These 6 Clips Show How Obama, Never Bernie, and the Establishment (Black People) Made Bernie Lose to Joe

It was just one week out of one of the longest months ever known to man. March of 2020 will go down in history for being the first instance when the world came together, separately, and in their own spaces, of course, for self quarantine or for self preservation, all in order to prevent the spread of a global pandemic from the infected, to the uninfected. Not many people will remember this March as my Birthday month, or as the month that contained one particular week that decided the outcome of this primary election, and possibly, the future of the Democratic party. Almost nobody will remember it thus, yet if you are a Democratic Party insider, a dedicated Grass roots supporter of one of the Dem candidates (still running or not), or a stalwart member of the Revolution, it will be seared into your brain for years to come.

This primary season has been completely different than any primary season there ever was or will be. Not only did we have a, at times, self described Socialist on the debate stage, we also had a Gay Man, two Black Men, a Few Jews,  a Beto Man, a Latino Man, several Seth Moultons, a Black Woman who was also an Indian Woman, a Surfing Samoan Hindu Hippie Soldier, a Billionaire Beating Power-fisting Progressive Professor, an Industrious Inland Lady Legislator, Tom Steyer, The Queen Of the Moon People– Marianne Williamson, and the Math Motivated Automation and UBI Expert in the making, among MANY OTHERS. Way too many.

One by one, these candidates dropped out, were pushed out, went broke and jumped out, and we were down to just a handful of candidates. Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada were Gold for one of the candidates, and quite frankly, many of us were losing our shit as the media dramatized the race and elevated Bernie Sanders as the likely nominee.

Check out this hotter than hot take from February when Bernie Sanders was considered by many (NOT ME) to be the Front-Runner and likely nominee:

Krystal Ball is the literal worst; I waver between liking her and not liking her, depending on who she decides to be in any given year. And who is the clueless, completely wrong, yet cute man-boy next to her? Whoever he is, he is doing the most in his attempt to talk around race so he can focus on class, which just makes it glaringly obvious that race is far more important than these Progressives make it out to be. Not only did I find their analyses completely ridiculous at the time, looking at this clip in retrospect, I literally just wasted a whole entire hour laughing and trying to explain to Mike what the hell is so funny. He doesn’t care.

Ball, in her glorious wisdom, believed that all the portents and signs were there to prove that the Establishment was finally ready to bend the knee. “Bend the Kneeeee!!!” was the theme for her whole segment; according to Ball, EVERYBODY was going to bend the knee. Hillary was going to bend, the Establishment, Reverend Al, MSNBC, and to top it off, Jason Johnson was off the air. Knee Bent!! She was as happy as a Berner on Twitter reporting Dem accounts into suspension. Everything was going according to plan; the Moderate vote was split, Bernie was ahead, Obama was staying out, Bernie was going to coast to the nom, and Dems would push him across the finish line.

They had no choice.


Jane King, a financial investor from Boston who describes herself as progressive, began the presidential primary as an avowed supporter of Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. But as Ms. Warren’s candidacy seemed to fade early this year, Ms. King looked elsewhere.

Okay, it’s all good in the hood, baby! That’s a Warren voter, so, surely she’d move to Sanders since he and Liz have similarly left platforms. Bernie was on his way to victory!

She considered Michael R. Bloomberg, Ms. Warren’s electoral nemesis. She thought about Pete Buttigieg, another moderate. Ultimately, in the Massachusetts primary that was a must-win for Ms. Warren, Ms. King voted for former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Um? Whoa, that was quite a surprise! Was Bernie’s name left off of her ballot? I mean, if she couldn’t vote for her beloved ‘Lizbeth, why couldn’t she vote for Liz’s ideological Brother from another mother?

She was simply trying to be strategic, Ms. King admits: She was willing to do whatever was necessary to stop Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont from becoming the Democratic nominee.

HOLY POOP! (I’m trying not to cuss so much. I can legit use foods in place of fake cussing, if you prefer.) I mean, if you watched the clip, you’d see that this is NOT what Krystal “The Genius” Ball told us to expect. This is the ending I was predicting and planning for. Huh. Maybe Krystal should read my feed and see what people who supported everyone besides Bernie had to say about Bernie. Although we are not the “Establishment”, we’ve all stayed at a Holiday Inn Express tho, so we oppose Bernie. Sanders’ movement is an online phenomenon that made it’s way to the streets; kinda, well, to your local arena in White neighborhoods, mostly. So, we online people have been watching The Revolution with feelings ranging between mild annoyance to bitter hate and furious rage. Me personally? I just don’t like them. Meh.

“I didn’t want Bernie to beat Elizabeth in her own backyard. But then, it became much more complicated than that,” said Ms. King, 70. “Are we going to have a nominee who could take on the Republican Party? We have to stop Bernie.”

Krystal Ball was ready to battle it out with the establishment, and fully believed Bernie had this thang all sewn up. It was In The Proverbial Bag.

There was no way for Bernie to fuck this up; the moderate vote was split, Bernie had his plurality, it was time to crow about it on teevee.

March was nowhere near as kind to Bernie as February; I’ll take full credit, sure. March saw Bernie’s hopes go from glowing anticipation, to being crushed into dust. The polls had been rather favorable to him; he had pulled even with the black vote, according to some polls, so what happened?

Rarely has political momentum flipped as quickly as it did in the first half of March, as Mr. Sanders lost serious ground to Mr. Biden before the coronavirus slowed their race. There are well-known reasons for the shift: Moderate candidates like Mr. Buttigieg and Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota rallied around Mr. Biden. He enjoyed demographic advantages, particularly with black voters. And turnout among young voters and liberal nonvoters did not surge, failing to reshape the electorate as Mr. Sanders had hoped.

Everyone, damn near, dropped out and endorsed Biden. Okay, Pete and Amy did, but it had a big impact along with Clyburn’s endorsement. Biden’s win in South Carolina was the turning point, and in Progressive circles, it was the subject of hilarious (to me) Conspiracy Theories about Mean Obama ruining everything for Bernie.

This was legit hilarious. They never expected that the Democratic Party would come together in various ways to stop a man who has been threatening a hostile takeover of our party for the past five years. Do you hear Emma? She is ready to cry her ass off. Oh my. Can you imagine the fun she is at parties? No? Me fucking either. It’s super clear that the Bernie Journos did not see this coming AT ALL, and they had no plan for how to deal with, or reach out to Dems who were rushing to Biden. Bernie, for his part, is a cantankerous old jerk who didn’t feel the need to reach out to ANY of the Hillary Coalition, because he expected a crowded field all the way to the convention.

For some, like Amy Siegel of Natick, Mass., the anti-Sanders feeling relates back to the 2016 Democratic primary, when she supported Hillary Clinton and believed Mr. Sanders ran a divisive campaign that wounded her ahead of the general election. This time around, Ms. Siegel, 57, initially supported Mr. Buttigieg. But she voted for Mr. Biden in her state’s primary, held on Super Tuesday, days after Mr. Buttigieg dropped out and endorsed the former vice president. Ms. Siegel said she decided to flip her vote even before Mr. Buttigieg exited the race.

Bernie didn’t predict Pete falling on his sword for America and Amy picking up the sword and falling on it too. She and Pete weren’t the best of friends. But, they are both Patriots, so, they did their duties. And all hell broke loose in Bernielandia.

Yeah, I brought Emma back. Her nerdy sweater makes me happy. Also, I love the way she freaks out while trying to maintain her composure. Look how pissed they are at Liz Warren? OMG. I bet Emma cried and cried. Biden spent nothing in some of the states he won, while Bernie spent tens of millions. Also, can I point out a few facts? Emma focuses on a bunch of irrelevant bullshit and has a belief that somehow a nation that chooses someone she calls “far Right” would somehow choose a Socialist the next time. And her evidence is that a “Centrist” lost. Huh?

“What the establishment wanted was to make sure that people coalesced around Biden and try to defeat me,” Mr. Sanders said, days after Super Tuesday, on ABC’s “This Week.” “So that’s not surprising.” But some of Mr. Sanders’s vulnerabilities were self-inflicted, and voter interviews and exit polls from states that held their primaries in March suggest that problems existed on the ground level.

Bernie didn’t really even try to earn anyone’s vote, he had his 30% and that would carry him to victory, why change?

Because you lost with the same group last time and it’s even smaller now?

Cenk. Cenk really was on a good one on Super Tuesday, and it was fucking hilarious. His meltdown was EPIC, and he looked like HE was going to cry too.

Look, y’all.

This muthafucka said “We’re going to have Trench Warfare.” This is why I pretty much ignore all the conspiracy theories coming out of the Bernie section of Twitter; they’ve pretty much signaled they think Joe is WORSE than Hillary, and they abused Hillary until…they’re still doing it.

Ahead of Mr. Sanders’s presidential run in 2020, his campaign did not concern itself with smoothing tensions among voters who supported Mrs. Clinton in 2016. He did not seek the endorsements of many party leaders, who were always unlikely to back him, but could have been swayed from being openly antagonistic to ambivalent…”

Such arrogance.

Ball starts out this segment mocking the EXACT Warren supporters Berners spent about a month bullying halfway to death. Then she decides to, along with her co-host, pick Liz apart bit by bit, and try to strip her of her character, casts aspersions on her motivations, and shreds her integrity as if Liz were nothing more than a cardboard cut-out, not a real person. Hey, I have said many things about Liz Warren, but, GODDAMN. Krystal really didn’t do Bernie any favors whatsoever. These kinds of take-downs and cancellations work fine to get retweets and likes from people who already agree with you, but they don’t make skeptical Warren Democrats feel anything kind towards Bernie and his movement.

Ms. Stone, 63, an educator in Houston, said she “supported Warren because she was progressive but practical, and that’s not what Sanders is.”

Plus, Mr. Biden is, like her, a Democrat through and through. And Ms. Stone said that while she remained disappointed Ms. Warren did not perform better in Texas, the fact that the state went to Mr. Biden was some consolation.

“I wasn’t terribly upset,” she said. “It’s better than Sanders winning.”

Anybody was better than Sanders to many of us. We were willing to bite the bullet for Pete, Amy, Biden, even for Bloomberg and Liz, just not Bernie.

The moral of this story is, don’t be a shady bunch of asshole progs who sneer at the public and attack our favorite politicians, and we won’t coalesce around the one candidate that your group of vindictive, bitter, uppity malcontents finds the most abhorrent. Oh, and stop sending Bernie Sanders out to run in our primary if you’re going to continue expecting us to help you make him our nominee. We don’t LIKE him. And he doesn’t like us right back. And neither do you. And stop trying to extort shit out of us and hold us for ransom, that’s not how we do things. We may have our favorite candidates, but we, in the Democratic Party, usually find a way to vote for the nominee without demanding ransom or expecting them to run on someone else’s policies. It’s down to Biden or Trump; if you don’t vote for Biden, you need to go fuck yourself.

We’re not repeating 2016.



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The Media Chases White Progressives; Black Voters Save The Election

Being a Black Voter is a thankless burden akin to Atlas carrying the world upon his shoulders.

While white voters are free to run around testing out new candidates like a sugared up pack of fifth graders snagging samples at Costco, Black Voters these days are stuck pragmatically analyzing each candidate to see who can actually win the election. White voters can fall in and out of  political love with 3 or 4 candidates in a cycle that has over 20 hopefuls, and whoever they are in love with, for that instant, will be the one the media fawns over. You can bet on it. They’ll choose candidates with no history with the Black Community, candidates too young to be wise, candidates that are perfect on paper, though not in practice, and even candidates with big ideas that are devoid of a plan to pass them or even pay for them.

Black voters are not so privileged. Sure, we fall in love with candidates too; men like Jesse Jackson got our votes twice during the dark years of the ’80s when Dems were out of power. Barack Obama is still well loved by us, and women like Kamala Harris still have a dedicated following, ready to be led by her wherever she goes. Yet, we know our duty. We know when white people lose their ever-loving minds over a sure loser, it’s up to us to save the day, coalesce behind a candidate who can win, and use our collective power to right the ship while white voters get sober from being drunk on their own power.


Kingmaker in chief is House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn (D-S.C.), whose emotional, full-throated endorsement last week lifted Biden to a landslide in a state where black voters make up more than half of the Democratic electorate. After Clyburn weighed in, what had been a confusing picture — Would younger African Americans turn out in droves for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)? Was billionaire Tom Steyer’s barrage of television ads across the state winning him votes? — suddenly became crystal clear.

That is what happened this past week on Super Tuesday too. This primary year was just like the rest; heavily White states are front-loaded onto the primary calendar, and the narrative in the media for months is concentrated upon what those few White voters, in a relatively low population state, think about the candidates. Black voters are deliberately ignored or tokenized until the week before the first Southern state votes, this is just facts, yet the polls usually tell the story months before we head out to the Union Halls and Libraries to pull the lever for a candidate. Joe Biden was always going to win the Primary, but like White voters, we sampled various other candidates until it was crunch time.


This reality is what makes Biden’s commanding performance last week even more meaningful. Trump’s disapproval rating among black voters is exceedingly high – just one in 10 has a favorable view of him, and only a dismal 4% support his policies all or some of the time. But dissatisfaction with Trump is not enough to improve the most important metric when it comes to black voters in the general election: turnout. Biden’s Super Tuesday wins suggest he is best-positioned to accomplish it.

Turnout turnout turnout. I cannot stress this enough.

In 2016, the black voter participation rate fell by seven points from 67% in 2012 to 60%, its lowest level in two decades. That reduced the black share of the electorate from nearly 13% in 2012 to less than 12% in 2016. And for an election that was essentially decided by 77,000 votes over three battleground states, higher black turnout might have resulted in a different electoral outcome where Hillary Clinton became the first female president.

One of my main concerns was not to get stuck with a candidate who could not increase Black Voter turnout from the 2016 level of 60% back up to 2008 or 2012 levels of 65% to 67% respectively. Once Kamala was off the board it was my opinion immediately that the only other candidate who connected with Black Voters enough to drive us to the polls was Joe Biden. Some will say that Kamala didn’t have Black Voters on her side, but if you look at the polls taken before the non-stop smear campaign by the Bernie Brothers, Kamala Harris was gaining ground with Black women across the board. Had this been a normal election year without the rehash of 2016 playing out due to Bernie Sanders and his army of smear-mongers deciding to run again, regardless of how divisive 2016 was, I’m confident she would still be in the race. As it stands, she is not. But Joe Biden is, and if they were to team up I believe turnout would surpass what we saw with Barack Obama and Joe Biden; we have already seen record turn out in Virginia.

Biden won 69 percent of the black vote in Virginia, about 60 percent in Texas and North Carolina, and a staggering 72 percent in Alabama. Those margins helped him build a lead in pledged convention delegates that will be hard for Sanders to erase, especially with populous and delegate-rich Southern states such as Florida and Georgia yet to vote.

Why was Biden able to win so decisively in states he spent very little time and very little money in? As Biden said earlier this year of Mayor Bloomberg, when he was asked about Bloomberg’s seeming surge with Black Voters, “I don’t think you can buy an election.” Apparently, Biden was right.

Clyburn’s message last week seemed to clarify things for black South Carolina voters, who were trying to figure out how best to defeat President Trump. The landslide those voters gave to Biden seemed to clarify things for black voters in the Super Tuesday states. If Biden is nominated and wins in November, African Americans will have picked a president.

After being ignored, unless we were needed as props or tokens, Black voters decided we needed to save ourselves from the possibility of running a sure loser against Trump in the general election. And that brings us to the other candidates; Pete was too young and still learning about racial justice, Amy centered her campaign around Midwestern whites, Liz was good at reaching Black Activists, yet not so much the rank and file, Bloomberg was missing the charisma we expected from a Big City Mayor (de Blasio? Also missing it.), Steyer was trying too hard to be the Un-Billionaire and Captain Planet and a number of other things at once, and then we have Bernie. What can we say about Bernie that won’t be used as proof that everything was rigged? Why did Bernie’s message fail to take hold of the collective Black Soul?

In other words, our survey suggests that if Sanders—or whomever Democrats ultimately choose—wants to win over black voters, a message stressing economic justice is not the best option; he needs to appeal explicitly to race.

Oh. Is this exactly what I have been saying for five fucking years just for me to get dismissed as practicing “Identity Politics?”

Why is a message emphasizing racism so effective, relative to the alternatives? Simply put, race is the principal identity that resonates with the black community. History makes clear that racism affects every aspect of African Americans’ lives, so much so that most members of the black community perceive that they share a common fate. This is not to say that class isn’t sometimes important, but when it comes to political engagement, racial identity is a more reliable predictor of black political behavior.

The thing that Bernie spent years railing against Dems for using to reach Black Voters–Identity Politics–appears to be the most effective way of reaching us, regardless of what the Senator may believe about the unifying nature of a “class” based message. He has stubbornly refused to adjust his message and tailor his policies to the voters, he instead attempts to fit the voters he needs into the plans he already has.

To win the nomination, Sanders must cut deeply into Biden’s African American edge.

So, Sanders is pulling a fast one in a last-ditch ploy to woo former President Barack Obama’s fervent and loyal base.

Uh oh.

“Feel the Bern,” the 30-second commercial released Wednesday by the Sanders campaign, is peppered with images of Obama and Sanders walking into the White House and sharing camaraderie.

Shit like this is another reason he fails with Black Voters. We’re not stupid. We know Bernie’s history of contention towards Obama, and it rather feels cheap and plastic how he uses Obama in a blatant attempt to pander for votes.

Yeah. I may have added a bit of context to this video, and I don’t feel one bit bad about it.

Chicago Sun-Times:

Black voters won’t fall for the okey-doke.

They know that Sanders’ footprint on issues of concern to African Americans was virtually invisible before he launched his 2016 run.

They know that Sanders has been a frequent Obama critic, and even considered challenging the president in the 2012 presidential primary.

They know where Obama stands. They know that when the time comes, Obama will be standing with Biden.

And crucially, they know, better than any other Democratic constituency, that electability matters most in 2020.

All true.

I just have one question.

When Bernie loses, do middle class neck-beards REALLY need to come screeching invectives at Black Women about how oppressed their Teslas are, just because Bernie lost? I’m just wondering, because if the non-stop histrionics in my mentions is predictive of just how poorly The Revolution is going to handle this year’s loss, I’m so moving to Canada and deleting my Twitter until 2022.

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