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The Hill Found The Same Six Black Women They Always Find Who Always Imply Liz Warren Is Blacker Than Black Women

Liz Warren is positively TRANS-RACIAL these days, isn’t she? Armed with her tiny power-fists full of plans, and a new found interest in “getting into battles over women and minorities,” Liz Warren has her Black Blue Check Groove Back. Liz Warren, bolstered by; some anonymous Black Women, a leader of Black Lives Matter in South Bend, and the head of Blaxk Womxn For, a group seemingly started for the express purpose of supporting Liz Warren, is being Black-washed into a “Shaft-Batman-Eugene Debs” composite, who fights financial crimes by day, and heals racial wounds with the tiniest of teachery whisper yells by night. Oh, she also implements the same big structural change that did not win the Primary for her, and she won’t be authorized to work on unless Biden decides he’s into it.

Over the past few months, in a series of articles and op-eds aimed at proving Liz is the right VP choice, and Black Women are merely cosmetic, Liz stans in the media ALSO appear to suggest that La Warren is the new “Evolutionary Eve of Economics” and a lifelong “Blackness Expert.” See, there isn’t one role a black woman can fill that wouldn’t be better filled by Liz Warren, according to the women chosen for interview. Not even the role of being a black woman can be filled effectively by a black woman, it seems; these Black Women dismissed the idea of representation, because, as you know, Liz Warren is BETTER. Than EVERY black woman. At EVERYTHING.

The Hill:

Progressives making the case for Warren say her experience and policy ideas make her the best choice.

I’d like Progressives to name the plans and tell us what they like the best, and how Warren’s plan on, say, Black Maternal Healthcare, is somehow better than Harris’s plan, now called, “The Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2020.” The bill backed by Harris is comprehensive, it’s actual legislation rather than just a plan or outline, and it is endorsed by Planned Parenthood Federation of America, along with 90 partner and organizations. Oop! Make that over 100 Partners and Organizations. By all expert accounts, the policy backed by Harris is superior, is not problematic like the plan written by Warren, and it is the culmination of efforts spearheaded by Harris in the Senate and Underwood in the House, so it already has a base of support in both houses of Congress.

More from The Hill:

“Among the serious contenders, I do feel like she is the best option,” said Jorden Giger, a Black Lives Matter organizer in South Bend, Ind. “She has a plan for a lot of things that matter, and she seems to be ready to go on day one given her breadth of experience.”

“A lot of things that matter?” So, Giger doesn’t care what the plans are she just knows Liz has a bunch? Quantity over quality seems to be the name of the game when it comes to Warren Democrats. I have found that many Warren Dems simply assume Liz writes the best policy because… I actually have no idea why they think that, I have found that many of Liz’s plans, especially those dealing with Systemic Racism, are entirely problematic, like her Black Farmer’s Bill and her Black Maternal Health Plan, and they likely to do more harm than good, if done as detailed.

Others making the case for Warren acknowledge the desire for a Black woman to be Biden’s running mate but argue that Warren is best positioned to champion the kinds of changes demanded by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Um, what? The leadership of Black Lives Matter don’t run Black America, Black America powers the Black Lives Matter movement. People need to understand that we are not all in lock step behind every demand of BLM, nor do we dance to the tune of its leadership. Quite frankly, the leadership of the activist movement skews significantly to the left of the average Moderate to Liberal Black Voter, so, someone must need a dump-truck to tote around that utter gall it took to bargain away Our Representation in exchange for Liz Warren. No, thanks. I’m good.

“Folks are saying we need a Black woman, and I understand where they’re coming from,” said Angela Peoples, the director of the organizing group Black Womxn For and creative digital firm The South.

Here it goes…..

“But what’s most important and what needs to be prioritized is leadership that is committed and is pushing for these big structural shifts in our country and people who are rooted and listening to our community,” Peoples said.

Great job, honey. Also, fuck no. Okay? That’s what’s most important to YOU. See, I seem to still be aware of something you guys have forgotten: Joe Biden will be the “leadership” in this scenario, not Liz, or even Harris.

Since she dropped out of the race for the Presidential Nomination, Kamala Harris has been leading on issues from Covid-19, Black Maternal Health, defending the value of Black Lives, attending protests, and addressing Police Reform. She even managed to destroy Cornyn in a debate on the Senate floor. Yet…..

The Hill talked to a half dozen Black progressive activists and operatives who are supportive of Warren for vice president.

Six Black People. Six. That’s all the fuck they spoke with. Why does this article even EXIST? People are saying that Liz puts her media contacts up to writing these non-stop, nonsense, redundant, malarkey articles every few days. This is in order to pressure Biden into choosing her by making her the most discussed choice; it also makes it seem as if there is actually a VP race that she is winning. See? People will assume it’s a foregone conclusion by the time August hits. Biden really won’t have a choice, some believe, because after months of “Liz Liz Liz!” op-eds daily, and no word from him, the other candidates will feel marginalized, and go away on their own. Luckily, Biden holds events with his shortlist, so, this will never happen.

“She has had one of the most progressive agendas for Black people,” said one political operative, who asked to speak on background because she did not want to be seen publicly taking a side on whom Biden should pick. “All of her plans from criminal justice to child care and the economy have a racial lens, and that’s not by accident.”

Warren, Peoples said, “lifted up race” across issues from education to housing and in businesses.

What fucking campaign was she witness to? I recall Warren struggling to even name a few Black People she’d want in her administration, if she had won.

“There are Black mayors of cities where the police have bloated budgets and are doubling down on their stop-and-frisk policies,” Peoples said, adding that “simply having a Black person in leadership is not going to be enough to change the circumstances and get people what they need.”

There are even more White Mayors doing so, so, what are you even talking about? Also? Who said simply having a Black person in leadership was going to do anything on it’s own? We have qualified and dedicated Progressive Black Women on the shortlist, there is nothing that says he much choose some unimpressive, unknown, un-vetted Black Woman over Liz Warren. Lucky for him, his shortlist only contains the most qualified women of various races, so whoever he chooses, they won’t behave like the Mythical Mayors of Peoples’s imagination. So, honestly, we’ll be okay no matter who he chooses.

Liz has absolutely zero history working on Criminal Justice Reform or Racial Justice programs in the real world. With her problematic history on race, it’s completely mind blowing that anyone has the audacity to count Liz as a Leader on anything concerning Racial Justice. They don’t care. Because she wrote a few problematic plans. The new wokest of woke things for the media to do is to only ever speak with women of color who already supported Liz in the primary, while completely ignoring every single woman of color in the Democratic Party who did NOT vote for Liz. Liz has the lengthiest relationship with the Washington Media, and like most of them, she is White, so we only ever hear about her. The rest of us are stuck dealing with being represented by 6 Black women who apparently believe the most pro-Black position is to never ever support a Black Woman for any job Liz Warren can do.


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