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It’s Totally ON BRAND for Bernie Not to See a BernieBro 10 Feet Away Start a Brawl With a Black Guy Over His T-shirt

Look how proud he is of himself.

Bernie Sanders held a rally in Colorado yesterday, where he preached his usual prosperity gospel. This is the one where he promises Free Everything to his eager and devoted fans, once they get him elected. The kids cheered while Bernie preached. A “Black Guns Matter” T-Shirt was worn by a Black Man. Bernie preached some more. A self appointed member of the Woke White Men’s fashion police became hysterical. And still, Bernie preached on. Eventually, the White man called the Black man racist, and in that moment, woke ironically out-woke itself, right into a coma. A fist fight broke out, because of course it did, and friends pulled the men apart. They obviously raised Q U I T E a ruckus. Yet, Bernie kept preaching on, never once missing a beat, even as the toxicity churned.

He had no clue what was happening just feet away from him.


As you can CLEARLY SEE, they were super close to Bernie, but since they never laid a hand on his precious microphone, Bernie seems to have completely failed to notice them. Which is on brand as fuck. Bernie has never seen any type of bullying from his fans online (where it’s easy to search and find many shenanigans), so it makes sense that his eyes would be unable to see a brawl happening a few feet away, in the same room he’s standing in. For five years, Sanders has been like a permissive grandparent to his band of semi-socialist cyber brigands; he has been encouraging their anger, directing it at the establishment (anyone who disagrees with his positions), and reaping the benefits of their often successful efforts to silence dissenting voices.

And when, inevitably, there are questions about their behavior, Bernie, like so many permissive Grandpas, is prone to robotically doling out standard lines of dismay and disgust, like “Harassment of all forms is unacceptable to me, and we urge supporters of all campaigns not to engage in bullying or ugly personal attacks,” as if he has no idea what is even going on. Why can’t he call his own fans out without lumping the rest of the left in?

His boys are GOOD BOYS apparently. If they misbehave, somehow ALL supporters of the other campaigns are guilty too and need to be included in his admonishments.


I don’t see ALL or ANY other campaign supporters involved in this, Bernie, just yours and one guy who was considering you. This is about YOUR supporters, Bro. ALL of the rest of US managed to NOT  start brawls at our candidates’ rallies. So, here’s a thought! Why not SOLELY direct your admonishments at YOUR crew?

Stop trying to “All Lives Matter” this shit up, Bro.



No, Tyler. Stop telling Black People what’s racist against Black People, Trifling Tyler. He was not equating Black Guns to Black Lives. He was referring to the fact that Black People are often either denied our right to bear arms or are in danger of losing our lives, like Philando Castile, if we choose to utilize our gun rights, regardless if we are doing so legally and responsibly. Good luck getting the Black Voter turn-out you need by harassing Black People and accusing us of racism against ourselves if we have the audacity disagree with Chad McWhite and be pro-second amendment in a Berner safe space.

“Your T-Shirt is RACIST against Black People!!!” –Tyler says to a Black Man, just not in those words.

It was just a T-Shirt, Berner.

It wasn’t a Republican.

Being that we are Liberal Democrats, we believe in freedom of expression for all; unless you have some more bigoted shit to say, Tyler, because in that case you can shut the f*ck on up with your Steve Buscemi’s (who I love) nephew looking, lip ring wearing, patronizing smugness while giving yourself a cookie because you thought you were right about some shit you don’t even understand having, VAPORS catching because you saw a Black Man in a T-Shirt you didn’t personally approve of, monochromatic rally attending, white privilege reveling, Jello Surprise eating, cornball self.


Maybe, Tyler, you don’t know what the f*ck you’re even talking about when it comes to racism, so you should just shut your nosy mouth up and mind your goddamn business the next time you feel like checking a Black Man about his goddamn clothing, like you’re automatically every Black Person’s Dress Code Supervisor the second they get within brawlin’ range. Just be quiet, because you just proved the point we have been making about your asses for five goddamn years by AUTHORITATIVELY schooling a black man on racism against black people, when you’re white, and you don’t even experience it.

Poor Old Bernie.

Things did not turn out as smoothly as they began, and for a candidate that’s trying to soothe fears about his toxic revolution and fend off a surging Bloomberg campaign, this is NOT GOOD.

Daily Mail:

A fight broke out at a Bernie Sanders rally in Colorado on Monday after a white man reportedly attacked a black man for booing the Vermont senator and wearing a ‘Black Guns Matter t-shirt.

So, this is the horrifyingly racist T-Shirt, in yellow, being modeled by the creator of Black Guns Matter, Maj Toure. I don’t see what’s so racist about it; the only racist thing about this is the fact that he’s at an NRA rally, because, say his name: PHILANDO CASTILE.

More Daily Fail:

Friends of both men quickly intervened and broke up the fight before it got out of hand.  

According to CBS, one of the men involved contacted the station by phone and confirmed that he is a Sanders supporter who got into a fight with the other man at the rally.

Tyler told CBS that he tried to capture video of the man and his friends booing on his phone, when the man pushed him, prompting Tyler to retaliate. 

Of course his name REALLY is Tyler, I wasn’t joking. What exactly did you expect in Colorado? Chad? Brad? Yeah, me too, I bet his full name is probably Tyler Chad Braddington.

…The other man who was wearing the ‘Black Guns Matter’ shirt also called CBS but remained anonymous. 

He said he is African American and called Tyler the aggressor. 

Yeah. We noticed.

The man claimed: ‘He had a problem with the shirt I was wearing. I was recording the event, he walks up and calls me a racist. But I thought, “What’s he know about black lives, about discrimination, or, for that matter, the representation of the shirt.”‘

He added that while he agrees with Sen Sanders on numerous policies, gun ownership isn’t one of those. 

‘Black people and their ability to own firearms has historically been very restricted. The shirt I got from a conceal-carry class,’ the man said. 

He said something else, something I have often found to be true in my dealings with Berners online, and increasingly in person.


This is sad. Democrats have long prided ourselves on being the “Big Tent” Party, where all are welcome, especially those with left-of-center views and ideology. We know it would be like herding cats to get agreement in all things from fellow Democrats. We are strong enough to handle opinions contrary to our own without resorting to paranoia, paternalistic racism, or violence. Aren’t we? I think WE are.

Whose fault was this brawl? Well, it was Tyler’s fault P R I M A R I L Y, yet not E X C L U S I V E L Y.

We can also blame a culture within the world of Bernie’s campaign supporters that insists on behaving as if Bernie is “Woker and Blacker” than Black People because he was ‘chained to a black woman’ back in 1963. We can blame a movement that denounces John Lewis as a “Sell-out” yet lauds Bernie as a “Civil Rights Leader.” Another culprit is the Bernie friendly media orgs who decided that the R E A L racism and sexism is calling Bernie’s White Male Fans who abuse you online “BernieBros.” We are all racist-sexists who erase his Women and PoC supporters–who we intentionally left out– from the discussion, because they aren’t the ones bullying us.

Bernie Sanders, Head Clown of “Sanders Campaign Circus and Clownstravaganza, Inc.” is finally seeing some returns on the investment he made when, rather than police his movement, he chose to put his head in the sand, and pretended his revolution is nothing like the toxic catshitfire we see from Trump’s masses. His big payout, unfortunately for him, turned out to be a stupid-ass Bro instigated fistfight at his very own campaign rally. Yay! What a Winner.

At least this should be good for his fundraising numbers.

Mo’ Berner money, mo’ Berner problems, mo’ Berner bullshit.

My only question is, how the hell can Bernie lead a Nation if he can’t lead his own base, or see what’s going on, right in front of his face?


Daily Mail


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