observations about their mannerisms and style. Mere larks, in my opinion, and to be real, I was just offering them advice on how to not sound dumb, and how to not look so goddamn easty. I wasn’t even salty about being told to shut up. I was laughing though.

Once I received my “STFU” paper, like I said, I found myself amused rather than afraid. I did not cease OR desist, I had fun dragging them some more.

Then, I completely ran out of shit to say about their boring asses. But just for the shits and giggles, and in case they try to sue me again, let’s go back and remember what exactly I said that was so wrong the first time.

This is the nonsense they sent me.

So, I made a few “Besmirch statements” about them, and by that I mean honest observations, but I doubt it merited snagging some sixth grader and press-ganging her into service writing fake ass cease and desist notices for them at their “Lawyer’s Office.” I highly doubt an adult of semi-average intelligence would have thought that silly shit looked professional. Either that, or they have some of the shittiest lawyers known to mankind. A lawyer told me that, I am not a lawyer, so, I tend to just buy into whatever the closest lawyer to me says on any legal topic. I mean, once we got beyond the whole “Can I get sued for having awesome opinions” thing, I was GOLDEN, and not trying to get down into the weeds with coffee drinkers who argue for a living.

Here are the parts that really pissed their nutty asses off.


“I’m getting super tired of Diamond and Silk, especially since at this point they’ve been running this con long enough for me to accidentally remember BOTH of their real Government names, Lynette Hardaway (Fucking Diamond), and Rochelle Richardson (Goddamn Silk). I have long despised both trolls; I’ve hated their hair, their animal print, their dumb facial expressions, their jiggin’ and jivin’, but most of all? I have hated the way they prop up the most vile white supremacy in our government, and it’s time to start calling that shit out.”

See what I mean? Not a muthafucking lie told, yet those burnished banshees legit could not handle just the slightest of criticisms. As you can see from the photo I used, those Swap-meet Socialites are STILL wearing the same style of lace fronts I had hoped they’d see fit to retire. But, unlike before, they must have found a shipment of Meemaw Liz’s struggle sweaters, cause they seem to have retired the gaudy animal print in favor of..I don’t know, wool? Cotton? Fabric Arts were NOT my focus at art school. I preferred ceramics.

Okay, maybe I said a FEW other things they hated.

“They are the black faces of White Nationalism.”

Yes. I did say this, please note that I was the FIRST one to call these hefas what they were. All y’all muthafuckas were beating around the bush searching for a kind or politically correct way to call them out for performing Blackness for white audiences. I had no such struggle. What I said was ALREADY toned way the hell down. They should be grateful.

“… hate them for looking so dumb … “

Okay, and? Yes, I did say let’s just hate y’all for looking dumb. Not sure what the problem is.

Said article deliberately and maliciously slandered and defamed Diamond and Silk and the Diamond and Silk brand by deliberately and maliciously attaching their name to racist context.

Oh, I was deliberate and malicious? Well, that changes….nothing.

This part gets me on the whole floor every time I read it:

“Diamond and Silk Brand.”

B!tch, what? Lololololololol!!

Y’all do know this grift train can fly off the tracks anytime soon, yeah? I hope to hell you’re saving your Chit Chat Tour money, cause you ain’t never coming to another Black Cookout, not even when you get old. Sorry. You made your choice. Go eat at Ivanka’s nasty ass cookout that will probably make Gwenneth Paltrow’s weirdnesses look like Soul Food. Enjoy that shit.

Today, we have yet ANOTHER PROBLEM coming from these two cosplaying clowns, and the buffoonery is simply off the charts. Wait until you see and hear what they said. Brace yourself, it is very dumb.

From Salon:

The Fox News commentators known as “Diamond & Silk” claimed on Friday’s edition of “Fox & Friends” that Democrats were using the “same tactics” on President Donald Trump that were used on “our ancestors back during the Jim Crow day.”

If this ain’t the stupidest shit on the earth, I don’t even know.

Excuse me, Miss. Thang, don’t you think it would “Be Best” if your asses cracked open a history book every now and again, you know, just to hide your doltish chicanery from those of us who know better? How is Trump suffering by means of any of the same tactics that oppressed our ancestors? Is he being segregated by law? Denied access to public accommodations? Is he being denied his right to vote, practice free speech and lie all over the place? Is he in danger of being lynched? Anything? No? Shut the fuck up, Diamond. You’re stupid.

Let’s watch the segment…

Oh look, someone is taking elocution lessons. *Snicker*

Yeah, you heard her extra stupid and ridiculous ass say that. The half-witted Wonder-dummies are doing the MOST to try to let Uncle Sugar know they are pressing hard for the Black Vote. Sure, they are lying their unholy, natural asses off, but this is the Trump Administration; would anybody working for Trump even trust them if they DIDN’T lie their asses off like everyone else? Hell no. I’d lie about EVERYTHING if I worked for Trump. Even my name.

Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, who go by the names Diamond & Silk, also host their own show on the streaming service Fox Nation. The duo appeared on the president’s favorite morning show to discuss a Wall Street Journal editorial that wondered “what if … enough black Americans voted for Donald Trump to re-elect him.”

What if you two stopped competing with Nina Turner on who could be the best Court Jester? That might help Black People feel less ashamed of you all.

“First of all, back in 2016, black America had nothing to lose,” Hardaway said. “But if they don’t vote for Donald J. Trump in 2020, they have everything to lose.”

Like what, Diamond? I see you didn’t name a goddamn thing we’d lose besides 280 pounds of lying asshole in the White House. Also? Stop lying.

We actually have some data on what Black voters are thinking, and surprise!! Miss Diamond has no actual clue what the fuck she’s talking about. As USUAL.

Washington Post Ipsos Survey of African American Voters:

24. In general, do you think it is a good or a bad time to be a…

a. black person in America 30 (Yes) 65 (No) 4 (No Opinion)
b. white person in America 77 (Yes) 18 (No) 5 (No Opinion)

AWWW!! Looks like you were talking to your imaginary Black Friends WHO LIE TO YOU again, Ladies.

Oh, look at this one:

29. Do you think President Trump is a racist?

Yes 83

No   13

No opinion  4


The 13%? Those are LIARS. As for the Black Struggle Sisters? Maybe, just maybe, you Ladies are dishonest, self serving, grifty, phony, lying liars who like to lie a lot? You would literally have to let me meet your Black friends who said they are jumping ship for the GOP before I would even consider that you may be partially honest. And then, I probably would just assume they were lying liars too. Everything you’ve said has been complete and utter tarradiddle from Trump suffering Jim Crow to Black People changing their registrations to Republican. I know you’re just there so white people on the right can have a black voice repeat all of the suspect shit they want to say out loud to. Who better to be those voices than “Diamond and Silk, the Dangerous Duo of Dumbassery”, amirite? Right. I know you’re just going to keep on making shit up, but guess what? I’ll be here to call you liars in many and varied ways until the day you two motley wearing minstrel mavens finally finally fucking GO AWAY.



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