No, Vice President Harris CAN’T Deliver a $15 Minimum Wage, You Lying Frauds

First of all, $15 minimum wage doesn’t have 50 votes in the Senate, which means even if Kamala does exactly what the far left wants, it still won’t get us a $15 minimum wage.

Ok, so…. Let’s talk about how the media is filled with lying, disingenuous, trifling gas lighters who need to stop bullshitting the American Public just so they can have an excuse to write angry editorials, and hit pieces on Democrats. So, there I was, minding my own business, when a strange looking headline crossed my screen, forcing me to back up and see what the hell was going on. I backed up and looked at the headline again, “Kamala Harris Could Deliver $15 Minimum Wage If Democrats Really Wanted It.”  Oh GOD, here we go with this shit again.

Anytime the “Leftists” aren’t getting their way, an entire network of supposedly main stream sources go out of their way to provide a platform for shitty hit piece authors to engage in badly sourced jeremiads against the President or Vice President. Today is no exception, as usual, the “leftists” are using bad historical research to virtue signal, and the mainstream media is either too vapid or lazy to point out their flaws in research and reasoning. I decided it was time to investigate a little, and what I found infuriated me, as usual.

Writing for Rolling Stone, Tessa Stuart decided to use an 11 year old TPM piece about a former Senate Parliamentarian declaring that the ultimate decision on whether to listen to the Parliamentarian rests with the Vice President.

For one thing, the president could just ask Kamala Harris, the president of the Senate, to overrule the parliamentarian. In fact, one former parliamentarian has said it’s entirely at the VP’s discretion to listen to MacDonough on a ruling like this one or not. And there is ample historical precedent for not listening the parliamentarian — as Slate reports, “Vice President Hubert Humphrey routinely ignored his parliamentarian’s advice.”

Very interesting. What’s also interesting is the fact that the parliamentarian said he hadn’t seen a VP go against the parliamentarian since Humphrey (1965–69). I found one more interesting thing that relates to this issue:

The reconciliation process was created by the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 and was first used in 1980.

Oh, does this mean Humphrey wasn’t overruling the Byrd Rule? Maybe he time traveled. After he resurrected himself.

During the early 1980s, Congress passed reconciliation bills containing provisions that did not directly relate to the budget; for example, one reconciliation bill decreased the number of individuals on the Federal Communications Commission. In response, Senator Robert Byrd led passage of an amendment to strike “extraneous” amendments from reconciliation bills, and Congress permanently adopted the Byrd Rule in 1990.[22]

Neither the Byrd Rule nor the reconciliation process existed when VP Humphrey was butting heads with his parliamentarian, and of course, the author doesn’t say this in her piece. She, like most of the writers out there, seems only interested in engaging in cris de coeur, while telling partial truths to an audience addicted to anger and misinformation. What does she suggest happen if we can’t use the reconciliation process to pass minimum wage?

The other option that’s available to Biden? He could ask Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to have the parliamentarian fired.

Are you fucking serious?

That’s what the GOP-controlled Senate did back in 2001, when the parliamentarian ruled the Bush Tax Cut could not be passed through a reconciliation process in circumstances nearly identical to this one.

So, we want to be just like the GOP, who passed some voodoo economics tax cuts 20 years ago? You do realize we don’t even have 50 votes, right? Right?

And that might be the redeeming quality working class voters see in the party — the GOP may be primarily concerned with cutting taxes for the wealthy, but at least, when they say they’re going to do something, they actually get the job done.

Oh, look. Praising the White Nationalist insurrection party for hurting America because, at least when they say they’re going to beat us, they make sure to tie us up first, so we can’t escape.

“That might be the redeeming quality working class voters see in the party,” is some absolute white centered, racist bullshit. Black Working Class voters don’t see a muthafucking thing redeeming about the muthafucking GOP, and neither do many White, Latino, Asian, Indigenous, Women, LGBTQIA, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, and other working class voters. I’m working class. Maybe when Tessa “Miss Thang” Stuart wants to speak up for the working class in the future, she should be super specific about which working class she’s talking about. Because, all the GOP ever “gets done” for the working class is racism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, sex shaming, racism, misogyny, insurrection, ableism, hate, and some more racism.

Apparently, it’s up to the very Democrats Progressives hate and spend their time attacking to pass the Progresive’s agenda by bending rules, breaking rules, firing people, and generally riding roughshod over everyone in the way. And even then? We STILL won’t have the 50 votes we would need to pass it through the reconciliation process. In all honesty, we’d probably lose votes for circumventing the usual process, and all that hardball playing would do is make our vice president look foolish. And why would she want to look foolish by following the guidance of the very people who have been burning her at the stake weekly for the past several years?

Maybe the Progressive Leftists should learn how to make friends instead of enemies, try to compromise, rather than grandstand, and learn to whip votes and convince colleagues, if they want their agenda prioritized. As it stands, the minimum wage hike will not be included in the Senate bill, and no, Vice President Harris will not be going against President Biden in order to get a few attaboys from the left.

Rolling Stone


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Kamala Laughs at Socialism Question and Triggers the Haters into Sulking

The Jan Bradys of the internet are busy whining “Kamala Kamala Kamala!” today, and the sulking is ridiculous. Kamala Harris sat for an interview with 60 Minutes recently, and her burst of laughter, and humorous take on being questioned about whether she’s a socialist, have caused quite a few randos in the interwebs much consternation. Normally, this wouldn’t matter one bit, but since Newsweek was super bored, and in need of a way to shade the VP nominee, we have no choice but to engage in a bit of mockery. Lately, because nothing else has actually worked to take either Harris, or Biden down, and since Trump really needs a boost, people have been focusing their attention on Harris’s laugh, and her “Socialism.”

Kamala Harris could not control her laughter when asked by TV journalist Norah O’Donnell on 60 Minutes if she had a “socialist or progressive perspective.” The Vice Presidential nominee burst out laughing and her exaggerated response has provoked a number of memes on social media.

Apparently, laughing at questions you find silly, ridiculous, or humorous is NOT OKAY, and since her haters can’t make her into The Angry Black Woman stereotype, they have chosen to make her laugh out to be some sinister and witch-like thing. This is pretty normal in our world, women, especially Black women, have consistently been thrust into the role of “Nasty Woman” by men who fear and envy them. Kamala Harris laughed at a stupid question, and somehow that made her sinister and witch-like…

“You’re very different in the policies you’ve supported in the past,” said O’Donnell, “You’re considered the most liberal United States Senator,” said the presenter who goes on to list that Harris supported the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and legalizing marijuana. “Joe Biden doesn’t support those things, so are you going to bring the policies, those progressive policies that you supported as Senator, into a Biden administration?” asked O’Donnell.

Um, do any of y’all realize that the VP doesn’t really get to implement their own policies, because they are not the President? I’ve noticed how confused people are about this important detail, even Trump himself constantly worries out loud about Kamala becoming President. It’s almost like he thinks Joe plans on kicking his ass, and then handing America over to Harris. While many of my fellow Harris-Stans are out there wishing and hoping for that contrived outcome, the reality is, Biden will be handling his business in DC for 4 to 8 years. Let’s stick to reality, please.

“Is that a socialist or progressive perspective?” asked O’Donnell, to which Harris laughed out loud while saying “no…” Harris continued: “It is the perspective of a woman who grew up a black child in America, who was also a prosecutor, who also has a mother who arrived here at the age of 19 from India, who also likes hip hop,” Harris finished her answering by chuckling.

What a stupid question. Why would “I Plan on Helping Joe Implement HIS policies.” be from a Socialist or Progressive perspective?

See how all she did was laugh at a dumb question and instantly became the Wicked Witch of the West?

And isn’t it also funny how Newsweek managed to find comments with 0 likes or retweets, and post them with this silly story like there was a big wave of people out here just losing their minds over her laugh. There’s not. What there are, are a bunch of salty Berniebros who cannot let go of their huge feelings about losing so miserably. There has always been an element of the “Progressive Base” that dedicates itself to keeping women, especially the Black ones, in their place, and they will always attack women who see their place differently than they do. Women like Kamala Harris have a place- out in front, leading- and no matter how many low interaction tweets Newsweek, The Hill, or Politico decide to dig up in order to weaken her, she will continue leading, and fighting for the People.


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Lara Bazelon’s “Proof” Kamala Locked Poor Black Mothers Up on Truancy Charges Was a Troll’s Medium Post (Now Removed)

We’ve all heard the one about how Kamala Harris locked up poor Black mothers on truancy charges when their kids played hooky, right? Over and over people repeat accusations ripped from the narrative written by Lara Bazelon. Through gnashed teeth they lament the imprisonment of an untold number of desperate Black Matriarchs, but they never bother to investigate whether Kamala Harris ever locked ANY of the mothers up for truancy before they rend their garments. People imagine (I know because I asked) unruly teenage boys being rebellious, while their poor mothers suffer the consequences of her man-sized boy’s actions. None of this is the truth, people simply believe it must be true, for how else would it end up in the New York Times?

Ms. Harris also championed state legislation under which parents whose children were found to be habitually truant in elementary school could be prosecuted, despite concerns that it would disproportionately affect low-income people of color.

That one sentence is the sum total of Bazelon’s critique on Harris’s truancy program. This is a program that had been tried out in San Francisco, with much success, and in all the years since its implementation, her only evidence that this law was being used in a manner that harmed the parents of Black and Brown youth disproportionately is a medium article that we cannot read because the author has been found in violation of Medium’s rules.

I can clearly see why Medium was forced to remove the post. The title alone demonstrates how full of shit the author was. Does “Kamala Harris’s Career as AG Was Built on Truancy and the Separation of Black Children and Families” sound nuanced and reality based to you? Of course not. Bazelon, a former Dean of an entire Law School, got her info from “Politics Peach“, a woman (I don’t if she’s even a person.) who wrote delightful screeds about Kamala Harris, and Democrats, like the one entitled, “It’s a Shame That Rachel Dolezal is Blacker Than Kamala Harris” and this rare gem, “Democrats Fight for Free Stuff for Undocumented Immigrants, But Not US Citizens.” Who in their right mind sees the title and doesn’t check out her other articles to see if this bish is a Russian troll? Nah, I ain’t joking, cause she legit seems like a Russian troll.

See for yourself.


Let’s take a look at a snip of that last article I mentioned, the one about immigrants, shall we?

What is even more shameful is that democrats have bought into democrats fear mongering of Trump (???) and that beating Trump is the only thing that matters in 2020 (Bish, it IS.). However beating Trump should be the last thing that black people care about. (Bish, what?) We have had Trumps for president the entire history of this country (So?) and that includes Obama. (Bish, please.) The only difference is that with Trump you can see and hear him coming, but with all others they quietly destroy and attack. (Uh huh. Keep telling yourself that.)

We can go ahead and dismiss Peach RIGHT NOW, because if she isn’t a foreign asset yet, she damn well should be, since she’s doing all the work for free. Why sell out your own country (If this is, in fact, even your country.) for absolutely no payment when you can get Vladdy Daddy to pay you some rubles to write that all fired catshit you call an article? Never give it away for free, damn.

“Peach” has written a number of angry, inappropriate, and remarkably Russian-y troll pieces on Black Culture, and Politics for the past year and a half AT LEAST. Her comments section is a haven for borderline antisemites, and anti-black racists, she reps ADOS, spouts RW talking points, attacks Dems at every turn, and has a sick obsession with Kamala Harris’s race. She also has a hyperfocus on Harris and Doug Emhoff’s relationship that veers super close to “pet rabbits in boiling pots” territory. This is not a person that anyone with any level of credibility should ever use as a source of information, unless they are not seeking anything resembling facts, truth, or reality. Every article you find on her page has a sibling that looks almost like its twin residing on a right wing blog somewhere. This only took me 7 minutes to figure out exactly what type of “Bernie to Trump” troll Peach is, so why are”super informed” progressives like Bazelon taking the word of some random account on Medium? Isn’t this how we lost in 2016? Weren’t the same group, white progressives, the ones who were targeted by foreign ops and fell for the okie doke last time? YES.

On to the truancy law; since time is of the essence, I will not do a complete take-down of the NYT OPINION piece written by Bazelon or of the Peeples case that I have already debunked, I will instead save the full and complete takedown for another day. It was just imperative that people got the chance to see what a flimsy, bot farm inspired, borscht and vodka scented foundation the case against Kamala Harris rests on.

Some time ago, I wrote a piece that nobody bothered to read (READ IT.) that attempted to debunk the misbegotten notion that Kamala Harris was jet setting around the state of California locking up Black mothers of “kids who played hooky.” I thought we had been mostly successful in refuting that bullshit claim last year, in spite of the Bazelon inspired articles written about her truancy program getting quite a few things wrong. I’m a year older and wiser now, so I realize that insidious smears like this one must be refuted over and over again, until they die, then must be set on fire, burned to ash, and buried deep in an undisclosed location. Rather than take you back through the one case anyone could find where a Black Mother faced truancy charges from this law, I’ll just let you go back and read what I wrote before, and instead just discuss the fact check.

During a Feb. 11 appearance on the radio show “The Breakfast Club,” Sen. Kamala Harris denied that she ever jailed anybody under an anti-truancy program she initiated as district attorney of San Francisco.

“We never locked anybody up,” the California Democrat said.

Verdict: True

No parents were incarcerated for child truancy in San Francisco during Harris’ tenure as district attorney. She did, however, strongly support the passage of a statewide truancy law that prosecutors in California have used to charge parents. At least one mother has been sent to prison under the law.

As for that one mother who was sentenced by a judge, not by Kamala Harris, to 180 days in jail? Let’s take a look…

She is not Black, Ms. Bazelon.

So why did Kamala Harris push this law that seems to have locked up ONE white mother, from a rural county, (who REFUSED to send her kids to school, because she did not want to) in the past decade? Was Kamala Harris specifically targeting Lorraine Cuevas? Lol, no.

Let Kamala Harris tell you herself:

When Michael was in kindergarten, he missed more than 80 days of school. He was not ill and no one from Michael’s family ever called to say why he was not attending school.

When I was elected district attorney, I learned that 5,500 students in San Francisco were habitually truant and – shockingly – 44 percent of the truant students were in elementary school. That is when I partnered with the San Francisco Unified School District to combat school truancy. At the time, many asked why the city’s chief prosecutor was concerned with the problem of school attendance. The answer was simple, and as our partnership now enters its fourth year, the reason remains the same: a child going without an education is tantamount to a crime.

Despite his young age, Michael’s truancy makes him far more likely to be arrested or fall victim to a crime later in life. In San Francisco, over 94 percent of all homicide victims under the age of 25 are high school dropouts. Statewide, two-thirds of prison inmates are high school dropouts.

Kamala Harris didn’t want the cycle of Truancy, Drop-Out, and Death to continue, so she made a decision to DO something about it. When only 25% of Black boys in the State of California can read at or above grade level, we are already deep in crisis as a demographic, and the best way to save our sons is to ensure they attend school regularly. The hyperfocus on the idea that Harris was actually running around locking up poor Black mothers all over the state is absolutely ridiculous. The only thing more ridiculous is the fact that soooo many people believe it. Kamala Harris did not lock up any Black Mothers for truancy as DA, or as AG; I have asked many a fervent believer in this myth to please list off the names of the women Harris had imprisoned for their child’s truancy. Not ONE person has ever been forthcoming with a list of names, a list of facts, or even a list of Blue’s Clues. So, clearly, this entire thing was bullshit meant to derail Harris from the start. Never believe anything anyone says if their only supporting evidence is a medium post by an anonymous ADOS troll.

Take care, until next time.

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Only 45 People Went To State Prison For Weed Under Kamala Harris, So Why Don’t People Just STFU Already?

Time to debunk the same stupid claims we debunked back in 2019 again.

Apparently, people have forgotten, since 2019, that Tulsi Gabbard lied about Kamala Harris locking people up for smoking Jazz Cigarettes, while she was DA in San Francisco. In fact, people have such bad memories that they have taken to citing Gabbard’s accusations from the primary debates, as if the lies she rattled off are well known facts, rather than complete fabrications. I often see one accusation Gabbard made that night being flung around at Democrats these days: the erroneous idea that Kamala Harris sent 1900 people to prison for smoking weed. Somehow not one of the major news organizations, who have been known to print accusations against Harris verbatim, has ever bothered to look into the actual facts about Cannabis incarcerations that occurred under Harris’s purview. Kamala Harris did her job, but she was not the type of DA that was running around trying to put people in prison for smoking a few Jazz Cigarettes. In fact, she was one of the more Progressive DAs when it came to prosecutions for Cannabis, and the number of people sent to prison just for weed is far less than 1900, or whatever number people are using these days.

Most of the journalists in the MSM seem to rely on other publications to seek out the truth; rather than buckling down and getting to the heart of any particular issue, they gather opinions of various people who really have no idea what the reality is. Their eyes grow big when they see the number 1900 sitting there beside the word convictions, so they assume everyone who was convicted actually went to prison. That’s a stupid assumption.

From Mercury News:

Harris oversaw more than 1,900 marijuana convictions in San Francisco, previously unreported records from the DA’s office show. Her prosecutors appear to have convicted people on marijuana charges at a higher rate than under her predecessor, based on data about marijuana arrests in the city.

Most people stop reading right about there, because it’s much easier to become hysterical than to actually finish reading the article. I know I certainly prefer screaming erroneous bullshit at random stranger on the internet to actually knowing WTF I’m talking about. Who doesn’t?

But former lawyers in Harris’ office and defense attorneys who worked on drug cases say most defendants arrested for low-level pot possession were never locked up. And only a few dozen people were sent to state prison for marijuana convictions under Harris’ tenure.

Does that say “only a few dozen” of these people convicted for Weed even made it to prison? Yes, yes it certainly does. Looks like Harris locked up far fewer than the 1500-1900 souls her detractors claim she locked away. So, clearly, all the people who keep running around crying bitter tears about how Kamala Harris used to lock up truant Black Kids for weed are absolutely full of shit.

Oh, and here’s another very important piece of info:

None of the marijuana convictions Harris’ office secured are still on the books. Her successor as DA, George Gascón, moved earlier this year to expunge all 9,300 of the city’s marijuana convictions going back to 1975.

Anyone prosecuted by Harris’s office during her tenure as DA, or for two decades before, has had their record expunged. This means there are no citizens that were convicted, being held back by having a Marijuana conviction on their record. Every single conviction since 1975 has been systematically removed from the system.

“There is no way anyone could say that she was draconian in her pursuit of marijuana cases,” said Niki Solis, a high-ranking attorney in the San Francisco Public Defender’s office during Harris’ time as DA.

Yep. You read that exactly right. The actual Public Defender is siding with the Former DA, Kamala Harris, a woman her office went up against time after time.

Over Harris’ seven years as top prosecutor, her attorneys won 1,956 misdemeanor and felony convictions for marijuana possession, cultivation, or sale, according to data from the DA’s office. That includes people who were convicted of marijuana offenses and more serious crimes at the same time.

Okay, so, that’s the number when you include people who also had charges other than weed they were convicted for. But, what about the people who were only charged with weed?

Conviction rate aside, only 45 people were sentenced to state prison for marijuana convictions during Harris’ seven years in office, compared with 135 people during Hallinan’s eight years, according to data from the state corrections department. That only includes individuals whose most serious conviction was for marijuana.

FORTY FIVE GODDAMN PEOPLE?? 45? Um? Why haven’t people read this article and moved on from this made up issue?

“Our policy was that no one with a marijuana conviction for mere possession could do any (jail time) at all,” said Paul Henderson, who led narcotics prosecutions for several years under Harris. Defendants arrested for the lowest-level possession would typically be referred to drug treatment programs instead of being charged, and weightier charges for marijuana sales would routinely be pleaded down to less serious ones, he said.

If nobody could be imprisoned for mere possession, then all those stories about Kamala laughing while she locked up poor kids for smoking a joint are just like the stories Trump told us about the “Beautiful Healthcare” he had planned for us. I mean, we’re in a fucking pandemic, and Trump’s health plan seems to be to just let us die, so pretty soon we should find out that Harris has magical wings, and flies reefer smoking teens home on her back every night.

Solis, who led the public defender’s office misdemeanor division for part of Harris’ tenure, agreed that her office only rarely prosecuted people for low-level, simple possession.

“Kamala Harris and I disagreed on a lot of criminal justice issues, but I have to admit, she was probably the most progressive prosecutor in the state at the time when it came to marijuana,” Solis said.

Solis had more to say in her recent USA Today Op-ed:

Having had this experience, I feel compelled to speak on Harris’ record while she was a district attorney. Simply put, Harris was the most progressive prosecutor in the state. This is not an anecdotal opinion. It is based on facts.

As San Francisco DA, Harris refused to seek the death penalty — even on a case where a very respected police officer was tragically killed. Marijuana sales cases were routinely reduced to misdemeanors. And marijuana possession cases were not even on the court’s docket. They were simply not charged. Unless there was a large grow case, or a unique circumstance, this was the reform-minded approach then-DA Harris’ office took. The accusations about marijuana prosecutions being harsh during her tenure are absurd. The reality was quite the opposite.

Like with most tales of the terrible things Kamala Harris did during her tenure as DA, the stories being spread about her are nothing more than mythology. Successful women are scary as hell to men and women around the world, and the pushback is meant to reinforce roles and force women to fear stepping out into traditional male spaces and working within occupations the Patriarchy had determined belonged to men for all time. Daily, we will hear new attacks on Harris, as we would no matter which woman Joe Biden had chosen. Our job is to actually use critical thinking skills and our research ability to debunk false claims immediately; if we can manage to find this information, there is no reason the media shouldn’t be able to find it too. Since I know how shifty the media is, I will be debunking these things for you. Until next time!

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When You Break a Glass Ceiling, Sometimes it Cuts You, Sometimes You Bleed, and Sometimes it Hurts.

Apparently, there have been articles about the KHive in the short amount of time it’s been since Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris to be his running-mate. I have no idea what those articles say, because I don’t care, and nobody came to ask me anything about KHive, so I just found out the articles even existed. Funny how when a Black Woman spends a few years of her life building a community dedicated to the singular goal of advancing a fellow black woman, the media tends to speak to anyone but her about it. I’m not saying that with salt on my breath, honestly, I haven’t been able to sleep well for weeks, and at this point I am simply a sleep deprived asshole. I almost decided not to write anything at all, because really, I don’t actually want the media asking me shit, and just putting oneself out there opens up a pandora’s box of negative attention and absolute bullshit. But, I deal in truth and fact, so, it would be remiss of me not to set the record straight, regardless of how that might inconvenience me in the future.

In 2017, after the inauguration, I started a group called Marching Onward. We were a group of angry Hillary supporters who were looking for some direction, some like minded people, and a way to regroup while we waited for the next woman nominee, who I had mostly decided needed to be Kamala Harris. NO MEN. We discussed who it would be over a period of some months, and eventually, I knew I was right about who it SHOULD be. Like Joe Biden, I had a list of names to consider, which really was as much a waste of my precious time and energy, as his list was of his. I dismissed some names, ignored some more, and eventually I decided we’d end up with Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris as the next woman to take a Louisville Slugger to the “Glass Ceiling.” I liked Kamala Harris for the role more than Liz Warren, AS YOU KNOW, and  I became more sure once I got to see her in action destroying Jeff Sessions’ nerves during his confirmation hearing. For many other reasons, including her history of locking up child molesters, I believed she’d be a super star candidate, not that I had anything against Warren at the time. That came later.

One of the reasons I held a belief that Harris was superior is the fact that she actually practiced the law as her profession; Warren was a professor teaching the law, Kamala had been a Prosecutor, and Hillary had been a Defense Attorney, so both practicing the law. While Warren was good with theory, I didn’t believe that would be the case in practice, and while Hillary was good at defense, she rarely went on the attack. Kamala Harris, on the other hand, was so good on the offense that she rarely needed to defend when she was on her A game. After spending an entire campaign season on the defensive, I was loathe to ever let myself end up in that position again. Next time, I said, we will fight back, we will not hide in these stupid fucking Facebook groups, wallowing in denial, and being bizarrely, yet complacently, hopeful.

Buzz about Kamala Harris had already built up to a point where we knew she was going to run for President before she was officially done being elected to the Senate. Harris winning her seat was the only bright spot during a terrible night; we weren’t going to get Hillary, but Harris would run, I KNEW it, so, I pretty much became KHive the night she won her race. By the time 2018 rolled around, I was fielding names for the group I wanted to form in support and defense of Harris, and I had decided on the best name: “Kamalot.” Don’t LAUGH. I made plans, and spent a few months looking up everything I could about Harris. I read her book, I watched her speeches and interviews, and I got familiar with her record. I was sold. I’m not hard to please, with Donald Trump as President, I just needed someone honest who cares about the “least among us.” That’s who I got.

November came, and I rolled out my plans on my (now deleted) Twitter account. Nobody liked the name Kamalot. Months of planning almost went up in flames with my failed branding, and people thought they were funny as hell cracking up about how corny Kamalot is. YES, I CRIED. Yes, they were just good natured Jokes. I’m also sensitive. Several people were more diplomatic, but the giggles continued. I got mad, I always get mad. Fortunately, I had a back-up name that I knew they would go for, because Beyonce rules the world. I told them we we’re going to be KHive. They agreed. It was like one in the morning anyway, nobody cared at that point, and I was enjoying keeping everyone up, but sadly, they left. When I got up the next day, I proceeded to bully, cajole, bother, and convince about 20,000 of my ~40,000 followers that they needed to be KHive with me. They are all still KHive to this day. I think.

I told everyone it was going to be way harder to handle the sexism coming at Harris, because of the added racism component. Because of how we hid in 2016, (not me, I didn’t hide) we were not effective in defending Hillary Clinton on social media. This time we would be a cohesive and organized group, and our policy would be to always have receipts, or just stfu. Receipts have become a BIG part of KHive Culture, because, like Kamala, we never ask a question we don’t have the answer to. What started out with just my receipts, mediocre plans, and a handful of assorted BIPOC and white allies, became a cohesive group of over 20,000 within the first week.

Once we had a common purpose and a shared identity, there was no going back; we were the footsoldiers who spread the word around to draw in others of a like mind, and we were excited as fuck. We wasted MONTHS of our time arguing with Sanders supporters, which was actually more painful for us than it was for them, since they’re immune to facts. Since this was my first time organizing a group, I had no fucking clue what I was doing, and I made LOTS of mistakes. Many people found KHive on their own, though, so I guess it turned out okay, and new people joined in and carved out their own little KHive crews separate and apart from my OG group. So, while I may have started it, I don’t control it or even know half the people who identify with it, which kinda shows how badass Kamala Harris is. Once people heard there was a group for Kamala, they wanted to be a part of it, and now they are.

Because of how reticent I can be, and also introverted, I have a hard time pushing myself as a Leader, so I am not the Leader, nobody is. I figured doing the work was enough, and since so many people remember when I started KHive, nobody would really take credit for themselves or write me out of the picture. Had I ever even met the media? Lol! So NAIVE. By next week they’ll be giving Bernie Sanders full credit for the founding of the KHive, and installing Brie Brie as our thought leader. I don’t really mind not getting the attention, and by not mind, I mean, I appreciate my alone time and privacy, and don’t appreciate being bothered. I just kinda want to help Kamala Harris become Vice President and Joe Biden become President, I am not interested in being on TV everyday. Or any day, if I can help it. Sorry. Come find me on Twitter until the trolls get me banned.

An aside: If you recall, I was reported to the FBI by one of the trolls last July, and investigated by the Capitol Police. My Crime? Well, I said I was going to light Bernie up with all my receipts from the previous four years, which is apparently deadly, as far as his ego is concerned. Being the face of a group that drops receipts so deadly people contact the FBI is dangerous work, and gives the haters and harassers a victim to abuse for their own amusement. The more information I put out there, the more abuse I receive, so, it does me no favors to promote myself tirelessly, just to get credit for starting the KHive. Meh, y’all already know. But, if I don’t say something now, later on Lisa will tell me some stuff that sounds like “You need to assert yourself more.” That makes me feel some kinda way, so, best to just get it all written down so she won’t have to bother this time.

Some people believe KHive just sprouted up out of nowhere, or that Kamala Harris somehow started and controls her own “fan club” like some kind of asshole. To be fair, there really is no “leader” of KHive, as I said, and even if I wanted to be in control, and I don’t, how the fuck would that even be enforceable? Sounds exhausting. We are all adults, we don’t need to be led anywhere, we know exactly where we’re going, as a group, or separate. Over time we have had some very talented people rise up in the group; Reecie Colbert hangs out with Roland Martin now, so she’s all famous these days, and Kenny is getting funnier, prettier, and more charismatic by the day.

Every day on my Zoom chats I meet talented and insanely intelligent men and women from around the world; supporters from Sweden, Germany, England, Ghana, Australia, Canada, India, and as always, America. KHive is becoming a worldwide movement of sorts, so along with the many of us who support the campaign from the grassroots, we have international KHive, and even KHivers working for Joe’s campaign. Perhaps, if we had known in 2016 what we know now, we wouldn’t have sat on our asses believing the truth would win the day, and Hillary would prevail. We would have done then, for Hillary, what we now do for Kamala, and her record wouldn’t have been so completely distorted.

Maybe if enough people had seen us fighting back, they’d have fought back too. Maybe they’d have pushed back against the lies, lenses, framings, and narratives that got passed around about Hillary Clinton, and caused so many to misjudge her. Then, we would have won, maybe? Also? Maybe Hillary Clinton went through all of that in order to spare the next woman the indignity of losing by winning, of being over-prepared and overqualified, and of being an inch too short to drop kick that glass ceiling down when it cracks. Future women won’t suffer as much as Hillary did for being too ambitious to sit at home and bake cookies. The next woman won’t have to do it with few defenders in a hostile media, while her own supporters are silenced and sequestered. At least I can say I contributed to that, I have not failed Kamala Harris, not yet.

The path from the Hillary Clinton supporter to the Kamala Harris supporter is so short, if you walk it, you will not have moved at all. For as much as people like to exclaim about how Kamala is the “Female Obama” as a way to show they know the names of two Black politicians, perhaps, I see Kamala in terms of being more similar to a Black and extroverted Hillary, with awesome rhythm, but even that description doesn’t do justice to either woman. They are each their own brand of awesome, and I was not going to fail Kamala where I had failed Hillary. Don’t get me wrong, I tried to convince people we needed to fight back. But, since I got doxxed, harassed, and abused for my trouble, it likely wasn’t a particularly enticing prospect in their eyes.

In 2016 I did my due diligence and voted, but many others did not; they stayed home, were unable to vote due to voter suppression, or they fucked around and voted for Trump. Sure, we won the popular vote, but after a campaign season filled with troll storms, Berniebros, and Comey’s bullshit, we were fucked and a half by the time election day came around. Having never dealt with such a high magnitude of attacks, doxxing, trolling, misinformation, and personal attacks, we on Team Hillary were truly at a loss to know how to respond. Common wisdom at the time said we should hide out in Facebook groups we set to private, and to hope against hope that the Berniebros would actually show up in high enough numbers to win if we were nice enough. That did not happen. The system failed, our Democracy failed, the FBI Director failed, but most of all, WE failed. We failed to see the forecast for what it was, we were obviously complacent, and we had no guidance from the campaign on what to do about the trolls, bots, bros, misinfo, cyber abuse, and abuse of the reporting systems on every social media platform, big or small. We were attacked nonstop for supporting Hillary, we expected it, but we didn’t expect for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like, to be set up to work against the very people their rules and terms of service were meant to protect. Real American Voters.

The system has slightly improved since the 2016 election, but it is still terribly racist and sexist, yet this year the trolls lament their despair. Why? Because this is not 2016, we are not hiding in Facebook groups and Twitter chats, or on obscure message boards we set up ourselves. We are out in force defending Kamala AND Joe, we’ve been playing dual roles since Kamala Harris dropped out in December, and we do not intend to ever let a woman nominee go undefended again. And while we may not have been the biggest group of supporters during the primary, we have been the most passionate at defending our candidate. We are always diligent with facts, quick with receipts, and recognizable as Kamala Harris supporters, first and foremost. This is why I started the KHive.

Please donate to my survival fund and I’ll try to not murderize anyone who doesn’t deserve it.