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Tone Deaf Bernie Tells Black Kid To Be Respectful So Cops Don’t Blow His Head Off

Bernie Sanders showed up at the Presidential Justice Forum at Benedict College wearing his most tone-deaf set of Archie Bunker ears and a pitifully myopic lens to view race and criminal justice through. Bernie “I was chained to a Black Woman” Sanders was a long way off from those halcyon days of yesteryear when he was still somewhat up to date on “The Black Experience” and it showed. Already Old, White, and from Vermont, he decided to show up and answer some basic ass predictable questions.

From NewsOne:

An audience member who identified himself as a student studying sports management at Benedict asked Sanders a question that by all measures should be pretty standard in 2019.

See, I’m not just being and asshole because Bernie gets on my damn nerves, the questions were super softballs, so easy a Biden could answer them without looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

Here goes the easy ass question…

“If I was your son, what advice would you give me the next time I’m pulled over by a police officer?” the student asked.

Perfect! Bernie will say that his daughter wouldn’t have to deal with such bullshit, and that’s the problem. We shouldn’t have two sets of rules in the Year of Our Lord 2019! Bernie will declare then that this injustice SHALL NOT STAND, he will sympathize with the young man, and then discuss some solutions that he prepared when doing research for this appearance. Right?

But Sanders seemed to be a bit caught off guard judging from his answer, which finally came after an awkward delay that included asking the student to adjust the microphone and repeat portions of the question more than once even though it seemed to be heard just fine by everybody else.

Whoa now!! Hot damn, that was a mess and a half! How embarrassing for the inheritor of the legacy of MLK Jr. Y’all. Bernie straight up acted like he ain’t heard the words that I heard come from my laptop from WAY WAY WAAAAY across the room. I get that he was stalling for time, but come on man! You had to know that question was coming, Bernie. It kinda looked like he didn’t even want to answer, and with how much he loves talking and being centered, I found that to be quite the surprise.

Sanders responded in part by saying that he would tell his theoretical Black son to get the cop’s information “in a polite way” and “respect what they are doing so that you don’t get shot in the back of the head.”

Um? Whoa. Did Bernie just tell a Black man to be polite and respectful so that he doesn’t “get shot in the back of the head?”

He legit says he’d tell the kid to respect the job the police officer is doing so they don’t get shot in the back of the head. OMG. Please tell us how a scared black kid would be able to get the cop’s info? Wouldn’t making demands simply antagonize a racist asshole cop?

As far as being polite as possible is concerned….

Bernie. We already ARE polite as possible. Stop.

I, of course, had much to say about this to Twitter, so here you go, a nice tweet from the handle I am currently using. I am in my incognegro phase while I hide from the dumdum that reported me to the FBI.

Okay. I got an amazing amount of stupid-ass answers that cycled between “Bernie is a GENIUS!!!” and “Why are you so MEAN TO SAINT BERNIE JESUS THE GOOD?!”

Many Berners seemed to find eternal condemnation in the line, “How is this one bit helpful?” because they are still showing up to complain. Lucky for me, I used Twitter Block-chain on Katie Halper’s account, so most of my usual trolls have to make brand new accounts to fuck with me. That’s called “work” so most of the Bros don’t even bother with it.

Most people expected Biden to bust out with a new installment of “The Life and Times Of Corn-pop and Smokin’ Joe” when he got his turn at the mic. But it was not to be. Sadly, for all the silly ass Joe haters, Joe Biden really is a decent guy, just like Kamala said in the first place.

See Bernie? You didn’t have to say the part about being polite so the cop doesn’t blow the back of our heads off. Those words coming out of the mouth of an older white male of power and privilege sounded unempathetic and seriously out of touch. We are some of the world’s most polite people when it comes to police interactions. You didn’t need to go there. We don’t even NEED you to come up with a very good answer. All we need is for you to give a shit about the injustice of it all. I, for one, KNOW you do give a shit. It’s just not really your priority or the lens you view America through. Biden has looked at this from many perspectives; there was a time he was on the wrong side of criminal justice issues that affect Black Americans. And while Biden still has some shit he needs to own. But if we look at him side by side with Joe Biden 1989, we see that Joe has come a long fucking way.

Maybe that’s a part of the problem when it comes to Bernie Sanders and his tone-deaf outbursts. People constantly tell me that Bernie never changes, Bernie has always been the same guy saying the same things. Yet, the world has moved on.


No one has ever seriously accused Sanders of being racist. In fact, Sanders routinely makes it a point to call Trump “a racist.” That’s probably why people were finding it curious that a presidential candidate who has long-billed himself as being a “progressive” voice offered what sure seemed like an outdated perspective on how Black America is policed.

Maybe being progressive on economics while opposing the mass incarceration of millions of Black Men and Women isn’t enough if you want to truly understand the day in day out battles we fight against white supremacy. Let’s get real for a second, Bernie frames black issues as though prisons and poverty are the totality of our existence. He is wrong. Hopefully, in the future Bernie will gain a deeper understanding of the richness and rewards, as well as the perils and permutations of oppression we face.