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Lara Bazelon’s “Proof” Kamala Locked Poor Black Mothers Up on Truancy Charges Was a Troll’s Medium Post (Now Removed)

We’ve all heard the one about how Kamala Harris locked up poor Black mothers on truancy charges when their kids played hooky, right? Over and over people repeat accusations ripped from the narrative written by Lara Bazelon. Through gnashed teeth they lament the imprisonment of an untold number of desperate Black Matriarchs, but they never bother to investigate whether Kamala Harris ever locked ANY of the mothers up for truancy before they rend their garments. People imagine (I know because I asked) unruly teenage boys being rebellious, while their poor mothers suffer the consequences of her man-sized boy’s actions. None of this is the truth, people simply believe it must be true, for how else would it end up in the New York Times?

Ms. Harris also championed state legislation under which parents whose children were found to be habitually truant in elementary school could be prosecuted, despite concerns that it would disproportionately affect low-income people of color.

That one sentence is the sum total of Bazelon’s critique on Harris’s truancy program. This is a program that had been tried out in San Francisco, with much success, and in all the years since its implementation, her only evidence that this law was being used in a manner that harmed the parents of Black and Brown youth disproportionately is a medium article that we cannot read because the author has been found in violation of Medium’s rules.

I can clearly see why Medium was forced to remove the post. The title alone demonstrates how full of shit the author was. Does “Kamala Harris’s Career as AG Was Built on Truancy and the Separation of Black Children and Families” sound nuanced and reality based to you? Of course not. Bazelon, a former Dean of an entire Law School, got her info from “Politics Peach“, a woman (I don’t if she’s even a person.) who wrote delightful screeds about Kamala Harris, and Democrats, like the one entitled, “It’s a Shame That Rachel Dolezal is Blacker Than Kamala Harris” and this rare gem, “Democrats Fight for Free Stuff for Undocumented Immigrants, But Not US Citizens.” Who in their right mind sees the title and doesn’t check out her other articles to see if this bish is a Russian troll? Nah, I ain’t joking, cause she legit seems like a Russian troll.

See for yourself.


Let’s take a look at a snip of that last article I mentioned, the one about immigrants, shall we?

What is even more shameful is that democrats have bought into democrats fear mongering of Trump (???) and that beating Trump is the only thing that matters in 2020 (Bish, it IS.). However beating Trump should be the last thing that black people care about. (Bish, what?) We have had Trumps for president the entire history of this country (So?) and that includes Obama. (Bish, please.) The only difference is that with Trump you can see and hear him coming, but with all others they quietly destroy and attack. (Uh huh. Keep telling yourself that.)

We can go ahead and dismiss Peach RIGHT NOW, because if she isn’t a foreign asset yet, she damn well should be, since she’s doing all the work for free. Why sell out your own country (If this is, in fact, even your country.) for absolutely no payment when you can get Vladdy Daddy to pay you some rubles to write that all fired catshit you call an article? Never give it away for free, damn.

“Peach” has written a number of angry, inappropriate, and remarkably Russian-y troll pieces on Black Culture, and Politics for the past year and a half AT LEAST. Her comments section is a haven for borderline antisemites, and anti-black racists, she reps ADOS, spouts RW talking points, attacks Dems at every turn, and has a sick obsession with Kamala Harris’s race. She also has a hyperfocus on Harris and Doug Emhoff’s relationship that veers super close to “pet rabbits in boiling pots” territory. This is not a person that anyone with any level of credibility should ever use as a source of information, unless they are not seeking anything resembling facts, truth, or reality. Every article you find on her page has a sibling that looks almost like its twin residing on a right wing blog somewhere. This only took me 7 minutes to figure out exactly what type of “Bernie to Trump” troll Peach is, so why are”super informed” progressives like Bazelon taking the word of some random account on Medium? Isn’t this how we lost in 2016? Weren’t the same group, white progressives, the ones who were targeted by foreign ops and fell for the okie doke last time? YES.

On to the truancy law; since time is of the essence, I will not do a complete take-down of the NYT OPINION piece written by Bazelon or of the Peeples case that I have already debunked, I will instead save the full and complete takedown for another day. It was just imperative that people got the chance to see what a flimsy, bot farm inspired, borscht and vodka scented foundation the case against Kamala Harris rests on.

Some time ago, I wrote a piece that nobody bothered to read (READ IT.) that attempted to debunk the misbegotten notion that Kamala Harris was jet setting around the state of California locking up Black mothers of “kids who played hooky.” I thought we had been mostly successful in refuting that bullshit claim last year, in spite of the Bazelon inspired articles written about her truancy program getting quite a few things wrong. I’m a year older and wiser now, so I realize that insidious smears like this one must be refuted over and over again, until they die, then must be set on fire, burned to ash, and buried deep in an undisclosed location. Rather than take you back through the one case anyone could find where a Black Mother faced truancy charges from this law, I’ll just let you go back and read what I wrote before, and instead just discuss the fact check.

During a Feb. 11 appearance on the radio show “The Breakfast Club,” Sen. Kamala Harris denied that she ever jailed anybody under an anti-truancy program she initiated as district attorney of San Francisco.

“We never locked anybody up,” the California Democrat said.

Verdict: True

No parents were incarcerated for child truancy in San Francisco during Harris’ tenure as district attorney. She did, however, strongly support the passage of a statewide truancy law that prosecutors in California have used to charge parents. At least one mother has been sent to prison under the law.

As for that one mother who was sentenced by a judge, not by Kamala Harris, to 180 days in jail? Let’s take a look…

She is not Black, Ms. Bazelon.

So why did Kamala Harris push this law that seems to have locked up ONE white mother, from a rural county, (who REFUSED to send her kids to school, because she did not want to) in the past decade? Was Kamala Harris specifically targeting Lorraine Cuevas? Lol, no.

Let Kamala Harris tell you herself:

When Michael was in kindergarten, he missed more than 80 days of school. He was not ill and no one from Michael’s family ever called to say why he was not attending school.

When I was elected district attorney, I learned that 5,500 students in San Francisco were habitually truant and – shockingly – 44 percent of the truant students were in elementary school. That is when I partnered with the San Francisco Unified School District to combat school truancy. At the time, many asked why the city’s chief prosecutor was concerned with the problem of school attendance. The answer was simple, and as our partnership now enters its fourth year, the reason remains the same: a child going without an education is tantamount to a crime.

Despite his young age, Michael’s truancy makes him far more likely to be arrested or fall victim to a crime later in life. In San Francisco, over 94 percent of all homicide victims under the age of 25 are high school dropouts. Statewide, two-thirds of prison inmates are high school dropouts.

Kamala Harris didn’t want the cycle of Truancy, Drop-Out, and Death to continue, so she made a decision to DO something about it. When only 25% of Black boys in the State of California can read at or above grade level, we are already deep in crisis as a demographic, and the best way to save our sons is to ensure they attend school regularly. The hyperfocus on the idea that Harris was actually running around locking up poor Black mothers all over the state is absolutely ridiculous. The only thing more ridiculous is the fact that soooo many people believe it. Kamala Harris did not lock up any Black Mothers for truancy as DA, or as AG; I have asked many a fervent believer in this myth to please list off the names of the women Harris had imprisoned for their child’s truancy. Not ONE person has ever been forthcoming with a list of names, a list of facts, or even a list of Blue’s Clues. So, clearly, this entire thing was bullshit meant to derail Harris from the start. Never believe anything anyone says if their only supporting evidence is a medium post by an anonymous ADOS troll.

Take care, until next time.

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