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Niggardly Bernie Gets Knocked

Hello!! It is time for an episode of Brave and the K-Hive Podcast, and I’m feeling super geeked.

On Today’s episode I am taking Bernie to task on his bros, laughing at all of the stuff Bernie has to deal with now that Hillary just dished out every drop of Tea on her interview with Hollywood Reporter and her new upcoming Hulu series. I also had quite a bit to say about Tom Perez’s ol lanky self for allowing the Bernie takeover of the DNC and how the New Rules are pretty much Jim Crow. Why did I use “Niggardly” in the title? Well. Because I know the Bros won’t like the juxtaposition of Bernie and Niggardly, that’s why. Also, it was his stingy praise and lack of real effort to rein in his racist-sexist bros that has him sitting here with a ton of bad press two weeks out from Iowa.


Usually I just tweet out the podcast, but so many people end up missing it, I figured it would be better to drop it in a post that you can find easy for your self. so, from now on just expect to get a short post every time I do a podcast. Now, I would like to do them more often, and also get someone to clean up the audio, but I’m not quite able to do that yet. What I need right now are subscribers to help fund my blog to pay for the costs of production, help me pay to update my website, and get the traffic boosted up, cause Mike said he ain’t gonna pay for my shit, lol, figures.

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On to Niggardly…Heh…


Have you ever had one of those hilarious days on Twitter where people from ALL OVER come to deliberately misconstrue wtf you just said? If not, you need to hang around me WAY WAY more often, lordt. So, like two weeks ago, I came across a video of Bernie talking about how he wasn’t going to be niggardly with Daycare funding. Cool. I knew the word, I mean, I write words everyday, but my stepdad, who is WHITE, used to use this word way too much and I had to break him. Why? I only heard him use it of black folks, and y’all know me, I am not the one. So, I posted the video saying that he should have used a different word…like stingy. See how I provided a synonym? That means I know exactly what it means, right?

Oh, and keep this in mind while you’re reading these replied.

Ummm Hmmm….

Tell me why this happened:



Nobody said it was.



Wow, how stupid. It literally has synonyms written on it. NOBODY SAID THEY WERE THE SAME.

Et tu, Josh Marshall? Why can’t you just assume I know this? I know this.

Apparently I need etymology lessons to know why saying a word that sounds close to a word that is a racial slur might be problematic.

If people need etymology courses just to know you aren’t using a racial slur…maybe you should use another word.

I ended up having to write this one:


To this date and time I have not received one fucking video of any white person in a crowd of black folks hollering about how niggardly they are.


Bye, Love Y’all!!