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Diamond and Silk Need To Go Away Forever Now, Black Jesus

Dear Black Jesus,

It has come to my attention that perhaps Black People are being punished for some type of “Cosmic Crime” of the variety that Mormons once believed in or maybe still believe. One would think that Slavery, and it’s gentler cousin Jim Crow, would have canceled out whatever bullshit we got started in the Heavenly Realm. But unfortunately, it appears we are paying dearly for some great crime.

Diamond and Silk are talking Reparations, Black Jesus, and I don’t like it one bit.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying Diggum and Duggum are banned from discussing issues of such great importance as reparations for African slavery in the US. I AM saying, however, that they fucking need to be banned from speaking at all, especially on issues of such great importance as reparations for African Slavery in the US. Fortunately for us, they have been relegated to the deep dark hole that is “Fox Nation”, a subscription service that super old ass white people use instead of just ordering Netflix and becoming Liberal via osmosis. Sadly, “That One” and “That Other One” are not really trapped inside of a Google cloud server or some shit.  This means they can accept invitations to go on the regular Fox News Channel and make Black People look extra fucking stupid by embarrassing our entire race just by showing up.

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From Fox News:

Fox Nation’s Diamond & Silk weighed in on former NBA player Charles Barkley slamming Democrats’ for their lack of action in the black community and accusing them of taking the black vote for granted.

Okay, I say this same shit all the time. I’ve said many times that the DNC and White Dems just spent 4 years reaching out to Trump voters and just now remembered Black People exist. It’s something I’ve been hearing and seeing Black Dems complain about. This does not mean we need Dingle and Dingy to speak up for us. Being that we know how to properly use suffixes and lack the tendency to engage in malapropisms, it’s crystal fucking clear that we can handle it ourselves. You know, like how Barkley, who supports either Castro or Mayor Pete just did? We do not need you two swaybacks saying a goddamn thing for us.

“Look at how they’re promising reparations, black people don’t need reparations, they need liberation from the Democrat party,” Diamond said.

Your suffixes need liberation, you wretch.

I just want to remind America that these Matinee Minstrel Show malingerers who claim such great harm comes from the DemocratIC party were, in fact, Democrats before they flipped to Trump. And let’s not forget their parents were Televangelists, Black Jesus, the apples didn’t fall far from that grifty ass tree.

“Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade agreed with Barkley, and called on Republicans to further their efforts in the black community, but Diamond and Silk pointed to President Trump’s actions in response.

You see it? See why we don’t need their plastic ponytails or Dark and Lovely lace fronts anywhere near a fucking camera speaking on our shit. Chad Chaddington III had just agreed that the GOP sucks when it comes to Black People, so why did those bargain-basement bugaboos not just agree with the obvious? Because they know which side their bread is buttered on– the WHITE side.

“When it comes to the Republican party, we have a Republican president. He’s not all talk, he takes action,” Diamond said, referencing the historically low black unemployment rate and Trump’s commitment to the First Step Act.


“So…Republicans don’t have to pander, because they deliver…our Republican president…is delivering,” she continued.

Come again?

Silk said she hoped black people would have a “come to Jesus moment” and that they would “realize that the Democrat party mean black people no good.”

Come to BLACK JESUS, Silk. You need him.

Another person might simply ignore these two sell-outs and let them grift in peace. Still, others might worry that Dipshit and Dumbshit might send them a new, shiny, stupid Cease and Desist letter from their “Legal Team” about all of these besmirches. I am simply not the one to give much of a fuck. Please make them shut up, Black Jesus. Amen.





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