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Susan Collins Not Very Concerned About Systemic Racism In Maine


Susan Collins, of the “Evergreen Concern” Collinses, has finally found something she is not very concerned with in her State of Maine. While other Senators have been grappling with their own concerns about Systemic Racism, in the wake of the George Floyd killing, Susan Collins, who co-sponsored a Republican Police Reform bill, says she is not concerned with systemic racism in her home state, or rather, she doesn’t believe it exists there. Maine, a state that’s 94% white, recently had a Republican candidate refer to Asian-Americans as Orientals, an outdated and bigoted reference that many consider a sign that systemic racism is alive and well in Maine, but whatever, Susan Collins maybe just thinks that’s normal.

It might behoove Susan Collins to take a look around her state and perhaps listen to the stories of women like Shay, who writes as Black Girl in Maine, as she discusses the first time her daughter, who had not heard that word, was called a nigger. Maybe the heart wrenching stories of a mother in search of a community in a state where so few Black people live are beyond the Susan Collinses of the world, maybe living in a state where the (former) Governor rants about Black and Brown citizens perhaps being the ENEMY of Law Enforcement has twisted her mind.

Look, a bad guy is a bad guy, I don’t care what color it is. When you go to war, if you know the enemy, the enemy dresses in red and you dress in blue, you shoot at red, don’t you? … You shoot at the enemy. You try to identify the enemy. And the enemy right now, the overwhelming majority of people coming in, are people of color or people of Hispanic origin. I can’t help that. I just can’t help it. Those are the facts.

Wow, what a rant! It seems that the State of Maine most definitely voted for a man who harbors a nasty anti-Black/Brown hatred that he nursed and fed to his constituents during his time as Governor. Does a state without any systemic racism issues hire a Governor who spews venomous hatred towards other races as easily as he breathes, and just look how he calls it “Facts.” Le Page was not elected Governor just the one time, oh no. The un-racist citizens of Maine elected that bag of racist dicks twice, all the while he was spewing his vituperative form of anti-blackness and anti-brown hate on a regular basis. Even Stephen King knows Maine has racism, he has spoken out against LePage more than once, because of course he has, dude was mad racist.

These are guys with the name D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty — these types of guys — they come from Connecticut and New York, they come up here, they sell their heroin, they go back home … Incidentally, half the time they impregnate a young white girl before they leave, which is a real sad thing because then we have another issue we have to deal with down the road.

And the coup de grace above is just more of Governor LePage’s vileness that Suddenly Concerned Susan seemed to just not notice, just like she doesn’t notice how seriously racist her own party has become under Donald Trump. Maybe if someone were to enlighten Ms.Collins, she might be able to drum up the last dregs of concern in her concern ridden soul, and consider that the reason for the lack of large and thriving Black Community in Maine is actually because by the systemic racism that exists there. I say this with a smile, because I happen to know the Susan Collinses of the world are quite satisfied with their systemic racism remaining right where it is.

This insidious northern racism is a different animal than the homegrown, in-your-face, bubba-fied, southern fried racism that lets you know where you stand. Up north, they simply pretend it doesn’t even exist, even when it is vocalized by the very person who governs their state. Northern racism is offended that you even notice it at all, it finds your discussion concerning, and perhaps even finds you yourself to be racially insensitive by insinuating it exists, especially in a wide-spread form, as in “systemic.” Perhaps Susan Collins should take herself on a mission to visit the Black citizens of Maine, and ask them what they think before she runs her stupid mouth. Stupid Susan doesn’t know shit about systemic racism, because Stupid Susan doesn’t really give a shit, and that’s just fine, because we don’t give a shit about stupid Susan. Vote for Sara Gideon.

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