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Drew Brees Wouldn’t Be Sorry If He Had Just Shut Up and Played His Sportsball.

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I don’t know much about Drew Brees.

I just know he’s sorry he didn’t just shut up and play his sportsball like he was told.

Apparently, I am supposed to give a crap what this guy says about protests, just because he is a Sportsball player. I will admit, I don’t watch much Sportsball of any kind. I quit watching Sportsballs back when Kobe Bryant played his last game for the Lakers. I only watched up to that point, because I had gotten myself very emotionally invested in his career; from the beginning; when he skipped college to go pro, I admired his gumption even more than his skill. Kobe was a real champion; when he and Shaq played together, there were moments that literally made my scalp tingle, moments that made me laugh or cry, and also, he was cute. Everywhere I went in town, on the nights Kobe and Shaq won Championships together, I felt a special connection to the other denizens of that sprawling Metropolis we call “El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula” or ” Los Angeles” for short. I felt like I knew Kobe Bryant, and I am still struggling with the deaths of he and his daughter, like most Native Angelenos. If Kobe were to pop up in his ghostly form and give a lecture on how to properly behave in protest, I might give him a listen. But….

Who the fuck is Drew Brees?

I’m not trying to be fucked up here, I just looked him up, got bored, came back, and decided to just wing it.

So, apparently Drew Brees is a tone deaf kinda racist Sportsballer who had never given a fuck how anyone who was not just like him interacted with America on a daily, and now he’s sorry about that? Great. I will respond to him in my patented “I don’t give a fuck if this guy is rich and famous, he’ll never see this blog anyway, but even if he did, I still would not give a fuck” style. Since he speaks like he’s the guy in the photo that comes with the picture frames you bought at Costco, I will be forced to call him stupid a lot.

Let’s judge him for what he said to make himself a Sorry Sportsball Man:


(My comments in Red)

“I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country,” Brees said. (How is it disrespecting the flag, you dipshit?)

“Let me just tell what I see or what I feel when the national anthem is played and when I look at the flag of the United States. (Oh, God. No masturbation, whew! That was a close one.)

I envision my two (White) grandfathers, who fought for this (White) country during World War II; one in the Army and one in the Marine Corp. Both risking their (White) lives to protect our (Racist) country and to try to make our (Genocidal) country and this world a better (Whiter) place. (A better place for?)

So every time I stand with my hand over my heart (Dork) looking at that flag and singing the national anthem, that’s what I think about. (Oh, give me a fucking break, you do realize our forefathers served too? So, why the fuck aren’t we treated just like you?)

And in many cases, that brings me to tears (You can’t cry over THAT. You’re STUPID. Dead Black Bodies Bring US to Tears Today, Stupid.), thinking about all that has been sacrificed(We are STILL sacrificing our sons and daughters to institutionalized racist murder at the hands of America’s Law Enforcement).

Not just those in the military, but for that matter, those throughout the civil rights movements (You don’t know shit about the muthafcuking Civil Rights Movement) of the ’60s (Um, Why didn’t he SHUT THE FUCK UP? We are IN a Civil Rights Movement NOW, STUPID.), and all that has been endured by so many people up until this point. (But, not you obviously.) And is everything right with our country right now? (EYEROLL)

No, it is not.(Duh.) We still have a long way to go. (Duh.) But I think what you do by standing there and showing respect (Slap!) to the flag with your hand over your heart, is it shows unity(WE are the ones dying, stupid.).

It shows that we are all in this together (How are you in THIS with US?), we can all do better (YOU certainly need to.) and that we are all part of the solution.(You can do better by shutting the fuuuuuuuuuck up.)”

Why didn’t Drew Brees just shut the fuck up and play Sportsball?

This was not helpful, Drew.

I am not trying to be rude, catty, or cruel, but, Brees was obviously out of his league when it came to protests against White Supremacy, and opposition to the police violence associated with institutional racism. Far be it from me to call the young (I guess) man unintelligible; his words were, in fact, words people use. Yet, they didn’t really convey much depth, or impart anything meaningful or of substantive value. No wonder he’s sorry.

I mean, how is protesting the murder of Black Americans with impunity not respecting the flag of a Nation formed due to the so-called Tyranny of Kings? Wasn’t the murder of Crispus Attucks, among others, at the Boston Massacre, in fact, just another case of Law Enforcement killing a Black man, actually a Mixed Black and Native American Man, to be exact, and then subsequently using his own Blackness and Native Americanness as a way to paint him as the villain? It has been said that it was Attucks who was the leader of the “mob” that rioted one clear night in March of 1770. (Not necessarily true, but go with it.)

Crispus Attucks is considered the first casualty, and arguably is the first man considered by history to be an American, in the war to birth this very nation Mr. Brees holds so dear. Attucks was subject to a racialized justice system in death, when he was posthumously treated just like Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, and nearly ALL of the other Black Men, who have been killed by White Men, whose job it was to enforce the law. At the trial of his killers Mr. Attucks was the one being judged, same as today. In the 250 years since his death, for Blacks and for Native Americans alike, it often appears that absolutely nothing has changed. We are always somehow to blame, for our own deaths, and for everything else that we can possibly be blamed.

Brees found that his remarks, rather than settling the issue once and for all, instead simply drew attention to the complete lack of concern the NFL has shown for Black Lives, regardless that they profit from those very lives they ignore. Mr. Brees seemed unaware that even veterans themselves are divided over the question of whether kneeling is a proper form of protest; it appears that Colin Kaepernick was advised that kneeling would be a respectful approach to protesting before he ever got started with his public protests.


Retired Army Green Beret Nate Boyer is the man who first convinced Colin Kaepernick to kneel during the national anthem.

I highly doubt Mr. Brees outranks Nate Boyer in the US Armed Forces at the present time, and honestly, I doubt he ever will.

Drew Brees waxed nostalgic over his Grand-pappies, in a bid to make his dubious point about how disrespectful it would be to “take a knee” during the National Anthem. Well, I talked to my THREE uncles (This is a lie, I spoke to one and my stepdad–just go with it), one Army, one Navy, one Marine Corps, AND my ex- Marine Stepdad; all of these men served in the Vietnam Era, both Marines served in Vietnam. And guess what? Their old, mean asses said Drew Brees was full of shit. (They did say this.)

You’d think getting dragged by LeBron James on the Twitters would have shut him up, but no, it didn’t.

He had more to say:

“I believe we should all stand for the national anthem and respect our country and all those who sacrificed so much for our freedoms,” Brees wrote in a text message to ESPN’s Mike Triplett. “That includes all those who marched for women’s suffrage in the 1920s and all those who marched in the civil rights movements and continue to march for racial equality. All of us … EVERYONE … represent that flag. Same way I respect all the citizens of our country … no matter their race, color, religion.

I believe Drew Brees should have shut up, Shut The Fuck Up, and SHUT THE ENTIRE FUCK UP. Nobody cares what the fcuk you believe, this was never about you, and it never will be. Guess what’s more important than any song, any flag, or any thing you’ve brought up?

Black Lives.

The lives of your team mates, their families, our families, the entire Black Community.

“And I would ask anyone who has a problem with what I said to look at the way I live my life. Do I come across as someone who is not doing my absolute best to make this world a better place, to bring justice and equality to others, and hope & opportunity to those who don’t have it? That’s what I meant by actions speak louder than words. … My ACTIONS speak for themselves.”

And your words made you sound bad, so you should feel bad, and apparently you do.

This is likely why Mr. Brees was super apologetic this morning.

Yes, I cried.

Drew Brees has issued an apology for how his comments were perceived.


*Please, Bianca, don’t get irritated at how much super extra big credit this white sportsballer gets just for trying to undo some of the damage he caused.*

Did he say….”I can be a leader for the Black Community in this Movement.”?

Look, no. But, you can lead some more White People to righteousness, that would be the most helpful thing you could do. Maybe, just maybe, YOU can “take the knee” and send a message to the NFL that they need to do more than say Black Lives Matter. They need to behave like Black People Matter. We do. I have long believed that our lives will matter more, the more Black People are seen as People; humans, who just happen to be way cooler, funnier, entertaining, and better at dancing than you, among other endless awesome features. Lol!

Regardless of any issue I may take with points in his apology, I was happy to see it; his friends were hurt, and when people cry, I cry. His initial reaction to a peaceful form of protest was very hurtful, not only to his team mates, but to Black People across the nation. The idea that “taking a knee” had the capacity to be more destructive than his own tone deaf, ignorant, and totally lacking in empathy response, is a common theme in America. Nothing can be more harmful than black people protesting being harmed. Living life as cannon fodder, though exciting, tends to put us at risk of death, yet we mustn’t protest out fates. This isn’t a Drew Brees problem, or a Republican problem, or a Democratic problem, or a Leftist problem. This is a WHITE PEOPLE problem. Only White People can solve it. We will never be treated like you until YOU demand it.

Also, to be honest, none of this has ever been about the Flag, or respecting America. It is, as it ever was, just another way to police Black Americans who dared show the slightest bit of resistance against the White Supremacy that is foundational in Law Enforcement, and in our Nation. We often say, the police exist to defend the White Man’s Property, so he may keep it all for himself, lest we run off with it. Yet, what is left unsaid is as burdensome as it is true; we were once the property, and the Patrols set out to keep us from running off with ourselves, lest we might find ourselves Free. What is Blackness in America but a prison, in many ways? Even with all of our creativity and charm, and our cleverness and congeniality; we are still over-policed, over-jailed, and overly disadvantaged. We face invisible barriers, like bars on a jail cell, to everything imaginable, everywhere we go. It’s humiliating to be constantly reminded of all the negative stereotypes, statistics, and struggles you face–and have White people wonder why you’re angry. “Why the fuck aren’t YOU angry?,” I want to ask. But, I don’t ask. I have eyes. I have no need to tell you that I’m angry, not anymore. I don’t even bother. This is not because you’ve all become prescient, observant, or better listeners, nope, it’s mostly because its very clear to me that you are explosively angry too.

Perhaps this is why it takes only one spark for us to set the world on fire.



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