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I’m So Tired of Mayo Pete I Could Eat My Own Face

Pete and them don’t want this smoke.


Black and Brown voters especially have no good reason to want to put our futures and the futures of our children into the data driven hands of Pete Buttigieg. Homophobia does exist at far too high a rate in the black community, so too does it exists at too high a rate in ALL communities. There is no acceptable level of fear and hate to hold against a person for being Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, or Queer. Or for any other arbitrary reason your Churches invented and attributed to their Sky Pappy. People are doing THE MOST to try to explain why Black voters rejected Pete, even going so far as to play it like Black People are the only humans left on earth that hold that particular bias. It would be so easy to just find a scapegoat when I find myself unwanted, yet, I know its less likely to be because the people at a particular house party were racist against me, than they were pissed about my anti-Styrofoam crusade. Hey? DON’T FUCKING BUY STYROFOAM! I don’t like it.

I also don’t like this focus group shit that keeps popping back up like a regular Susan Sarandon, and seeks to either guilt trip us into voting for this Woody from Toy Story lookalike, or gain sympathy from well meaning whites who think Pete reminds them of one of their own family members. I get it. But I also vetted him months ago, so, I already know what’s wrong.

Let me tell you about Pete.

When Mayor Pete first came to my attention during the campaign for DNC boss, I rather liked him, just not as much as I liked Jehmu Greene, Tom Perez, or Keith Ellison. It’s hard being the new kid on the block and finding yourself at a house party in a room where everyone already knows everyone else. And since Pete is unwilling to be a wallflower, he jumped right into national politics feet first, and lost quite significantly. Looking back, his run for DNC Chair was merely a test run for today; he dove right into presidential politics from his poor, rustic– yet completely fixed– town, praising himself for a job well done. In his eyes he had Mayor’d the fuck out of his town, his town was the microcosm for what ailed your town, and he would make America more like South Bend.

South Bend is a town that wasn’t as “fixed” as Pete said.

It is a place where the benefits of his policies rarely made it into the pockets of the 40% of black people beneath the poverty line. Those very same black people also bore the brunt of the negative aspects of his policies. I would dig into it now if I thought Pete would lay eyes on my words, and take his own inventory rather than mine. I doubt Pete can change himself any better than a bowl of Malto Meal can transmogrify into a delicious bowl of cheesy bacon grits. I doubt he wants to.

Hubris. So why did Pete, a fresh faced nerdy kid from South Bend, choose to investigate what could be wrong with black people rather than what he had done to turn us away? As I said, I was initially open to Pete in the early Spring. But as Spring grew verdant so too did the vainglory of Pete; for several months he released no policy. He would get to that soon, he promised, instead of coming with policy first, he explained sagely, he was trying to change the discussion, and reclaim words like “Freedom” from conservatives. Oh my. What a boring guy.

I immediately named him Mayo Pete. And y’all call him that to this day because it fits.

His Gayness has never been a factor for me, if anything, it gave him a foot in the door with me and many other social justice inspired black people. What did factor in my opposition to Pete were his own failures as a leader, and his lack of foresight on issues affecting the Black and Brown residents of his town. While I am sure Mayor Pete believed his 1,000 homes program was a complete success, I was finding evidence of systemic racism in his “code enforcement” plan, troubling issues surrounding policing, and children suffering insane levels of lead exposure.

From Govtech:

According to the report, this neighborhood (census tract 6) had the highest elevated blood lead levels; 31 percent of children tested from 2005 to 2015 had elevated levels. This was more than six times Flint, Mich.’s rate of elevated blood lead levels from the previous year.

This both exonerates Pete and convicts him; it’s apparent that the lead poisoning predates his time running that city, yet, what did he do but make it worse?


Despite the mayor’s lip service, black and Latinx residents remain frustrated. South Bend is 62 percent white, 27 percent black, and 11 percent Latinx. Since the conclusion of his 1,000 days initiative in 2015, neighborhoods in northwestern South Bend have complained about the problem of lead poisoning from razed homes and delayed reactions from city hall.

The data driven Oxford educated Rhodes scholar had missed some very important data when planning his overhaul of South Bend. Black and Brown people are not merely numbers, we are humans, and his policies hurt.

Even the South Bend Tribune had taken to calling Pete out on his claims of good stewardship:

Regina Williams-Preston, has argued that Buttigieg’s 1,000-houses initiative relied on aggressive code enforcement that caused “poor people” and “people of color” to be displaced from homes when repairs couldn’t be made swiftly.

Williams-Preston has said she and her husband were victims of the unfair code enforcement, as fines on nine properties they owned at one point topped $72,000 (they later settled with the city, paying off substantially lowered amounts).

72 THOUSAND muthafucking dollars. How the fuck?

Here is an OLD thread from one of my banned accounts, lol!

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]

Candidate for South Bend Mayor says Black Homeowners were unfairly harmed by Mayor Buttigieg’s demolitions.

She says he used code violations to take property inherited by black families over for the city.

Her husband was sued by the city for $65,000. …

Aggressive code enforcement was used in historically black neighborhoods to strip away ownership of property that was in need of repair and/or dilapidated.

She says the enforcement was done aggressively in her area, though doesn’t believe enforcement was applied universally.

They were trying to fix up their own community and keep homes they inherited in the family.

After her husband got sick, they couldn’t do the work immediately.

41 code violations on homes that had been sitting for a decade before they purchased them.

He hit the poor black neighborhood with codes to run them off and take their shit.
Because he knew they were too poor to fix them up.

It’s like when police profile black men. She says the process was not legal.

It also violated the Mayor’s Vacant and Abandoned Task Force recommendation that promotes rehabilitation loans.

They were not offered loans.
They were told to pay up. She says some of the cases were dismissed because of guidelines issued by the mayor that said cases like hers shouldn’t be held liable.

But she wants to make sure nobody else loses their home over this issue.

Imagine if she were poor facing this drama?
She’d be fucked.

Some of her cases were dismissed after she fought over it.

But think about all those poor black people paying fines for code enforcement right now because Mayo Pete wanted to take their property to turn the city into a college town…

Is he legit making them pay this shit?

Mayo Pete, you need to cancel these fucking fines and pay EVERYONE back who you targeted in your code enforcement scam.

And why the hell doesn’t Chris fucking Hayes ask him about it?

Where the fuck is the media?

Dude. Wtf is this shit?

Link to code enforcement.

Looks like they have their own fucking department.
I don’t think my Muni code enforcement is its own thing.

Is he bleeding the poor dry?
Black poverty is already at 40 percent…They cannot afford his extreme fines and fees. …

I’m done. End thread.

I’m totally unsatisfied and not pleased with what I have found just by reading one article.

I am also unhappy with the completely uncritical eye the media is using on vetting candidates.

You are not stenographers.
Search for good AND bad.
Don’t be stupid.


That thread was from April. I’ve been told that Pete worked out some solutions, yet do Black people really feel comfortable taking a risk on him?

No. We don’t know him.

A focus group of 24 black people was all it took for our entire race to be painted as the inhumane savages that hold back all of mankind. I, and probably every black person on social media, have been attacked for “my homophobia” by white men with happy rainbow colored banners on their profile We are attacked for zero reason. Even gay black men and black lesbians have been taken to task by their privileged white counterparts; with certain white gay men leading the charge against us.

This is why Kamala Harris had to pull Rep. Jim Clyburn off of the ledge recently and let people know that it’s not okay to spread that shitty ass lie that black people are just a horde of wild homophobes. Clyburn had agreed that “Of course” homophobia was a problem in older blacks. I wonder if he heard me yelling SHUT THE FUCK UP from way over here in Alaska.

From Politico:

“To label one community in particular as being burdened by this bias as compared to others is misinformed, it’s misdirected and it’s just simply wrong,” Harris said on CNN Monday night.

THANK GOD SOMEONE SAID IT!!!! I didn’t actually expect any of the white candidates to defend Black people, and as far as I can see, they didn’t. Black people have to defend ourselves, and we are.

From Johnathan Capehart at Washington Post:

Folks harping on black homophobia conveniently ignore the four straight black men who led on gay rights during the Obama administration — most notably President Barack Obama and then-Attorney General Eric Holder. And folks harping on black homophobia ignore how the Trump administration, since day one, has been laying siege to all the Obama-era LGBTQ equality regulations and protections.

African Americans have evolved on LGBTQ equality just like everyone else. According to the Pew Research Center, only 29 percent of blacks supported same-sex marriage in 2009. Ten years later, a majority (51 percent) now does.

In ten years we have gained 32 points on supporting same sex marriage, and sure that number needs to move up to 100, but we still vote for Civil Rights for ALL people. We are working on it.

From Charles Blow at NYT:

Reducing Pete Buttigieg’s struggle to attract black support solely to black homophobia is not only erroneous, it is a disgusting, racist trope, secretly nursed and insidiously whispered by white liberals with contempt for the very black people they court and need.

I agree.

I’ve seen this unveiled contempt many times over the past few years whenever we choose the “wrong” candidate, like Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden. It’s not just the Pete camp either, not by a long shot. I’ve been called racist against white people far more often for my criticisms of Liz Warren and her faux-struggle campaign and baby power-fist or auntie meemaw sweaters. It’s a strange thing watching white “Liberals” play like they are the struggle victims of black people, even when they have a struggle.

Sure, Pete came out and said he doesn’t think homophobia is keeping black voters away, and it sounds all well and good. I still believe it was arrogant in the extreme for Pete’s mystery person or whoever leaked this garbage to release the results and smear black people to all and sundry. Pete knew he had failed the Black community of South Bend. He is now on track to failing black folks nationwide.


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