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Martin O’Malley Showed Up To Hoo-Ride On Bernie All By His Goddamn Self

Remember Martin O’Malley? He’s the guy we would have voted for in 2016 if Hillary had not also been running for President. He’s still around being a stalwart Dem, he’s teaching the youth,  and he’s calling out Bernie Sanders. Apparently, it was not just Hillary, and us, that got super fucking tired of Bernie Sanders and his little games; O’Malley peeped Bernie’s game out back in 2016 and CANNOT BELIEVE people are STILL falling for his shit. O’Malley decided after 2016 that he had better write a textbook explaining politics a bit, because he probably recognized how entirely stupid American voters are. So, he’s been busy trying to dumb it all down for us, yet somehow, we haven’t been getting any smarter. With his own students apparently falling for Bernie’s bullshit, the Party sliding too far left, and Trump just begging for Sanders to be his opposition, Martin O’Malley has a few things to say about this whole “Bernie Sanders Thing.”

Martin O’Malley has completely lost his “give a fuck” filter, and it is the best thing to happen all week.


Yes. How do you fall for the Bernie Sanders scam? A man who has done a whole bunch of nothing for 30 years straight in Congress is suddenly going to pass an agenda that would make FDR blush? That’s complete horseshit. But it is his praxis, and somehow, even the media seems prepared to just take Bernie’s word for it. Why? He doesn’t have anything in his history showing he could even begin to accomplish even ONE of his agenda items, let alone pass his Tinkerbell Policy Wish List in full and with no major changes. and somehow Care-Bear Stare it into perfectly functioning fruition, possibly without even involving Congress. The fact the Bernie really has no idea how the fuck to consistently obtain CO-SPONSORS for his own legislation making attempts is NEVER EVEN DISCUSSED.



“Bernie’s still being given a bit of a free pass by the national media,” he says. “I do not believe that he would be a strong candidate for our party in the fall. And, except for three months out of every four years, he’s not even of our party.”


  1. He’s right.
  2. He’s right.
  3. He’s right.

I have never seen anyone, even Trump, get away with the type of shit that Bernie brushes off like a piece of lint. Imagine if Trump had used the word “N*GGER” one time in The Art of the Deal, in a quote, where he was relaying something someone told HIM? Nobody on the left would give a fuck about context or the historicity of the story he was telling, or even if he was actually speaking out against racism when he used the word. Everybody would see it as proof of what we already know and suspect about him. Trump is a racist. And SPOT ON about Bernie only being a Democrat when he’s running in the Dem Presidential Primaries. The second he loses or wins, he goes right back to his independent label, and proceeds to trash Democrats. Bernie is not a Democrat, and he never really will be.


“I would frequently tell my students, ‘Look, I know in my own generation we fell for the Nigerian prince scam, but how do you all fall for the Bernie Sanders scam?’ I don’t get that.


Can someone answer the man, please? What has Bernie done besides outlive most of the people who could tell you what a notoriously stubborn prick he is? Or tell you he’s alienating and that his uncompromising little troll games are extra super DIVA-LIKE, and are extremely unhelpful? Bernie Sanders can go on for days and nights about what everyone else got wrong and he got right, but can he name some policy he’s gotten DONE? Anything that can support the case that he can bring on major change?


“Here’s a guy who has been a kind of stalwart of the National Rifle Association, a man who said immigrants steal our jobs right up until he ran for president, a guy who said the sound of John Kennedy’s voice made him nauseous.”


PREACH! We all know about how the NRA helped Bernie win his first House race, even though Bernie plays dumb and just cites his “D” rating from them.

And as far as his saying sketchy things about immigrants? He is STILL SAYING they drive wages down. Let’s take a deep dive into how Bernie still believes the same bigoted shit he believed when he went on Lou Dobbs, he just lies and says he doesn’t, while repeating the SAME EXACT bullshit he said before on Lou Dobbs as his new position. It’s super delusional and fucked up.

From NYT:


NFBut, you’ve also said that guest workers and undocumented immigrants can lower wages for low-skilled American workers. I was wondering if you still felt that way, and what do you think —

No, that’s what I said on the Lou Dobbs show 250 years ago, right?
Ahhh, self deprecation!! “It was sooooo long ago in, I’m not responsible for anything I said in 2006; also, give me lifetime credit on Civil Rights for shit I did in 1963.”

This is how you know Sanders doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about:

Binyamin AppelbaumBut you don’t think that that exploitation results in lower wages for domestic workers?

Bernie Sanders: Sure it does. Right now, we have people who are being exploited. 

If you’re undocumented, and you’re being paid five bucks an hour, why am I going to pay her $12 an hour?
See? Bernie just got done dismissing the Lou Dobbs interview, and then immediately repeats what he said to Lou Dobbs. Only Bernie has no clue he’s just saying the same stupid shit in a different way, he really thinks he has a Brand New View and gets MAD IRRITATED when questioned.

BA: I’m confused.

BS: And that’s why the labor law that I am proposing will make sure you pay that worker $15 an hour, as a matter of fact.


Uh huh…. Me too.


BAWhat you said on the Lou Dobbs show was that that exploitation lowers wages, and you just said that again.

 So, I’m confused about what has changed about your position.

BS: What did I just say again? (LOL, WUT?)


You don’t know what you just said? Dude, you’ve been saying it since before I was born, how could you not know what you said?


BAYou said that the exploitation of undocumented workers results in lower wages for domestic workers.

Yeah, if you’re being paid $5 — If you’re being paid $5 an hour, now of course it’s going to lower wages. Why would I hire at a higher wage?


See? This Circus Ringmaster of a candidate, Bernie Lenin Sanders, doesn’t fucking know what the fuck he’s talking about.


BABut just a minute ago you said that was no longer your position. Is it your position that immigration, and exploitation ——

I didn’t say “immigration.” I said that if you are paid, anybody is paid, exploited and illegally paid low wages, of course that’s going to lower wage standards in America.


Oh, here you go. Now you wanna pretend it has nothing to do with immigration? Clown.


BAAnd that’s what’s happening right now?

BS: You said that. I didn’t say that. I don’t know how big a deal it is, but if people are being exploited by their employers, of course it lowers wages in America. Why do I — If I can get you for cheap labor, why do I pay her a living wage? Do you deny that? I mean, I don’t know. That’s ——

BAI just wanted to understand your position. Thank you.

BS: Do you disagree with that?

BA: I think that there’s a lot of research suggesting that that’s not actually the case, yes.

BS: That if I pay you five bucks an hour, it doesn’t have an impact on her wages.

BA: That immigration ——

BS: I didn’t say immigration.

BAThe immigration under current circumstances, which is substantially under ——

BS: Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh. Hold on. You’re misstating me. All I am saying is that if for whatever reason (LOL), I’m paying you $5 an hour, O.K.? You don’t think that’s going to lower the wages that she gets?

BAThere’s a lot of economic research suggesting that it does not.

Not that I have seen.


I mean I think that’s kind of common sense. It’s called a race to the bottom.

BAThank you.


Look how Bernie tried to Yoda that last line, like he was imparting great wisdom. Dude is probably like, what the fuck is wrong with Bernie? Okay, maybe not, but I have been seriously wondering if Bernie is suffering memory loss ever since I read this piece.  I know that was a rather long Bernie passage, but in it’s own way, it’s just as stunningly stupid as his often venerated NYDN interview; the one that proved he didn’t know shit about breaking up the banks, even though he ran around yelling about breaking them up..


“I respect the fact that he’s been saying the same things, mostly, since 1952, albeit dialing down his hatred for John Kennedy and his disdain for immigrants, but I just don’t get the appeal.


This means: “He’s old as fuck, he’s not a Democrat, he’s a xenophobic prick, but go on off, Sis. Vote for Bernie Jesus.  It’s your world, I just live in it and suffer from your mistakes.”


“He’s a man who never has accomplished anything in public office, who has I believe demonstrated his inability to forge a governing consensus, let alone hold a governing consensus. And I think he’d be an awful choice as our party’s nominee.”


It’s like Hillary tagged Martin O’Malley in so he could have his turn putting Bernies ass on blast. At least he didn’t say the worst words ever said by anyone ever, “Nobody likes him,” because we are still recovering from Hillary saying it. Berners are still crying, and we have not yet sorted through the dead hopes and dreams of an easy campaign for Bernie that they’ve discarded all over social media. I like to savor the most pathetic ones about how the DNC is STEALING Bernie’s nom away. It was HIS TURN. Someone unironically wrote that.


He smiles. “Do you want me to speak more frankly?”


Hahahahahaha, nah, I think you got this.



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