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Oh, Pardon Me, But I Don’t Actually Give A Sh*t About AOC, Dear

Oh, hai. I’m not here with receipts right now, I am just writing a post to let you know that I don’t actually give a shit about AOC. You may be saying to yourself, “Well, if you don’t give a shit about her, why are you writing about her?” which means you’re probably a dumbass. It’s clearly easy to write about or discuss people and things you don’t give a shit about, just look at Chuck Todd and Chris Cillizza. They write about and discuss Democrats all the time, yet they clearly do not give a rat’s ass about any of us. And think about Trump for a minute. Yeah, he spends a stupid amount of time talking about his “friends and family” yet he has no friends and his family lets him embarrass himself all the time.

See? It’s easy to woof about shit you don’t give a fuck about, people are doing it right now on Twitter. AOC, who I have dubbed, “Bernie Sanders Jr.” or A.O. Chupacabra for short, since she is just like Bernie Sanders, seems to think of herself as a political genius who knows everything about everything, and wants everyone to be just like her. Which means they should be just like Bernie. Which is fucking annoying.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I did spend about a year really liking her. Many of you remember my stupid-ass campaign to convince my fellow Liberals that she wasn’t so bad, and also she was kinda great. HAHAHA!! Oh well. I was wrong as fuck, once again, just like I had been wrong about Bernie in 2015. What is it with me and these Leftists? I constantly forget how self important, vapid, unrealistic, and strugglesome they are. Please remind me the very next time I fall in like with one of these Emo-Marxist Chupacabras that I am a fucking dumbass, and mention AOC and Bernie. Stop me before I end up saying nice shit I’ll want to take back.

Bernie Sanders, who I also don’t give a shit about, has his surrogates out trying their damnedest to find a line of attack that will stick to Joe Biden, like the smears about corruption, speaking fees, and “Super-predator” stuck to Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, his utterances about Biden’s “record” and talk about how the real energy is not with Joe, but instead with himself? They are not getting any traction among the media or with voters AT ALL.

We don’t give a shit what Bernie has to say about Joe. Oop!

We’ve heard all that before with Hillary, and we are not about to make the same mistake we made in 2016, fall for the same attack lines, and let Donald WIN AGAIN. But, that doesn’t mean Bernie won’t keep trying, it just means he has to send other people out to do his dirty work.


They don’t have an Electoral College, dumbass.

Nice one, AsshOle Chupacabra. You really took it to the old guy. Biden is sure to collapse in defeat very very soon. How can you build on this momentum? I know, maybe do one of your Twitter clap-backs to one of the Tweets his campaign posts for him! Then he can be asked about it and not know who the fuck you even are. Sit your ass down, Lady, you don’t get to control who is a Democrat.

We don’t give a shit what you think.

What you do get to control is whether YOU are a Democrat. I would love for you to explain why you joined the party Joe Biden had already been a leader in before you were even born if the idea of sharing a party with him bothers you so much. I know you’ll never explain that, and you’ll continue trying to purify the party, but guess what?

I won’t care what you have to say.

In short, this primary season is even more horrible than last primary season already and  not one vote has been cast yet. Division is at an all time high, yet the average Democrat is not in the mood to hear any more shitting on Democrats. The constant attacks have finally driven even the nicest of old ladies to telling people (and bots) to go fuck themselves, daily. I’m sure Bernie thought he was super clever when he brought AOC on as a mouthpiece, but I am struggling to see how he will benefit. Joe Biden will not be taken down by a silly ass smear campaign or cries about him not being far enough to the left. That shit only works on women, and Joe is a white MAN. So, maybe AOC should spend some time worrying about her own primary challengers? What goes around comes around, girlfriend, you may wanna shore up your base, cause it’s getting rough out there.

Regardless of what happens, I won’t be paying any more attention to AOC.

I just really don’t care what she has to say.


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