The Media Chases White Progressives; Black Voters Save The Election

Being a Black Voter is a thankless burden akin to Atlas carrying the world upon his shoulders.

While white voters are free to run around testing out new candidates like a sugared up pack of fifth graders snagging samples at Costco, Black Voters these days are stuck pragmatically analyzing each candidate to see who can actually win the election. White voters can fall in and out of  political love with 3 or 4 candidates in a cycle that has over 20 hopefuls, and whoever they are in love with, for that instant, will be the one the media fawns over. You can bet on it. They’ll choose candidates with no history with the Black Community, candidates too young to be wise, candidates that are perfect on paper, though not in practice, and even candidates with big ideas that are devoid of a plan to pass them or even pay for them.

Black voters are not so privileged. Sure, we fall in love with candidates too; men like Jesse Jackson got our votes twice during the dark years of the ’80s when Dems were out of power. Barack Obama is still well loved by us, and women like Kamala Harris still have a dedicated following, ready to be led by her wherever she goes. Yet, we know our duty. We know when white people lose their ever-loving minds over a sure loser, it’s up to us to save the day, coalesce behind a candidate who can win, and use our collective power to right the ship while white voters get sober from being drunk on their own power.


Kingmaker in chief is House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn (D-S.C.), whose emotional, full-throated endorsement last week lifted Biden to a landslide in a state where black voters make up more than half of the Democratic electorate. After Clyburn weighed in, what had been a confusing picture — Would younger African Americans turn out in droves for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)? Was billionaire Tom Steyer’s barrage of television ads across the state winning him votes? — suddenly became crystal clear.

That is what happened this past week on Super Tuesday too. This primary year was just like the rest; heavily White states are front-loaded onto the primary calendar, and the narrative in the media for months is concentrated upon what those few White voters, in a relatively low population state, think about the candidates. Black voters are deliberately ignored or tokenized until the week before the first Southern state votes, this is just facts, yet the polls usually tell the story months before we head out to the Union Halls and Libraries to pull the lever for a candidate. Joe Biden was always going to win the Primary, but like White voters, we sampled various other candidates until it was crunch time.


This reality is what makes Biden’s commanding performance last week even more meaningful. Trump’s disapproval rating among black voters is exceedingly high – just one in 10 has a favorable view of him, and only a dismal 4% support his policies all or some of the time. But dissatisfaction with Trump is not enough to improve the most important metric when it comes to black voters in the general election: turnout. Biden’s Super Tuesday wins suggest he is best-positioned to accomplish it.

Turnout turnout turnout. I cannot stress this enough.

In 2016, the black voter participation rate fell by seven points from 67% in 2012 to 60%, its lowest level in two decades. That reduced the black share of the electorate from nearly 13% in 2012 to less than 12% in 2016. And for an election that was essentially decided by 77,000 votes over three battleground states, higher black turnout might have resulted in a different electoral outcome where Hillary Clinton became the first female president.

One of my main concerns was not to get stuck with a candidate who could not increase Black Voter turnout from the 2016 level of 60% back up to 2008 or 2012 levels of 65% to 67% respectively. Once Kamala was off the board it was my opinion immediately that the only other candidate who connected with Black Voters enough to drive us to the polls was Joe Biden. Some will say that Kamala didn’t have Black Voters on her side, but if you look at the polls taken before the non-stop smear campaign by the Bernie Brothers, Kamala Harris was gaining ground with Black women across the board. Had this been a normal election year without the rehash of 2016 playing out due to Bernie Sanders and his army of smear-mongers deciding to run again, regardless of how divisive 2016 was, I’m confident she would still be in the race. As it stands, she is not. But Joe Biden is, and if they were to team up I believe turnout would surpass what we saw with Barack Obama and Joe Biden; we have already seen record turn out in Virginia.

Biden won 69 percent of the black vote in Virginia, about 60 percent in Texas and North Carolina, and a staggering 72 percent in Alabama. Those margins helped him build a lead in pledged convention delegates that will be hard for Sanders to erase, especially with populous and delegate-rich Southern states such as Florida and Georgia yet to vote.

Why was Biden able to win so decisively in states he spent very little time and very little money in? As Biden said earlier this year of Mayor Bloomberg, when he was asked about Bloomberg’s seeming surge with Black Voters, “I don’t think you can buy an election.” Apparently, Biden was right.

Clyburn’s message last week seemed to clarify things for black South Carolina voters, who were trying to figure out how best to defeat President Trump. The landslide those voters gave to Biden seemed to clarify things for black voters in the Super Tuesday states. If Biden is nominated and wins in November, African Americans will have picked a president.

After being ignored, unless we were needed as props or tokens, Black voters decided we needed to save ourselves from the possibility of running a sure loser against Trump in the general election. And that brings us to the other candidates; Pete was too young and still learning about racial justice, Amy centered her campaign around Midwestern whites, Liz was good at reaching Black Activists, yet not so much the rank and file, Bloomberg was missing the charisma we expected from a Big City Mayor (de Blasio? Also missing it.), Steyer was trying too hard to be the Un-Billionaire and Captain Planet and a number of other things at once, and then we have Bernie. What can we say about Bernie that won’t be used as proof that everything was rigged? Why did Bernie’s message fail to take hold of the collective Black Soul?

In other words, our survey suggests that if Sanders—or whomever Democrats ultimately choose—wants to win over black voters, a message stressing economic justice is not the best option; he needs to appeal explicitly to race.

Oh. Is this exactly what I have been saying for five fucking years just for me to get dismissed as practicing “Identity Politics?”

Why is a message emphasizing racism so effective, relative to the alternatives? Simply put, race is the principal identity that resonates with the black community. History makes clear that racism affects every aspect of African Americans’ lives, so much so that most members of the black community perceive that they share a common fate. This is not to say that class isn’t sometimes important, but when it comes to political engagement, racial identity is a more reliable predictor of black political behavior.

The thing that Bernie spent years railing against Dems for using to reach Black Voters–Identity Politics–appears to be the most effective way of reaching us, regardless of what the Senator may believe about the unifying nature of a “class” based message. He has stubbornly refused to adjust his message and tailor his policies to the voters, he instead attempts to fit the voters he needs into the plans he already has.

To win the nomination, Sanders must cut deeply into Biden’s African American edge.

So, Sanders is pulling a fast one in a last-ditch ploy to woo former President Barack Obama’s fervent and loyal base.

Uh oh.

“Feel the Bern,” the 30-second commercial released Wednesday by the Sanders campaign, is peppered with images of Obama and Sanders walking into the White House and sharing camaraderie.

Shit like this is another reason he fails with Black Voters. We’re not stupid. We know Bernie’s history of contention towards Obama, and it rather feels cheap and plastic how he uses Obama in a blatant attempt to pander for votes.

Yeah. I may have added a bit of context to this video, and I don’t feel one bit bad about it.

Chicago Sun-Times:

Black voters won’t fall for the okey-doke.

They know that Sanders’ footprint on issues of concern to African Americans was virtually invisible before he launched his 2016 run.

They know that Sanders has been a frequent Obama critic, and even considered challenging the president in the 2012 presidential primary.

They know where Obama stands. They know that when the time comes, Obama will be standing with Biden.

And crucially, they know, better than any other Democratic constituency, that electability matters most in 2020.

All true.

I just have one question.

When Bernie loses, do middle class neck-beards REALLY need to come screeching invectives at Black Women about how oppressed their Teslas are, just because Bernie lost? I’m just wondering, because if the non-stop histrionics in my mentions is predictive of just how poorly The Revolution is going to handle this year’s loss, I’m so moving to Canada and deleting my Twitter until 2022.

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Nina Turner’s Clown Ass Is Not The Negro Whisperer

Nina Turner’s wilding again, and yes, y’all, it’s all about our Best Friend Bernie Sanders again. I do wish she would shut up.

Here is the title of her piece, you’re gonna LOOOOVE IT:

While Bernie Sanders has always stood up for African Americans, Joe Biden has repeatedly let us down

Okay, so you hate it. Welp. Nina Turner wrote an op-ed about the magnificence of Bernie Sanders, and the magNOTficence of Joe Biden, and she needs to un-write that shit, because she is the whole entire clown. It’s been quite obvious for some time that Nina has her issues with the Democratic Party, we know this for sure because she famously refused to endorse Hillary in 2016, and toyed with the idea of being the running-mate of Jill Stein. That’s right, Nina Donuts went full PUMA during the convention, while 93% of the rest of us Black Women voted for Hillary Clinton. I’m not saying Turner isn’t allowed to sell us out and run off with her white friends to do Kumbayas while listening to Jill Stein albums with some hemp wearing granolas in the woods of Maine or some shit. She is. But when she gets her struggle edges back within Black Diaspora boundaries, what she cannot ever do again is “speak for us.”

See, like I said before, Nina ran her Black ass off with Jill Stein in 2016. No, I don’t know who she voted for, the optics ensured that people would think she voted for Jill Stein, regardless of what she actually did in the voting booth.

And that makes her a fucking clown.

The whole entire fucking clown.

I can already tell that someone will be racing to accuse me of racism for disagreeing with such a vaunted and esteemed individual as Nina Turner. Any criticism about Nina, who has somehow become the only Black Woman in the whole entire nation, is racist now. Some people can get tripped up over unfounded accusations, but not I, I have a ready made response: “Shut your stupid ass up.”

Nina has become the ready made response to any and all criticism of Bernie and his Berners on race and racism. She has also become the Black face of Bernie Sanders’s Revolution, and as such, she loves nothing more than speechifying, and glorifying Bernie Sanders nationwide. Yeah, her ashy struggle-voice is ever-present and ready to preach at crowds about “these hands” or lecture her fellow Black Women for some perceived slight regarding the Senator.

My God she’s annoying. Hi, Nina. He wasn’t asked about his life. He was asked about White Nationalism and what strategies he’d employ to fight it. I know you’re super satisfied when you can’t get someone to answer the actual question about NOW because they wanna chat about 1963, but we ain’t having it. Now, you can call out whatever you want to honey, but you ain’t finna run nobody. Just an FYI.

But I digress, on to her op-ed.

In choosing between the two Democratic Party candidates atop the polls, African American voters have a consequential decision to make:

Nice opener, Nina. There must be auditions going on right now for a new Captain Obvious. You’re sure to win.

Will our community side with former Vice President Joe Biden, who has repeatedly betrayed black voters to side with Republican lawmakers and undermine our progress? Or will we stand with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and a movement that has been fighting for racial and economic justice since the civil rights era?

Oh, I beg your pardon, Miss Nina, but um, we have no idea what the hell you’re talking about with the idea that Bernie has been fighting for RACIAL Justice since the Civil Rights Era? We have heard this claim many times from many people connected with Bernie Sanders in some way, yet when we ask for receipts for 1965-2015, we are met with hostility born of fragility from your white comrades. When you get a second, can you please get us that list of fights for Racial Justice Bernie was involved in during the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s,and 2010s up to 2015, please?

As a recent NBC News headline said of Biden’s time in the Senate: “Biden didn’t just compromise with segregationists. He fought for their cause.” The NBC report quoted the NAACP’s legal director saying that one Biden-backed measure “heaves a brick through the window of school integration.”

So, NBC headlines are your evidence. Okay.

Let me remind you that Bernie also was against busing.

From the Middlebury Campus News;

See? His position wasn’t too far off from Biden, who had experience this hostility first hand from his angry white constituents. They both may have been right, yet it was pretty much the only tool we had, so, I see them both as being wrong. It’s all well and good to compare records, but when you leave vital bits out, I generally come to the conclusion that you’re entirely full of shit.

Sanders, by contrast, began his work in politics by organizing civil rights protests. As a college student, he helped lead a local chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality in its push to desegregate housing.

This is true.

Sanders participated in the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington and was arrested for protesting rampant school segregation in Chicago.

Sanders says he attended the March, he never says anything occurred beyond that as far as further participation, or any official role is concerned. Also, WE KNOW he was arrested after being chained to a Black Woman whose name he either forgot, forgot to get, or just won’t say, for whatever reason. And WE KNOW he was at the march. Didn’t we tell y’all we were tired of hearing that same ass story? You member. You got MAD.

In addition, Sanders has been pushing an education plan that supports local efforts to combat racial segregation.

Wow. We just jumped from 1963 to 2020 in the blink of an eye. Where is all the activism or work on racial justice for the years in between?

As a local elected official, Sanders also defied the political establishment by proudly endorsing Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential campaign; Sanders said that Jackson was a candidate “who has done more than any other candidate in living memory to bring together the disenfranchised.”

So….this is the extent of Bernie’s “activism” on racial justice between 1964 and 2015? Endorsing a Black Man isn’t actually fighting for Black People. Nina, you’re a Clown. Stop.

At one point Biden declared that every “major crime bill since 1976 that’s come out of this Congress, every minor crime bill, has had the name of the Democratic senator from the state of Delaware — Joe Biden.”

Bernie voted for the Crime Bill.

Bernie ran as “Tough on Crime” by using that very same crime bill to boost himself to victory.

One of the leading dissenters to Biden’s “tough on crime” agenda was Sanders, who Vox noted was “an early critic of mass incarceration and punitive criminal justice policies.”

Let’s take a look at what his website said 2006:





This is why you’re a clown. You go through Joe’s record with the worst interpretations, while completely sanitizing Sanders. Nina, ain’t your husband and son Cops, or at least were Cops at some point? But you hate the police? Okay. Anywho…Nina goes on to list out some amazing shit that Bernie supports, proposes, wants to do, thinks, feels, and says, yet she gives us ZERO receipts showing Bernie Sanders actually doing anything about ANY of those issues.

Sanders, on the other hand, is campaigning not only to legalize marijuana but also to root out institutional racism in our criminal justice system, outlaw private prisons, slash the prison population in half, end cash bail and hold police departments accountable.

Hold the mayo, I take exception to this. He passes an average of .24 bills per year in Congress, so, what is the likelihood that this list of items will get any traction? And if I read it correctly, his plan to pass legislation is to run around America holding rallies? And then what? Magic? Bernie Sanders always says he wants to root out institutional racism and work magic on our institutions. Yet it is clear from his history that he is a “No Show” when it comes to even doing basic shit, like meeting with black activist groups.

Curtiss Reed Jr., executive director of the Brattleboro-based Vermont Partnership For Fairness and Diversity, said in an interview that Sanders had received an invitation to an annual conference held this past November at the Putney School that included leaders of color from around Vermont.

Neither the senator nor any member of his staff attended the conference, titled “Vermont Vision for a Multicultural Future,” Reed said.

Bernie. You can’t even be bothered to go hang out with black people in your own state for a few hours once a year. It’s so bad between you and the Black Activists in your own state, you had to say sorry and pledge to do better. Have you done any better since April of 2018?

Hell the entire fuck no.

You can read the Open Letter yourself to see what type of ally Senator Sanders is to the Black People of Vermont.

Here is a section:

Vermont is known as a progressive safe haven. However, some of our citizens struggle to connect personal experience to this sentiment. The purpose of publicizing these feelings isnot to throw shade at the national progressive movement that Senator Bernie Sanders is trying to foster, but to point out that Vermonters in marginalized positions- be they poor, disabled, LGBTQ, people of color, indigenous, immigrant or non-mainstream in other facets of
identity, help to create this state and make it what it is, yet still, we find ourselves excluded from the movement. This is an awkward juxtaposition. To call out when we have been excluded invariably elicits an accusation of sabotage, selfishness, or saltiness. To ignore it is to relegate ourselves to invisibility, thus fortifying the very systemic inequity the progressive movement works to deconstruct.


Bernie did not even bother to invite the Black Activists who have been unsuccessfully reaching out to him for YEARS to the event he held to discuss strategies concerning Racial and Social Justice.

Here is another section:

My heart began to sink as my curiosity grew. In his remarks, Senator Sanders said that this
event was “not just to talk about economic issues, we’re here this weekend to be talking
about racial and social justice. We’re here to be talking about ending, in all of its many and
varied forms, institutional racism.”

I would have been humiliated and felt completely invisible. Do allies forget you exist or simply ignore your existence to bring out of state minorities into your state while leaving you high and dry? This is the ally Nina wants you to have.

How could Senator Sanders host what is supposed to be an intersectional, progressive event without inviting the very people whom he serves? If this is really about economic justice, where are the poor folks? If it is really about racial justice, why are there no local racial justice leaders? Chief Don Stevens of the Abenaki? Disability rights? Where is Justicia Migrante? I don’t see them on the list.


They were not on the list, maybe they were purposely left off.

Okay, one more, because they dragged his old ass across the state and back:

Even Kiah Morris, who was Vermont’s lone black woman in the legislature—that is, until the racist threats and harassment became so intolerable and
intimidating that she not only had to withdraw from an uncontested race, but she stepped down from office just three months ago—was not invited.

I also do not remember the Senator standing up for Kiah Morris during her struggle.

How could Senator Sanders host what is supposed to be an intersectional, progressive event without inviting the very people whom he serves?

How, Nina?

I write this not to complain about the fact that none of us were invited; I write this to point
out the hypocrisy of the situation. How do you say that you are a person of the people, how
can you be “awoken”, in the words of Victor Lee Lewis, when you come home to Vermont to
talk about justice and institutional oppression and don’t invite the very people you
represent? In speaking with other folks, I learned that I am not the only one who has noticed
this omission. We hope that we are missing something, but if we are not, this is a either a
major oversight or just one more example of how institutional oppression looks, even among
those who are progressive.

Tabitha Pohl-Moore
President, Rutland Area Branch of the NAACP
Steffen Glenn Gillom
President, Windham County Branch of the NAACP
Amanda Garces
Founder, Vermont Coalition for Ethnic and Social Equity in Schools
Curtiss Reed, Jr.
Executive Director, Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity
Kiah Morris
Former State Representative
Katrina Battle
POC Caucus Coordinator, Black Lives Matter of Greater Burlington
Jabari Jones
Organizer, Black Lives Matter of Greater Burlington
Wafic Faour
Vermonters for Justice in Palestine
Member, BLM of Greater Burlington
Marita Canedo
Migrant Justice
Shela Linton
Co-Coordinator BIPOC Caucus, Root Social Justice Center
Sha’an Mouliert
Co-Coordinator, I am Vermont Too
Mark Hughes
Executive Director, Justice for All
Beverly Little Thunder
Activist, founder of Kunsi Keya Tamakoce, Peace and Justice Board Member
Gemma Seymour
Vermont Vision for a Multicultural Future
Nico Amador
Community Organizer, ACLU of Vermont

Nina, what exact help are you? Why is it that this same problem happens year after year, and there is never any change? How responsive would Senator Sanders be when dealing with the Black Community at large, when he cannot even deal effectively with the FEW in his own state? You are the least convincing surrogate I have ever seen. Besides Kelly Ann.

Many of you are already wrapped up in the current drama between Liz and her “friend” Bernie, and have moved on from Yesterday’s (or the day before depending on when I post this) drama-fest. Unfortunately, Nina wrote such a terrible op-ed for The State that I had no choice but to bring it all up again. Nina Turner has been running around for some years now caping for Bernie Sanders like he’s got the coldest ice on earth in the Summer, and the warmest heat on the planet in the Winter, and that is her right. She is allowed to stan all she wants to for that crusty old Senator from Vermont. To her, that’s a friend she knows and loves more than she loves any of us in the Democratic Party.

He can have her ass, we’re cool with that.

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Mayor Pete Pretended Black People Support His Plan Because He’s Shady AF

Awww! Doesn’t he look like an altar boy or a Scientologist or whatever? So earnest! Also, did you know Mayor Pete knows 716 languages, was a Rhodes Scholar, went to the Army, and worked at McKinsey? Not necessarily in that order? Of course you did, he has been praised for it all endlessly. He is ALWAYS being praised. Pete is perfect. Unless you’re not White.

Let’s discuss Mayor Pete. Remember when I named him Mayo Pete and his newly minted stans lost their minds? That was funny. I realize I have discussed him before, and explained exactly why he is so problematic. Many Reasons. This isn’t about to be a confessional about Black voters and homophobia, or an overly critical opprobrium on the failures of Pete to connect, or even a love letter to Pete extolling his virtues. What this is, is another point of view about the Mayor of the Moment. A BLACK point of view.

Last Winter, when Mayor Pete came onto the scene, I kinda rather liked him. Sure, he was whiter than a Liz Warren rally at an HBCU, and yes, the superfluous words he utilizes are grating as fuck, but I liked him. Even so, I did find many of his rhetorical habits to be not only strange, but also shady and filled with the saltiest of salts. Pete knows as surely as I do, that human beings only listen to each other for about ten second at a time before our minds fuck off somewhere. Since Pete can make a 5 second comment last 5 minutes, he is obviously able to employ as many rhetorical tricks as needed to confuse voters into thinking he’s a nice guy.

You might think it’s mean for me to say he is tricking people when he is obviously an Angelic Choir Boy. Too bad you are wrong. I noticed about a month into his campaign that Pete is often saying something rather nasty, yet he does it in the subversive language of a high priced consultant. Which means people don’t even notice how fucked up and deceptive he often is.

An opinion piece by Jaques Hyzagi illustrates the pernicious and problematic falseness of Peter Buttigieg.  This one exchange is a stunning example of the dishonest double talk that gets my hackles up, take a look.


“Right now you are confident that you don’t have a racism problem in South Bend PD?” I asked

“If I ever get credible evidence of racism on the part of a police officer in South Bend, that ought to be their last day on the department,” he said. (OH REALLY??)

“But you said earlier you can’t fire cops?” I pointed out. (He sure did...)

“Right. So the Board of Safety understands that there is not going to be tolerance —”

“You have that much sway over the Board of Safety?” I interjected. ()

“Well I appoint them. And I’m pretty sure that a majority black Board of Safety is not going to accept racism.”

So why didn’t the Board of Safety fire the officers who were accused of making racist comments on the tapes Boykins recorded? ( Yes, why?)

“One thing you definitely can’t do is you illegally wiretap somebody, is discipline them at their workplace based on illegally obtained evidence,” Buttigieg said. “Remember, these folks sued the city and got a massive settlement over the violation of their rights just from the wiretap stuff alone. So yeah, if the question you’re asking is why somebody wasn’t removed based on potentially illegally obtained information that may or may not have contained anything derogatory on them, then hopefully your question is answering itself.” (See what I mean about him using way too many words to make his point just so he can say something nasty at the end?)

“Not really,” I replied. “Because the city attorneys were using those tapes to fight litigation against the city of South Bend. So you can’t have it both ways. You cannot say, well we’re not going to touch those tapes at all, and then have your own city attorneys ask, ‘What’s on those tapes? So we can fight litigation against South Bend.’”

“So, I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure there’s a difference between what you can do in an administrative proceeding and what you can do in a lawsuit over the existence of the recordings themselves,” Buttigieg replied.

My God you are a grimy pos. Please note that he is saying there is no racism in the South Bend Police Department. This means that every black person we saw complaining this Summer is either a fucking liar, or imagining shit. Go read the whole thing. It confirms your suspicions about his manufactured campaign, and my suspicion that Pete is just Mayor Carcetti come again.

Now, let’s discuss his most recent set of lies, okay?

Recently Pete released his plan for the Negro. He calls it the “Douglass Plan” because when you name things after dead Black Historical Legends is doesn’t make you look desperate. Also, it doesn’t make Black Women laugh and say, “This corny ass pandering muthafucka did NOT name it after Frederick Douglass! OMG, he DID!! HAHAHAHAHA!”

HBCU Times:

There is one presidential candidate who has proven to have intentional policies designed to make a difference in the Black experience, and that’s Pete Buttigieg. We are over 400 South Carolinians, including business owners, pastors, community leaders, and students. Together, we endorse his Douglass Plan for Black America, the most comprehensive roadmap for tackling systemic racism offered by a 2020 presidential candidate.

This is some oven-fried catshit. Also? What’s up with the Super-woke among us overusing the word “intentional” these days?Aren’t all policies INTENTIONAL?

And this:

Written by over 400 South Carolinians who endorsed Pete Buttigieg’s Douglass Plan for Black America. Read a full list of names below..

Oh. This list of 400 names?

Is a LIE.


Listed at the top of the press release were three prominent supporters, Columbia City Councilwoman Tameika Devine; Rehoboth Baptist pastor and state Rep. Ivory Thigpen; and Johnnie Cordero, chair of the state party’s Black Caucus.

They all sound relatively important. Boy he’s lucky to have their endorsement.


Devine, who has not endorsed a candidate yet in the presidential election, told The Intercept that she did not intend her support for the plan to be read as an endorsement for Buttigieg’s candidacy, and believes the campaign was “intentionally vague” about the way it was presented.

Shady as fuck, Pete. Pete should have made damn sure a non-superfluously wordy staffer spoke to her so she’d know they do NOT give a fuck what she’d prefer.

“Clearly from the number of calls I received about my endorsement, I think the way they put it out there wasn’t clear, that it was an endorsement of the plan, and that may have been intentionally vague. I’m political, I know how that works,” she said.

Anyone who knows how to be a word weasel this well should be legally required to sit the fuck down and shut the entire fuck up right now.

Oh, that’s not the only one…

Thigpen, meanwhile, has endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders for president, and was startled when he learned the campaign had not only attached his name to the plan, but also listed him as one of three prominent supporters atop the letter.

Ain’t this about a bitch and a half? Not only did they swipe a Bernie Brothah, they FEATURED his ass.

But wait!! There’s more!

“Somebody brought it to my attention, and it was alarming to me, because even though I had had conversations with the campaign, it was clear to me, or at least I thought I made it clear to them, that I was a strong Bernie Sanders supporter — actually co-chair of the state, and I was not seeking to endorse their candidate or the plan. But what I had talked about was potentially giving them a quote of support in continuing the conversation, because I do think it’s a very important conversation.”

See this shit? Dude most certainly DID NOT endorse a futhafucking thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnng! He seems a BIT mad about them taking the liberty of writing his name on it like it was a bathroom stall wall at the Flying J Truckstop.

Don’t people have to ask PERMISSION to attach your name to things? Cause if not? Michelle Obama is about to be fake endorsing all of my as of yet unthought of business ventures. I called her first, back the fuck off.

Here is the explainer on how this fuckery happened.

Here is a full view of the email from Pete’s campaign.

You see this shit?Just by receiving the plan and discussing it with him, you are automatically endorsing it. What the shitski? And they only had hours to get their name removed from a thing they never asked ANYONE to put their names on. This is disturbing.

Janky Pete is so predictable. Reminds me of that time Bernie let Brie Brie make a video for his campaign out of stock images and some of the weirdest energy clips of herself inserted.


OOPS!!! My BAD!! Hold on, I have the real one around here somewhere…


If that ain’t some late night Post-e-vac looking ass Ron Popeil ass shit. So, if Bernie is running the infomercial campaign, what would we call Pete’s wack ass, forced endorsement style pandering campaign? Well, whatever it is, people ain’t having it. So far two of the most prominent voices have noped the fuck out.

Oh there’s another one!

Johnnie Cordero is no longer listed publicly as a supporter. When The Intercept reached him for comment, he explained that he had never endorsed the plan, nor has he endorsed Buttigieg. “I never endorsed that plan. I don’t know how my name got on there. No, that’s not true: I know how my name got on there,” Cordero began, before explaining that Buttigieg had emailed him the plan and asked for feedback, which began a conversation with Buttigieg’s staff. 

Y’all..HE IS MAD, OKAY? This is making me feel cynical as hell. This is gross in the extreme. It’s also very kinda super sad. Pete is so desperate for the Black support that so many white candidates simply forgot they needed until they announced their run.

Mr. Cordero went on to ask the reporter if they were Black, and I know exactly why he asked that. I’m not going to tell you why because it is a secret Black thing we don’t want you to know about. Sadly, the reporter was not Wakandan, so, he didn’t tell him the top secret Blackistani information, but he gave him the heat, regardless.

“I’m not going to change what I’m going to say. It’s presumptuous to think you can come up with a plan for black America without hearing from black folk. There’s nothing in there that said black folk had anything to do with the drafting of that plan. Now I like Pete, please don’t get me wrong. I’ll help him in any way I can. I think he’s an honest man, I think he’s a decent man, I think he has integrity. I’d like to see him keep running. But you don’t do that. Those days are over and done with. We’re tired of people telling us what we need. You wanna find out what we need? Come and ask us.”

How 👏🏽many👏🏽 times 👏🏽have👏🏽 I 👏🏽said 👏🏽this👏🏽? Oh. I’m in the room alone. I actually stood up and clapped. SMH.

From Slate:

A problem: When the Intercept dug into the endorsement, it found that two of the three top-line black politicians listed say they never endorsed the Douglass Plan, and that at least 40 percent of the other 400 individuals whose names are listed are white.


Wretch, what you say? I thought you said 400 BLACK South Carolinians?? Awww….Let me stop playing. I’m over here trying to pretend to be surprised that Pete had to resort to using white people as filler. We could just be proud of him for finding enough Black People so that 60% of his Black Folks are actual Black Folks. But that would be what has been called “The Bigotry of Low Expectations” or somesuch, and I am also fresh the fuck out of passes for white men. Women too.

This is sickening, deceptive, and fucked up in the extreme. I guess since he can’t win our votes honestly, he’s resorting to underhanded GOP style tricks. Look, I don’t know how to say this in a kind way. Pete ain’t it. He’s so “ain’t it,” he has me over here on Twitter getting retweeted by Berniebros. He’s so ain’t it, I stopped Blocking the Roses, because they make all types of sense when it comes to Pete. He’s so ain’t it, Frederick Douglass’s ghost just asked me how to get his name up off Pete’s plan.

If you have to trick Black people into endorsing your plan by making it secretly an opt out endorsement that they only have hours to get out of when they never knew they were in? You don’t DESERVE any Black votes, or any votes at all. Please go have a hundred million seats, Peter.

It’s kinda sickening how politicians treat Black people. I’m tired of it.

Just wake me up when Trump’s gone. I’m over everything.

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HBCU Times





Problematic White Candidates Struggle In The Quest For Black Votes

Is the racial illiteracy primary almost over yet, please?

The Twitter portion of the primary has been a pernicious thing this cycle, especially for the most loyal Democrats, the stalwart Black Voter. Joe Biden holds the elder portion of the group close, along with many from other age groups. In fact, seemingly out of touch Joe has a group that totals out to be the majority of Black voters so far. Kamala Harris has her group of educated Black men and women in our 30s, 40s, and 50s, who stan for her all day. This is a group so loyal, we announced our support for her, long before she announced her run, and quietly tapped her the second she won her Senate seat. Bernie Sanders has the younger black set, and they get on my damn nerves. His group contains the leftist Black youth who believe in him and no one else because we’re all neoliberal. It’s annoying.

The rest of us are spread out among the Betos, Corys, a few with Liz, like 5 with Pete, 10 with Yang, and of course, we love Castro. This is the state of Black voter preference. Those of us who have already made our choices are unlikely to change our minds until the primary is over. This is a problem for some candidates, for we all know good and damn well that you cannot win the primary unless you can connect with Black voters. Even though we live in the time of Trump, we are surprisingly not really desperate to connect with people we don’t know. We’re a bit stressed the fuck out and we find it very hard to trust right now.

White Candidates Are Struggling To Secure Black Votes

All year we have heard about the epic struggle Pete Buttigieg has been having with Black Voters. So many diverse groups of various types of white people have diagnosed the malady that keeps Black voters from joining the Buttigieg Gang. Every single time they figure it out, they get the same dumb ass answer because they are using a white lens to view black people. From nearly the beginning of his campaign, Black voters have been accused of virulent homophobia, all because we are not interested in Doogie Howser MD. He has hovered between 0 and 1% of the Black vote for months. I explain why all the time. Nobody listens. He’s too young, we don’t know him, and the Black folks in South Bend don’t want him, so, why the fuck would we? It’s a no from us, dawg.

Pete Buttigieg is running for what reason and who is he? As I said, we don’t know him. But what we do know OF him and how he ran his city is enough for us to say “Oh, hell no!” and skate on by. What do we know about Pete?

First we heard he fired his Black police chief (but cannot fire the White one, I guess?) over recording some cops allegedly saying racist shit, then we saw that the 1000 homes plan was chock full of systemic racism/classism. Next thing we know, we hear an allegedly racially biased cop killed a black man in South Bend. Pete couldn’t fire him, and in August we heard BLM called for his resignation. Oh, and he recently had to drop a fundraiser involving a guy tied to the Laquan McDonald cover up.

But Pete wrote a plan to end racism!!!

Dude, if you were ever going to do something to help Black people, you would have done something about the 40% black poverty in South Bend. You can’t just write a plan after doing a shitty ass job on race relations and expect us to buy it. We’re not stupid. So, you can stop ALLEGEDLY leaking reports calling us homophobes. You’d be in the same position no matter who you married.

Besides, have you seen yourself at Black Church?

Good God. You’re like a walking bowl of Malt-o-meal.

Liz Warren Wrongfully Claimed Minority Status; Is Unapologetic

Liz Warren, the Queen of White Privilege, has also struggled to make headway with Black people. Periodically, we get new poll numbers saying she is gaining with Black voters, and her fans immediately become insufferable. This never materializes into visible Black People actually representing her brand besides celebrities that we don’t listen to. Her movement remains shocked that her insubstantial, shallow, evasive, gish-gallop style approach to answering questions doesn’t inspire us.

I have seen them irate because I don’t find hastily written gimmick plans one bit cute, helpful, or likely to become law. They seem peeved that we demand answers on why Liz Warren became a minority at 40 years old, after being White her entire life.

How does a woman attend an all white high-school, go to college and raise children, become a Professor who teaches Empirical Research, yet does no research on whether she qualifies as a minority before claiming our status? Why did she call herself a minority because she had an ancestor five or ten generations back who was a PoC? Is she that fucking stupid or does she think we’re all that fucking stupid?

I keep hearing, “SHE BELIEVED HER FAMILY STORIES!!!” Are you all on drugs?

This is a stupid fucking answer and you make her sound like an idiot.

The fact is, she had a law degree. In her profession, people should have been able to trust that she would research before making any claims. Liz Warren never qualified as a minority, she carried that status fraudulently, and she has never quite explained why she felt entitled to do what she did.

Oh, look. She says by legal standards..she isn’t a minority. When the fuck are you ever going to explain why the fuck you did that?

On that subject she straight up fails, no matter how many times she or her surrogates try to frame or re-frame the issue to make it solely about whether she benefited or not, questions remain unanswered.

From Boston Globe:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]

Harvard Law School also used Warren’s ethnicity internally in December 1995 to bolster the case that they didn’t need to hire more minorities (even though publicly the law school continued to pledge support for diversity).

“The utilization for minority senior faculty is 9.94 percent, and the availability is 5.63 percent,” reads the dry language in Harvard’s 1996 Affirmative Action Plan in a section about tenured professors at the law school. “Minorities are not underrepresented in this job group.”

Harvard Law School’s spokesman at the time, Michael Chmura, then cited her as evidence that Harvard Law School was more diverse than most realized.

“Although the conventional wisdom among students and faculty is that the Law School faculty includes no minority women, Chmura said Professor of Law Elizabeth Warren is Native American,” according to an October 1996 article in the Harvard Crimson. Similar claims were made in at least three other news stories.

Warren doesn’t have a direct answer for whether her claims — even though they do not appear to have benefited her during her professional rise — might have harmed the efforts of others to press for more diversity at the overwhelmingly white institution.


This.  As a woman of color, I have seen white women cosplay as black, call themselves Strong Black Women, all off the strength of some random “mulatto” ancestor they discovered. Or a 23 and Me.  The ancestor is usually someone who died in 1853 or earlier, and these women never lived one second as black women in black culture or faced any of the discrimination. Yet they will claim our status at work, represent Blackness for us, and become a barrier to our success.

Some Black Women aren’t buying the story that Liz didn’t benefit professionally, and they aren’t interested in engaging in spiritual bypass for the sake of unity.

Daily Beast

Because self-identifying as a member of a disenfranchised group for professional gain is appalling. Her unwillingness to admit how appalling and exploitative her behavior was and how insulting and harmful this kind of fraud is makes her uniquely ill-suited to counter a president who exploits ethnic politics to divide us daily.

Let’s be real. When Warren came out with her DNA results, I went into a full cringe and felt entirely too embarrassed by her shenanigans to even make a comment. The proud look she had on her face like she had just OWNED Trump by proving exactly what he had been saying made me think, “This woman is legit kookoo.”

There she stood, waving around evidence that she was one trillionth South American, proudly becoming the biggest political joke of the week. Trump looked smart as fuck like he never has when up against ANY DEM in his LIFE. And she was planning on running for President? I knew that AT LEAST Black Voters weren’t going to want to deal with that hot mess.

Unfortunately, she IS running for President.



Daily Beast

Boston Globe