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“But, His Heart Attack!” Pro-Israel PAC Burns Bernie Right Before Iowa

Darby is NOT SURE Bernie is healthy enough to be President

Berners all over the web, especially on social media where they terrorize the common man or woman, have been simultaneously trying to pretend they aren’t bothered and also, losing their shit, over a ad due to hit the airwaves in Iowa today, less than a week before the Iowa Caucuses, and I am loling all over the place. The Ad, made by a group called Dem Majority for Israel PAC is just a regular Ad, nothing especially over the top in it, but it sure had the Sanders team in an uproar. The Ad is just 30 seconds, but it hits him on his health, his electability, and his socialism, smirks and walks away.


A pro-Israel Democratic super PAC is launching a new television ad on Wednesday in Iowa that questions Sen. Bernie Sanders’ electability and raises the specter of his health following a heart attack last fall.

Oh, really? Are y’all saying that heart attacks don’t turn people into Superman? Cause I have been told that Bernie is pretty much like Ironman, and the stents solved the problem completely and last forever, so Bernie pretty much just had to “walk it off” because they caught it before there was any problem. I am not a fucking Doctor. But I did ask a few Doctors that I know if this was true, and the answer I got was, “No.”

“I do have some concerns about Bernie Sanders’ health considering the fact that he did have a heart attack,” one of the Iowans featured in the ad says. Another suggests that, while he likes Sanders, voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Iowa are “not going to vote for a socialist.”
I said for weeks that Sanders looked ill, but his fans just attacked me and said I was wishing him dead. This was about two weeks before his heart attack during one of the debates. Dude looked tomato red, and sounded congested, so, I felt bad for him. And let’s face it, Obama went from looking young for his age to looking like a Silver Fox in 8 years while Michelle miraculously didn’t change one bit, so, the job DOES AGE PEOPLE. How much aging can Bernie take at this point? He’s not Benjamin Button, by any means, so, can we stop pretending the Presidency would have no effect on his health or are we just going to live in the delusion until this old man admits his age and health concern him too? Because, we might be able to survive Bernie’s death in office, but do we even want to take that risk? Who will be his Veep? Nina? Tulsi? Please kill me.
Sanders was hospitalized for more than two days after he suffered a heart attack in October while on the campaign trail. He had two stents inserted after doctors found an arterial blockage.

Tis just a scratch.


Sanders campaign co-chair Rep. Ro Khanna, a California Democrat, tweeted out a blistering response to the ad late Tuesday, saying the focus on Sanders’ health crossed a line.
“For a Democratic Super PAC to attack @BernieSanders health is beyond the pale of decency,” Khanna said. “Imagine the outrage if a Dem group had run attack ads about FDR’s polio. Every Presidential candidate must denounce this & call for the ad to be taken down.”
Um? How about “No.” Ro? Bernie is a dirty fighter and he should have saw this shit coming a mile away. I hope they do another one where they show Nina Turner wildin’ like a Baptist Minister on that wet* and let everyone know she could be in charge of EVERYTHING if Sanders pops off. Or even an ad about Tulsi Gabbard handing the keys to the country off to Assad, since people also see her as a likely VP candidate.  At the very least, maybe it would get Sanders to scratch those two clowns off the list of potentials. As far as Sanders’ health is concerned? He shouldn’t even be running for office with such obvious health issues, and quite frankly, FDR probably shouldn’t have mounted his last run, didn’t he die in office? THIS IS MY OPINION. Also? I cannot think of anyone Sanders could choose as VP that I wouldn’t want to impeach immediately.
“I think for many months now, the consensus has been that he really didn’t have much of a chance at winning the nomination,” Mellman said. “We looked at the situation a couple of weeks ago and decided that assumption was no longer valid — that he really does have a chance to win the nomination. And we thought that would be bad for Democrats, in terms of our ability to defeat Donald Trump, and bad for the issues that we care about.”

This has nothing to do with the groups stated purpose, which involves promoting US/Israel relations, and the fact that they are completely off script has some folks just a little bit unhappy. I mean, the Ad said absolutely NOTHING about Israel, that’s absolutely true, lol, and some are wondering what the purpose behind the ad is, and why they decided to do it now. Well, now you know. All that talk about the “Surge!” and how Bernie can win it has spawned a slew of anti Bernie pieces and his team just doesn’t know how to handle it. Bernie himself also has a problem taking criticism, so it’s going to be hilarious watching the attacks multiply while Ro Khanna and others sit around whining and bitching about how mean people are being.



*Wet- Water or “sherm” is a street drug often said to be made from embalming fluid, but is really just PCP.


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