Yo, Bernie? When You Talk About Obama, Put Some Respect On His Name

Don’t forget to say “Happy Birthday!” today to that silly, wizened, Marxist Chupacabra Bernie Sanders, aka “Bernie Luther King Sanders Jr!” (No relation to “The Tulsicabra”)

Bernie Sanders is crazy as catshit.

He came for Obama AGAIN. 

He came for Joe AGAIN.

But, not on MLK Day.

He called Auntie Struggle Liz a LIAR.

He also celebrated himself on MLK Day, but that’s just par for the course, eh?

Why is he acting like it’s HIS Birthday too? Lordt. If you saw Bernie Twitter earlier, you’d have thought MLK and Bernie were Birthday Twins. It looked sad,  so I decided we may as well just go on ahead and include Bernie in everything he is trying to push his way into. I guess he’s allowed to appropriate birthdays of Civil Rights Legends, just like he appropriates policy of dead Democrats. Really, I’m just trying to stay ahead of the game, and wanted you to be prepared like I am. You know it’s totally on brand for Bernie Sanders to take full credit for MLK Jr. even having a birthday to celebrate during his life. No, it’s not Bernie’s birthday too, but he did teach MLK everything he knew, or so I have been told, because Bernie is MORE WOKE. Yeah.

NOW you know, Bernie is MORE MLK than MLK ever was.

Never question this.

The MEMES say so, and memes are always 100% accurate.

I’m sure you’ve already laid eyes upon the stupid Bernie memes that went out last night?

It doesn’t match the photo on top AT ALL.

This is a cry for help. Continue reading