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Dear Media, Can You PLEASE Stop Shoving Liz Warren Down Our Throats?

We get it. Liz Warren speaks to you, in her teachery whisper yell, in a way no candidate has ever spoken to you in your life. When you hear her nasal Okie-tones honk “Two Cents!” at some possible dumbass who questions the feasibility of wealth tax, a tax tried by other nations and soon discarded, to your ears, the sound is on par with the wonderment of Mozart. When your eyes light upon the agony of her un-choreographed frolicking, her stiff jerkings where she lashes her body out in suspiciously Elainesque motions, become as rhythmic and graceful to you as an activity my community may call “dancing”. And your heart warms when she tells her stories about the Mamas and the Daddies, the MeeMaws and the PawPaws, or even how her daddy got sick and her mama had somehow never worked, but had to get a job. I was one who thought he was dead in that story for several months last year, not you, though, because you were actually listening.

Mehdi Hasan from The Intercept:

If you win in November, you will be 78 years old at your inauguration — the oldest person ever to enter the White House.

Sorry to be blunt, but the actuarial tables suggest there is a one in five chance you may not make it to the end of your first term. (Keep doing those workouts!)

Yes. You love Elizabeth Warren,  and for some incomprehensible reason, you seem to think you can talk the rest of us into it too. 

Warren has charm, people skills, a common touch. Working-class white men may be your biggest fans; college-educated white women are hers. And the misogyny she’s had to endure so far may not be a problem in the general election. “Like most women,” your former White House colleague Jennifer Palmieri pointed out in the Boston Globe last week, “she could be even more effective when she’s campaigning for someone else, other than herself — then voters don’t get uneasy about all that ambition she has.”


But it is Warren who stands out from the rest. If you were to offer her the VP slot, the senator from Massachusetts has said, without hesitation, that she would accept it.

You should make that offer. And make it soon.

Oh, I hear ya. You’re just sending a message to Joe Biden, you all don’t mean to do it in major publications, or in leftist tabloids like The Intercept, so that you can bury any reports or discussion about any other candidates who might be better for that position. You’re not trying to speak for The People by having constant discussion of one of the least likely to be chosen, and worst possible choices Joe said he would consider for the role, drowning out all other possibilities, that’s just an unintended consequence. And sure, you never even noticed how over-represented in the media you supporters of Betsey Hustle tend to be, it’s not like you could look around yourself.

Consider the latest polls, however. According to Axios, a new survey in the key swing states of Michigan and Wisconsin, commissioned by Donors of Color Action, found Warren to be “the overall candidate to beat” among potential vice presidential nominees, with “the most consistent support among white and black voters in both states.” She even outpolled Harris among black voters.

Maybe you missed the fact that a Black Woman increases enthusiasm in 55% of black voters, and even causes many Black non-voters to be more likely to vote; we don’t want to just turnout Black people who always vote, we want record turnout. I have not seen any data suggesting Black voters will show up in record numbers for Warren like they may for Harris. Also? It’s sad. Always the dings at Harris whenever someone wants to promote Warren, yet if someone like myself were to just post videos of Liz Warren being racially ignorant, well, the entire party is destroyed. Maybe using Harris as the whipping boy whenever you want to promote Warren will begin to backfire with some Black people. By this, I mean myself, because it’s starting to make me remember how terrible it will be for people of color when the GOP begins going through Warren’s past and bringing up all the racially ignorant situations she involved herself in, along with her many unanswered for mistakes. I do not plan to defend her, Mehdi Hasan can do that.

The point I’m trying to make is this: Knock it the fuck off, you’ve said it a thousand times, that’s enough.

Just in the last week or so alone, there have been a number of opinion editorials that seek to completely erase the accomplishments and value of the other women under consideration, and guess what? THAT DOESN’T INSPIRE WARM FEELINGS FOR LIZ AMONG THE MASSES. Meanwhile, your publications seem to treat Joe Biden like an Un-Progressive, uninspiring, no policy having candidate who will let Liz be the real President, because Biden is not only stupid in your view, he is also on his DEATHBED from being way too old, even though he is only 9 years older than Betsey, or maybe 8, I have to check.

Perhaps with a nod to your own age and health, you have said — rightly! —  on more than one occasion, that the person you pick to be your vice president has to be “ready on day one to be president of the United States.”

What does that have to do with Liz Warren? No. Real shit, I mean it.

If that is your key requirement — and I think it should be — then it has to be Elizabeth Warren. It just has to be. She is readier than the rest. She is even readier than you, Joe.

B*tch, what? You see this shit?


Mehdi Hasan

Sincerely, Mehdi? That was some fucked up shit.

I have no idea whether the point of all of these op-eds is to make people hate Liz Warren and want her to go the entire fuck away right fucking now, but that’s the effect it’s having on me. I didn’t want Liz once I gave her background the deep dive, and after reading about 20 op-eds in favor of her, that spend half the time trashing her competition and Joe Biden, I’m not sure I ever want to hear another word about Liz Warren. If Joe wants a fractured base, angry Black women, and a VP who will undermine him at every turn, in order to sideline him from his own job, with a dedicated leftist media constantly attacking him to uplift her? Then he should pick Liz Warren, because that’s exactly what he’s going to get.


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