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Liz Warren Lied To A Black Woman’s Face After Giving Speech About Black Women

(This post has been edited to reflect that Ms. Field is NOT the daughter of Ms. Carpenter.)

Look at how stuck Liz looks….

Okay. So, do you remember the other day when Liz Warren was giving a speech on Black Women and was protested by a group of black and brown parents? If you spend a GODAWFUL amount of time on political social media, you would have noticed quite a few Blue Checks losing their shit over some “Walton family funded (hold on, let me look) narratives” and “smear tactics” done to Queen Elizabeth Warren that day.

Why all this drama? Because Liz lied to the protester who organized the protest about “both” of her children going to public school, and her supporters couldn’t take it. Liz has 2 children; her daughter went to public school, and her son spent some years in private school. The woman heading up the protest knew that. Liz knew that. But in the moment when asked about that, Liz said both of her kids went to public school. Her campaign later came out and admitted her son went to private school.

I’m about to tell you the entire weird ass convoluted stupid ass story, but just know that the main point is Liz got protested, and lied to the woman’s face. I will try not to make it a 3,000 word jeremiad on Lizeralism, or go on too many tangents.

I realized I had seen Dave Weigel post that “something” appeared to be going on at the Liz pre-coronation rally, but It wasn’t clear exactly what that was. He also posted something inscrutable as hell that got some folks majorly excited, kinda. I realized that someone else had “discovered” the nefarious origins of the group that protested Warren, and they were funded by Mayor Pete’s supporter, Reed Hastings. OOOOOOOH! WRONG!

I slid on over to Ryan Grimm after I did my own damn research, and wanted to slap each and every person I saw replying. Because he too had discovered the culprits, and they were none other than that pesky Walton family, of Walmart fame. Since leftists really hate Walmart, they just knew the Waltons gave enough of a shit about Liz Warren to time travel back to 2017 to begin paying these people off to protest Liz in 2019.

Too bad none of that shit was true, even though Grimm is a fucking genius. He had concluded by looking at the GoFundMe for the Powerful Parent Network that the STACKING of $1,000 donations was proof that the Walton family of Billionaires must have been stuffing the collection plate. Everyone knows when billionaires want someone protested they partially fund that shit and tell their crew to pray to God and GoFundMe for the rest.

Let’s see how many thousand dollar donations they got.

Five. Five donations were one thousand or more dollars. Wow. Raking in the big dough like that will cause zero normal people to believe you are funded by a billionaire to hold that protest.

But, whatever. Common Dreams had it all figured out:

Billionaire Walton Family Behind Pro-Charter School Protest at Warren Rally

That was the headline. See, Sarah Carpenter who leads the Powerful Parent Network runs a parent advocacy center that she opened with a group of parents in 2015. In 2017, they began receiving grant money from the Walton Foundation for operating costs. Does this mean that every group that gets donations from the Waltons is in thrall to them forever and ever, amen?

The Walton Foundation gives out a buttload of money every year to various causes, like the YMCA, United Way, Urban League, New York University, Latinos for Education, La Plaza, Georgetown University, United Negro College Fund, Yale University, Atlanta Public Schools, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Amon Carter Museum of Western Art, National Audubon Society, Inc., National Council of La Raza, National Gallery of Art, Salvation Army National Corp., Studio Museum in Harlem, Inc., Teach for America, Inc., The Children’s Scholarship Fund, Women in the World Media LLC, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Feeding America, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Inc., Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc., National Association of Black Journalists, Institute For Justice, Center for American Progress, The Memphis Lift Parent Institute, New England Blacks in Philanthropy, Ignite Achievement Academy, Children at Risk, Inc., National Wildlife Federation, and MANY MANY MANY MANY more.

So, I suppose everything these groups, schools, organizations, etc, do is completely controlled by the Walmart Family and the people running them have no minds of their own. The CBC is not going to be pleased.

Seeing how Grimm was looking into Memphis Lift, the school choice group Carpenter founded with other parents, and not Powerful Parent Network, which she started with her associate Ms. Fields, he was just tweeting out hot garbage. For the past several days we have been having folk melt down and have apoplectic fits anytime someone even alluded to the protest and Liz’s weak reaction. For some reason, Liz bluecheck twitter and non bluecheck twitter alike, have settled on the story that this protest was a set up by the Waltons, so Liz sucking ass at handling it doesn’t matter. Nothing to see here, folk. These black people were PAID PUPPETS. So, basically they called them slaves without saying the word slave.

Let’s take a look at the protest.

I will give you a play by play that explains how I realized that leftists are seriously cray, and make up conspiracy theories on the fly.

Dancing, oh no.

You know me, I was super fucking worried. We have already seen a number of dance crimes on the campaign trail, and I did not want to have to suffer anything as bad as the Petey Pie Dance. I could clearly see that they were on beat, yet as this was a Liz Warren rally, I really couldn’t figure out how that could possibly be. I didn’t approve. What if they taught that dance to the Rhythmless Nation and they tried to do it too and boom. What if it got blamed on Black People?

I didn’t say much. I decided to go investigate how people with rhythm ended up at Liz’s rally. I checked with K-Hive, and they were 43 minutes ahead of me, already lamenting how ridiculous Liz looked hiding behind Ayanna Pressley. I wanted to get my digs in too, but I needed to know what I was digging about. Someone tweeted that the tshirts said “Powerful Parent Network”.

Great, so I googled that. I saw a fundraiser on GoFundMe so I checked it out, I googled the lady who was putting on the fundraiser, and that led me to Memphis Lift, a group that says it promotes school choice. I see that the person behind everything is a woman named Sarah Carpenter, she runs Memphis Lift and organized the Powerful Parent Network bus ride, and her associate set up the go fund me. I followed them on Twitter.

Here are a few quotes from their website:

If you live in Memphis and are poor, you have very little chance of getting a quality education. Parents and grandparents living in poverty struggle to have stable housing and put food on the table. They assume if their child is going to school, he or she is getting a good education. Unfortunately, that’s often not true.

Those of us who are honest enough to admit it realize that many black students are not getting the educations they deserve. Whether you are for strengthening the public schools we have, and making sure students reach their full potential that way, or in favor of alternative approaches like Charter Schools or Homeschool, we all agree that the success of the student is the most important thing.

Here is the rest of the front page. I usually would just screenshot it, but since the women are being trashed all over the place, I figured I would let them have a say through their stated goals.


We educate, engage and empower parents. Here’s how:

PUBLIC ADVOCATE FELLOWSHIP educates parents and grandparents about the state of public education, the performance of our schools and the school choices you have. This knowledge empowers Fellowship graduates to use their voices to demand a high quality education for their children.

How is this a problem? I was under the impression that we, as Democrats, want people to be informed about everything, including public education, how schools are performing, and what options they have if they are in failing schools. What the hell is going on? I never thought I’d see the day when Liberals would want kids to be stuck in failing schools with no way out. Y’all got my full side-eye now. I’m watching you.

SURGE PARENT OUTREACH TEAM organizes and mobilizes. We go out into the community and knock on doors to build relationships. We welcome the community to join us for Memphis Mondays, Speaker Series, Book Club and Gladiator Training. We bring together hundreds of parents to attend meetings and protests so our voices are heard in a productive, organized and powerful way.

Um, what the fuck is wrong with this? Don’t we want parents to be active in their child’s education? The more involved parents are, the better the outcome for the child. Remember the “Child” is the most important part.

CHOICE COUNSELING guides parents and grandparents through the process of choosing the best school for their children. It provides help to find a better school if your child is attending a low-performing school. We also provide guidance and support if your child is attending a good school but having issues such as lack of respect or safety.


Okay, so now I’m a little irritated, because I’m thinking back on how vicious the leftist media was to these parents, and looking back a few days later, that shit was the absolute worst shit I have ever seen up close from trained media professionals.

At the time I thought, “maybe the protest was super violent and it scrambled their brains and shit?”

Let’s look.

Nope, not violent yet. And still on beat. You know, this just reinforces my belief that the Pete Fan Dance should be banned.


You feel me tho. Why the fuck are they still allowed to do this shit?

Okay, it’s pretty clear that the protesters are future K-Hive. We just gotta get Joe to remember something super important he has to do instead of Presidenting. Please God let them find some Pirate treasure from one of his ancestors on Uncle Joe’s property, he won’t be able to resist going home to be all up in that shit. Joe will have a Full Pirate Costume, changed 4x per day, live parrot, OF COURSE, and a wicked glint in his eye…

This is who I want protesting me, please.

Here is a video from the angle of the protesters while they  were being shouted down. Kinda. You can hear them back there saying “Let her speak!” Or something like that, and the protest group responding with “We Want to be heard!” I guess the Soul Train Line ended kinda fast once Warren began her lecture.

Afterwards they ended up talking to the media and Carpenter tells them exactly what she thinks.

I almost feel like I should transcribe what she is saying right here because the media doesn’t seem to understand what the fcuk she was talking about. Lol. The thing I have learned this past decade while running my mouth about politics is that white people don’t know shit about black people, and black people know more about white people than white people will ever know about white people.

I’ll transcribe it for you:

“Who is funding you?”

“Who funding me? Didn’t I just tell you we raised…Go look! We raised GoFundMe money! That’s what poor black folks have to do! We don’t have nobody! No Teacher’s union going to offer us no money. Cause the teacher’s union want what they want, we got the babies, we got real skin in the game.

Carpenter did raise money on GoFundMe like she says she did.


“Where is the organization based?”

“Organization? All over the country. All over the country.”

“How long have you been in existence?”

“Since this Presidential debate stuff.”

Warren has been tossing out plan after plan to sweeten that delicious Pot o’ Plenty that she’s been using to stir up support for her campaign. Of course, not everyone loves or even likes some of her ideas, but that really doesn’t matter because Warren knows what’s best for EVERYONE.

“Did you watch the debate last night?”

“For what? They wasn’t talking about what I wanted to hear.”

“It sounds like you’re against Warren..”

“I’m not against her, I’m against her education plan. I’m not against nobody, y’all. Again. I live this.”

Oh, look! She’s not even against Warren. This is a voter who can be won over with compromise. Warren will probably come out with a plan to ban Charter schools, because that’s just how she rolls. I remember how folks working in health insurance related occupations were worried about their jobs, so Warren ended up banning them in her imaginary M4A bill, and also imaginarily firing 2,000,000 people. 

“What did you think of her way of sorta talking talking to you from the stage that way, saying they do want to hear…” 

“That ain’t the way you get my vote!

Black people are tired of you coming to our community when you want us to vote for you. Come to us before it’s time to vote so you can see the blight in our communities, so you can see schools that’s almost about to fall down on our children, facilities. Come to us before then. Don’t make decisions and then bring me to the table. Cause I’m not coming. Cause I can build my own table. And I even know how cook a little bit. So…Anyway, we didn’t want to disrupt nothing. We sit there and we sit there, and we seen where it was going. Wasn’t nobody going to listen to us. Cause you know why? Cause we poor. “

Well, she’s goddamn right about that. The number one complaint I hear is that these white candidates popped up suddenly out of nowhere with a plan to solve black people’s problems that didn’t consult with black people. We can tell when the majority of the people working on a proposal for us are white. Don’t ask me how, that’s really none of your goddamn business. Yet, Warren is one such candidate who has no real connection to the black community and not much to show legislatively that she even knew black people existed.

“Sarah, do you feel like you accomplished your goal?”

“I think so. She know we there, and she on Twitter. We gonna blow social media up!”

“Black women vote, y’all. Where I come from Black people may be poor, but we vote!”

“What’s the hashtag?”

“Powerful Parents Network.”

So, I left some of the crosstalk and false starts out, but that is a pretty good transcript of what was said by Sarah Carpenter to the media that night.

She knew damn well Warren was not going to listen to her if she just approached her woman to woman, hell, was she going to show up in Lizzie’s selfie line like, “I do not like your plan.” or what? Many of us have had issues with how Warren handles business, and if you are one of them, you know all that ever happens is you get swarmed by a bunch of white people blaming you for Trump. You’ve seen it.

Ayanna Pressley was the only one with a plan that night to handle being protested by 100 black people. Boy that must have seemed like a endless Dothraki Horde to Ms. Lizabeth cause she was like, “What do we do with this?”

This what? This mob? This gang? This rhythm?

No. I didn’t like how she handed it, thank you very much. I really don’t want to hear your bullshit about my feelings or opinion, I just didn’t like the way it started with Liz telling them stories from Black History. I would not have even shown up, so it’s unlikely that I would walk out, but uh, ugh. I’m sorry. I just remember that Liz has zero civil right record and I’m like, doesn’t the speechifying come AFTER the accomplishment phase or? We skippin’ that part for Queen Liz? Umm.  BTW, Ayanna? You know what else is an important part of our history? PROTESTING. Just saying.

Here is a longer video that I obtained by using Google, so you can decide for yourself if this group deserved to be attacked and smeared by the leftist media.

So, basically she’s telling Warren why she even came down to protest her and they seem to be in agreement on the most important part, which is educating the children. One thing… Liz said

“We have good public schools in Massachusetts!”

I died laughing. They giggled. The gentleman in the video suggests that Liz hasn’t even read her own plan. He said that. He said it several times. He pointed out several features of the plan that would harm charter schools. He begged her to read her own bill. He also said she wasn’t listening. She wasn’t.

You can see in this video that the protesters were respectful, they were knowledgeable, and they absolutely did not seem to be paid by anyone to protest Warren. Liz just wasn’t saying what they wanted to hear.

They even brought up the fact that Liz had choice for her kids and reminded her that her children went to private school.  Liz said no, her kids went to public school. Which is not true. She wasn’t being honest. Also, she did lie. Just saying.


I said to Mike this morning that I was wondering if Warren is just punking us to see how much god awful shit she can get Liberals or Leftists to say, to agree to, get them to do, get them to cover up for her, how much they will dismiss, or what they will make excuses for before she reveals that she is still GOP. Or something. Yeah. Cool.

I guess the moral of THIS story is that the people running around hysterically harassing and bullying everyone who speaks a salty word about Liz need to shut the fuck up for a while. You literally made that shit up about the Waltons based on five thousand dollars in donations and a grant for a separate organization.

You exhaust me.


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Powerful Parent Network

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