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Liz Warren Just Lost Her Free Pass, and Also She Lost The Debate

Liz Warren finally lost a debate, but you’ll never hear that from a Democratic strategist on MSNBC or CNN, or from writers in the main stream media. They cannot say that about her, they cannot even think it, oh no, never that. Because, you see honey, Liz Warren is not to be criticized in any way. It’s so bad that even I have been pressured to not criticize Liz Warren, or the earth will die and it will be all my fault when Trump cages me and my babies. Prolific Blue Checks, black and white ones, have gotten into the habit of telling the rest of us how terrible we are for not loving Liz Warren. It seems like half of The Resistance spends half of their time trolling, and bothering black people who say “No.” to Liz Warren.

I am down to wondering if the media companies monitor their employee’s social media accounts and send out memos about how nobody shall say a criticism about Liz Warren under pain of death. I know that sounds extreme, but…That’s how much they’re all kissing her ass. The media has pretty much decided that we need a white person of a geriatric nature to go up against Trump, they would prefer a man, but Biden and Bernie are slipping, so Liz gets the job. I mean, she IS white. White is right.

Disclosure time… The mainstream political media on the Democratic left is dominated by white male faces. In print, online, on television, on the radio, on podcasts, and on cable news damn near every face you’ll see, voice you’ll hear, and word you read belongs to a white person, usually a man. Media companies are pretty much all owned, operated, managed, and staffed by white men. White women are beginning to have some space in that zone, but they tend to seem to keep their spaces by saying super similar shit to what white men are saying. And they do not reach back and pull a Sistah up behind them, okay, white women don’t DO that. It means the news is white and Boring. And so is Liz Warren.

From Boston.com:

“I appreciated that about Professor Warren,’’ James said. “She didn’t wear a feminist badge. She just got the job done.’’

But she is so familiar to them. Like their Aunt or their Mom, only she wears yoga pants and does a tiny power fist while yelling “Fight!” She yells fight and they yell it back, and nobody seems to remember that Warren skipped years and years of fights for social justice.

Behind the scenes, some of her peers bristled at her ascent, viewing her as smart and capable but also as a climber with sharp elbows. And while Warren aligned herself with economic underdogs in her research, she was not viewed as a champion of women or minorities at the law schools where she taught. Silent on the race and gender wars that divided campuses in the 1980s and 1990s, she was never a liberal crusader.

She was not even a liberal.

She was a registered Republican as recently as 1996.

Middle-class values

Liz is weak on many issues, she has limitations on what she cares to interact with effectively, and boy did it show on that debate stage. For months she has been quietly rising and skating by the second tier candidates, swiping their best ideas, and rolling away without so much as a citation in her policy proposal or a “Thank You” to her colleagues. Obviously they noticed. And while they didn’t confront her on her catchphrase biting or borrowing of their outlines, she did take on a whole lotta heat. She deserved it.

Liz Warren had a busy night fielding attacks from her Democratic rivals, and if you read the news or watched many of the various pundits of the left analyze the debate, you may come out of it with the impression that Warren won. If you go back through and really pay attention, it is pretty clear the media is grading with two sets of scales. To win, she would have had to bring her A game, not allow herself to leave any question unanswered, and have presented a convincing case that she was the best woman for the job. That did not happen. Several times on key issues, Liz Warren took the typical politician stance of being mildly dishonest, and on one issue in particular, she flat out refused to answer. Liz showed her weakness; she doesn’t handle criticism well, she thinks she knows best for all, and her evasiveness was condescending. So, of course the media believes she won, they have the same exact traits.

In an interview, Warren refused to say if she voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984, or detail any of her voting history.

Asked why she become a Democrat in 1996, Warren hesitated.

“I felt like the parties were moving and the conversation was moving,’’ she said. “I felt like I had stayed in the same place and the world had shifted around me.’’

What? Do you mean she has always been evasive when she knows the answer will not serve her purposes? Does she act like a…Politician?

Pundits, left and right, tend to get caught up in a bubble of ideas and beliefs and they spread to other dependent minds. They have chosen Liz Warren for us and they will not be moved from that position, no matter how many hoops they have to jump through, or what flaws they must ignore to deem Liz Warren the winner of everything ever. They will tell you that Warren fielded the attacks flawlessly, that Liz made the right play at every single turn, and that those who questioned her were simply unfair. You see, Liz cannot fail, Liz can only be failed, and this time she was failed by the fact that the other candidates did not give her the free pass she has been riding on for months.

This is what Liz lost last night.

Her free pass to never be judged on anything by anyone.

At the same time she was fighting within the administration to recruit prominent academics, Warren stayed publicly silent on one of the most polarizing issues of her first year at Penn — the denial of tenure to a popular feminist legal philosopher, which inspired petitions and protests by law school students.

Supporters of Drucilla Cornell argued she had been snubbed because of her gender and feminist views. Her detractors dismissed her research as thin.

In recent interviews, students who had advocated for Cornell said Warren was among the influential voices who had actively opposed her, aligning herself with the administrative establishment. Several female law students from that era said they considered Warren “mainstream’’ and “conservative.’’ Cornell ultimately sued the law school for gender discrimination and won a settlement.

At the time, Warren was one of only three women with tenure on the faculty.

So, maybe it’s time to vet the history of Liz Warren, since we are now allowed to hold her accountable, and see if she can provide some answers on her fighting skills that she loves to tell us about. We can ask her why she was never involved in so many very important fights of her past, why she sat on the sidelines while other women fought, or even actively sidelined the women who were fighting. Is Warren the right woman to lead the battle against a racist rapist if she never bothered to fight for racial justice when the battles were at her very door? Are the only battles she knows how to fight economic in nature, the fights that affect “All” people, but not the fights that affect people who are not white and straight? I’m a bit leery about handing the keys to the kingdom over to a woman who “was not viewed as a champion of women or minorities” during a time both groups so desperately needed champions.

Liz may not have fallen, been destroyed, or noped out of the race last night, but she did lose her privilege pass. Time to vet Liz Warren like her name is Hillary Clinton.