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I’m Delighted to Endorse Joe Biden For the Presidency of the United States of America ON MY BIRTHDAY

Hey, its my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

Guess what happened? Kamala Harris endorsed Joe Biden for President on my Birthday, I’m pretty sure that was on purpose, she probably secretly is magic and knew I needed to see her endorse Joe soon.

My Birthday is LIT this year!

Well, one more year has passed; I am slightly older, much much fatter, and barely a stitch wiser than I was at this time last year. But, I have learned a few needful life lessons that have helped guide me through this hellified year we just went through, and that’s a good thing. At various times during the past year while I was trying to build up the K-Hive for Kamala Harris, I would imagine to myself what would happen if she happened to drop out, lose, or not make the cut. No matter what horrible tragedy I imagined coming to pass, there was always a sense that not all would be lost. We had big D energy in spades; we also had a slate of dynamic, empathetic, and capable candidates (we also had Bernie and Tulsi) that could take Donald Trump to the woodshed in a GE, we had a Blue Wave at our back and more on the horizon, but most of all, we had Joe Biden there to catch us if we fell. And yes, we fell. HARD, lol.

Kamala Harris running for President meant as much to me as Shirley Chisholm running meant to my mother when she was a teen. I got to be a part of history in action; how many women can say they started a grassroots movement online to support a Black Woman running for President? Only me. It is a labor of love. I am proud of that, and nothing can diminish the joy it gives me to support and promote such an accomplished and charismatic leader who has dedicated her life to standing up for those considered least among us. Kamala Harris IS for The People, fuck what you heard.

When Kamala dropped out, it felt like our hearts had been ripped out; we were swarmed, bullied a bit (not me, nobody can bully me.), and some of us felt like giving up. Hell, for an instant, even I felt like giving up. But as Kamala said, our work was not done, we had much more to do, and it was time to make some decisions on who we believed could get that work done. There was no hesitation on my end. I had prepared for such a depressing fate, so I had already made a deal with the supporters of Joe Biden to “Go With Joe” if I found myself without my candidate. So, I went with Joe and took the K-Hive with me, mostly intact. And we were welcomed with open arms, by people with honest hearts filled with big joy. It was clear that just like we in the K-hive were, and are, overjoyed to support Kamala Devi Harris, Joe Biden supporters are super fucking glad to be supporting him. We unified instantly.

Boy, oh boy, did it piss off a few groups when we coalesced behind Joe, rather than backing a Progressive who was more like Kamala on policy; some of our members drifted away to support Liz, Pete, Amy, and even Bernie. But it had to be done, we had to move to Joe as a unit, and I had to kindly persuade the K-Hive, which is an Anarchy, to come along with me without kicking and screaming. We couldn’t be seen having cat-fights or acting like another group of supporters we know so well, who won’t leave our mentions even though they hate us “Neolibs.” Fortunately for me, Kamala Harris attracts the most reasonable people on the planet; these men and women, who don’t even call me an “establishment BOOTLICKER,” mostly decided to come along. We are pleased with our decision.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I was sad that we went from having such a diverse field, to being made to choose between old white dudes who have been in Government for all of my life, but this is Politics, not Love Island or The Bachelor, I don’t have to date him. Would be awkward anyway, with Dr. Jill there flirting with my date, now wouldn’t it? Joe Biden gets my vote because he has spent the past ten years earning it. When Obama needed Joe to help him win and govern, Joe was there. When Obama needed to be pushed on Same Sex Marriage, Joe was there to push. Joe Biden is a White Man who was willing to play second fiddle to a Black man for eight years. Joe did his job without the usual tricks and backstabbery that we, as black people, had become accustomed to; he did his job faithfully, he did it loyally, he did it respectfully. He treated Obama like he would want to be treated; as a man and as an equal, but with the respect one gives to the Commander in Chief. He is unique in this, I haven’t met many white men of his age who would have been able to be the wing-man to a Black President without some major bullshit going down. Joe Biden earned my respect long ago with his empathy; this is one reason I chose Joe over Bernie. I can tell Joe cares. Empathy matters.


This quality not only differentiates him from the uncaring and often downright meanness of Trump, but it also distinguishes him from Sanders, who often comes off more as someone who wants to be right than someone who wants to figure out how actually to improve people’s lives working within the inevitable constraints of our current political arrangement.

Many people are going around calling Biden racist because of one set of clumsy words or another, they are saying he has dementia because of his well known gaffes, and that he leans into Obama far too much (for them to be able to compete, Bernie, since you wanted Obama to face a primary) and is pandering for the Black Vote. This is hilarious because Joe Biden always had the Black Vote, we were just waiting for Joe to be Joe.

As much as I might get a little weary of Biden talking about the death of his son as a way of connecting with people’s pain and grief, wishing he would talk more about issues and his platforms, I at least see him listening to people, empathizing with them, trying to understand them. This quality may in fact guide the development of his platforms and policies.  These qualities have, in fact, become the hallmark of his campaign, even intentionally so.

I cannot imagine Bernie Sanders performing the role of VP to President Obama with such joy, so loyally, and with such pride as Joe Biden. I can imagine he would undermine, second guess, and believe himself more qualified and capable of filling the role. Honestly, I believe showing up Obama is, in part, what Bernie’s 2 chaotic runs for President have been about; Obama wasn’t left enough, he didn’t use the bully pulpit the right way, he negotiated with the GOP (which is fine if you’re Bernie, but weak if you’re Obama.)

After Super Tuesday, Sanders supporters have blamed the electoral outcomes on the machinations of Democratic establishment.

Seriously? What about the voters? Especially those African American voters in South Carolina that may have had more than a little to do with Biden’s surge?

Bernie couldn’t even congratulate Pete after Iowa or accept that Pete may have actually won the delegate count in the Iowa Caucus.

And the tenor of his campaign, in which I include the tenor of his supporters’ behaviors, reflects a lack of decency and an unwillingness to engage and listen to others respectfully.

Empathy. Decency. Respect. These are three things our nation is crying out for today; we have a President who is utterly devoid of the character, honesty, and concern for others that is so necessary for good leaders to possess. The worst thing you can say about a Biden Presidency, compared to this hellscape of a Trump Presidency, is that maybe it will be kinda boring for 4 to 8 years. We won’t have the thrill of shitty trade wars causing soybeans to rot in the silos. We won’t have an All White Male cabinet. We won’t have hate rallies headlined by our own president or White Nationalists working on his staff. We won’t have to put that nanny-cam on RBG to make sure she’s alright at every moment of the day, for fear of what might befall the nation if she were not okay. We won’t have babies snatched from their mother’s arms and lost in our unnavigable foster-care system, separated with little hope of reunification. WE WON’T HAVE MORE TRUMP.

So, maybe we will be bored. Being bored with the President is my fondest dream, it’s my Birthday Wish. Please let Biden become President and bore the entire world for at least four lovely, joyful, delightfully unscandalous years; CNN and MSNBC can settle for a gaffe, or catching Biden wearing a Tan Suit while eating Grey Poupon. Or some shit.



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