You Better Leave Me The F*ck Alone With That “Vote Blue No Matter Who” Sh*t!

How many goddamn times do I have to say, “No.”? No. That is my answer to all of your incessant hash-tagging across 3 Social Media platforms. No. I am not interested in your daily bullshit voting pacts based on your fear of Donald Trump. I am a Black Woman. All my adult life, and especially the past decade or so, I have been a Liberal, a Democrat, and a straight ticket blue down the line reliably Democratic vote. But, not this time. Why?

Because of Bernie goddamn Sanders.

Bernie fucking Sanders, Independent of Vermont, brought his old tired ass on the scene in 2015 and never went away. Since that time my social media life has literally been a goddamn war-zone. Where I used to be able to discuss my opinions with like minded people, and even a few who did not agree, quite civilly, since the rise of Bernie, I have spent my time being literally chased around from account to account by; Russians, trolls, actual Berners, assholes like Katie Halper and Susan Sarandon, and even John Cusack a time or two. I am the subject of many conspiracy theories, am pretty much Hitler according to the Revolution, I have watched them pass around photo-shopped tweets of mine, and I have had an unknown number of Twitter accounts. Why?

Because I am Black and Sassy.

No, really.

That’s literally the reason.

I don’t like Bernie. I made that clear after I STOPPED supporting his old ass back in 2015. Maybe it was the look on his cantankerous old face when Marissa Johnson snatched his mic. Maybe it was the fact that I looked into his hiring practices and couldn’t find ONE DAMN BLACK STAFFER. Maybe it was watching him get a lifetime hood-pass based on work done when my Mama was a baby, and knowing he ain’t done shit since. Maybe. And maybe it was also the goddamn bots and trolls that swarmed me no matter where the hell I went JUST TO REPORT ME for every single comment. It could also be the fact that the trolls took the time to find out where I live just to send me mail telling me to “shut up or else” or something equally stupid and menacing. Also, the non-stop trolling.

Once that shit got going good, I started to look at Bernie Sanders himself, and no. I did not like him. I didn’t like how he was lying about showing his taxes. Also, I did not like how he attacked people for supporting things HE VOTED YES ON. I did not like his MLK appropriation, his tokenization of blacks who worked for him, or his inability to answer a question specifically about the black community without having to include “THE POOR” of all races. The way he equates BLACK with POOR, and RACISM with POVERTY? THAT IS ANOTHER THING I DO NOT LIKE ABOUT BERNIE SANDERS. It’s racist.

This is one reason, and I have a million of them, that I will not ever be voting for Bernie Sanders.

Recently, Bernie accepted gratefully, an endorsement from Joe Rogan. Okay, but here is the thing, I don’t think comparing Black people to “Planet of the Apes” is funny in any kind of way, nor do I find dick sucking jokes involving former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, funny either. Many of the things others (white people) have told me were just jokes and not racist? Seemed racist and not like jokes at all.

Fuck You, guy. Kiss my Black ass. Stereotypes like this lead to incidents where black people are unable to get seated and served in restaurants to this day. And the only way we get the issue addressed is if we manage to make it go viral and shame the operator into an apology. Why the fuck are you still increasing our burdens? This shit ain’t funny. Knock this shit the fuck off now, Joe. Find a way to be funny without having to further marginalize the already marginalized. It’s super easy to make a joke at the expense of racial minorities. It’s also super racist, dude, I don’t give a fuck how many Black friends you have, I’ll tell them the same shit.

Why the fuck would you leave this shit up on your account? Maybe I’m lucky I get reported for every comment, because I don’t have bullshit like this on my accounts, it wouldn’t last five minutes with the snarling swarms of Sanderatti always looking for something reportable. But where I have report trolls, you have money. Bitch, use some of your goddamn money to pay someone to go through your account and delete all the foul shit you posted and knock it the fuck off. Get over this bullshit bravado, you look racist as fuck, sexist as hell, so if that is not your intention? DELETE THAT SHIT. Say something like, my bad, that shit looks terrible in retrospect, and boogie the fuck on. But don’t just defiantly leave it up like an asshole.

Joe Rogan is NOT the reason I will never vote for Sanders, but he is endemic of the problems I have with Sanders and his base. They act and sound like a bunch of New Age Dixiecrats, and I don’t fux with no racists. Bernie Sanders, who equates white men working for minimum wage with black slaves, is the reason I don’t like Bernie Sanders. So, the next time you see my black ass on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram talking about who I will never vote for? Don’t fucking say “Vote Blue No Matter Who” to me unless you’re ready to get cyberly dragged from Barrow to the Florida Cays. I don’t vote for Bernie Sanders. And this is only ONE of a thousand reasons why.


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Three Winners, Three Losers, and 4 Who Were Just There

Who won last night’s debate? Well, let me get out ahead of some of the white male punditry and give you my final analysis RIGHT NOW. I spent the evening watching the debate a total of three times. That should tell you not to believe a goddamn thing that asshole Andrew O’Hehir says over at Salon. While the rest of the political world seems to think Harris had a solid to outstanding night, Andy-pants seems to think it was a perfect opportunity to spread his privileged white dick opinion, and opine about her lack of authenticity

But the problem is precisely that performance is the only basis on which to judge Harris, because her actual personality and principles are impossible to discern.

Wow. You’re a fucking asshole, dude. Meh, it’s from Salon, and I won’t link to it because I’d like to spare you from having to view a white dude damn near lose his shit because a black woman did well in a debate. I think he’s triggered.

On to more important matters! Completely moderated by women, this debate was actually the best so far; it ran so smooth that I have realized we need one change to make ALL debates awesome.

Fire the men.


Number One–Kamala Harris–Top Winner

Kamala Harris definitely had a good night, and not just because Tulsi had a bad one. To that point, Harris’ jab about Tulsi being a Fox News favorite seemed to deflate Rep. Aloha instantly, leaving her open to get smacked around by Mayor Pete later on. Harris also made issue with Pete’s fraught relationship with black voters, getting Pete to agree to her criticisms. Let’s take a look at what Harold Meyerson at TAP had to say.

Of the two children of leftwing professors on the stage, Buttigieg had a bad night and Kamala Harris had a very good one, indeed—returning to the form she showed in the first debate. I don’t think she was the best presidential material on that platform, but she might well be the best candidate to take on Donald Trump on a debate stage

I saw that too. Out of all the candidates, Kamala seemed the most ready to take on Trump, and if she had the backing of Democrats at large, Trump may resign rather than face her.

But Harris has a touch of earthiness that no other Democratic candidate can equal, as in her answer on Donald Trump’s wooing of Kim Jung Il: With all due respect to the gravity of presidential debates, she began, “Donald Trump got punked.” 

Damn straight. You cannot defeat Donald by pumping up your tiny baby struggle-fist and nattering on about snatching pennies out of billionaires’ ashtrays/coin dishes to pay for The American Dream. Trump will simply bring up his “Beautiful Spectacular Plan To Make Everything Golden Awesome” that will be “so cheap, you won’t even believe it when I tell you! Believe me.” 

The balance between her qualifying opening clause and her blunt declarative assertion was a thing of beauty. If manner were all, Harris would be a great president.

Amen. Her performance was a thing of beauty.


Number Two–Cory Booker–Big Winner

Cory Booker had his own little bit of awesome when he broke free from whatever had a stranglehold on his snarker, and has caused him to be all types of weird all year long. I have long attributed Cory’s weirdness to that thing where you fall in love and want other people to love people and be a good person like you are. I have tried to be patient with his kind, Christian, caring, compassionate…Okay, it’s starting to look like maybe I’m a misanthropic beyotch, and need to let a little love into my tiny, shrivelled heart.

But gah, can I just say something?

Cory. For the love of gOD. Please marry your girlfriend so she’ll be your wife. Then y’all can learn to hate each other a little bit so your miasma of lovey-doveyness doesn’t get on me. It might burn or tingle or make me be nice to folks I’m seriously grudging on.

I’m done. I swear.

Cory, for his part, had come prepared to make fun of Biden for acting old on the subject of weed. Now we all know Cory is high on life, but Cory was damn near sure JOE had been puffing on the Jazz cigarettes when he came out against legalization of cannabis.

Number Three–Amy Klobuchar—Winner

Amy managed to knock out a win by being consistent and having one thing Pete, Warren, and even Bernie seem to lack when it comes to getting things done: Receipts. Amy let us know she raised $17,000 for her first run from ex-boyfriends. Yo, to me, this is an amazing feat, something only the craftiest mastermind, or a very blunt and honest person, would be able to accomplish. Oh, also, all of my exes are brokeasses, so, don’t mind me. Maybe y’all listened to your moms and only dated men with a job every time.

Well, ain’t we fancy.

Number Four–Pete Buttigieg—He Knows a Lot of Words

Okay, I was gonna write this long thing on Pete and how I can’t tell him apart from Vermin Supreme or Miss Teen South Carolina in transcript form, but that’s a mean thing to say, so I’ll not comment on that word potato salad with raisins. I will just post what I tweeted.

What the fuck is Pete talking about? That shit didn’t make sense. It was nonsense he ate and shat out an served up to us like it was supposed to be inspiring and hopeful. I sometimes think that maybe Pete has never had any reason to lose hope, therefore he has no idea how one would inspire it. McKinsey speak is the WORST. I liked him better when he was the Assistant Manager of Kinney’s Shoes at the mall.

Fuck you, I said it.


Number Five–Biden—He Didn’t LOSE

The Biden Stutter Strikes Again!!

Please skip this section if you are about to be pissed the fuck off at Biden getting another free ass pass.

Do not read this.

It’s another free ass pass.

Biden. Did you review the video? Cool.

You see where you actually did say what Harris said you said? Cool.

Just so you know, Dear Heart, we call what you did erasure in most cases where a Former VP like you says you have the endorsement of the only Black woman Senator, but you have a Black woman Senator onstage with you? Yeah, honey. I know you thought you said first, you meant to say first, and I even saw you try to say first. But your mouth would not let you. It said ONLY. Happens to me sometimes.

See, I eased up on you a while back, because while most of my speech impediments are long gone, or, at least rare, I can always sense when something is up. I was a quiet child. I can tell you were not. I learned to plan out my words in advance. My thing isn’t a full on THING like yours. My mouth will rarely refuse to say what I told it to, and let gibberish fly out. A light stutter, every now and then. Nobody can even tell.

I can tell with you. You stutter. I hear you revving up, getting faster and faster, words flying like grease lightning, and boom. Your mouth just says whatever the fuck it wants to say.

Please slow down.

The Atlantic:

“The paragraph I had to read was: ‘Sir Walter Raleigh was a gentleman. He laid his cloak upon the muddy road suh-suh-so the lady wouldn’t soil her shoes when she entered the carriage,’ ” Biden tells me, slightly and unintentionally tripping up on the word so. “And I said, ‘Sir Walter Raleigh was a gentle man who—’ and then the nun said, ‘Mr. Biden, what is that word?’ And it was gentleman that she wanted me to say, not gentle man. And she said, ‘Mr. Buh-Buh-Buh-Biden, what’s that word?’ ”

That’s some cold ass shit.

Bill Bowden had the locker next to Biden’s at Archmere. I called Bowden recently. “It was just kind of a funny thing, you know?” he told me. “Hopefully he wasn’t hurt by it.” Bob Markel, another high-school buddy of Biden’s, went a little further when we spoke: “ ‘H-H-H-H-Hey, J-J-J-J-J-Joe B-B-B-B-Biden’—that’s how he’d be addressed.” Markel said the Archmere guys called him “Stutterhead,” or “Hey, Stut !” for short. He fears that he himself may have made fun of Biden once or twice. “I never remember him being offended. He probably was,” Markel said. “I think one of his coping mechanisms was to not show it.” Bowden and Markel have remained friends with Biden to this day.

Maybe I just don’t wanna be an asshole like everybody else, or I am growing soft, or my stutter was such a fleeting thing–a few years– and not very bad at all. My cousin was the ultimate stutter champion until he was a teen and started rapping. “B-b-b-b-b-bi-buh-buh…. Watermelon head, get yo ass back to the Ninja line!”

Yes, He called me Watermelonhead,

How was that easier to say than Bianca? Bs are hard, I guess.

Also, yes. We had a Ninja Line I was supposed to be standing at.

Yes, I ran away from my lawful ninja duties to play in the dirt and collect bugs.

I was so goddamn weird. I’m sure Biden was too.

Number Six–Yang—He Was There

Um, okay. Yang has a Gang now the Yang Gang’s a Thang. I don’t know y’all. Quite a few of Yang’s points were things I could jive with, yet somehow, he didn’t seem to be running for president. He was playing Laurence Fishburne’s role in School Daze, albeit one who is trying to awaken and unite us in awareness about the Technological Revolution rather than South African Apartheid.

He had a few good moments, jokes like the one where he would tell Putin, “Sorry I beat your guy.” but all in all, he did nothing to stand out. One thing that sticks with me is how much we see eye to eye on Donald Trump being a mere symptom of a larger systemic disease.

Number Seven–Bernie—He Was The Same Bernie

There is really not much to say about Bernie’s performance, he was adequate, less loud than in the past, yet still yelly as hell. He has found a way to get on my nerves far less, while still being the same rigid, uncompromising prick he’s always been. But see, that’s the thing isn’t it. The Devil you know is never as bad as the New Devil that’s looming on the horizon. Yes, I am talking about Pete and Liz. No, I do not know them.

Kamala made a great point about, “Where you been, and what are you going to do?” Well, I know where Bernieass has been for fumpteen hundred years. In Government. He is a long term politician who hates politicians so he has decided to become the ULTIMATE politician, probably just to release the citizenry from the thrall of the Corporate Kings and destroy the Iron Throne. Or whatever Presidents sit upon. Bernie didn’t win or lose. He showed up, and bided his time so he could yell, “I WROTE THE DAMN BILL!” at least one more time.

So worth it.

Number Eight–Warren—Loser

Whatever magic Warren seemed to have gotten into over the Summer as she rode the waves of increasing support has completely washed away. Wan, and bland, she struggled from the beginning when she sparred with Booker over one of her many unpassable plans. I said this Summer that she should pick a few things she’s really good at and stick to them. No one can be all things to all people, and while I did hear her say she had a plan for something once during the debate, it seems like her confidence is not nearly as high.

To be sure, when you receive a lot of positive attention, and also free passes, for months on end, normal criticism can throw you for a loop. Many of us had been saying similar things about her plan to ban industries (insurance) and impose Senate rules changes being bonkers, but nobody in her camp could see past her poll numbers. I cannot recall any memorable exchanges from her, so, I’ll leave it there.

Number Nine–Steyer—Big Loser

Steyer. Okay, dude. While you seem like a very nice guy, guess what? NO MORE BILLIONAIRES. If Bernie Sanders taught me anything it’s that billionaires are even bigger assholes than Bernie Sanders.

Your campaign already stole data, maybe tried to pay for endorsements, you have money, money is power, so why the hell should we give you more power?


Number Ten–Tulsi—Lost and Got Dragged

Will somebody tell me how this wretch keeps making these GODDAMN DEBATES? It’s like Spicey on Dancing With the Stars at this point, where you can’t imagine who keeps voting to keep her, but there she is, dancing around in Macho Man Randy Savage’s outfits from 1989 every week. Or, Spicey was, not Tulsi, and I was APPALLED.

Tulsi, for her part, had not come for Kamala Harris last night. Shitty luck for her, because Kamala came for her ass anyway. After Harris dragged her from Georgia to Fairbanks and back again, Tulsi managed to look like a liar while trying to call Harris a liar, and ended up moping at her podium.

Later she recalled that she did, in fact, have a hit job to do and went to rush Pete and deliver him a set down over “wanting to take US Soldiers to go fight in Mexico.” Aww, Tulsi!  A BETTER staff or some reading glasses would have cleared it all up, and saved you the trouble of getting dragged by PETE from Georgia to Mexico City and back again.

Maybe it’s just me, but Peter seemed rather pleased that she tried it, almost like he said what he said to trick her into attacking him. Whatever the dynamic, just know that Kamala dragged her for all of us, she doesn’t work for any corporations, never worked for a special interest.

She does all she does For The People.

She dragged Tulsi for you.


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