If you made it this far you probably already know who I am, If not, that’s even better.  I write hilarious things about politics, culture, race, and mayonnaise. Anecdote time: One time I made a delightful graphic about Susan Sarandon, and she did not like it very much, sadly, although she fake thanked me. Another time John Cusack drunk tweeted me to call me out for not liking Bernie. Also recently Diamond and Silk threatened to sue me, just for making observations. Apparently, celebrities do not like me. 

I single-handedly bullied the entire Revolution by myself and made Bernie lose the Black vote by laughing at him. That’s witchcraft if done right. I am 600 ft tall, Black, Angry, and I am a woman who is always on her period. 

If you send me money, I will write stuff all the time and do my podcast peacefully. Otherwise, I will be at home practicing witchcraft and cursing people who don’t send me money. You will suffer.