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Time for ALL the MAGA Rappers to STFU About Politics, and Stick to Making Music or Go Play Sportsball, Please.

What do you get when you allow men like Kanye West to run for President, and you fuck around and take him half seriously?

What happens when you also humor his wife, no matter how ridiculous her Telenovela storyline has become?

This happens.

Nobody in the universe needed this bullshit ass hologram, girl.

Now, what would have happened if we had smooth ignored both of their asses for the entire time Trump has been President?

No Candace Owens. (We barely noticed her until Kanye)

No Blexit.

No Kanye screaming random shit and crying.

No Kim and her stupid ass Hologram Dad thingy.

Let’s just consider something…before Kanye decided he really really liked Trump and the right-wing, and shady became a MAGA activist, we didn’t really see such an inappropriate number of Black rappers, actors, and music producers running around talking about how they’re FOR Donald Trump, or trying to speak for the entire Black Community. What we saw before were Rap Artists like Lil Jon, a man called “Uncle Tom” by Trump, who later pretended not to know him, saying “FUCK DONALD TRUMP,” because they have some goddamn sense. He obviously hates Trump’s racism, and didn’t give a fuck what tax cuts he was offering, because he immediately said HELL NO to voting for the Orange Menace.

This is GOOD and RIGHTEOUS. Learn from him.

We saw Cardi B, John Legend, Monica, Jeezy, Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris, Snoop Dog, Diddy, Common, and Offset, among others, throw their hats in the ring for Joe; we are glad to see them reflecting the sentiment of the Black Community, and using their voices to amplify ours, rather than trying to speak FOR us. This is what we expected. We thought everyone knew what time it was, we thought nobody would be stupid enough to face the wrath of Black Twitter, just to join Team Trump. We thought wrong.

Now we see a number of aging artists in the throes of a competitive irrelevant frenzy, eager to be the next GOP Spokesman for Black America. And guess what? These fools are fucking up, because they need to put out some albums if they want to be listened to after this shady ass shit they pulled. They attack Dems while praising Trump, they are being assholes, and they obviously want to somehow turn this election in Trump’s favor. You’d think somehow after 4 years of that racist orange disaster our “Rap Stars” would try to remember we are the ones who made their asses famous. Nope.

Go Fuck Yourself.

Republicans didn’t buy your fucking albums, muthafuckers, we did, we made you. Honestly, all we gotta do is stop showing TF up spending our money elevating your asses, and your chances of remaining on your pedestals will plummet immediately. When Lil Wayne’s ass went to jail, it wasn’t the GOP keeping his name hot, it was Black People. And we are LIBERALS. Now y’all doing Photo Ops with The Devil?

I hate to say it, but Wayne had the most pathetic looking photo op with Trump I ever did see. Let’s look at it again.

You see how stupid he looks? Wayne looks ready to tell us all about how the White Man’s ice is so cold, colder than any negroes ice has ever been, and boy ain’t his sugar the sweetest sugar you ever did taste? Fuck outta here, bruh. You embarrass yourself.

When Ice Cube, who doesn’t want to be “clumped in” with the rest of the rappers, decided to transition from Lench Mob to Boyz in the Hood, Donald Trump and his GOP weren’t the ones who paid cash money to go see the movie in the theater, then bought it on VHS, also bought the soundtrack, and learned every goddamn word–that was me- rather it was US, it was Black People who elevated his ass. Now he’s out there speaking FOR us when we sure ain’t never hired his ass to be our spokesman; not only that, he’s basically demanding shit for us from Democrats that HE got from Democrats. Baby Bonds, anyone? And where is the plan for Black Women, OShea? With your selfish ass.

Just shut the fuck up about Politics, y’all, and go make some rap songs, play sportsball, or make some more family friendly films.

When P. Diddy (Who will be voting for Biden, but fuck it, he needs some of this too.) was still Puff Daddy, I didn’t see any Republicans around buying all the albums he managed to insert himself into, so he could pretend he could rap/sing/whatever. Republicans are mostly WHITE, they love cops, mostly don’t like rap, and aren’t even that into y’all, so fucking stop it. If you aren’t interested in politics until October of an election year, then why the fuck would we need this static from you? Can you just TRY not to be the center of attention for like, I don’t know, like maybe 5 more days? Then you can set up a Verzuz with Ice Cube AND Lil Wayne’s silly looking, no lotion wearing ass.

Nobody needs your New Party, or your sudden “Save The Negroes Manifestos,” and we really don’t need your dumb ass popping up hollering, “I’m with Trump because my stingy ass doesn’t want to pay taxes to help other people who are struggling in this terrible economy.” You should have just sat there and ate your food if you wasn’t gonna help. Not you, Diddy, you kinda chilled out super quick, but the rest are assholes.

As for Lil Pump, Waka Flocka Flame, and Tekashi 6ix 9ine? Who the fuck even asked y’all? Nobody needed your silly, jiggin’ and jivin’ asses to Tapdance for Trump and make us look stupid, so go sit the fuck down, we’ll call you when we need more dumb opinions about politics, okay? Just shut your asses up.

The moral of THIS story is you cannot be good at everything, so just stay in your goddamn muthafucking lane, do what you do best, and maybe read a fucking political science book before you delve into politics, and make us all look dumb. This is not a “normal” election year, we are hurting, we are terrorized, we are scared, and we are tired of privileged assholes destroying America. Fuck your taxes, you ignorant, out of touch, ridiculous, and blind assholes. Pay the goddamn tax man, you know Goddamn well that money came from us, and you live good. Time for you to give back, fools, and also, time to give us some silence, unless you’re rapping, singing, or playing some goddamn sportsball.

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