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John McCain’s Daughter Came For Kamala and Got Dragged Away

This was the only day I liked her

Guess who came for Kamala?

If you guessed Becky Bo Peep? Go on ahead and treat yourself to a Jazz Cigarette, you’ve earned it.

John McCain’s daughter has the amazing ability to be both as haughtily privileged as an antebellum gorgon and simultaneously as desperately needy and attention-seeking as a  budget Tomi Lahren. Meghan McCain had a POW father until last year, but he died, so she is still in her mourning period. It has made her an even worse person.

John McCain was a very important man several times over; he was cool once, when he told the white lady with the Crazy Eyes that Obama isn’t Muslim (it was weird tho), and he was awesome that other time when he voted against repealing Obamacare. I can’t really think of anything else… Oh! His funeral was a big ass trolling of Donald Trump, and I believe he planned it that way because he fucking despised Donald Trump.

Let’s watch John McCain being the Maverick he had long claimed to be!

McCain votes ‘no’ on Obamacare repeal

I love this video. The gasps are delicious, I eat them every time.

The best fucking part was how he held his arm out until he knew everybody could see exactly wtf he was doing… and gave a “fuck you” thumb down to the punk-ass b*tch sitting in our White House. Then, he smooth walked the fuck out on those gasping assholes. “Peace, bitches!” Trump was so pissed. 🙂

That is my fond memory of John Sidney McCain.

While I will always appreciate the way he gangster walked out of that fucking chamber, sick as all hell, but with his head up high and back as straight as he could make it?

I knew at that moment there would always be one reason to hate on John McCain. Meghan. Ugh, gah!

Last night the inevitable thing that happens when an attractive woman is enjoying herself and a Haughty Heather has had enough of her happy bullshit happened. Last night during the debate, Lil Meghan Bo Peep came for Kamala Harris… and she got her ass dog walked right the fuck back to where she came from.

Kamala Was Funny At The Debate

From Raw Story:

The California Democrat drew laughs from the audience and ABC News moderator George Stephanopoulos when she compared President Donald Trump to the titular character in “The Wizard of Oz.”

“You know, when you pull back the curtain,” Harris said, “it’s a really small dude.”

So, Kamala told a joke and got a few laughs. “THIS SHALL NOT STAND!” is probably what McCain said. Meghan rushed out to let everybody know that Kamala ain’t even clever enough to make up jokes on the fly. She had obviously PRACTICED IT BEFOREHAND!!!!! Like, a comedian or something. Oh, noes!

Kamala’s jokes had committed attempted murder upon the Duchess of the Desert!

Megs McCabe tweeted out her own “homicide” line:

You do know that you don’t have to tweet out every catty thought you have, right Megs? Someone should have trained you on how to not say shit sometimes, even though you want to. You can’t imagine the shit people WANT to say to, or about you. You’re too conceited to get any of it right, you should practice.

So, if Harris was KILLING her with RehearsedLines…

How does Megs stand the pain of practiced pun?

The brutality of a belated barb?

The cruelty of a capable quip?

Twitter dragged her with RELISH, and some are STILL dragging her.

When you come for the Queen, you best not miss.

I just wanna know one thing.

So, Why Did John McCain Spoil Meghan SO MUCH?

Meghan is saditty as fuck, and she is always saying stuff I don’t like. Why, John? Hey, dude… Quick question for you to answer from beyond the grave: How the fuck you just gonna leave your very own daughter with us like it’s all good, and now we’re finding out she’s all untrained and shit? You were in the MILITARY. You survived TORTURE. MANY TIMES. You couldn’t tell Blondie “No.” every so often just so she’d learn how to not be an asshole? Nice.

Okay, maybe all y’all have long known that she’s always been an untrained little shit, but I had never listened to more than a 30-second clip of her natterings at a time until he DIED. I mean, I did notice that she dresses like a Waspy Bo Peep, complains a lot, gets irate over nothing, and she’s super selfish.

I just didn’t know she liked to get dragged around Twitter this much.

Here is the video of the crazy-eyed woman getting shut down just in case you forgot about that crazy woman…

It’s funny how even she looked surprised at how racist she was.

Raw Story