The Alt-Left’s First Food Fight of 2021

Exclusive footage of double secret Alt-Left Confab:

The Alt-Left’s First Food Fight of 2021

by Eddie Goldman @nhbnews

The battle lines in this trend’s self-immolation are largely between the alt-left’s one-time Wonder Woman, New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), and Assad apologist Jimmy Dore, who may still be settling in to his new $1.9 million pad

It seems that the alt-left of the alt-left is apoplectic over their beloved TV star AOC and her “squad” voting for Nancy Pelosi to remain as Speaker of the House of Representatives. The alt-left ultras preferred either that they had voted present or voted for someone else, all of which could have aided House Republican boss and Trumpist Kevin McCarthy in winning this position, despite the Republicans being in a minority in the House. 

Such aid and comfort to the Trump gang is nothing new for Dore. In 2016, he claimed on his YouTube show that these supposed progressives shouldn’t “freak out about a Donald Trump presidency” since a victory for the orange fascist would be “even better for progressives in the short term, meaning in the two-year term, and in four years for sure” than if Hillary Clinton, who took the popular vote in 2016, would have been elected.

If Dore can spring for a $1.9 million house in 2020, I guess Trump’s four years in office really weren’t so awful for his privileged ass.

The Dore faction of the alt-left has a hashtag calling the AOC faction the #FraudSquad. This bunch must be lots of laughs at their housewarming parties.


Meanwhile, AOC is believing her own hype by refusing to rule out a primary challenge in 2022 to incumbent Senator Charles Schumer, who is also the Democratic leader in the Senate. 

In fact, in her own very safe pro-Democratic congressional district, her percentage of victory fell from 78% in 2018 to 71.6% in 2020, in spite of the massive turnout of voters in New York to oust Trump. 

That she thinks that she wouldn’t get clobbered by Schumer, not only in New York City but also in suburban and upstate areas where more voters are moderate and conservative than in the Big Apple, makes no sense.

As we await the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, it remains to be seen what role AOC will play now that she has been abandoned by some of her base. Her alt-left opposition mainly comes from white “progressives” like Dore, who are furious at the “squad”, which now includes a Palestinian-American woman, a Black Somali-American woman, two African-American women, an African-American man, and AOC, who is Puerto Rican.

Will they draw the obvious lessons from so closely associating with the white alt-left? Or will their path only slightly differ in tone from them?

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of “As The Alt-Left Burns”, right here on the Brave News Blog.


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Did BernieBros Vandalize Mike Bloomberg’s Campaign Office?


Photo of the vandalized Knoxville Bloomberg office courtesy of the Bloomberg campaign.

Newly resurrected (Liz Warren killed him on 2/19/2020) Michael Bloomberg is pissed the fuck off at BernieBros, who his campaign manager says vandalized his campaign office, like a bunch of vandals. On Social Media for the past month or so, Berners have been using specific language when trolling people about Bloomberg. I know this, because fans of the Vermontese Senator constantly find their way to my timeline to attack every single candidate who is not Bernie. Words like “Oligarch” are their favorite to use when attacking Bloomberg, and it’s no mere coincidence, IMO, that on the outside of the office, that very word was spray painted prominently, in one of the ugliest orange colors on the face of the earth.

Once Kamala dropped out, I pledged to attempt to be neutral in order to support the supporters of other candidates that were being attacked by Bernie fans. In doing so, I became the person Berniebros cannot stand, just like in 2015 when I flipped to Hillary, who I did not even like-until I got a snoot-full of Berniebro bullshit. So, let’s just say I am an expert on Berniebro behavior, and I believe they are guilty as fuck.

From TPM:

“This latest incident at our Knoxville campaign office is exactly what we’ve been warning about,” Campaign Manager Kevin Sheekey said in a statement. “We don’t know who is responsible for this vandalism, but we do know it echoes language from the Sanders campaign and its supporters.”

BernieBros have been quick to play victim each and every time an accusation is made against members of their group for doing deplorable bullshit. But, at this point, the excuses are getting to be a bit tedious; many of us have been dealing with harassment and abuse from some of the shadiest Berners on the web for YEARS. Each time we complain, our grievances have been met with cries of “Erasure!” for using the term BernieBros, even when we aren’t using the term BernieBros. Sanders, for his part, simply points out that he has women of color on his team who receive terrible messages too. See? Bernie doesn’t care if you are threatened and harassed by his people, he will simply cover for them by claiming to be the real victim, no matter what.

Campaign spokeswoman Galia Slayen told TPM that the vandals wrote “Resist,” “Fuck Bloomberg” and “Oligarch” on the building.

Lately, Berners have decided to go FULL RESISTANCE, even though until recently they denied that Russia had done anything at all, and many of them still deny it. As far as the rest of what they wrote on the building, well that’s exactly what they write on my timeline on a daily basis, along with accusations that I just want poor black babies to die, since I refuse to support Sanders. Now, I cannot think of a time when Bernie was running around saving black babies, but that’s just because I am a neoliberal warmonger loving bootlicker.

In his statement, Sheekey included examples of Sanders and his team using similar verbiage. The Bloomberg campaign did not respond to a question about if they had any further evidence, but is calling on Sanders to disavow the destruction which officials say has happened at other campaign offices too.

Will Bernie manage to disavow this destructive behavior without pointing fingers at everyone else?

The Sanders campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

Of course not. Brie Brie has to come up with a way to make Bernie the real victim, and that takes time.

Bloomberg has been calling for Sanders to release his full health records, and a Sanders surrogate falsely stated that Bloomberg had suffered from heart attacks.

That was Brie Brie who went on TV and lied about Bloomberg having a heart attack too, when in fact, he did not.

However, Sanders has taken heat from multiple candidates about the infamously vicious behavior of some of his supporters, especially online. He tried to wash his hands of the accusations during the Nevada debate on Wednesday, suggesting that perhaps foreign bots were masquerading as badly behaving Sanders fans to create disruption. Experts have concluded that there is no proof that that.

“IT WAS RUSSIAN BOTS!!!” Shut the fuck up, Bernie. Bullshit. Experts have already weighed in on his dramatic and false declaration that the Sanders supporters online who abuse, target, and threaten Democrats are all just Russian bots masquerading as BernieBros. Bernie doesn’t agree, and says this is because nobody who REALLY supported him would ever behave in such a foul way. Also, he seems to think that somehow, supporting M4A and Free College means that you cannot be a bad person, which is delusional and scary in it’s naivety.

Experts have concluded that Russian trolls are NOT LIKELY behind the harassment campaign against the Nevada Culinary Union.

The Daily Beast:

The Daily Beast reached out to experts in tracking disinformation to see if there was any evidence of Russian involvement in the feud between Sanders supporters and the Nevada Culinary Workers Union. None could point to a specific example of Russia-linked personas imitating pro-Bernie personas and attacking members of the Nevada Culinary Workers Union. 

Experts have officially called bullshit on Bernie’s claim that his fans are being set up to look like raging cyber maniacs by a Russian backed disinfo campaign, so it’s time for Bernie to stop using that as a shield and start being a leader who can lead his Revolution into being decent human beings. Bernie cannot admit that his anger and manner of attacks on Democrats have caused his movement to hate Democrats so passionately that they literally hate us more than they hate the GOP. It wouldn’t surprise me if the hate he and they have for the wealthy spilled out of social media and culminated in these attacks on Bloomberg campaign offices.

Also, just five minutes ago as I was tagging this piece, I got a news alert that didn’t shock me one bit. US officials just told Bernie Sanders that RUSSIA is trying to HELP his campaign, not harm it. Just like they did in 2016. I really wish Bernie Sanders would fuck off somewhere, he’s only helping Trump by running for President.

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The Daily Beast


It’s TEA TIME with Hillary, y’all!!! She’s out here dishing ALL of the details on how nobody even LIKES Bernie’s ass anyway, and I am HERE FOR IT. As you can already see, Bernie Twitter is lit the mutha fuck up over what Hillary has said, and all the fuckbois of the leftist variety are ready to die so mad. The K-Hive has a new energy today, baby, cause we have gotten our brand new Tea Mugs filled to the BRIM! Hillary poured enough to fill a fucking Great Lake, cause that’s just what one does when one sees their very own rat fucking asshole strutting around like his shit don’t stank.

You can buy this mug.


There will be a new Netflix series coming out about Hillary, and it is not good news for Bernie Sanders. Lololololololololololol!!! Hillary, usually so tight-lipped when it comes to shit talking, has decided she doesn’t need a filter anymore, so she’s gonna say her piece, and “fuck you very much forever” if you don’t like it. It seems like everyone is kissing Bernie’s ass for fear of his relentless Bernie Brats, but Hillary doesn’t need their votes anymore, so she’s dishing out the dirt and and tossing out reminders of how terrible Bernie behaved on the campaign trail. Recently, she had an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, and she said some things we needed to hear; how nobody want to work with him (HAAAHAAAH!!), how his toxic culture has harmed the Democratic Party, and how she doesn’t even know if she’ll endorse the old codger.

From Newsweek:

“In the doc, you’re brutally honest on Sanders: ‘He was in Congress for years. He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.’ That assessment still hold?” Hollywood Reporter TV editor Lacey Rose asked.

“Yes, it does,” Clinton responded, plainly.


Has there ever been a more toxic campaign than the two that included Sanders? Maybe. But I was not alive for it.

“It’s not only him, it’s the culture around him. It’s his leadership team. It’s his prominent supporters. It’s his online Bernie Bros and their relentless attacks on lots of his competitors, particularly the women,” Clinton said. “And I really hope people are paying attention to that because it should be worrisome that he has permitted this culture — not only permitted, [he] seems to really be very much supporting it.”

Can you imagine having a President who acts like a cartoon villain? That’s what Bernie does when he gives a wink and a nod to his shitty-bros, and sets them on whichever woman is in his way. When has Bernie ever tried to stop this shit? Oh, sure. He gave a statement a hundred million years ago, but he knows his fans engage in sexist and racist behavior daily, so if he is such an “anti-racist” and “a feminist” how the hell does he feel comfortable being THE face of THE movement that literally runs around trying to destroy the reputations of Black Women online just for not supporting Bernie? I’ll tell you: Bernie is an old white BIGOT. Only a bigot would let their own movement become WELL KNOWN haters of Black Women. This is YOUR FAULT Bernie. And fuck you, no apology will ever make me think you’re not just a set of racist old white balls.

“And I don’t think we want to go down that road again where you campaign by insult and attack and maybe you try to get some distance from it, but you either don’t know what your campaign and supporters are doing or you’re just giving them a wink and you want them to go after Kamala [Harris] or after Elizabeth [Warren],” Clinton continued. “I think that that’s a pattern that people should take into account when they make their decisions.”

I ain’t gonna say shit about E-Dub, since she is stupidly still trying to be friends with that ridiculous old fusspot. But the heat and viciousness they went after Kamala Harris with will never be forgotten by me or many others, and is the main reason I will never vote for that venomous ancient killjoy. People like to try to pretend that Bernie has no idea, he is just an innocent old man who wants me to have healthcare. BULLSHIT. This has been going on for 5 years and if he doesn’t know by now?

He is completely unqualified to lead a goddamn Kindergarten circle, let alone a nation.

“I think that both the press and the public have to really hold everybody running accountable for what they say and what their campaign says and does,” she continued. 

This is my problem with the Press. I cannot for the life of me figure out why Bernie has endless free passes to allow his movement to turn into a catshit fire, and nobody will say ANYTHING about how deplorable they are. Are they really just so fucking scared of the cyber attacks and of Bernie crying foul? Do your goddamn jobs, bitches. Inform the people of how toxic this guy is, and stop covering for him like he’s fucking paying your pathetic asses. We KNOW he has trolls. YOU are the only people who can shame their asses into fucking off.

“Then this argument about whether or not or when he did or didn’t say that a woman couldn’t be elected, it’s part of a pattern. If it were a one-off, you might say, ‘OK, fine.’ But he said I was unqualified,” Clinton said. “I had a lot more experience than he did, and got a lot more done than he had, but that was his attack on me.”

Well I, oop! If he said Hillary was unqualified, I KNOW GODDAMN WELL he told E-Dub she can’t win, on my Mama, y’all.

“I just think people need to pay attention because we want, hopefully, to elect a president who’s going to try to bring us together, and not either turn a blind eye, or actually reward the kind of insulting, attacking, demeaning, degrading behavior that we’ve seen from this current administration,” Clinton warned.

The Moral of the story is, don’t fuck a woman over by being a fake feministing, misogynist, delusional, vainglorious, wimpy, unaccomplished, menacing, loud, vindictive old fraud and let your gang of merkin wearing emo-incel chupacabra-cylon trolls torch and destroy the reputations of every single woman who says she don’t like you if you can’t handle a bitch coming back for a piece of your ass. Because we are two weeks out from Iowa, and the next week will be filled with people talking about how much they don’t even like Bernie Sanders. And I JUST bought a bunch of boxes of tea bags. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Meghan McCain Wishes “Bernie Bros” Would F*ck Off Somewhere Along With Bernie Sanders

Meghan Bo Peep, aka Meghan McCain, is right about something again. This is a rare occurrence in the land of Conservatopia, where ladies buy ugly frocks made by Ivanka, and think Don Jr is just a “Dreamboat” like Moondoggie from Gidget or some shit. I wouldn’t normally discuss Megs, but the situation she is dealing with and pissed off about is actually something that I am also fucking sick of: Berners. Bernie Sanders has been running for President for approximately 105 years, so in that time he has managed to obtain quite a cult following. Some people are impressed with his ability to accumulate all the biggest assholes on the Left into a “Movement” that makes lots of noise. I am not stupid as they are, so I see it as more than a little problematic.

So does Megs.

 Meghan vs Berners

Yesterday, John McCain’s daughter was not one bit happy with the old Marxist Chupacabra, and she was not afraid to said so.


“He has a problem with women. He has for a long time, and I think if Elizabeth Warren has this in her back pocket, all is fair in politics, all is fair in love and war, and look, I don’t want another misogynist as president. Women in this country are sick of it, and I have always thought he has had a problem with women.”

This, of course, led to many many little meltdowns from Bros and Broettes around the nation, especially on Twitter where they have an outsized influence. Brie Brie Joy, who is one of the trolls Bernie hired to be a face of his campaign, could not stop herself from chiming in like an ass, and somehow had to bring feminism into it.

Sanders national press secretary Briahna Joy Gray called the segment “shameful” and said, “I’m a longtime watcher of @TheView, and respect its reach and influence a great deal. That’s why I want it to be accountable to the women whose interests it’s attacking… Whatever this segment is, it isn’t feminism.”

Okay, Ms. Gray, I don’t really understand what that has to do with anything, but I also don’t ever know what the fuck you’re talking about, so…you’re just being a goddamn clown again, obviously. I watched the segment, and you can see for yourself that the discussion was absolutely normal. Meghan discussed how vicious the Bernie supporters are to women in the media on both sides of the aisle, how Bernie’s behavior contributed to Trump winning the Whitehouse, how Hillary discussed the way Berners harassed her supporters, and Meghan’s belief that Bernie is just a fucking misogynist, and how her Twitter would probably be lit TF up just because she spoke out.

Nothing she said was a lie.

Then the debate happened. Oh my.

Bernie and Liz did not reach a mutual agreement over whether Bernie told her “a Woman cannot win” and let’s just say it was bad. I’m actually writing another separate piece on that later, so you’ll have to check it out. But, today on The View, Meghan was still coming for Bernie, and I guess she’s not scared of Brie Brie’s scoldings and the hordes of Berners in her mentions, cause she called that shit out too.

“She’s not shaking hands with him because she’s over it. Because all the Bernie bros got on Twitter and are sending her snake emojis and saying #WarrenIsASnake and it started trending. And that’s the misogynistic Bernie bros who came after me yesterday. I’m still saying it again. Stop doing this to women. And whether Bernie likes it or not, fact that she didn’t shake his hand, I’m sorry, that tells you everything you need to know about how she feels about that.”

Yeah. The snake emojis just remind me of some Biblical Adam and Eve bullshit, and yes, it’s sexist as fuck. Period. These fuckduds were sending those fucking emojis alllll day yesterday and really got wild and crazy during the debate. Last night after the debate, Queen Liz did not shake hands with King Bernie, and the whole world of Progressive politics was shook the fuck up. Personally, it was the first time in months I found something to like about Liz Warren. This whole “I’m with Bernie!” bullshit she had been carrying on while his sexist ass bros torched the other women candidates, just made her look shady as fuck. Now, Liz is the one at the center of the bro storm, and her supporters are looking for people to defend her, but a lot of Dems are not going for this shit. I’m just going to continue attacking Bernie’s shitty as record, stupid lies, and bad personality. Oh, and his plans to pass his legislation will be getting a share of my fire.

Meghan McCain seems to believe that the Berners are just as toxic as they were last time, and I can’t say she’s wrong. I highly doubt they’ll get behind the winner, if it’s not Bernie, no matter what. Even before this whole drama played out between Liz and Bernie, I pretty much knew the bros were going to do the Bernie or Bust thing again. This is why I am a Founding Member of Never Bernie. There ain’t no way in hell I’m going to empower the type of fuckdicks and assgasms that occupy the Progressive Left. These are the StrugglePunks who all caps “NEOLIB” at random working class Democrats of all races and persuasions. Bernie, for his part, is simply an asshole and doesn’t see anything wrong with how he operates. As long as his bros attacks benefit him in some way, he ain’t gonna say shit about it. And that is how you know Bernie doesn’t really give a shit about the people he is trying to change the system for, because anyone with empathy would feel terrible to have people running around abusing others in their name, and for them. But, not Bernie Sanders. Years of abuse and not once has he ever seriously tried to get his movement under control.

Bernie loves to hold the label of “Feminist” and wear it like a badge, and he gets pissy if someone tries to snatch his badge away. But would any Feminist allow women to be targeted and harassed and abused in their name? Wouldn’t they, knowing how much women already have to deal with, wouldn’t they tell their supporters to “STOP” at some point? Wouldn’t they show some type of concern that so many women in America despise their movement because of their supporters? I guess, Ill ask one more question:


If Bernie Sanders is such a great leader, why the fuck can’t he lead his own damn movement to not be so goddamn misogynist and toxic?



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