September 26, 2019 2 Comments Featured, Nancy Pelosi, News, Politics, Trump Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi Knew Exactly What She Was Doing, Stop Crying

Dear me. It looks like Nancy Pelosi outwitted Trump and the Anti-Pelosi “Left.” The “progressives” managed to get exactly what they said they wanted, but boy oh boy, they are mad about it! For months we have been seeing familiar resistance accounts, “political celebrities,” and media personalities at war with Nancy Pelosi. Nancy had not begun formal impeachment proceeding yet after “ALL THIS TIME” and what’s worse is she even opposed them. Many of Nancy’s detractors believed this was unwise, foolish, weak and pathetic, even going so far to blast Congress as being “complicit” with Trump for not proceeding with impeachment.

Take a look at what Liz Warren said to Rolling Stone:

“After the Mueller report, Congress had a duty to begin impeachment. By failing to act, Congress is complicit in Trump’s latest attempt to solicit foreign interference to aid him in US elections. Do your constitutional duty and impeach the president,” Warren wrote.

As quiet as it’s kept, there are TWO houses of Congress, and although impeachment is a House privilege, there is no reason Senator Liz Warren cannot lobby her GOP colleagues to make it easier for us to get enough Senators to convict. We have so many people yelling “Fight!” and so few actually doing any fighting at all. As we see with Liz, the fighting part is someone else’s job. She’s just here to yell fight and do a powerfist. That powerfist should be in the Senate fighting the GOP on covering for Trump like it fought to end the “Medical Device Tax” from Obamacare. Or to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Show us how you plan to fight Republicans, Senator. Make your case.

Because let’s be honest, the fact that the Senate will simply absolve Trump is a big reason why many fear impeachment may actually benefit him. Picturing Trump on the campaign trail yelling “EXONERATED!” into a microphone is enough to keep many of us up at night, and we are not comforted by being told that the people will “wake up” because we televise the hearings. It is not just a question of who is right or just a matter of getting it on record that the GOP Senators are “naughty” and deserve coal in their stockings for refusing to convict such a bad man. It is about who will suffer if we lose.

Michelle Goldberg criticized Pelosi in her NYT column, “Nancy Pelosi’s Failure to Launch” in bald terms:

The most Pelosi has done is to write that if the whistle-blower’s complaint is kept from Congress, the administration “will be entering a grave new chapter of lawlessness which will take us into a whole new stage of investigation.” Given the impunity Trump has enjoyed so far, this does not seem like a threat with teeth.

Pelosi was threatening him with impeachment, but everyone has been so up in arms over Nancy not racing towards impeachment that they assume the worst immediately. Many thought she would do absolutely nothing in the wake of Trump’s confession. Many were dead fucking wrong. Nancy has a habit of thinking about things, discussing them, and perhaps even doing a bit of research and planning before announcing a decision. That might take a day or two. Calm the fuck down.

It’s like Trump time is affecting people in the most ridiculous of ways; they must have instant impeachment, can bear no preliminary investigation, and demand that Nancy completely ignore the public’s opinions about the impeachment process. Why? Why are we in such a rush? Trump likely won’t be removed or even neutered. He will retain full Presidential powers unless convicted. Are people in a rush to shame him? Trump has no shame and his voters just believe whatever he says, it’s striking that people believe rushing into it without a smoking gun in Trump’s hand will benefit us in the long run. Nancy doesn’t rush, she wins. Only fools rush in.

What makes it even more striking is this: Nancy barely just  got her gavel back on January 3rd, the Government didn’t reopen until January 25th, the Mueller report wasn’t released until April 18th, and Mueller didn’t testify to the accuracy of the report until July 24th… Why the fuck is everyone so fucking hysterical? It has been only two fucking months since Mueller testified, how fast do you think Congress works? I’ve never seen them go any faster, and I probably never will.

I understand that Nancy Pelosi reminds some of you guys of your Mom or your Aunt. It’s not a surprise to see you ALL CAPS bitter and vituperative invectives to the social media team that runs her account. But what you don’t know is that all I see when you type you angry pontifications in her direction is: “I HATE YOU MOM! WHY CAN’T I HAVE IT NOW!! GIVE IT TO ME!! NOW NOW NOW, I WANT IT NNNOOOOOOOWWW!”

Now, do I believe what Trump has done merits impeachment? Absolutely. But not impeaching him won’t set a precedent of Presidents getting away with shit. Reagan should have been impeached for Iran Contra, but he was too popular. FDR was trying to pack the courts to get the outcome he wanted, trying to rig the system in his favor, to me, if he had succeeded that could be impeachable, but he was also too popular. Congress decides what’s impeachable.

Let’s read what Paul Brandus had to say in USA Today:

Pelosi, about as wily a political operative as there is — the same can be said of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — bided her time, resisting impatient young guns in her caucus who wanted to move much earlier, for two reasons: She knew that Trump, being Trump, would keep handing her more and more rope with which to hang him — and he didn’t disappoint. The White House readout of Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president released Wednesday sure backs that up. She also knew that public opinion wasn’t sufficient to warrant impeachment proceedings. 

Donald Trump is a shady as hell, and shady people cannot help but to fuck up and do shady shit. Trump is not popular, unlike FDR and Reagan. What he is can be considered worse for us, in my opinion. He is completely lacking in morals, empathy, or self-control. Dealing with Trump is like dealing with a cornered rat. He will bite your fucking face off and leave you with rabies. What’s worse is, he escapes the room to run through your walls and shit on everything you own, while his lies infect more and more people that we need on our side.

Grisham said in a statement Tuesday night that thanks to the impeachment inquiry, the White House might not work with Congress on important matters like gun control, drug prices and trade deals. Yes, let’s throw a hissy fit, take our toys and go home. This is typical Trump: thinking only of himself. This is just more ammo for people who say the president cares more about himself than the country — and they’re right.

If you want to catch a rat that big you need to lure his dumb orange ass out by pretending you don’t care what he does. You toss out a trap, maybe you tell him you oppose impeachment, rats love traps.  After you set the trap, perhaps you DARE him to self impeach, just like you’re dangling a piece of cheese over a real rat. Trump cannot fucking help himself, he’s going to do it.

And he’s going to give you a full confession afterward like your name is Lester Holt.