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Spoiled British Tabloids Big Mad Meghan Markle Won’t Let Them Kill Her, Like They Killed Prince Harry’s Mum

British Tabloids, and their biscuit chinned, scone eating readers are all up in chilblain covered, freckled arms over Duchess Meghan Markle suing for her freedom…

Candace Owens Thinks Meghan Markle Has Prince Harry Hostage Because He Believes in Racism

Candace Owens, aka That Lady Who Keeps Screaming About Blexit, has been saying stupid shit again, but this time she has chosen a non-political target…

Prince Harry Decides Not To Let The Paparazzi Kill His Wife Like They Killed His Mother

Oh, hey! I never really write much about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex these days, but if you can remember back that far, there…