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Kamala Harris Is The Best Choice For VP, So Biden Needs To Announce Her As His Running Mate ASAP

During the “Mueller Report Affair” last year I noticed something interesting, and by interesting, I mean hilarious; Kamala Harris made Bill Barr forget what words mean. These were not complicated and compound German words where they go on forever and contain far too many consonants to be deciphered. They were also not even high level words one might find in a test prep book for college. Nope. These were commonly used, everyday words like “asked” and “suggest”, words so easy I just asked my ten year old to define them, and let’s just say she did a far better job than the Attorney General of the USA. By the time Kamala finished chewing up Barr and spitting him out, poor Billo was so confused he was stuck desperately whispering to his own lawyers, trying to get them to supply him with words to say. Can you imagine Kamala Harris doing this to Mike Pence on the debate stage? I can, and it makes me laugh.

When Kamala Harris suspended her campaign in the first days of December, I was fully distraught. It was only a few days later that I recognized the wisdom in what older Black voters had been saying to me since day one: Kamala should run WITH Joe Biden rather than against him, be his teammate not his rival, they could only choose one. Their words, I hope, reach God’s ears, because this was actually some of the best advice we had been resisting for months. It’s going to take a strong team to defeat the money bags and trickery that will come at us from the GOP, and in my view Biden and Harris are that team. Even in my most resistant phase, I saw the value of another admonishment I received, this time from Vanilla, telling me not to go nuclear on Biden, not to use my voice to tear him down, because he WAS likely to BE the nominee, and I would have to live with my choices if I weakened him to the point where he became a non-viable candidate. I decided to stop. Of course, I don’t believe I alone have that power, but as you all know; Shit spreads on social media like a wildfire; like the butterfly effect, it only takes a few words said just the right way, repeated by many, and before you know it, we’re all eating shit sandwiches on election day in November. I know better than anyone; I watched Beth Lynch push the “Kamala is a COP!” line to the max and I also watched that notion become “Common Knowledge.” In the activist circles of the Dem Primary, a narrative like that can be very toxic and lends itself to misrepresentation, erasure of one’s good work, mythologization, and straight up lies.

By the time Tulsi Gabbard went on stage and falsely accused Harris of GREAT WRONGS we could see the smear campaign working, and without a long term national profile it was very difficult to combat. People have to know you to trust that you are who you say you are, and from the beginning it was going to be hard for anyone new to break through. We needed to team up with Joe; we have masses of energy, a cohesive and dedicated grass roots, but everyone KNOWS Joe; he has some things money can’t buy and social media cannot destroy: Credibility, dues paid, connections, and the loyalty of Black America. When supporters of Joe Biden hit me up in the late days of August, and suggested a neutrality agreement, it only took me a few seconds to agree and accept the offer: we would support Joe for President and they’d support Kamala for VP if worst came to worst. The K-Hive would grow up and turn our fire on the crew that was burning the rest of the candidates at the stake weekly, and if Kamala did drop out, we would move to Joe rather than suffer Bernie. As much as I often agree with Bernie that the nation must move in a direction that puts the most emphasis on The People, and providing for those most in need, I have never agreed with his tactic of silently permitting his Revolution to destroy the reputations of his rivals while feigning ignorance.

Well, the worst did come, Kamala dropped out, and we have supported Joe ever since. I appreciate the members of the K-Hive being so understanding about my quick move to Joe after Kamala left; not one person cussed me out, which is kinda unusual. We offered our services to the newly formed union and we attempted to BE like Kamala in whatever way we could; one thing she always said was “Dude’s gotta go.”, so we knew better than to act out and pretend our goal was something other than getting Trump out of office. Being like Kamala meant when other candidates dropped out it was our job to be kind, understand that their supporters need space, and to welcome them into the fold so we could team up against a very dangerous President. The most important thing was not our petty internecine warfare, it was not getting payback for slight or barbs against our candidate, it was always teaming up against Trump. This means, when Joe reached out to the K-Hive for help, we went to the mattresses. What you know about that K-Hive life, son? Fuck around and find out. Ha!

Now, we are faced with another opportunity to help out, in the form of supporting the insanely smart idea of Kamala for VP. There are those who say silly shit about Kamala not winning the primary making her a bad VP choice, and it makes me laugh my ass off. What VP actually WON the Primary? Biden himself did rather poorly in the delegate race in 2008, yet he became one of the best VP’s in modern history. And now that he has won the Presidential Primary; he will BE our next President; he will be number 46 if we all do what is best for the nation, and if we get our asses to the polls. That is where Kamala Harris comes in, surprisingly enough. Black Voters want a Black Woman VP, and WE want record Black turnout. Representation on the ballot gives our Demographic a 5% boost in turnout at the polls, even our non voters are likelier to show up if black is on the ballot. Of all of the Black Women being considered only one had the courage to actually run for President: Kamala Harris.


Biden is already highly popular with black voters, according to the poll of 800 black voters conducted for BlackPAC, a progressive-leaning advocacy group. But 55 percent of African American voters said they would be more excited to turn out or vote for Biden if he were to pick a black woman to join his ticket, the poll showed. However, 27 percent said the pick made no difference because they would stick with Biden.

Black Voters are the most likely to vote for the Democratic Party, I cannot stress this enough, we NEED record black turnout to win. Period.

Let’s take a look at Black turnout over the years:

Black voter turnout fell in 2016 US election | Pew Research Center

Had black voters been represented on the ballot, it is very likely Hillary Clinton would be President, but this is not a knock on Hillary, it is a knock on our common beliefs about electability that we get from the media. The media is white, and as such, everything is viewed through the lens of whiteness. All of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and much of 2019, we were fed a steady diet of the importance of the White working class vote. There are more white voters, we lost white voters during the realignment period before I was born, and the Progressive Movement of Bernie Sanders emphasized the importance of reclaiming white voters, while erasing the reasons they moved to the GOP. Racism, sexism, and the various culture wars have all gotten bagged and tagged as “Identity Politics”, a feat that would have made Lee Atwater proud in his heyday. The necessity of the Black vote was downplayed, the importance of white men was played up, and Clinton, already dealing with a series of invented “scandals” did what society viewed as the “safe” thing. She chose a white man as her running mate, but unfortunately he was unable to activate enthusiasm in Black voters, especially those disillusioned with the Democratic Party or who did not vote regularly.


Black voters have consistently supported Democratic candidates over Republicans by stunning margins: about 90 percent to 10 percent. No other major demographic comes close to this level of support — for either party. For every 10 new black voters, 9 will likely vote for a Democrat and one for a Republican, yielding eight net Democratic votes. In contrast, 10 new Latino voters (who voted 70 percent Democratic and 30 percent Republican in 2018) would produce four net Democratic votes. For white, college-educated women, the figure is two.

We need Black on the Ballot so black voters know we have a seat at the table and that our concerns will be heard, and hopefully addressed.

Like Shirley Chisholm before her, Kamala Harris wants a seat at the table, she wants to help guide this nation out of madness, and she wants to do it while being a Black-Indian American Woman. How will our needs get met if we are not represented in the rooms where the powers that be are deciding who gets what? As we know from the many failures of first, second, and now third and fourth wave Feminism, white women often fail at intersectionality, and as such do a poor job at representing women of color. We need a Black Woman.

I have another piece planned out where I wanted to write up a K-Hive Official Endorsement of Team Biden-Harris, and in it I planned on laying out the case in as logical of a fashion as I am able to do. Maybe I still will finish that piece. But this is a personal endorsement for me and I am an intuitive person rather than a logician, so this piece is fully written through the lens of my experience. Beau Biden would be the Biden running in this election (now I’m crying) had he not been struck down so many decades before his time, this is what I believe. I always really liked Beau, and I used to look forward to seeing him in the media from time to time, but now he is not there. It is sad. Like Joe, I have lost my own child, my first born; when Beau died it disturbed me, to this day I try not to think about it for fear that it will bring me back to the low place I was. Kamala Harris became friends with Beau during the time when she and he both held the office of AG, so Kamala is no stranger to the Biden family. I can imagine it would have been no hardship for Beau and Kamala to team up in this contest, if had he survived. I am not saying that this is THE reason they should team up, but it is A reason their teaming up would be successful. They are friends who lost someone together, they already have a connection, and when times get rough I know that they will be there for each other. That’s important.

Kamala Harris is a busy woman these days; she’s Social Distancing like the rest of us, yet somehow she manages to seem like she’s everywhere at once. In the Senate, fundraising for the Democratic Party and Joe Biden, crafting policy out of thin air with her “Black Girl Magic”, and she even gives interviews. But, look here, Jack, that’s not all she’s up to these days; she worked on the Covid-19 Stimulus, warned Black People about Covid-19 and spread awareness about the disparity in health outcomes for Corona, she addressed other health concerns like pregnancy, is singlehandedly attempting to save our entire Democracy, and has been explaining her plan to USE the Corona-virus as a mechanism to fight White Supremacy and Systemic Oppression. By doing Judo on it. All that, and she still has loads of time to rent free space in a million heads at once.

Speculation has grown since Sanders dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination two full months ahead of schedule, and now we are destined to sit and wait for the conclusion of an interminable vetting process Joe Biden has likely been working on in his secret podcasting lair. Or he has been letting the professionals handle it? Who even knows? I feel like a kid in the back seat waiting for Joe-Dad to hurry up and get us wherever the hell we’re going, I am smoldering impatiently at how pleasant he is while enjoying the scenery, and I’m considering screaming “HURRY UP!!!” in his ear like a spoiled brat.

We get it, we get it, you are super busy vetting a list of candidates, just like Obama vetted you on some list, and you want to make the right choice. I’m not trying to pressure Biden; I am not a pushy person, but here’s the thing– he is taking too goddamn long, and needs to hurry up and choose Kamala Harris. We ain’t got all the time in the world to sit and wait… oh, yes we do, never-mind. What I mean is this; you need to tell us who you picked very very soon, so that people stop contemplating the absolute worst possible VP choices and debating them in my mentions, because it bothers me to death.

I expect an announcement soon, because I like to expect things no one has offered me, apparently.

I just hope the announcement will be Biden-Harris 2020. I want to win.



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